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David B.

7621 Leawood Blvd. Little Rock, AR 72205-2519

501-661-2801 501-772-7621

Credentials Ph.D. in Biochemistry, dual Bachelors of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Certification as a Level 3 HazMat Technician by Arkansas Department of Emergency Management/Arkansas Fire Academy. Associate Member American Association of Health Physics Part 1 CHP test completed. Scheduled to take Part 2 in July 2013. Miscellaneous: Advanced Open-water SCUBA, Amateur Radio (KE5VLW), NWS Storm Spotter. Achievements Implementation of NRC & EPA environmental dose assessment models. Appointment to CRCPD Task Force for Computed Tomography H-32 in 2007. Accorded Trustworthy & Reliable status by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for radioactive materials administration in Arkansas. Verification of environmental sampling point GPS coordinates for Arkansas Nuclear One. Development of standards, assays & calibration spreadsheets. Utilization of various shielding models. Winner of an NSF ROA Fellowship in 2002; finalist for CDC EID Fellowship in 2005. Reconstitution of purified human TAP heterodimer peptide-binding activity. Complete implementation of de novo biocatalyst system, from design to assay. Development of catalytic chromatography for active fraction separation. Court expert in chemistry. Publications and presentations. Employment History Assistant RSO, Health Physicist, Dose Assessor & Radiochemist for the Arkansas Department of Health. Postdoctoral research in human antigen processing & organelle trafficking in Dictyostelium. Teaching & tutoring at high school, college, and post-graduate levels. Quality Control & Assurance for Tyson. Education Advanced courses in microbial genetics and computational chemistry. Professional training in computer science & electronics. Wide experience in organic synthesis (including phosphorus chemistry), analytical techniques & instrumentation (HPLC, FPLC, NMR, Biacore, immunoassay, radiolabeling, et cetera), and molecular biology (mutagenic PCR, transformation, shuttle vector manipulation, protein purification & reconstitution, et cetera). Extensive hazard mitigation training by DHS/FEMA, DOE/NRC, CDC, et cetera. Training and experience in use of software such as RASCAL & RESRAD. A more detailed curriculum vitae with listings of references, publications, presentations, et cetera is available upon request.