The Wise and Subtle Arte of Reading Cards

…as examined by a Witch who practices said Arte

Reading cards to discern the future or answer questions has been a practice of witches, gypsies, and fortune tellers for several hundred years. It is true, of course, that the regular playing card pack is not so charming or erudite as her mother, the Tarot. Nonetheless, we have often found ourselves willing to trade the mother’s unvoiced, wisdom-filled glances for the child’s forthright and honest speech. Thus, it is well worth bearing in mind that finery and age are not inevitably marks of wisdom and knowledge, nor plainness and youth marks of foolishness and ignorance. It all depends on what you want to know. If you wish to discuss philosophy, approach the front door and ask for the philosopher. But should you wish to know what transpires in the philosopher’s house, approach the back door and ask for the scullery maid. The reading of playing cards has another advantage…because they are so common, most people seeing them in your desk, on your table, or in your possession will not suspect the use to which you put them. Thus you shall follow a long-held tradition of witches: hiding in plain sight. Many systems of card reading, both of regular playing cards and Tarot cards, are generally too rigid in their meanings and methods. This does not allow the reader to give full play to intuition, and consequently, detailed predictions, such as come only through the use of intuition, are lacking. The following method is presented in three parts. A person studying it may stop at any part, although the Witch of exceptional memory will have more predictive material at her fingertips than the Witch of poor or middling memory. To begin, we shall present the bare bones of the method for the witch of poor memory. Those with middling or exceptional memories must also study this material and practice it before moving on to greater tasks and abilities. A standard deck of playing cards should be procured for this study. Please note that there are no “reversals” in the system. A card has the same meaning upright as reversed.

For the Witch of Poor Memory

The firstmost rule is easily had: Red cards are good and black cards are bad.

But Four does not change. Five is the body, Its health and its stead,

The secondmost rule shall bring greater fruits: It deals with the meanings of each of the suits. The Hearts count as love, family, and friends. Diamonds are money, wealth, means, and ends. Clubs shall mean work, callings, and plans, And Spades are the troubles that plague every man.

Six shows a path That the Seeker shall tread. Seven brings troubles That Fate has assigned, While Eight shows ideas And thoughts in the mind. Nine heralds changes,

The thirdmost rule toward number inclines; Just note the card’s pip and read here their signs:

And Ten is the end, While Kings are the symbols Of power and men.

An Ace brings beginnings, And Two gives exchange, Three shows things growing,

Queens are the emblems Of women and truth, A Knave is a message, A girl, or a youth.

Even a witch of dismal memory may assimilate these rules over time, and having done so, shall have a serviceable oracle at her disposal.

Examination of the Firstmost Rule

In order to begin training one’s intuitive faculty, it is best to start reading cards in combinations right from the start. A single card, standing alone, is like a far-off whisper, or a sentence that has no verb. When combined with other cards, however, it is a fleet and adaptable messenger, speaking clearly. We shall use groupings of three as our basis, as it is a very common usage amongst old Gypsy and European card spreads. Draw off from your pack three cards at random, placing them in a row -- the first card on the left, the second card in the middle, and the third card on the right. In this row, time moves from left to right. Your task is merely to note the color of the three cards, whether red (R) or black (B). If you draw off many rows of three, or if you have facility with statistics, you will note that there are only eight possible combinations of two colors in a series of three. Below are the eight combinations, along with their generalized meanings. You need not memorize them by rote. If you know the firstmost rule, you will be able to figure out any of them.

R, B, B:

A fair beginning steadily worsens and turns foul.

B, B, R:

A light at the end of the tunnel.

R, R, B:

A problem is on the horizon.

B, R, R:

A problem will be solved, things will steadily improve.

R, B, R:

A small delay or problem will be overcome.

B, R, B:

A temporary truce or rest. Do not let down your guard; appearances can be deceiving.

R, R, R:

All is fair and fine.

B, B, B:

Beset by problems and hardship.

The third card is usually the most important and should be given greater emphasis. and more The first two examples above fall in the BRB pattern of the firstmost rule. and very often aid you in a troublesome interpretation. for it shows the Seeker needing to expend energy on work before the next problem arises. Let us first examine cards hemmed in by spades. showing fairly constant trouble and stress. another takes its place after a brief interlude. but only little ♦ ♣ ♦: money making affairs or financial activity . feeling trapped. The second two examples fall in the BBB pattern. it hardly acts as a respite. Your task is to note the suits of the three cards in your row. The suit of the first card will show where you have been . Always keep in mind that time moves from left to right in the group of three. and the suit of the third card will show where you are headed as a result of the first two cards. as you examine the examples below: ♣ profit ♦ ♣: much work. Even where the ♣ is the middle card. you can easily think through the following examples of a middle card flanked by two cards of the same suit. follow the firstmost rule first and note the sequence of colors. too. for these are easy to understand: ♠ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♠: ♠: a troubled heart a troubled purse ♠ ♣ ♠ a troubled will. think through how the meanings given are derived. Whenever you are examining a group of three. It is another layer of information to add to the firstmost rule. Refer back to the combinations of the firstmost rule. inability to act. they show a troubled heart or purse that only ever receives temporary respite from problems. There are many more possible combinations here – far too many to list. And just when one thinks that one problem is over. labor without gain ♠ trouble : ♠ ♠: trouble. trouble. From the examples of spades hemming in a card. It will provide your first clue to the meaning of the group. But you shall acquire the knack of it by example. Thus. the suit of the second card will show where you are.Examine each of the combinations above and with reference to the firstmost rule. Examination of the Secondmost Rule The secondmost rule deals with the meaning of the four suits.

In the second trio. again keeping in mind the color sequences of the firstmost rule: ♣ ♥ ♠: working yourself into an emotional problem ♠ ♥ ♣: an emotional problem that you will work out of. ♦ ♠ ♣: a financial problem that you will work out of. the spade is in the middle. so the problem will be overcome. but the spade will slow down your efforts. so the problem is being overcome. Note that because the first trio above ends with the spade. . see below) ♥ ♠ ♥: a emotional problem is ♦ ♠ ♦: a financial problem is ♣ ♠ ♣: a problem is overcome at work or on a personal project. In the third trio. but slowly. a giving heart overcome ♦ ♥ ♦: labor with loved ones enjoying the fruits of one’s overcome (easily. ♥ ♠ ♣: an emotional problem that you will work out of. but slowly. Replace the hearts in the above examples with diamonds. Look at the following examples. the spade falls first.♥ ♦ ♥: generosity. you are working into the problem. and you will have the following: ♣ ♦ ♠: working yourself into a financial problem ♠ ♦ ♣: a financial problem that you will work out of. Let us continue with examining trios with spades in them.

