SALMANASSAR II. - SALMANASSAR III. II. (Shalmaneser. SalmanuSalmanassar king Assyria,_ro3o-1.ol9.

Writof aSared), ten'dSILIM-ma-au-MAS/SAG. According to the AssyrianKing List S. ruled for twelve years, succeedinghis father A55ur-ndsirapli" (I) and beingsucceeded by his son A55ur-nOrdn (lV) (A55ur-nirAri"; Konigslisten'r-und Chroniken p.rj S 6r). In the SynchronisticKing List he appearsalongside the Babylonian king UlmaS-5akinabout 5um i" ( ibid.p. 779iii S).Info rma ti o n There is an extant the reign of S. is scanty. eponym list with entries,albeit poorly preserved, covering the twelve years of his reign, beginningwith 'S., the king' (Grayson L976, 69 S ef r). The single royal inscription which can be attributed to him with certainty comesfrom a stelefound in at Assur; the text simply the Stelenreihe'gives his ancestry(RIMA z A.o.gj.L). A document excavatedat Assur records an endowment made by S. for the A55urTemple; it lists quantitiesof cedar balsamallotted to the temple and its various shrines (KAV 78, ed. by Menzel r98t, ll T 4f.1. There are a number of other inscriptions which may concern S. but whose attribution is quite uncertain- they may alternatively be assigned to S. I or III (for further details see Grayson, RIMA z p. tz4\. Finally, S. is mentionedin an inscription of a A55ur-danll" b j4-972), where successor, a broken passage refersto the actions of a people who had apparently been troublesome sincethe time of S., king [of Assyria] (RI M A z A . o. 98.r:t6).


of royal inscriptions(RIMA 3, 5-t79). Additionally, most of the fragmentaryadministrative and legal documentsexcavatedat Sibaniba" (mod. Tall Billa) are probably to be dated to S.'s reign (J. J. Finkelstein, JCS Z |tgSll tn-r76 nos. 68-9o). Later sourcesinclude the AssyrianKing List and the Eponym Chronicle(below),as well as the Synchronistic History, the Synchronistic King List and a further chronicle fragment (references: ABC, z4o).Someof S.'sbuilding activitiesare mentioned in inscriptions of later Assyriankings (see$ 6). $ z. Reign. S. ruled for thirty-fiveyears according to the Assyrian King List (Konigslisten"und Chroniken p.tt4 S 7o), a period which saw the expansionof Assyrian-controlledterritory far beyondthe bordershandeddown by his father ASSurnisirpal (A5SurnAsirapli.) II. He was eponym for the year 8 57 and again in 827 (Eponymen'r; Millard r994, 27, 30).Towardsthe end of S.'s reign, in 826, a revolt (srbu) took place according to the Eponym Chronicle entry for that year (Millard t99!,3o). It continuedinto the early reign of SamSi-Adad V" who put it down; he reports that the insurgence,instigated by (A5SurdAnapli"), S.'sson A55ur-da"in-aplu broke out in twenty-seven cities (RIMA a. 181)'

S l . F a mi l y. S .w as the son of hi s predecessor AS5urnasirpal II and the father of his successor Sam5t-Adad V; another son of his was A55ur-da"in-aplu. His mother A. K. Grayson ry76: ARllII. - B. Menzel was probably Mullissu-mukanniSat-Ninua, r.98r: AssyrischeGmpel (= StPohl SM roll-ll). daughter of ASSurnasirpal's Chief CupH. D. Baker bearer,A55ur-nirka-da"in. In Tomb III, expalcavatedin Room 57 of the North-'West lid bore an aceat Kalbu", the sarcophagus Salmanassar III. (Shalmaneser, Salmanu- inscription of Mullissu-mukanniSat-Ninua aiar €d),king of Assyria858-824. calling her "queen of A55ur-ndsir-apli, king of Assyria,and S., king of Assyria". This $ r. Sources. - $ z. Reign. - S l. Family. S +. Military campaigns. S +.r. Chronology. impliesthat, as the mother of S., she was $ 4.2. Syria. S +.:. Anatolia. $ 4.4. Urarpu and queen(-mother) during his reign (cf. the v i c i n i t y . $ 4 . 5 . Z a g r o s r e g i o n .$ a . 6 . B a b y l o n i a . zoo7,85); it is translation of Oates/Oates Provincial organisation. Building op6. $ 5. $ erations. unlikely that she was the wife of both A55ur-ndsir-apli and then his son, as others $ e. Sources. The principal contempo- have maintained (e.g. Roaf ry95).,Samrary sources comprisea substantialnumber mu-ramat ("Semiramis"-"). wife of SamSi-

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