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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Hidden Package FAQ

Liberty City Stories Hidden Package Walkthrough by Matthew Dean (Mattdean76)

Map image is VERY LARGE.

Portland 01IMAGE - At the toll booth of the Northern Fork of the Ferry dropoff

02IMAGE - Halfway between the ferry dropoff and compactor in Harwood on the very North part of the island 03IMAGE - On the Rock Island North of Harwood. Follow the rock around and you should see it on the East side. 04IMAGE - Behind the car crusher in harwood between the 2 pipes 05IMAGE - In the trails, just under the train tracks 06IMAGE - On top of the gas station, use a bike and crash into the wall from the auto shop. 07IMAGE - The most North East point on the Island, just below a wall 08IMAGE - In the junkyard next to The Auto Shop. 09IMAGE - In the corner of the hepburn heights construction, behind 2 perpendicular offices. 10IMAGE - Between 2 dumpsters in the corner of the safe house in GTA III in the Red Light District 11IMAGE - At the Construction Site on the second Level in Hepburn Heights. 12IMAGE - In the building you destroy in the mission Blow Up Dolls. 13IMAGE - On top of your safehouse, Use a truck, or other large vehicle to get up there. 14IMAGE - Down the alleyway that holds the kuruma in St. Marks, walk down the ramp. 15IMAGE - On the ledge just out of site between Salvatores and the beach. 16IMAGE - Behind Salvatore's mansion, follow the rockwork to the edge.

17IMAGE - On the Island just south of Salvatore's Mansion. Youll need a boat to access this. (most likely) 18IMAGE - Second Level of Marco's Bistro in St Marks 19IMAGE - In between 2 dumpsters in the alley just east of ammunation. 20IMAGE - Behind ammunation in the empty shooting range. 21IMAGE - In the Red Light District in a flowerbed on the westernmost road below the El Train 22IMAGE - On top of the subway platform at the edge of chinatown (water to the west) 23IMAGE - In chinatown where the Mr Wongs Mule is. 24IMAGE - Across from the Hospital, next to the esperanto parked there in the corner 25IMAGE - Behind the hospital, walk up to the ramp behind it and walk on the ledge to the package. 26IMAGE - In the trees just North of Mean Street Taxis. Stand next to the small mobile office and look north and you can see it from there. 27IMAGE - Under the struts of the bridge for the El-Train Near the Supa Save 28IMAGE - On the Eastern most building on the Docks, jump from building to building to get it. 29IMAGE - On the shipping crates, its at the corner of 2 yellow ones towards the south edge along the water. Use a large vehicle to hop on to access. 30-

IMAGE - On the Southernmost building at Portland Harbor, on the far west side behind an air conditioning duct. 31IMAGE - On the roof of the Sausage Factory in between 2 billboards, next to mean street taxis in Trenton. Jump a car off the train tracks to access. 32IMAGE - Across from the Liberty Pharmaceutials building on the slanted grey roof. Access via Ambulance or other large vehicle. 33IMAGE - At the Bus depot in Trenton on the Northest wall. 34IMAGE - At the building in the parking lot, next to the Callahan Bridge where you find the Thunder Rodd 35IMAGE - On the girder between the lanes of the bridge to Staunton Island on the portland side. 36IMAGE - Between the last 2 18 wheeler trailers at the corner between portland harbor and Atlantic Quays where all the 18 wheeler trailers are. 37IMAGE - Between 2 dumpsters next to the eastern of the 3 buildings in Atlantic Quays 38IMAGE - At the southern end of the western of the 2 piers at the center of Atlantic Quays headed south. 39IMAGE - On the Northern of the 2 ships at Atlantic Quays, its on the second level at the eastern end. 40IMAGE - Under the callahan bridge, Walk the bridge's undercarriage to get it.

Staunton Island 41-

IMAGE - In Rockford, in the parking lot for the ferry just south of the main road by 2 tractor trailers 42IMAGE - In Aspatria in the North East corner between the trees. 43IMAGE - In Rockford, at the beginning of the tunnel that is east of the hospital 44IMAGE - In Rockford, in the shrubbery east of the hospital 45IMAGE - in Rockford, after doing Bringing The House Down, its behind the gray wall at the end of the building. 46IMAGE - In Rockford, on the North East coast on a rock ledge south of the the underground tunnel to Portland. 47IMAGE - In the Subway station in Liberty Campus, walk down the stairs and escalators and turn left to see it next to the movie poster. 48IMAGE - In the NE corner of Fort Staunton. The building to the south of the most northerly road in Fort Staunton has a loading ramp. The package is to the west of this, up on a ledge behind the sign that says bottiglia liguor wholesale. Youll need an ambulance to jump on the ledge. 49IMAGE - In Ft Staunton, on the Northwest side of the metal bridge, walk from south to north on the bridge to get it. 50IMAGE - In the water between Staunton Island & Portland on the very small island East of the metal bridge. Use a boat to access. 51IMAGE - In Fort Staunton, on the roof of the Staunton Cafe, just behind the sign 52IMAGE - In Ft Staunton, down 2 alleyways, where you cant drive. From