♣ ♥ ♥: working in the right direction for emotional success. more work will be needed. one can actually glean quite a bit of information from a trio of cards. As you can see. Simply remember the easy meanings of the suits and that time in the trio of cards moves from left to right. with just the firstmost and secondmost rules. ♣ ♦ ♦: working in the right direction for financial success. this time with clubs starting the trios.♦ ♠ ♣. Compare that example with one given above -. and you shall hit on the correct interpretation.Let us examine a few more examples. ♣ ♠ ♠: working in the wrong direction. it is a very good sign. Whenever a heart ends the trio. Because the example above ends with a heart. obstacles are ahead. a heart at the end will show that the problem will be overcome fairly easily. so the goal may need to be modified. First note the sequence of colors in the trio. then the sequence of suits. Again. When the trio ends in a club. the problem is easily overcome. These are very easy to grasp. No matter what the first two cards of the trio are – showing stress or hard work or financial problems. . do not simply jump in and begin interpreting the meanings of the cards. For instance: ♦ ♠ ♥: a financial problem is overcome easily.

a new friendship. 7s are troubles because there is a blockage added to the path of the 6s as you look at the pips of the cards. same old” at work. 3 (growing) and ♦ (money. Just think of these clues: Aces are beginnings because they begin each suit. and the cards makes them look like paths. 9s show changes because the number 9 is related to the Moon. profits. The meanings of the numbers. greater financial security. arms. unchanging. and put together an interpretation. 4s remind us of the stable. 8s are ideas and thoughts in the mind because 8 is traditionally the number of the mind. 10s show ends or goals achieved because they end the number sequence before a new cycle starts. 3s are the number of growth – the third thing produced from the union of two things. 4 (will not change. 5s are the body because we have 5 appendages (two it shows that influence at a pinnacle almost continually. so whatever its suit. job security. A 10 is almost an ever-renewing influence. .Examination of the Thirdmost Rule Now we come to interpreting a single card in itself. Each card will have more than one interpretation because you will be able to combine the suit and pip in different ways: Let us take some examples: Ace (beginning) and ♥ (love. Knaves as messages or a child of either gender. 2s naturally suggest pairings and exchanges. inability to get along. two legs. It is easy to do. a birth or addition to the family. family. which is ever fluctuating. separation. solid square. Kings as power and men is fairly easy to remember 6s are a path because the way the pips are arranged in on its own. 2 (exchange) and ♠ (trouble): argument. as are Queens as women and truth. “same old. means and ends): a raise in pay. Deriving the card meanings from suit and number may seem difficult at first. Simply combine the meaning of the suit and the meaning of the number. plodding along. friends): the beginning of a love affair. are easy to remember. wealth. callings. themselves. plans): goals are on a firm footing. stability) and ♣ (work. boredom. head). but you will quickly get the hang of it as you begin to interpret.

Knave (message. means and ends): financial difficulties. a man of financial means. a true calling. a job that fits you perfectly. walking away. ill-advised journey. difficulties while traveling. plans): thoughts about work. or bouquet of flowers. good health (because the heart is a good card). of course. Queen (women or truth) and ♣ (work. wealth. 8 (thoughts/ideas) and ♣ (work. a death something lost. child) and ♥ (love. so possibly a bank or profitable business. running with the wrong crowd.5 (the body/health) and ♥ (love. a compliment. but they call for effort and work. “thank you”. financial power. They are: A♥: A♦: A ♣: A ♠: 3♠ : 7♠ : the home or family a letter a goal or opportunity a decision. well-laid plans. practical plans. profits down. thinking of changing jobs. Spades. friends): sexual relations. a journey from which no profit comes. family. Keep in mind. that hearts and diamonds are generally good and spades and clubs are generally bad. family. callings. 6 (a path) and ♠ (trouble): headed in the wrong direction. abandonment 7 (trouble) and ♦ (money. friends): change for the better (because the heart is a red card). traditionally the “wish card” (see below) 10 (end/goal achieved) and ♠ (trouble): tremendous amount of trouble. grief (see below) King (men or power) and ♦ (money. a business woman or career woman. evil. wealth. There are also some brief traditional meanings for a few of the cards that you should memorize. too. are the worst. family. callings. the hand of friendship. loss tears (trouble trouble) 9♥: 9♠ : wish fulfilled wish denied worry divorced person 10♠: Q♠ or K♠: . the means will not reach the end sought. wealthy man. Clubs are not intrinsically bad. a message from a friend. plans): a practical or driven woman. 9 (changes) and ♥ (love. a love letter. friends): a boy or girl child in your family. means and ends). violence. wrong choice.

which will help you in interpreting the court cards. a man of authority at work. Diamonds are very fair people. a well-laid plan sure of success. Example 1 K ♣ 3♦ 6♥ The pattern for the first rule is BRR: a problem will be solved or things will steadily improve. Heart: This shows working for financial success. friends): pleasant path. wealth. Full Examples Now for some full examples of interpreting some trios in terms of the three rules so that you can grow accustomed to doing it yourself. progress in general. and Spades are very dark coloring. means and ends): a raise in pay. greater financial security. celebration with family or friends. Hearts are people of medium coloring. The pattern for the second rule is Club.Each of the suits also has certain colorings associated with them. a man at work. the Knave of Clubs may be a child of darker coloring. trip with family or friends. profits 6 (a path) and ♥ (love. . Thus. Diamond. plan): a man of darker coloring. and because the trio ends with a heart. a practical man. For the third rule: King (men or power) and ♣ (work. or a practical. family. company equity 3 (things growing) and ♦ (money. callings. Clubs are people of darker coloring. the success will come easily. work-oriented child.

plans): thoughts about work. dissipation of trouble. friends): a troubled heart. This means working out of a problem at work or in a personal project. and this one should be fairly clear to you. thinking of changing jobs. unsettled emotions. For the third rule: 2 (exchange) and ♠ (trouble): argument. The raise may come as a surprise (the heart ends the trio. Club. callings. perhaps because company profits have increased recently. 7 (trouble) ♥ (love. Interpretation: The trio shows the Seeker’s boss giving the seeker a raise in pay. . but it will be a welcome improvement in the Seeker’s life. Because the heart falls last. inability to get along 8 (thoughts/ideas) and ♣ (work.Now we have all of the building blocks to make our interpretation. practical plans. Example 2 2♠ 8♣ 7♥ The pattern for the first rule is BBR: A light at the end of the tunnel. separation. the problem will be worked out without too much effort on the part of the Seeker. but also maybe something larger – like a family vacation. The pattern for the second rule is Spade. family. showing something coming easily to the Seeker). Heart. It is a cause for celebration – maybe something as simple as a trip to dinner.

