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1.1 Tech-Rumble: Tech-Rumble is an online technical case-study competition where student groups from different colleges challenge each other with Technical Case Studies. Each student team consists of 5 students and the maximum permissible teams from each college are limited to 3. 1.2 Student/s: A student is the one who is currently pursuing 3rd and 4th year of Engineering from the colleges empanelled by Mahindra AFS 1.3 Mentor/Guide: A mentor/guide is a permanent faculty by the college [as defined in 1.4] of the candidates of team which will guide the teams [as defined in 1.5] to formulate and give a direction to solve the case studies. A mentor/guide should in no way solve the case study or provide direct solution to the teams. 1.4 College/s: A college is a Technical School which provides Engineering Education [Graduate & Post Graduate] empanelled by Mahindra AFS. 1.5 Team/s: A team is a set of 5 students (as defined in 1.1) from a college (as defined in 1.2) 1.6 Group/s A group set of N number of teams as decided by Mahindra AFS

Team Dynamics:
1. Each college can have a maximum of 3 teams these do not include teams from sister campuses 2. Each team should comprise of 5 students and 1 mentor which is a permanent institute faculty from the same campus 3. Only 1 mentor can be allotted per team

4. Each team must have a unique name and a team email address. The team must assign a team leader who would be the one point contact for Mahindra AFS officials 5. Teams can contain a mix of Graduate and Post Graduate students 6. Teams can contain students studying in different years 7. Teams can have a mix of different branches of specialization (refer Terms & Conditions)

The event takes place in the following three phases: Phase I A. Each team has to register via their respective Training and Placement officers and the final team list should be sent to Each team needs to submit 2 cases within three days of registration on the same email address. The cases will be evaluated by the expert panel consisting industry specialists. Teams from within the same campus or sister campuses must not have analogous case studies. (i) Each team would find the link to the case study allocated to them on Mahindra Igniters Facebook page - and will need to solve the same within 96 hours [4 days] from the time is case is allotted to the teams (ii) Each team shall check the Facebook page everyday as the cases are given in a window period of 7 days on random basis The case study which is submitted needs to be a Technical automotive/tractor related case study The submitted case study should be not more than 2 pages [4 sides], font 11, font style times new roman Once the team receives the challenge, solution needs to be submitted within 4 days [96 hours].

The solution should be submitted in 2 parts: o Word document - not more than 2 pages [4 sides], font 11, font style times new roman o PowerPoint Presentation - maximum of 10 slides [excluding introduction and thank you slide] The word document should contain: o Introduction to case o Process adapted o Conclusion/expected results The process adapted can also include the alternative ways which could be used to solve the case The decisions related to evaluation, acceptance of case study, qualification of teams rests solely at the discretion of Team Igniters

B. Case-study Evaluation process: Evaluation of Case studies will be done by Third Party through a pre-defined process by Team Igniters. Any act that is proven to be detrimental to the contest may lead to negative points/disqualification or any other action that would be deemed appropriate by Team Igniters. - In case of any doubts/ queries, the teams can get in touch with Team Igniters on - A consolidated result sheet will be posted on after phase one

Phase II Post Phase I, top 2 teams from each group will qualify for Phase II The selection of these teams will be solely on the basis of the points allotted to them If there exists a situation of tie, the Igniters team will conduct independent evaluation and declare the revised marks In Phase II, top 2 teams from each group will get the 2nd case study from Team Igniters

Phase III One winner from each group will be announced after completion of phase II and each team qualifying for the final round will be awarded with a Mahindra passport which would entitle the winner to appear directly for the technical interview. In short, they will skip initial 3 rounds of rigorous selection process and compete directly in the final round A case study will be provided to each team from Team Igniters. This case study will be a live case study from Mahindra AFS The case study will have to be submitted by the teams within 2 days [48 hours] A rigorous assessment of this case study will be done by Mahindra AFS officials who will declare the winner and the runner up

Prizes: 1. 2. 3. 4. All participants will get a participation certificate Members from the winning team will get Google Nexus 7 Tablets and Mahindra Passports The runner up team will get Apple iPod and Mahindra Passports The colleges with the winning team will be awarded a trophy by Mahindra AFS


1. Each participant hereby admits that they have understood the aforementioned and agree to abide by the terms and conditions detailed above. 2. Failure to comply with any rules, terms and conditions of the competition may result in the participating team's disqualification and/or the forfeiture of the team's prize; the prize will be awarded to another winner. 3. All participants shall agree to allow their names and photographs to be used for publicity purposes by M&M during and after the competition. 4. M&M holds the intellectual property rights for all materials submitted by the participating teams for the competition. M&M shall have the ownership for all materials (including case studies and replies) submitted by the participating teams for the competition and be free to use it in any way. 5. All material submitted must be participants' own work. 6. Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification of the team. Duplication of the thoughts or work of another source must be referenced. 7. The judges' decision is final and [binding]. No appeals will be entertained.

8. M&M reserves the right to modify or amend the prizes, rules, terms and conditions of the competition at any time. 9. M&M shall not be liable/ responsible for any infringement related issues arising out of submissions of case studies as well as the replies made by the participants and the participants shall indemnify the company from the same. 10. Students only from the branches mentioned below will be allowed to participate: Graduates: Post Graduates: JURISDICTION: This competition and all matters relating thereto are governed by the Indian laws. Each participant irrevocably and unconditionally consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai. Mechanical Thermal Mechanical Machine Design Mechanical IC Engine Electrical Power Electronics Mechanical Electronics Electrical Automobile Electrical and Electronics