the west, walk down the alleyway with the posts, turn left at the first alleyway, then left again and its in the far left corner behind a dumpster. 53IMAGE - In Ft Staunton, after Bringing Down the House, the street with the giant hole in it, look north and youll see a platform that leads up into the debris, turn left, walk up and youll see it on your left. 54IMAGE - Just south of the stadium in the middle of the parking lot south of it. 55IMAGE - In Aspatria, on the west coast of the island, just soth of the small dock behind a ramp. 56IMAGE - On the south stantion of the bridge to Shore Side Vale. jump off the south side to a metal walkway and walk back to the east to get the package. 57IMAGE - In Bellevelle Park, on the east side of the statue behind a billboard 58IMAGE - In Newport, at the south end of the strip with the pay n spray, between 2 dumpsters. 59IMAGE - In Newport, just north of the 2 houses on the water with dock access, you have to walk from the grass, its on the other side of the metal girder. 60IMAGE - on the Bridge between Portland and Staunton Island, just past the jump coming from staunton Island. 61IMAGE - Wedged between a red shipping crate and a ramp in Newport below the bridge. 62IMAGE - On top of 2 billboards in the center divider. Youll have to jump from the bridge to get there.

63IMAGE - on a ledge in the building in Newport. Jump up from a vehicle. and then over to the ledge. 64IMAGE - In a easternmost planter in Bellevelle park in the middle of the road. 65IMAGE - In the southwest corner of the cemetary in Bedford Point. 66IMAGE - In Phil Cassidy's fully Cocked Gun Shop on the second floor. Jump from the stairs to get to it. 67IMAGE - In Torrington, on the divider, if you take the road from the police station south, its before the road makes a T 68IMAGE - In Torrington, behind the casino next to a spotlight. 69IMAGE - In Torrington, in the door housing on the north end of the southernmost building. 70IMAGE - On the steps to the big white building in Bedford Point on the North side of the road.

Shore Side Vale 71IMAGE - On the Easternmost coast on the grass, just before the cliff cuts in level with the end of the Cochrane Dam 72IMAGE - On the ground level below the dam, walk the platform next to the building and around the corner 73IMAGE - Between 2 shipping crates and the fence around the middle of the dam in the Cochrane Dam area. 74IMAGE - In the tunnel from the Cochrane Dam, to the left side of the entrance to the NOrth part that is blocked off.

75IMAGE - Behind the 4 billboards on the U-turn road in Cedar Grove. 76IMAGE - Between the last 2 regular houses before Catalina's Mansion, in the yard bettween houses. 77IMAGE - south of the parking lot in Shoreside Vale, its the Easternmost package on the island. 78IMAGE - In Wichita Gardens on the Rock formation just south of where the tunnel runs. 79IMAGE - In Wichita Gardens, Just south of 2 billboards on the road on the rocks. 80IMAGE - Near the GTA III safe house in the doorway in Wichita Gardens 81IMAGE - Behind the Kronos and Third Leg billboards on the winding road heading North from the Airport. 82IMAGE - On the Rock level along the shore between the 2 main islands in Wichita Gardens 83IMAGE - Behind a rock on the south side of the looping road in the Cochrane Damn area. 84IMAGE - In Pike Creek behind the 2 water towers North West of the main building. 85IMAGE - Behind some wooden planks in Pike Creek behind 8 balls and the pay n spray 86IMAGE - In Pike Creek in Garage bay 2 behind the police station 87IMAGE - In the North East corner of the AM Petroleum Lot on some grass, by a tree in Pine Creek 88-

IMAGE - On the southEast Corner of the buildings roof in Pike Creek 89IMAGE - Next to the Garbage dumpster against the building in Pike Creek 90IMAGE - On the roof of a building in Pine Creek, enter the gate and walk up the stairs the encircle the building. Its in the Northeast corner of the building. 91IMAGE - In the middle of the Grass south of Pike Creek, North of the Airport 92IMAGE - In the Airport, behins the Westernmost large square building 93IMAGE - In the Airport, on the Wing of the large plane when you first pull in the landing field from the gate. 94IMAGE - In the Airport, directly East of #93 on the roof of the building behind the Liberty International Airport sign 95IMAGE - In the Airport in the main circle, on a grey ledge, use the firetruck to get up there. 96IMAGE - In the Airport in an area boxed in by shipping crates, use a car to jump in the area and run over the ramp to get out. 97IMAGE - In the Airport, behind the black sign out in front of the airport to the North. 98IMAGE - Under the bridge from Staunton Island. in Francis International Airport Area. 99IMAGE - In the Airport, just North of the short takeoff ramp between the yellow ramps. 00IMAGE - In the Airport on the diagonal runway, down below the planes portion, at the south end of the ramp.

You receive rewards for every ten packages you collect. They are listed below

10 Packages........ Pistol 20 Packages........ Standard Shotgun 30 Packages........ Body Armor 40 Packages........ MP5 50 Packages........ .357 Magnum 60 Packages........ M4 Rifle 70 Packages........ Sniper Rifle 80 Packages........ Flamethrower 90 Packages........ Rocket Launcher 100 Packages....... $50,000 Cash Bonus