Sometimes you can work in both interpretations. He should not do so just yet because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. family. Can you work it out by what you have learned so far? A spade ends the trio. so you are beginning from a happy place. so there is a problem coming up. friends): the beginning of a love affair. Diamond. let us spend a moment on that 7♥. either in time or money (because our time is often money). both are. a new friendship. so it will be a problem of a financial nature. means and ends): thoughts about money. and thoughts of the situation have been occupying his mind and troubling his heart. it can be interpreted in two contradictory ways – a troubled heart. budgeting. 8 (thoughts/ideas) and ♦ (money. and in the second rule. Example 3 A ♥ 8♦ 6♠ The pattern for the first rule is RRB: a problem is on the horizon. What happens when you have a number with a poor meaning. how to make ends meet. recall the traditional interpretation. which generally has a good meaning? As you can see from above. Ace (beginning) and ♥ (love. if a heart ends the trio. The problem will be resolved. we know that the problem signified by an earlier spade will be worked out without too much effort. Spade: We have not covered this combination before. financial plans. The pattern for the second rule is Heart. One inference is that the person who has been causing the difficulty will apologize to the Seeker. What is interesting about this trio is that no club is present. This is where the first and second rules will hold you in good stead. or family member. Perhaps the situation has been so bad that the Seeker has been contemplating looking for another job. It all depends on where the card falls in the trio. and without much effort on his part. or the dissipation or ending of trouble. . a birth or addition to the family. Which is right? Strangely enough. of a home. A possible interpretation for the second rule: a financial matter to be dealt with. too. Interpretation: The Seeker has clearly been having trouble with someone at work. like a 7 (trouble) combined with a suit like a heart. From that we can interpret that perhaps the Seeker isn’t really working toward the goal all that vigorously or perhaps no amount of work will remedy the problem. The heart starts the trio. wealth. we know that the 7♥ must signify an improvement of some kind. Compare this to one of our examples above: ♦ ♠ ♥: a financial problem is overcome easily. Because the pattern is BBR. before we get to the interpretation.Now. What kind of problem? The diamond is next to the spade. family.

She is overtaxing her body somewhat. as above. ill-advised journey. That 6♠ (headed in the wrong direction). Reaching the goal requires longer-range financial planning and budgeting…. She is. abandonment. however. in no financial position to do either. Renovation to a bathroom (beyond your interpretive capacity right now.6 (a path) and ♠ (trouble): headed in the wrong direction. This Seeker wants to make some new beginning in her home or family – perhaps expanding her present home or moving to a new home. Interpretation: We can do quite a bit with this one. Either option would be ill-advised at this juncture. single male. Financial delays on a home improvement project. Now we will do several more brief examples. However. would be an indication that using too many credit cards could be a problem. a journey from which no profit comes. Maybe it is both of those things. . That is true with the present trio: A family member or close friend is headed towards financial difficulty and may need assistance with budgeting. 6♦ Q♠ 5♥: This divorced woman is focusing on her financial goals and will make progress with regard to them. bathrooms – can you see why?) If the Seeker is a young. She (or her family) needs to save more money to make her goal workable. these cards show that he often neglects love affairs to focus more on making money. difficulties while traveling. so that you get the most out of them. running with the wrong crowd. walking away. but the 6♠ can mean drains.and more work on her part. Or perhaps she wants another child. wrong choice. to me. Sometimes more than one interpretation for a trio of cards will occur to you. A final interpretation is given. and hence. but endeavor to think through all the three rules. she is feeling tired and may need to take a vacation.

7♠ Kn♥ 7♥: The seeker’s troubled mind will be calmed by a letter from a loved one. 10♥ 7♥ K♥: All is fair and fine in this family man’s life. 9♥ 10♦ 4♦: The Seeker’s wish for financial independence and a large bank account will be fulfilled. and any troubles that arise are easily resolved or quickly solve themselves. A regimen of physical exercise will help him or her restore emotional balance. 8♠ 5♣ 4♥ : The Seeker has an active mind that focuses more on negative things than positive. furniture. It shows a great deal of shopping for clothes. The person wants a makeover of sorts.2♣ 7♠ A ♣ : 3♦ 2♠ 9♠ : A partnership will be a source of worries until a common goal gives birth to a new beginning. with the result that what you most wish for will be denied to you. Kn♠ 2♣ 8♦: This young person will need some financial assistance and may seek a loan. etc. and is using financial resources to make it happen. An increase in wealth will cause a split. Keep your priorities in perspective. He has reached a stage of happy emotional security. New duties bring more money. 8♣ A♣ A♦: This Seeker will have a promotion and salary raise at work. 5♦ 9♦ 8♦ : This Seeker has money to burn. . K ♦ 3♦ 5♠ : The man of wealth must learn to value his health more than his possessions.

There will be eight trios to read: 123. sometimes the meanings of the trios will be linked. 789 are the first three trios. . 369 are the second trios. and have the Seeker choose three cards at random. use this spread to give each Seeker a quick glance at the future. 456. Because you are reading each of the cards as part of more than one trio. Be guided by your intuition.A♥ 4♦ 3♦: Readings This trio shows the value of the Seeker’s home appreciating in value over time. The interpretations of the trios will largely deal with present and future circumstances. We will keep things simple at this stage as far as readings go. Then spread out the cards on the table. Only on rare occasions will the past appear in a trio. 147. have the Seeker choose 9 cards instead. but sometimes they will not be. 159 and 357 are the final two trios. The Simple Trio If you have many readings to do. Have the Seeker shuffle. Lay them out thus: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 You can actually get quite a bit of information out of just 9 cards. “What you just described…could it be something that has happened already?” You should respond in the affirmative. but advise the Seeker that the consequences of that past event are not yet completed. The Square of Nine For longer readings. Then interpret the three cards as a trio. as we have done above. Then look at the cards to discern what those consequences may be. 258. and the Seeker will usually alert you to the fact by asking.

