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Parents are not irrationally rejecting the traditional, "core" vaccines

Exemption rates changes are parents responding to new requirements in the schedule Sometimes parents are being surprised at the start of the school year with a new requirement, and use the exemption to enroll their child and catch up the shot later (i.e. 7th grade TDaP). Or a vaccine has been added for an infection that is not casually transmissible and/or has a very low rate of serious complications (i.e. Hep A not airborne but fecal /oral transmission and very recoverable. Only 15 states require Hep A).

Religious Exemption Rates, 2000-2012

7 6 % Reli igious Exem mpt 5 4 3 2 1 0
SY 2008 Hep A for Childcare Added SY2008 TDaP for 7th Grade Added SY2000 Chicken Pox K & Hep B for 7th Grade Added

SY2010 Hep A for K Added

Children's Facility

Kindergarten and 1st Grade*

7th Grade

Oregon non medical exemption rates 2000 2012

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