State-of-the-Art ET Application Practices (SUMMARY

We are all aware of the speedy turn-over of technology advancement and upgrading technologies now-a-days. In this advancement and upgrading of technology, educators today should become more aware and active in adopting state-of-the-art educational technology practices for them to ride on in the system and development of technology. There is this certainty that our school’s audiovisual aids may not even apply in this modern day computer hardware and software in today’s technology advancement for the reason that we are fun of investing and not on adopting the development and advancement of the upgraded technology. As it is said “don’t invest in technology hardware or system that may become a white elephant in a few years time. “We need to adopt upgraded technology for greater computer literacy and competency as well. Reflection: If an educator could say technology in teaching takes time and in experience is a kind of educator who never set a new level of learning in acquiring the appropriate use of state-of-the-art in his/her learning process. Although applying and adopting the advancement of technology is expensive and takes more time, we know that it would help us develop, enhance, equipped, improved and acquire our computer skill in assessing our learning as we adopt technology in our modern world. Future learners have the advantage over present day learners because educational technology will never settle for less. In the coming years, if the future educators and learners would set their minds in adopting advancement of technology, this would help them to profit the easy type of performing activities both in instruction and education. In these high speed changes of technology, this will produce a mass storage of data, and future educators should be open for more drastic educational changes.


John Clark P. Gregorio Kristine Gapasin

Dianne Rose Gemillan

centered classrooms to replace teachers Possible solution    Teachers should balance their time for the preparation and application of instructional tools School can acquire the most appropriate computer hardware and software Use of ET must be fitted to learning objectives Systematic Instructional Planning Process          Indentify instruction goal Analyze learners Identify objectives Plan instructional activities Choose ET media Implement instruction Make assessment on learning outcomes and effectiveness of ET application Recycle instruction Following the modern trends in technology-related education. …don’t invest in technology hardware/system that may become a white elephant in a few years time. schools should now foster a STUDENT-CENTERED Learning Environment because schools can no longer avoid the INTEGRATION of ET in instruction. . they spent more time in methods Shifting from traditional learning to creative and critical thinking skills Constructivism paved the way for instructional approaches. build their own Obstacles to IT (Developing countries perspective) ÈUse of computer is time consuming and expensive ÈDanger of technology.STATE-OF-THE-ART ET APPLICATION PRACTICES Trends on State-of-art-ET     Present day students have become computer literate Teachers have deemphasized rote learning. They acquire information. students rely less on teachers as information-givers. They acquire information. build their own knowledge and solve problems.

Gregorio Kristine Gapasin Dianne Rose Gemillan .Educational Technology 2 STATE-OF-THE-ART EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION PRACTICES GROUP REPORT Members Leader: John Clark P.