The youth is also working out an emotional problem. 147: 10♦ Q♠ 5♠: The fact that the Queen shall have greater financial capacity does not appear to be much consolation for very long. Let us take a closer look at the trios involved. generous heart to spread the fortune all around? You can be certain that this youth will be wanting something and will very likely receive it. faster rather than slower. After all. and it is likely that it will manifest in some physical ailment. the high Diamond cards near the Queen and 5 of Spades indicate that the physical ailment will be centered on “nervous” headaches). His mother. For what was once pleasant turns steadily more foul. The cards do not specify what.. he has a wish. He has work to do. should be keeping closer tabs on him. He will soon score a big financial victory. 123: 10♦ 9♥ K♥: The father of the household is a family man and can show his emotions. it will be piling up and log jamming soon. Would it be too much to ask for his father’s giving.. the Queen.. in accordance with his wishes. too.. In his world and his mind.. dearer rather than cheaper. See trio 147. his allowance or stipend... it will effect a large change in his life. Here is a clue to his emotional trouble.e. Let us say that it is the mother of the family that has sought our counsel. So his emotional problem is how to motivate himself to do what he knows is right. It may be that school is overtaxing his energy and causing him to be run down. 789: 5♠ J♥ 10♣: The youth of the household is like his father and has his father’s coloring. all will be fair and fine. (Note Well: Although beyond your predictive capacities at the present. The change in finances. probably sealing a large financial deal. although the cards do not reveal the exact nature of the problem. 258: 9♥ 9♦ Kn♥: The youth is only too happy that there is a beneficial change in financial circumstances coming. and her growing purse will certainly cheer her up for a time. but we can infer from knowing the nature of fact.. and she is followed by another Spade). then it will be an increase of periodic payments to him. Red cards predominate over black cards by two to one. since she is represented by a spade. so whatever it is that the youth wants. look at 369. Her sense of loneliness increases (she is a Spade. more or less. The two 9s falling together emphasize the idea of change. He will have a minor physical illness to contend with in the near future.but when faced with the seeming choice of doing some of the work or going out to will be bigger rather than smaller.. he faces away from the work.*** Example Square of Nine 10♦ 9♥ K♥ Q ♠ 9♦ 3♦ 5♠ Kn♥ 10♣ Even one glance at this Square of Nine shows the workings and doings of a family. 456: Q♠ 9♦ 3♦: The mother of the household is feeling somewhat down. There is certainly a lot of work upcoming for this youth. The 5 of Spades can also imply that the body is overtaxed through too much drinking or partying. If the youth wants no specific material object.. perhaps lonely. so the fortune is generally quite fair. . To make other predictions concerning the King of Hearts.but for how long a time? She should be counseled to enjoy it while she can because the feeling of isolation will return. but it will not last long (a heart follows spade). That is one of the ways that people being ignored or shunted aside seek attention. i. you will note that the Knave faces the 5 of Spades and away from the 10 of Clubs. and wheeled rather than stationary. If you were to lay out this trio with cards.

This Arteful Witch would counsel the Seeker to gently remind her husband that families are not built on financial advantages. The Ten of Clubs indicates a great deal of business activity coming up for him. Perhaps he will find the truth (Q) of that statement unpleasant (♠). There are many good cards here. The only two spades are the Queen and 5. particularly since there is a 10 in each of the trios 123 and 369).369: K♥ 3♦ 10♣: The financial deal shown in trio 123 will bear the King of Hearts increased profits. but she should speak it anyway. Note how the King of Hearts is surrounded largely by Diamonds. he will be receptive to the statement. and they outnumber the bad cards. See 357 for the final comments about the King of Hearts. that as his finances grow. We will go more into depth in card meanings for the witch of middling memory in the next section. and those largely indicate that it is the mother that needs to either adjust her attitude or adjust her circumstances. Because the King is a Heart. however. this trio also shows the King traveling a little bit in connection with his business deal. he is focused on monetary and financial matters at this time. so shall the amount of time he must spend on work. all will go well if he can adapt to increased work. Because the pattern of the cards is RRB. His finances will be growing steadily according to the Three of Diamonds. He must be aware. Even those that reach the top must labor hard for their gains. which can lead to illness. make a mountain out of a molehill in this reading. © An Arteful Anonymous Witch . 357: K♥ 9♦ 5♠: Be careful what you wish for! The change in financial status brings greater potential for overworking the body. Do not. Still. the Seeker may not realize that last point until it is looming large in his life. This ends card-reading for the witch of poor memory. The Seeker should also be counseled to be thankful for what she has. 159: 10♦ 9♦ 10♣: This confirms the financial change bringing additional business trips for the King of Hearts. however. He is probably trying to give his family every financial advantage that he can. Although he is essentially a family man with a good heart. (Note Well: Although beyond your predictive capabilities at present. but hearts and spending time with one another.

you may consider keeping a notebook for cardreading. Hearts are associated with emotions. you may consider continuing your study with the following material. if you are a witch of at least middling memory. but you must also be willing to stretch your mind a bit and to reason patiently. wit. a word in a sentence. Those that are skilled at reading cards generally look at their courts and pips in an intuitive way. the suit of Hearts represents the circulatory system. Autumn . Assign a couple pages to each card. Thus. Diamonds are associated with the element Fire and the season of Spring.” Clubs: Air. Diamonds are associated with intelligence. In the human body. Diamonds: Fire. note them down for your own future reference and to teach others who would follow in Our Way. happiness. the river of blood that courses through the heart. and ends”. you must understand a bit more about the suits and their correspondences. Summer “Love. The Suits In order to better understand the Court cards that follow. To help you. That is what you must learn to do to develop this skill – learn to look at the cards in combinations to understand their speech. thus extending your grasp of the secondmost rule. The daughter does not take after the mother in all particulars. Those of you that are familiar with correspondences to the suits of Tarot must keep them out of your mind. The material set forth here will aid you in this endeavor. wealth. It is the “feeling suit.” Hearts: Water. means. and nervous energy. artistry.Card Divination For the Witch of Middling Memory: Further in the Land of Courts and Pips Having mastered the arte of reading cards as suited to the Witch of poor memory. and as you learn and/or discovery their meanings and combinations. family. and friends”. Spring “Money. In the human body. Hearts are associated with the element of Water and the season of Summer. electric energy that courses through the nervous system. for truly is it said that intuition is the daughter of reason. the suit of Diamonds is the vital. each a strand in a web. It is the “thinking suit.

