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Who Am I Workshop

Day 1: Introduction

1. Introduction 2.Identities A. Lists B. Basic Questions 3.Discussion of the Upcoming Class

1. My name is Mr. Davis 2.Pass out the syllabus 3.Pass out Index cards. 4.Student Introductions. 5.A little story about education, college and high school and why I created this workshop. 6.What is expected of you and I.

What is Expected of You

1. Do the Work to the best of your ability. 2.Come to Each Class ready to think and contribute. 3.Expect to be challenged!

What is Expected of Me
1. Honesty. 2.I will listen to you. 3.I will not judge you. 4.I will not let you be less than you can be!

1. Notebook 2. Loose Leaf Paper 3. File Folder 4. Regular Folder 5. Index Cards 6. Envelopes 7. Pens

Introduction to Identity
1. Why it is important? 2.How Identity evolves 3.Descriptive vs Inscriptive Identity

Word Association
Exercise 1
Word Association 1. Self-Identity 2. Self-Esteem 3. Self-Confidence 4. Cockiness 5. Compassionate 6. Mean 7. Hard 8. Loving

Exercise 2
Word Association 1. Black 2. White 3. Male 4. Female 5. Rich 6. Poor 7. Educated 8. Uneducated

If I Asked: Who Are You? First Response: External Description Second Response: External Observation Third Response: Environmental Description
Problems with these Identities 1. Skin Deep 2. Imposed by Others 3. Unrealistic

6 Common Identification Descriptions 1. Ethnicity 2. Gender 3. Socioeconomic Status
4. Material Possessions 5. Achievements 6. Circumstances

Exercise 3 - Lists
1. Using the previous criteria; describe yourself. 2. List 5 Compliments people always give you. 3. List 5 negatives people always give you. 4. List 5 Compliments you always give yourself. 5. List 5 negatives you always give yourself.

1. What do you like to do in your spare time? 2.What would you like your career to be? 3.Is there a correlation? 4.Does the career express one of your given compliments? 5.How long have you known you wanted to work in this career field?

In Your Journal 1. List one lesson you learned last week and what events lead to the lesson (3). 2. List two ways that you would change the way you are taught in school and why you would make the changes? 3. Describe one dream you had last week and what you thought it meant.

1. Have eight people fill out the 8 index cards and seal them in the provided envelopes. 2. Bring in a picture that you feel represents you, write a short (500 words or less) paper about why you feel this way.

End of Day 1