Kettlebell Challenges

An Explosive Workout that hits all muscle groups. Progress your way through each Kettlebell Weight.
The purpose of these new kettlebell challenges is to offer several new options to members of all skill levels who are familiar with using kettlebells. Currently the only tests that are available are strictly PASS or FAIL, which deters some people from even attempting them. The new challenges are similar to running a 5k race where anyone can complete them and work to set new personal records while still allowing members who are more conditioned to compete amongst each other for higher scores.

The first set of challenges would include
1) 2) 3) 4) Secret Service Snatch Test: a challenge with weights suitable for most low-intermediate to advanced members. Ultimate Snatch Test: a challenge with weights suitable for most high-intermediate to advanced members. Ultimate Clean and Jerk Test: a challenge for most advanced to elite members. Pentathlon: a challenge suitable for ALL


Final score is the total of all points earned from the exercises.Challenges Test 1) Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST) 2) Ultimate Snatch Test (UST) Goal As many reps of the kettlebell snatch as possible (AMRAP) AMRAP of kettlebell snatch Bell 24kg Males 12kg Females 32kg Males 16kg Females Time 10 min 10 min Restrictions: Must perform complete motion to overhead lockout. may switch hands unlimited times. . may set bell down. time stops and the set is over • Weights can be varied for each exercise • No points given for reps performed over max rep limit • Press. Clean (120 reps max) 2. and Push Press must be clearly defined and distinguishable *Some people may need to review certain exercises with a trainer to ensure their reps are counted and so that the movement is performed in a safe manner. 40kg Males 24kg Females 10 min Restrictions: Must perform a clean followed by a jerk to overhead lockout. Total number of reps completed at the end of 10 minutes is final score. may set bell down. Long Cycle Press (60 reps max) 3. may switch hands unlimited times. Jerk. Jerk (120 reps max) 4. 4) Pentathlon 8kg to 44kg.25 points) Exercises / Order: 1. Each 8kg is 1 point (every 2kg is . Half Snatch (108 reps max) 5. Total number of clean and jerk reps completed at the end of 10 minutes is the final score. Push Press (120 reps max) Restrictions: • 6 minute sets • Up to 5 minute rest in between sets • Unlimited hand switches • Once the weight is set down. 3) Ultimate Clean and Jerk (UCJ) AMRAP of one arm kettlebell clean and jerk One arm kettlebell exercises performed with score being a factor of weight multiplied by reps.

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