Clubs are associated with practicality. In the human body. and activity. Clubs represent the progress of human souls in living out their patterns.” Spades: Earth. the suit of Clubs represents the muscular system. but typically learning through adversity. Hearts are the Upperworld. Winter “The troubles that plague every man. In the lay of the worlds. at least. It is the “doing suit. a lover of travel and new experiences. and thus. Thus. business (and busy-ness). Hel. One of the meanings of the King of Spades is a male witch. callings. the suit of Spades represents the skeletal system. and frustration. Elfhame. Please note that a Court card does not invariable represent a person. ultimately to achieve Godhood themselves. Spades are associated with limitations. It is the “learning suit”. In the human body. A man who is restless. which gives us the power to act in the world. Thus. Hearts represent the Gods. Diamonds represent the journeying human consciousness. always wanting to be “up and away”. just as the Queen of Spades may be a female witch. A man of wealth or financial means. Aries is the Fire sign that starts the Spring. Financial power or the power to pay for things. the Heavens.” King of Diamonds: A very fair man.“Work. Witches. The Court Cards: We will now examine each court card in turn and reason out further meanings in light of the three rules and the correspondences given above. The Knave of Spades is the witch’s familiar or fetch or the initiatory experience that sets one upon the path of witchery. The Kings: “While Kings are the symbols of power and men.” Spades are associated with the element of Earth and the season of Winter. In the Northern hemisphere. the groundwork of our physical being that limits us to certain activities. . A man who is intelligent and quick. Earth. Clubs are the Midworld. Spades represent the fated patterns and befallings that the Gods assign to human souls. the Green Field. who are intimately concerned with Fate. A Note on Arteful Meanings of the Suits: Diamonds represent human souls. The 8 of Spades is a Coven or Witch Family. and Capricorn is the Earth sign that starts the Winter. A male professor. Chimeri. You should have no trouble remembering the elemental and seasonal designations. Clubs are associated with the element of Air and the season of Autumn. trouble. are generally represented by Spades. Spades are the Underworld. or one with white hair. Cancer is the Water sign that starts the Summer. and usually sociable. and plans”. Libra is the Air sign that starts the Autumn.

and thus one that will seek security in a relationship. efficient woman. A male witch. An unpleasant truth. sometimes the Seeker’s grandfather. or military man. or accomplish a goal. A widower or divorced man. A homemaker. he will have the seeker’s welfare and best interests at heart. deceased. Boss or superior. The power to teach others a lesson. King of Clubs: A man of darker coloring. and is generally somewhat superficial. A woman active in practical affairs. The first and secondmost rules shall hold you in good stead here. such as a sister or aunt. Practical power or the power to progress. A wife. such as a police officer. such as a brother or uncle. Emotional power or the power to arouse feeling. intuitive. career-oriented. deceased. or one with white hair. may indicate emotional manipulation. Queen of Hearts: A woman of medium coloring. such as a police officer. or man ill-disposed toward the Seeker. A human female. King of Spades: A man of very dark coloring. The Queens: “Queens are the emblems of women and truth. . may indicate money turned to practical ends. or to know and play one’s part in Fate’s pattern. to do harm or evil. for instance. work-oriented. judge. A Note on the Kings as Power: If a King is read as a type of power in the reading. A widow or divorced woman. the King of Diamonds flanked by two clubs. or in general. A human male. A lonely or depressed woman. Queen of Clubs: A woman of darker coloring. An artistic woman. whether the power is used for good or ill shall depend on the cards around it. A woman of great authority. A practical. or military man. The truth of an emotional matter. A man of great authority. She may be a socialite. the truth. The mother or other woman in the seeker’s family. An emotional man. efficient man. Whoever he is. sometimes the Seeker’s grandmother. Boss or superior. If with hearts. The King of Hearts flanked by two spades. A female professor. A lonely or depressed man. A man active in practical affairs. A business man. Whoever she is. judge.” Queen of Diamonds: A very fair woman. A female witch. get things done. A husband. or woman illdisposed toward the Seeker. An artistic man. or in general. The King of Spades flanked by Hearts may show a Witch playing a benevolent role in a Fated pattern. A family man. she likes travel and have new experiences. she will have the seeker’s welfare and best interests at heart.King of Hearts: A man of medium coloring. to hinder. An enemy. An enemy. The truth of a business matter. A woman of wealth or financial means. A business woman. The father or other man in the seeker’s family. Like the King. and sometimes psychic. a lie. A practical. If with hearts. Queen of Spades: A woman of very dark coloring. A woman who is intelligent and quick. The truth of a financial matter. An emotional woman.

Sometimes a beloved pet. or a youth. the Seeker may have a falsehood to grapple with. A privileged youth. Knave of Spades: A youth of very dark coloring. If she is near spades. A lonely or depressed youth. for instance. A message concerning a business venture or some practical matter. A youth in trouble. will show that the Seeker is being told the truth of a matter (whether financial. A happy-go-lucky or merrymaking youth that sometimes acts foolishly. look to the cards near the Queen when you interpret one of them as Truth. emotional. etc. efficient youth. a compliment. A youth active in endeavors like sports. perhaps of a scholarly bent. or volunteering.A Note on the Queens as Truth: Again. A youth who is intelligent and quick. An apprentice. “girl” should be understood with it in tandem. clubs.). Knave of Clubs: A youth of darker coloring. in general. Knave of Diamonds: A very fair youth. artistic. “thank you” or small gift to show appreciation. which are mentioned here for the sake of interest: King of Diamonds: Queen of Diamonds: Knave of Diamonds: King of Hearts: Queen of Hearts: Knave of Hearts: King of Clubs: Queen of Clubs: Knave of Clubs: King of Spades: Queen of Spades: Knave of Spades: The Devouring Sun The May Queen The Dancer The Red Lord (refers to bloodline) The Seeress The Merryman The Harvest King The Reaping Wife The Kern Baby or Corn Dolly The Horned Man or Magister Fate or the Lady The Man in Black . An emotional. An untrustworthy youth or one ill-disposed toward the Seeker. A Note on the Courts and the Old Craft: Although of little practical value in reading the cards. The Knaves: “A Knave is a message.” Where a youth is indicated below. a girl. If with Clubs. The witch’s familiar or fetch. or dreamy youth. there are certain Craft titles given to the Courts. A deceased spirit. A student. A Queen by red cards. Knave of Hearts: A youth of medium coloring. Being asked out on a date. A message from a loved one or friend. A practical. she may have to dig or work in uncovering the truth. A message containing bad news. A message concerning money.

