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ACT Peter Scire Is Changing Lives,
One Brain at a Time,
For Children With Neurological Disorders
[ Written By He ath e r K W B r own ]

Few first impressions could rival a is to check your diagnosis at the door,’” said Scire,
10-year-old girl ripping the glove compartment out of executive director of Brain Balance Achievement Cen-
her family van and throwing it directly at Peter Scire. ters in Atlanta. “When parents enter our program, we
She followed this act with a fit of biting, clawing, spit- want to know does your child have a left-brain delay
ting and screaming, but none of it fazed Scire, who or a right-brain delay. What we really want to measure
knew her story well. Diagnosed with a severe bi-polar is function.”
condition, AD/HD and OCD, Sarah was restrained by Scire explained that many young kids diagnosed
two seat belts every time she sat in the car because she with autism, AD/HD, dyslexia, learning disabilities
would hit her mother from behind as she was driving; and other childhood neurological disorders have Func-
Plexiglass was placed over her bedroom window tional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS), a term referring
because she tried to jump out of their two-story house; to the fact that the two brain hemispheres are not in
and the door on her 4-year-old sister’s room was pad- sync. Typically, a child with a brain imbalance has
locked so that Sarah couldn’t torment her during one hemisphere that is maturing at a faster rate and
the night. By the time Sarah and Scire parted ways, processing at a faster speed than the other. As the child
months later, they were the best of friends. Now, she develops, this imbalance becomes more significant and
is mainstream and pharmacology free. This is how the two hemispheres can never fully function as one.
Sarah’s story ends and Scire’s story begins. That is until now.
As the only one of its kind designed to assess,
Meeting Dr. Pete document and quantify FDS by extensively testing
Olive-skinned and athletically built, Scire introduces the areas of sensory/motor skills, academics and bio-
himself as “Dr. Pete” and immediately extends a nutrition, The Brain Balance program has all but
friendly smile and a gentle handshake. Around him are reversed this trend. Scire simply calls it “fixing the

photo courtesy of chris thompson

two wooden balance beams, a climbing wall, a “Dance, disconnect.”
Dance Revolution” game and a built-in wooden ver- “Everything we do is to increase the processing
sion of the monkey bars. It’s not your typical office speed of that delayed hemisphere, so that it can catch
scene but then, Scire isn’t your typical doctor. up and synchronize and we do that through exercise.
“The first thing I always tell parents and their kids Let’s say if you walk on a balance beam a certain way

18 Po i n t s N o r th | F e br uary 20 0 9 F e br u a r y 2 009 | Po i n t s N o r t h 19
Peter Scire

or if you do timing and rhythm Salvador when I was just a few weeks old and took
exercises a certain way, you can me back to Long Island, N.Y,” he said. “I wouldn’t be
activate the weak hemisphere,” where I am today if it wasn’t for them.”
Scire said, describing how the As a boy, Scire suffered from skin rashes and
frequency of colors, for instance, chronic breathing issues, both of which severely affected
“roy” (red, orange, yellow) will his development and found him struggling to catch up
activate the left hemisphere while academically. His parents and teachers knew he wasn’t
the right side is activated by “biv” developing along the normal curve but couldn’t pin-
(blues, indigos and violets). point exactly why. When a young Peter said he was
“If I put light stimulation in going to go trick or treating for ‘FECINU,’ instead of
the left eye, it will activate the UNICEF, his mom finally got the answer.
right hemisphere and vice versa; Diagnosed with an audio processing disorder and
if I play specific types of music dyslexia, Scire was told by doctors that he would be
in the left ear with certain types lucky to academically get past middle school and there
of pitch and timbering because was little, if anything, his parents could do to reverse
the right hemisphere is tied into their son’s condition. Unsatisfied with that response,
emotional circuitry, it can acti- his parents consulted with various alternative thera-
vate the other side; same for pists who helped formulate motor training exercises,
tactile stimulation like brushing combined with academic tutoring and bio-nutritional
a feather on one arm verses the protocols, all of which they used for both he and his
other,” he continued. non-biological sister, Aimee, adopted from the same
While there certainly is a mission in El Salvador two years later.
great deal of science involved, “Ironically,” Scire admitted, “the tools my mom
photo courtesy of chris thompson

Scire’s passion is personal when used and the exercises we did [when I was young] are
it comes to recovering children the three pillars on which Brain Balance is based and
who, according to the countless this was in the ’80s when there was no Internet, no
experts and specialists that have support.”
diagnosed them, are labeled and When asked about those early days, Scire’s mom
left looking for answers. relates to afternoons when her little boy would throw
He should know. He was one of these kids. his bags on the floor and scream, “I hate school” and
“I’m stupid because I can’t read.” It was after one such
About a Boy episode that she sat him on the bed with an easy reader
Bruce Lee once said, “The key to immortality is first called “Pete the Parakeet,” covered up all of the words
living a life worth living,” and Scire has been well on and slowly revealed one word at a time, one page at
his way to living up to this motto since he was 5 years a time. “We did that once, then again and again and
old. When his mom found him sobbing on his bed one again. He called everyone in the family that night to
day and asked what was wrong, he said, “I must be tell them he could read. I still have that book here at
really special to be adopted and some day, I have to do our house,” Jeanette said.
something special to thank God for that.” Scire went from receiving hours of special educa-
Mere mention of his dad, Peter, who passed away tion classes through the fifth grade to being a student
seven years ago, and his mom, Jeanette, causes Scire enrolled in enrichment classes by the end of his sixth
to pause. Adopted from a Catholic mission in El Sal- grade year. He continued that success through junior
vador, he has an incredible amount of appreciation high and high school, where he was a scholar athlete
for what they’ve done for him. “They had the rights all four years.
to me before I was even born. They came down to El “I’d have to say that graduating from high school

