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Besides the planning assignments. infrastructure. recreation. ICON has also undertaken outline development plans. construction / project management and cost management for a variety of projects. California . structure plans. Belgium ICON-CDG Newport Beach. environmental / sustainable design. interior design. Our international offices are in the following locations: ICON-Atelier Los Angeles.USA ICON-APBE Brussels. planning and interior design firm.PRACTICE ICON-Architects is an award winning international architecture. ICON has collaborated with various national and international consultant groups for providing specialized services in professional fields. structural & MEP design. California . urban planning. In this regard the clients have been the government/semi government departments. aviation & aerospace. industrial and public health sectors. planners and engineers with a standing of several years in the profession. public sector agencies and international organizations.USA 3 . historic preservations. The firm has designed and supervised of various buildings and complexes ranging from residential units to projects in communities. education. The scope of consultancy services encompasses the disciplines of architecture. master/site plans of various housing sche mes and analysis of urban/regional development in different contexts. ICON is comprised of reputed and experienced architects.

can it elevate ones’ sense of well being and compatibility? A “whole” or completeness in architecture-design is achieved when the design has our time.. the starting points of the larger design process. The ultimate creation of meaningful architecture is a rigorous synthesis of many parts: invention. As such..” At ICON-ARCHITECS. rediscover and redefine. climate and context are central to our design philosophy. must give a sense of well being and compatibility. The principles of the past may help us to understand ourselves better. we believe that the built environment must fulfill the needs of the people. The challenge is to thus.to bring together the myriad of realities into the realm of an evident from the level of personal architects’ world of wonder and imagination. sustainability. however. texture. relationship to the surroundings. The design philosophy of ICON is to move forward from the past and explore the endless possibilities of the constantly changing future. and strive for a incorporated all these elements. movement. the domain of culture. We will express 4 . Equally significant to our practice is The creation and conception of architecture must entail a constant the commitment to our clients. service we assign to all our projects. translated and also a conscious resolve of not repeating oneself. These are. This is dialogue. Our clients also appreciate us for valuing their resources of cost and time.PHILOSOPHY “Architecture. symbolism. progression and development of ones’ design discourse. form. There is acknowledged. but it cannot be the sole engine to define our present or future. both spiritually and physically. services and character. The question of utmost importance is the determination of a buildings’ effect on its users and onlookers.

which include Prototypical Primary Health Clinics in Saudi Arabia. The ICON-ARCHITECTS team has worked on some very high profile projects in this specialized area. which improves the quality of life for all residents. Our work on master planned communities and sports cities includes training and sports facilities for athletes in all sports. Sports medicine is a necessary part of the overall planning process. Home for Elderly Citizens in Belgium and Health Care Facilities in Pakistan. Our team includes specialists who understand the science. medical facilities.PROJECTS HIGHLIGHTS HEALTHCARE Health Care includes hospitals. administrative offices and fitness centers. equipment and processes required to develop these unique facilities. Our Health Care experts have been selected to design and plan related facilities in many different locations. to promote a healthy lifestyle. 5 .

We have completed many award winning buildings and continue to provide comprehensive design services for a wide range of projects. which encourage multiple visits by increasing profits and customer loyalty. We have developed community centers. Mixed-use projects include retail stores. recreational and entertainment facilities. colleges. casinos and restaurants. schools. Education requires a healthy mind and residential communities need to provide the best educational opportunities for all ages. libraries and museums. 6 . We have worked on the design of many theme parks. Emerging global economies are creating an upwardly mobile class of people that need a healthy alternative to the daily urban lifestyle. Our work addresses all aspects of the learning process using the latest technologies to stimulate and inspire future generations. These can include schools. These projects are located all over the world. and vocational institutes for a variety of people. industrial parks and mixed-use retail centers. These projects provide families with entertainment and recreation options to stimulate. Entertainment. water parks and family entertainment centers for some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Hospitality includes hotels. We have worked on many destination resorts. restaurants. which are among the most successful projects based on guest experiences. educate and inspire new generations that instill a sense of pride and selfrespect for the community. residential. The industrial parks include unique synergistic opportunities for manufacturers of watercraft. sporting goods and offroad vehicles. creating exciting environments that keep attracting visitors and providing guests with unforgettable experiences. We are involved in both the exterior and interior design of these projects.PROJECTS HIGHLIGHTS Commercial projects include office buildings.