visitor. Recall that each of the Aces has a traditional meaning. A death or an ending. disease. These have been incorporated below. the Ace of Hearts is called “The House”. the reader tells whether a letter. but we leave you to make your own mistakes. shall come to the Seeker’s home. A diamond ring. the only material available was that which we have given for the witch of poor memory. or opportunity.The Pip Cards: We will now examine each pip card in turn. For instance. grief) – together with the A♠. and card readers adapted their meanings to those new things. and so the apprentice card reader will not have trouble recalling them. task. you must usually see three or four of the spades close together – such as the 3♠ (loss). Generally. 9♠ (change for the worse). however. when confronted with the expensive motor car. which you have heretofore memorized. A Note on the Ace of Hearts: In almost all old systems of card reading. A♠ must be . Sometimes a birth or addition to the family. But over the decades. generally an important one. Read over the meanings of each card and if you have any trouble understanding whence the meaning derives. The beginning of a love affair or new friendship. generally connected with finances. but those interpretations are usually supported by other cards. The family or a family member. Something new. the 6 of Diamonds was pressed into service. A letter. A big change. goal. Ace of Diamonds: Money. but other cards must support that interpretation. To predict it. trouble. or a change of residence (because aces indicate beginnings). It is definitely not advisable to mention it. Fire. Ace of Hearts: The home. new things have emerged in the world. marriage. 5♠ (illness. A Note on Death: It is possible to see the physical death of either the Seeker or a person close to the Seeker. or 10♠ (worry. 7♠ (tears). doctor). We shall examine this concept later in a spread given for those of exceptional memory. etc. and you will be able to piece together the given meaning. Ace of Spades: A decision. When this system was developed. The Aces: “An Ace brings beginnings”. any additions make sense in terms of the rhyming rules for the witch of poor memory. Ace of Clubs: A new duty. but not invariably. The present for a death to occur. and from judging the cards associated with it. review all previous material on the suits and numbers.

and the concept of “little”. greater financial security. in general. Telephone call. A garden or gardening. The arts. although only a little of any of those. progress bit by bit. profits. 2 of Spades: Conflict. or marriage. The idea of “much” or “great” is assigned to the 10s. bit-by-bit. 3s denote gradual growth. 3 of Spades: Problems adding up. The Threes: “Three shows things growing”. Inability to get along. A gift. A small amount of money. A doubling of something or a repeated cycle. Argument. message. Small aggravations. little by little. Business partnership. Herbs. or children in general. Separation.The Twos: “And Two gives exchange. A temporary job. Harmony. Dancing.” 2 of Diamonds: Money changing hands. Moving forward. An invitation. Extra work or duties. A scattered mind. Crops. relationship. concentrating on many little things. A child. 3 of Hearts: Fertility. so not much is accomplished in any one thing. something lost. Loss. Decorating or adding beauty to something. An emotional bond growing. 3 of Diamonds: A raise in pay. 2 of Clubs: A helping hand. 2 of Hearts: Love. 3 of Clubs: A practical development. Interference from a third party. . A love triangle. Part-time work.

A problem that you cannot solve or get away from (it hems you in at all four corners). .The Fours: “But Four does not change”. furniture. An official document. Enjoyment. A desk. Clothes. including papers and buildings and fields. or court of law. Because of their stability. The hand of friendship or a friend. and squarish things. An even temper. Five of Hearts: Good health. With the 2 of Hearts (the arts). Boredom at work. A bank account. With the Ace of Spades (death). A license or certification. 4 of Spades: Instability. And the meaning of Fours have generally not changed. 4 of Clubs: Goals are on a firm footing. A summons. in general. An uneven temper. museum (and if the 5 of Clubs was with it. 4 of Hearts: Emotional stability. Land or field or farm. Jewelry. Unfairness or injustice. but occasionally still today. Five of Diamonds: Eating. Job security. Exhaustion because of steady pressure against you. “The Country”. With the 3 of hearts (children). its health and its stead”. Plowing or plodding along. 4 of Diamonds: Financial stability. “Sick and tired” of it all. Fairness or justice. daycare center. entertainment in general. they also connote justice and legal matters. a dance club). They have always denoted stable things. in general. a funeral home. in general. a barn or outbuilding serving some function for the doings of the homestead (which is the Ace of Hearts). A parking ticket or speeding ticket. An outside building or place. Sexual relations. Shopping. Appliances. In times past. The Fives: “Five is the body. An apartment or summer home or cottage. A Note on the 4 of Clubs: “Outside building or place” is meant to be general here because specific buildings or places depend on the cards next to the 4 of Clubs. With the 4 of Diamonds (bank account or “City”). a bank or City Hall. “The City”. For instance with the 5 of Spades (illness). lawsuit. it would mean a hospital. The Armed Forces. A check.

Taking on more than you can handle. Sports.” Six of Diamonds: Distance. Making good progress. Seven of Diamonds: A troubled purse or financial problem. Six of Spades: Walking away from or abandoning something. nose to the grindstone. Investments. Determination. Clairvoyance and foretelling. and six cards before them. alcoholism. Wrong choice. in general. Steps toward a business goal. getting rid of things. someone or something at a distance. addiction. disease. The means will not reach the end sought. vacation. the 7s are also associated with magic and religion – things used to cope with the problems that Fate has assigned to us. The Sevens: “Seven brings trouble that Fate as assigned. Education. the means will reach the end. Cleaning up your life. headed in the wrong direction. A Note on the Seven of Diamonds: The divination and foretelling referred to may be by any method. The talent of seeing and speaking true. Steps toward a financial goal. A deepening emotional bond. Psychism in general. an ill-advised journey. or a journey from which no profit comes. The Sixes: “Six shows a path that the Seeker shall tread. usually associated with family or friends. Working hard. Difficulties while traveling. Reading. Six of Hearts: Pleasant trip. . Craftsmanship (making practical things by hand). The Sevens have many secrets connected to them because they are the in-between number of their respective suits: there are six cards behind them. Profits down. Running with the wrong crowd. Hobbies. A car. Six of Clubs: Business trip. that is. A doctor. Drugs.Five of Clubs: Exercise. teaching. learning. Five of Spades: Illness. moving ahead.” Because Fate is mentioned in this line. books.

