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ENGLISH DIAGNOSTIC TEST Name: _______________________________Grade: 8th ____ Date: March, _____ 2013 Score: ______/ 60 points Objectives:

: - Get specific information about a text - Recognize grammar aspects about verb to be, have got and possessives. - Identify vocabulary about verbs. - Identify general and specific information from a recording. English Department

READING COMPREHENSION I. Read the following text.

Lucias holiday

___/10 points

Hi! Mu name is Lucia. I live in Trevelin, but at the moment Im visiting my grandma and grandad in Wales. My mum and dad and my sister, Pilar, are also here. The weather in Wales is terrible its cold and its raining. Grandma is reading a book in her bedroom. Mum is writing a letter and dad is making lunch. Pilar is watching television. Grandad is sleeping on the sofa. Im phoning my friends in Trevelin. Its sunny there. My friends are playing volleyball in the park!

II. Answer true (T) or false (F). Circle the right alternative. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Luca is at her grandma and grandads house. Its hot and sunny in Wales. Mum is making lunch. Grandad is reading a book. Luca is talking on the phone. a) a) a) a) a) T T T T T b) b) b) b) b) F F F F F

III. Asnwer the questions. Circle the right alternative.

6. Where does Luca live? a) Trevelin b) Wales 7. Whats the weather like in Wales? a) cold b) sunny 8. Whats Lucas sister doing? a) writing b) watching TV 9. Is it raining in Trvelin? a) Yes, it is. b) No, it isnt. 10. What are Lucas friends doing?a) phoning b) playing GRAMMAR IV. Complete with: AM / IS / ARE. Circle the right alternative. _____/20points 1. I .. twelve years old and I ... in seventh grade. is is is are 5. you good in Science? is c) are a) am b) c) are a) am a) am a) am b) b) b) is c) c) are c) are 2. They studying medicine in Italy. 3. . the cat scratching the sofa? 4. Shakira a very famous singer. a) am b)

V. Make these sentences negative. Circle the right alternative. 6. Carol and Sue are cousins. a) They arent cousins. b) You arent cousins. c) They isnt cousins. 7. I am fifteen years old. a) I isnt fifteen years old. b) Im not fifteen years old. years old. 8. a) b) c) Tom is playing football in the yard. He arent playing football in the yard. He isnt playing football in the yard. She isnt playing football in the yard. c) I arent fifteen

VI. Write the time correctly. Circle the right alternative. 9. a) b) c)


Its ten oclock. Its half past ten. Its twelve oclock.

11. a) Its a quarter to six. b) Its a quarter to five. c) Its a quarter past ix.


10. 9:30 a) Its a quarter to nine.

12. a) Its a quarter to nine.

b) Its half past nine. c) Its nine oclock.

b) Its half past eight. c) Its a quarter to eight.

VIII. Complete the sentences. Write THIS, THAT, THESE OR THOSE. Circle the right alternative. 13. 14.

a) This is my brother. b) That is my brother. c) These is my brother. d) Those is my brother. 15.

a) This is my dog. b) That is my dog. c) These is my dog. d) Those is my dog. 16.

a) b) c) d)

This are my friends. That are my friends. These are my friends. Those are my friends.

a) This are my books. b) That are my books. c) These are my books. d) Those are my books.

IX. Make the corresponding change to the verb. Circle the right alternative. 17. The girl __________ her rucksack every morning. (carry) a) carries b) carryes c) carrys d) carris

18. Magdalena __________ German very well. (speak) a) speakes b) speakies c) speaks d) speakyes

19. The teacher ___________ apples everyday. (eat) a) eatis b) eats c) eates d) eatys

20. My little sister __________ basquetball perfectly. (play) a) Playes b) plaies c) playies d) plays

VOCABULARY pictures.

_____/10 points

XI. Circle the right alternative according to the daily activities in the




a) b) c) d)

Have a shower Go to sleep Get up Wake up

a) Brush my hair b) Have lunch c) Brush my teeth d) Have breakfast

a) Take the bus b) Have a shower c) Put on my clothes d) Get up




a) Wake up b) Brush my teeth c) Brush my hair d) Have a shower 7. 8.

a) Wake up b) Have a shower c) Have lunch d) Take the bus 9.

a) Have breakfast b) Wake up c) Have a shower d) Take the bus

a) Wake up a) Wake up b) Get up c) Have a shower d) Brush my teeth 10. b) Wake up c) Have lunch d) Go to sleep

a) Have a shower b) Get up c) Put on my clothes d) Have a shower

a) b) Have breakfast c) Have a shower d) Wake up

Brush my hair

LISTENING alternative.

_____/5 points

X. Listen to the interview with Herman Verano. Circle the right

(Flashlight 1, Test 1)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Job From Age Pet Favourite food

a) a) a) a) a)

singer Brazil 22 dog pizza

b) b) b) b) b)

actor Spain 21 cat pasta

c) footballer c) Rusia c) 20 c) dog and cat c) hot dog

ANSWERSHEET Name: _________________________ ENGLISH DEPARTMENT READING COMPREHENSION GRAMMAR A C D E B C D E Grade: 8th _____ Score: ________/45 points

9.10.TOTAL SCORE: 10 REAL SCORE: ______