design. Residential projects include custom homes and master-planned residential communities. We have worked on the exteriors and interiors of many prestigious projects. including transportation networks. developed mission modules for Shuttle flights including the development of zero gravity hardware used on board the spacecraft. strategic thinking. 7 . clubs and recreation centers for residents providing easy access to neighborhood shopping. This involves research and analysis. We have provided comprehensive industrial design services to NASA for the Space Station. The process includes strategic and comprehensive plans. public outreach. We specialize in Intermodal Transportation Centers that link multiple systems to provide a seamless transfer of people and goods in a safe and efficient environment. Our team has worked on many airports and aviation related facilities worldwide. Transportation systems are necessary to develop a network for the efficient movements of goods and services within a master planned community. air and sea links required to promote economic growth. master-planned communities. Master-planned communities include a range of options such as single-family. planning and human physiology.PROJECTS HIGHLIGHTS Aviation and Aerospace is a highly specialized practice that requires a comprehensive understanding of logistics. multi-family and high-rise residential buildings. policy recommendations and management . schools and community centers. Urban Planning is a technical and political process concerned with the control of the use of land and design of the urban environment. These systems include highways. These transportation hubs will become the Future Ports of the 21st century. railroads. to guide the orderly development of communities. Custom homes offer unique challenges in terms of understanding site conditions and clients expectations based on their lifestyle. Amenities can include golf courses. regulatory strategies and historic preservation.

Saqib Malik. Recipient of Gold Nugget Award 1995 Best Office Building Pacific Coast Builders Conference Court Place. California Hall Moore and Partners Recipient of Gold Nugget Award 1989 Best Office Building Pacific Coast Builders Conference French Park Place. Recipient of IAP AWARDS 2012 “Excellence in Architecture” – Honorable Mention Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) Preservation & Adaptive Re-use of Pre-Partition Residence of Mr. Santa Ana. Ventura. Hameed Haroon CEO Dawn Group of Newspapers. California Hall Moore and Partners 8 .AWARDS Recipient of First Biennial IAP AWARDS 2005 “Excellence in Architecture” Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) Library design of Mr.

Recipient of WA Awards Second Cycle December 2008 World Architecture Community Children Museum for Peace and Human Rights Recipient of WA Awards Third Cycle March 2009 World Architecture Community IAP House Recipient of WA Awards Eighth Cycle December 2010 World Architecture Community Community Mosque 9 .AWARDS Winner of “Karachi Bus Stand Design Competition” Organised by Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planner (PCATP) and Karachi Development Authority (KDA) 1993.

). Pakistan (IAP) in 2012. Offices. He is the recipient of several academic and professional awards including first Biennial IAP Awards: “Excellence in Architecture” by the Institute of Architects. Interior Design. consisting of Commercial. Exhibition / Museum. His work has been widely acknowledged and published. Educational. an architecture and urban design practice. He frequently writes on architectural. Mahmood is registered with California Architecture Board (CAB) and National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) 10 . Daud specialized in historic preservation and urban renewal from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Educational. She is the recipient of IAP Awards “Excellence in Architecture” by the Institute of Architects. She continues to explore new and exciting opportunities in the field of architecture and urban planning.TEAM HANIF DAUD – Director Hanif Daud is the founder of ICON. urban design and historic preservation issues. SAMAN MAHMOOD – Director Saman Mahmood completed her under graduate studies in Architecture with several academic awards including the “Mehdi Ali Mirza Award” from Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP). as a SPURS Fellow. Urban Design and Residential. Ms. Corporate. Daud is also an avid furniture designer. Corporate. which extend across a wide typological spectrum. Ms. constituting a great variety in terms of form. He teaches architectural design in various capacities alongside his practice. Mr. Exhibition / Museum. Master Planning. He holds a Bachelor in Architecture. Retail. material and structure. Experience includes projects consisting of Commercial. Master Planning. He has served as a “Jury Member” and “Panel of Experts” on architecture and urban issues workshops and seminars. Urban Design and Residential. She is a Nominator for Aga Khan Award for Architecture since 2000. Mr. Preservation. etc. He has designed and realized projects. Parallel to her architectural career. Mahmood has successfully designed and executed a wide range of projects over the last fifteen years. Preservation. Restaurants. she has been regularly teaching architectural design and writing on urban and architectural issue. Pakistan (IAP) in 2005. She received her Masters in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Interior Design (Banks.

He graduated from the NED University of Engineering and Technology. 11 . . As a Design Leader. During his career Noshad main focus is on educational facilities and health care projects. He is a registered architect with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. he is responsible for running the studio and project delivery. SYED QASIM RAZA ZAIDI – Director Qasim Raza completed his Bachelor of Architecture from the NED University of Engineering and Technology with distinction. Being one of the Design Leader he manages the studio with other partners. he has developed an impressive portfolio. He is a registered architect with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. Faisal is responsible for management. Qasim has worked on variety of projects over the years specializing in interior design and continues to explore new and exciting possibilities in the domain of interior architecture. He specializes in the detailing of Glass for façade and interiors. S RAFIQ UL HASSAN FAISAL RAIS – Director Faisal Rais is a registered architect with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. commercial buildings and residences.TEAM MUHAMMAD NOSHAD RIZVI – Director Noshad Rizvi graduated from NED University of Engineering and Technology. staffing and business development. Over the years. Faisal has experience of working on a wide range of projects including educational facilities.