Seven of Clubs: Trouble at work or some practical problem. sometimes job interview. in general. Eight of Hearts: Thoughts about love or emotional thoughts. Technically. The power to make things happen by magic. a bank. the greater considerations are of very little practical value in cardreading. in general. Flirtatious conversation. Eight of Clubs: Thoughts about work.” Eights show ideas and thoughts. a curse or hex.but this card has particular reference to astrology because the seven Diamonds on this card are meant to refer to the “Seven Lights” – the Seven Planets – which are the primary indicators of Fate’s movements. communication. Electronics in general. Practical plans. party. social drinking. Seven of Spades: Double trouble. something hidden. there are only 5 Planets (Mercury. Work or career. financial planning firm. In any event. A charm. how to make ends meet. or sometimes wedding. Religion. that is. Venus. budgeting. Investigation. Tears. “Raised cups”. and hence imply the exchange of ideas and thoughts. happenstance. and two Luminaries (the Sun and the Moon). A group of people celebrating. although a hint of the larger meaning is given in the note on the Arteful Meanings of the Suits. in general. talisman. A social club. the greater-numbered 8s tend to show groups of people. Business conversations. Seven of Hearts: A troubled heart or emotional problem. which tend to indicate person-to-person exchanges. Dissipation of trouble. but they were and are often grouped together and called the Seven Planets. Rarely. sometimes. or other work of magic. Saturn). Computer or other electronic (fire) media used for communication. The power of chance. spell. Unlike the Knaves and 2s. accounting firm. Jupiter. Financial plans. Mystery or a mystery. . Unsettled emotions. Occasionally. The Eights: “While Eight shows ideas or thoughts in the mind. which we do not have space to detail here. Eight of Diamonds: Thoughts about money or finances. Mars. Company or corporation. that is. There are greater considerations to all of the Sevens. Labor union. Festive atmosphere.

Nine of Spades: Change for the worse. A large sum of money. the 10s have a connotation of “great” or “much”. Larger farm animals that are workers or beasts of burden are the 8 of Clubs. For instance. and so the 10s also mean journey and travel. Disappointment. while productive animals – those that give products for the use of people (sheep.” As the 3s have a connotation of “little”. the Seeker’s wish will come true. finery. The Coven or Witch Family. The Tens: “And Ten is the end. while the 8 of Spades might tell of a sickness running through the herd or other animal group. Gossip. organized crime. A Note on Rural Life: Not of such great importance as it once was. The word “end” in the verse also represents a destination. War. And you know from the secondmost rule that this would pose a temporary financial problem for the Seeker. A “poisoned atmosphere”. or unruly mob. cows. Oppression or feeling oppressed. Enough money to get something done. A gang. goats. in general. Success. a sickness befalling one’s chickens might be established by 4 of Clubs (farm) .8 of Diamonds (the animals) – 5 of Spades (illness). Going back to work. A change taking place at work. but farm animals are also represented by the 8s. Ten of Diamonds: Financial independence. Sealing a financial deal. “Creature comforts”. Injury. chickens) are the 8 of Diamonds. fame. On rare occasion. The Seeker’s wish will not come true. usually for the better. . A change in plans. generally. or conflict involving groups of people. rumors. The 8 of Hearts would show animals doing well. A change in goals or priorities. Nine of Hearts: Change for the better.Eight of Spades: Negative thoughts or attitude. The Nines: “Nine heralds changes. A change of heart. Nine of Clubs: A change of job or business methods.” Nine of Diamonds: Change in financial status.

the cards show him traveling on business (10 of Diamonds). try the following suggestions: (1) Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to simply review one group of four cards – the Kings. Unshakeable marriage bond. in general. grief. but it will take some effort to learn the speech of the cards. Cardreading for the Witch of Poor Memory gives you a serviceable oracle at your disposal and you can stop your study there. therefore. A boat or ship. ocean or other large body of water. Work piling up. Journey by or over water. Ten of Spades: A great deal of trouble. simply take them out and draw off the top three cards. Evil. but she is not linked to the 10 of Clubs in any fashion. or linked through the card of the Seeker in someway. the Sevens. in general.Ten of Hearts: Emotional security. etc. If you wish to continue. It need not be an onerous learning. Compare that to the Queen of Spades. Ten of Clubs: A great deal of work to do. steps) or another 10. letting it sink in. The linkage may occur by virtue of the cards being next to each other. Learning Suggestions Admittedly. Great force. If you have a few private moments. you will be able to predict much more specific things. Journey by land (Earth). Lake. The completion of a practical project – whether associated with work or a hobby. therefore. referring back to the example Square of Nine spread. the Queens. Instead. you need not go on. an airplane. she will not be traveling with her husband. Three 10s would indicate longdistance or foreign travel. Pleasant and stable family life. Failure. A Note on the 10s and Travel: A 10 in a spread will usually not indicate a journey unless it is linked with a 6 (path. most likely by air (10 of Clubs). the Twos. Happiness. worry. in general. and four 10s would indicate world travel or a world traveler. (2) Keep a pack of cards with you as often as you can. If you feel overwhelmed. See if you can come up with an interpretation or two for them. and simply read over the material three or four times times. Journey by air. we see that the King of Hearts is linked to two 10s because a 10 occurs in each of his lines 123 and 369. violence. She is linked to the 10 of Diamonds in line 147. The spouse. Have that group of cards before you. . Achievement. For instance. Do not sit down and memorize the card meanings by rote. the above represents a great deal of information to absorb.

Again. Remember. darker. A Note on Describing the Characteristics of Court Cards: When you see a Court Card in a trio or spread. you will usually identify it in two ways – by the characteristics of its suit and surrounding cards. In time. Or maybe it is someone that the Seeker . it is still excellent practice. Some combinations involve only two cards. So. It’s as simple as that. It can mean several things. as if you were telling a story from the cards. So practice by laying out an imaginary throw and telling an imaginary story. very dark) are mostly used for choosing a card to represent the Seeker. work-oriented. simply think through its rationale so that you know how it is derived. As you read each combination. (3) Do practice readings for an imaginary Seeker. too. medium. Even though imaginary. it is emphasized that memorization is not the point here. This is likely the most important section for the Witch of Middling Memory.Remember a trio of cards does not necessarily mean just one thing. you will see combinations recurring. the Seeker will ask you if you can tell anything more about the man to help identify him. But know that when a true Seeker comes. It is said that a cardreader is a storyteller. and you should note those down. so we will stick to combinations of two and three cards. not just those given here. In addition. but oftentimes will not. as you learn the speech of the cards. too. only different from a fictionteller in that her stories come true. the list given here is by no means exhaustive. although you may wish to add them your own notebook if they make sense to you. four cards. Make no effort to memorize any of them. You describe to the Seeker that the man is practical. your story will be true. go on to the next three until you are through the deck. Sometimes the Seeker will know the person right away. (4) Keep a notebook. When you are done with those three cards. you will easily see combinations. The meanings you eventually understand from the cards will not invariably be the meanings given here for the combinations. The coloring of the Courts (very fair. that much you know from the suit. If you read cards frequently. Combinations With the meanings above. Lay out a Square of Nine and interpret it. and all of those several interpretations will be correct. *Here* is a list of card combinations. but not by coloring. and on rare occasion. It is by going through this list of combinations and simply thinking them through that you will learn the speech of the cards. that the first and second rules may help you in interpreting combinations. but your own. and efficient. An example: Let us say we have the King of Clubs in the spread and he represents a person in the Seeker’s life. start focusing on combinations. Focus primarily on the card meanings at first. We have been working with trios up until now. when you know them well. Almost every Witch learns to read cards this way. some involve three. you can see many specific things in the cards when reading them in combination.