20 Po i nt s N o r th | F e br uary 20 0 9
Peter Scire

is probably the single greatest accomplishment of my As part of the comprehensive testing done to The first Brain Balance centers in the
life,” said 32-year-old Scire. “I know how hard that assess each individual child in the Brain Balance pro- Atlanta area brought families in droves,
was on me and how hard my parents worked to make gram, a blood and urine analysis is used to find pos- including some who commuted from
that happen.” sible food allergies and identify the presence of any Augusta and Knoxville to participate in
To Scire and his family, reading every word of “Pete toxins in the body. According to Scire, many children the program and one family that moved
the Parakeet” was proof that the doctors were wrong with hemispheric dysfunction don’t have the normal out-of-state to Peachtree City while Scire
about him and perhaps more importantly, proof that mechanisms in their immune systems to rid these worked with their severely autistic child
other children could hope for similar success one day. chemicals naturally from the body as quickly as a for nine months.
normal kid could.
A Life Calling “We’ve become so inundated with all of these Finding a Balance
As a board-eligible chiropractic neurologist, Scire has toxic chemicals that are in our environment, in our Scire, who recently opened another Brain
changed the lives of more than 150 children ranging in homes, in our children’s schools, what they ingest Balance location in Roswell, beams as
age from Pre-K to 16 years old. “Chiropractic neurology through all of these processed foods, and we can use he talks about everything from his life’s
is identical to medical [neurology] in [terms of] diag- the blood/urine assessment to measure this with a work to being the single father of 7-year-
nostics, evaluation process and patient in-take but the finite amount,” Scire said. In Will’s case, the results old Nicholaus and 3-year-old Emma, both
main focus is going to be, ‘Can that came back indicated toxic levels of 2-Methyl- of whom he hopes will one day travel with
[we] rehab that person? Can [we] malonate, most likely accumulated from exposure to him to see the countryside and visit the
change the wiring of their brain Xylene — a clear, colorless liquid used widely in many mission in El Salvador from which he was
through brain-based techniques?’ products such as paints, glues and pesticides — that adopted.
courtesy of penguin group/perigee hardcover

And that’s how I got into Brain were making him have severe central nervous system “When I’m not working, I’m hanging
Balance,” Scire said. side effects. out with my kids and if I have any quiet
The success stories alone “He is a different child: mild mannered, polite, time, I like to cycle on the Silver Comet
could keep him talking for appropriate, not tired any more, he has no tics, he Trail,” he said. The notion of having much
hours but the smile on his face is not sweating profusely when he sleeps, and he has quiet time makes him laugh. Even his quiet
says just about as much. “You grown over 1.5 inches in three months,” Carter said. time is booked, or at least filled with reading
don’t know as you work with “Consider the life, or lack of a normal life, that this the stack of books — all brain related —
each family what one thing sweet child would have had we not found Brain Bal- on his nightstand. That’s to be expected
[they] want to experience nor- ance when we did.” from someone working on his Masters in
mally, and when that light It seems improbable even to the families who have neuroscience, beginning his PhD later this
Dr. Melillo, the world-renowned neurolo- bulb goes on in that family, it’s witnessed the turnaround firsthand, but Scire is quick year and talking every Wednesday night on
gist and researcher behind Brain Balance, worth everything I do,” he said to redirect the attention to the science behind Brain 92.5FM The Bear (Senoia, GA) about what
recently released a groundbreaking proudly. Balance and to Dr. Robert J. Melillo, the man who he calls Brain Ecology.
book titled, “Disconnected Kids: The
And that’s a lot if you con- started it all. Prompted to research the topic when his
Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program
sider that in Sarah’s case, her own son started showing signs of developmental delay, In each neurological diagnosis that can dev-
for Children with Autism, AD/HD, Dys-
lexia and Other Neurological Disorders.” parents had come to Scire as a Melillo developed a technique called Hemispheric Inte- astate parents and limit a child’s potential,
It provides a guide to properly address last resort: if he couldn’t help, gration Therapy with an emphasis on applying a non- Scire sees another opportunity to change
the symptoms and causes of certain they would be forced to decide pharmaceutical, non-surgical intervention to children someone’s life. His greatest contribution to
behaviors, an assessment checklist and whether to put their daughter with developmental disorders. our city’s children is the gift of hope and
exercise programs for children.
in a mental institution for the A post-doctoral student where Melillo was on fac- a chance of life-long success. And he’s just
rest of her life. And then there’s ulty, Scire read an advance copy of his new book at the getting started. PN
5-year-old Will, whose mom, Jennifer Carter said, “I time and immediately enrolled in Melillo’s classes. “I F o r M o r e I n f o r m at i o n
hate to say this so as to not jinx us but I venture to think knew the theory that this man was presenting would Brain Balance
that [Will] is virtually cured of all the symptoms that single-handedly change the world’s view of what Centers in Suwanee, Roswell and
led a leading neurologist to diagnose him with Tourettes causes these disorders and how we can recover these Peachtree City
Syndrome, ADD and OCD just four months ago.” children.”

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