ASIYA SADIQ – Director ICON-APBE Asiya Sadiq graduated in 1994. with Great Distinction. He was awarded a General Motors scholarship to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Pakistan. California. He worked as a senior planner in Karachi on a wide range of projects. NED University’s School of Architecture and Planning and Karachi University in Pakistan. He has been invited to teach at The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Ms. India. Mass-transit Systems and unique vehicles. industrial sites. which included the master plan for a new “green” city. 12 . in 1997. Projects for the Aerospace industry include Airports and Spaceports. Sadiq has taught at the NED University of Engineering and Technology and continues her work on projects in the Middle East and Europe. from Dawood College at NED University in Karachi.TEAM EYOUB KHAN – Director ICON-CDG Eyoub Khan completed his undergraduate studies from Delhi University. He participated in the design and planning of major health care facilities and equestrian centers in Yanbu. He graduated in 1972 with honors in Industrial Design. and went on to complete his MBA from West Coast University. Transportation Design projects include Intermodal Transportation Centers. leading to many awards and recognition for his work. human factors in space flight and the positive role of entertainment as an educational medium for future generations. Belgium. During the last two decades Christophe has done extensive work in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. specializing in Transportation Systems. He has also developed new products for the consumer electronics industry and won awards for excellence in design. She was recruited by some of the best architects in Pakistan after her studies and worked on many prestigious projects. graduating in 1997. These included residential. Saudi Arabia and Belgium. Professional affiliations include membership in the Industrial Designers Society of America and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Saudi Arabia. Water Parks and Destination Resorts. commercial projects and residential communities. CHRISTOPHE POLAK – Director ICON-APBE Christophe Polak completed his Masters in Architecture from the Katholieke University of Leuven. Christophe’s multi-cultural experience has provided exciting professional opportunities in Pakistan. after he had received his MSc in Urban Planning from the Rijksuniversiteit van Gent. commercial and institutional projects to improve the quality of life for people in Pakistan. She went on to complete her graduate studies in Architecture from the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven in Belgium. Eyoub has published several papers on the future of transportation systems. Eyoub’s expertise includes the design and planning of Theme Parks.

. Airports. Casinos. for some of the most prestigious clients. 13 . Pakistan. Tennis and Aquatic Facilities. and Resort Properties and Residential projects throughout California and Florida. Woody specializes in Project Management. Community Centers. John has developed an impressive portfolio of projects and experience. Pakistan majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He has trained professionally in Canada on the use of advanced medical and surgical devices and is an expert in the field of healthcare facilities design and planning. educational facilities and commercial buildings. He has extensive international experience and has done major projects in the MENA region. Clubhouses. Hotels. His main focus is on health care projects and he has completed many hospitals and related medical facilities during his career. Golf. Systems Engineering and Business Development and he is a senior member of the American Institute of Architects. He is a member of the Pakistan Council of Engineers and also the Saudi Council of Engineers. Airports. patient care monitoring. Over the last three decades Woody has worked on projects related to Oil and Gas Infrastructure. after completing the undergraduate studies in Architecture from the NED University of Engineering and Technology / Dawood College of Engineering and Technology. MUHAMMAD UMAIR BAIG – Associate Healthcare Muhammad Umair Baig graduated in 2001 from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi.HEALTHCARE TEAM GLENWOOD GARVEY – Associate Healthcare Glenwood “Woody” Garvey is a senior architect who completed his Masters in Architecture from the University of California in Los Angeles. Over the last 10 years Muhammad has worked on major hospitals. MUHAMMAD WASIM – Associate Healthcare Muhammad WasIm is a registered architect with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. His experience includes Medical and Commercial Buildings. . Nasir specializes in Information Technology. He has been a member of American Institute of Architects for many years. Muhammad has over 30 years of experience on a wide range of projects including hotels. licensed in the State of California since 1976. A/E Design and Planning. Educational Facilities and Mixed-Use Retail. He has designed Destination Resort Hotels. Hospitals. Over the last 40 years. JOHN MONTIERTH – Associate John Montierth is a highly qualified architect. He graduated from the Dawood College of Engineering and Technology / NED University of Engineering and Technology in 1985 and was certified by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1998. CAD management and 3D GIS mapping systems. the layout and design of equipment for life support systems. AHMED NASIR BASHIR – Associate IT & GIS Ahmed Nasir Bashir completed his Masters in Urban Design from the University of Colorado in Denver in 1991. Medical Facilities. John’s work is international in scope and he can take projects from programming through construction. oncology treatment and surgery support. He has been teaching computer graphics applications for all phases of Architecture and Planning and his experience includes major infrastructure projects in the fields of Transportation. Sports Stadiums and many related commercial and residential projects.

ICON-Architects 808 Ibrahim Trade Tower. Karachi Tel: 34537316. Maqbool Cooperative Housing Limited. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 34327680 Fax: 34536858 ICON-ATELIER ICON-APBE ICON-CDG . Block 7/8.

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