which is traditionally called “the Surprise”. and The Cross. 18-19-20 . count 7 again. A high achiever (10 of Clubs)? “Too much in his cups”? (5 of Spades and 8 of Hearts)? Stylish and a good dresser (9 of Diamonds)? You will usually be able to tell any of that from the cards. After a general discussion of each. It is based on the countings of sevens to find the middle card of each trio. 11-12-13. Here are the trios that you will read from start to finish: First ascent: 6-7-8. 13-14-15. Next. The Three Steps Although using more cards. He may always be ready to lend a helping hand to others (2 of Clubs). He may be a sportsman. So. Starting. And so on. You may see that he wants a family or that family is important to him (Ace of Hearts). face down. which the witch of poor memory is accustomed to doing. 20-21-22 Second ascent: 4-5-6. but leave it within the deck. then lay them. in that case. This spread is good for getting a general look at the future.does not know yet. Landing on card 7. and then a final tenth. big sports fan. Choose a card for the Seeker. Landing on card 14. for the Seeker walks up the three steps three times. but will meet in the future. the Seeker will want to know how to identify the person when she meets him. this spread is based on interpreting trios. in the following pattern: 23 22 18 11 1 2 3 19 20 21 12 13 14 15 16 17 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Some of the ninefold symbolism of the Square of Nine is repeated in this spread. Fan out the cards upon the table and ask the Seeker to choose 23 of them. look to the cards near the King of Clubs. read the trio 6-7-8. Perhaps he is religious (7 of Hearts). Spreads We will be covering three new spreads for the witch of middling memory: The Three Steps. There are nine trios to read in this spread. The Horns. count 7 cards. faces upward. Keep them in order as the Seeker selects them. or exercise nut (5 of Clubs). He may have a negative outlook (8 of Spades). read the trio 13-14-15. Have the Seeker shuffle the cards and cut them. but not as good for specific questions. you will find an example spread.

perspire. supportive information. Thus. 9-10-11. that there are only ten trios to read in this spread. when the Witch is trying to determine exactly what the events surrounding the Seeker’s life are. however. For example. you may look to the card above or below the middle card of the trio. read 3-4-5 as a trio. if the Seeking Q♥ appears as card 4. and that if you are practiced in the Square of Nine. which would otherwise not be read as a trio per the outline above. if there is one. Here. the trio 6-7-8 may show an event that will further progress in trio 4-5-6. 9♥ A♥ 10♦ 4♣ 2♥ 6♠ Q♠ 6♥ 4♠ A♦ 10♠ Kn♠ 10♥ Kn♦ Q♦ 5♣ 2♦ Kn♥ 3♠ 3♦ K♥ 8♥ 7♠ The Seeker’s card has not appeared in the draw. A trio with the Seeker should be looked for and read first. For . but merely adds additional. Fall back on the firstmost and secondmost rules as and when you need to. These will sometimes link events together. 16-17-18 The Surprise: 23-1-2 You will note that there are some overlapping cards in the ascents (ex. This is usually necessary only when reading the first couple of trios. card 6 is read both in the first trio of the first ascent. one by one. you have routinely interpreted eight trios. Final Note: Twenty-three cards are much to look at. and the novice cardreader’s initial reaction to her first few spreads of this size is to gulp. read each trio.Third ascent: 2-3-4. for guidance or additional information. the K♣. and sit tongue-tied. and ignore the rest of the cards until you come to them. Keep in mind. so we will jump right into interpreting the trios. thus. This reading was conducted in September 2002. Additional Consideration: if there is some difficulty in determining the meaning of a trio. The interpretation of the card above or below should never contradict or usurp the meaning of the trio. The Three Steps: An Example The Seeker here is a man of darker coloring. If the Seeker’s card appears in the draw. and the first trio of the second ascent). you may also read that card as the middle of a trio.

considerations of space. initially. The Kn♥ could possibly indicate a date. There is an additional dimension to why the tickets will be expensive: they are part of a package including transportation to an out-of-town theater. but he has not been very successful. but she may feel that her present circumstances are too unstable to maintain such a bond (4♠). The 4♣ is plodding along and goals on a firm footing. we will not detail the supportive information given from the firstmost and secondmost rules First Ascent Kn♥. That deal is stable (4♣). 2♥: The 10♦ is success. but the 3♠ indicates small aggravations. The Seeker’s mind has been scattered. indicating a journey. 3♠. 3♠). and loss. 6♥. one inference is that he is thinking that the person simply does not want to be with him and is using this third-party interference as an excuse. She is generally a warm-hearted person (6♥). The 3♦ shows a scattered mind. From this we may deduce that the Seeker is interested in dating someone and getting closer to that person. a museum or theater is indicated. When the 4♣ appears. 10♦. The 2♥ is love and relationship. Note that the 10♠ falls below the 4♣. however. . 4♣. Q♠. We can set the Seeker’s mind at ease on that point. too. This trio also indicates that the Seeker is working on sealing a financial deal (10♦). A third party seems to be the issue. The Q♠ may be interested in a deepening emotional bond. but her situation is unstable (4♠). with that additional card considered. Note. the cards advise the Seeker that success (10♦) in gaining the desired deeper emotional bond (the 6♥ seen before) may be achieved by not giving up and with patient plodding (4♣). as he has been thinking about the issue off-and-on (3♦). we have two 10s together. and will ask his love interest (2♥) to accompany him. the Seeker will purchase good seats/expensive tickets to a theater performance. 3♦: From this trio. not primarily (note. She is simply tired and dealing with problems. and she needs a vacation (6♥). I chose the theater because the 10♦ as the first card indicated a larger amount of money being spent. combined with the 2♥. we can see that the Seeker has not come to us for advice on business matters – at least. Her heart is heavy (♥ hemmed in by ♠s). so we look at the card above the middle card of the trio and find the 6♥. Thus. When reading this trio for the Seeker. she won’t get one (♠ on top of 6♥). Thus. and may have been the cause of a cancelled date (Kn♥. that the cards do not give the impression that the Q♠ is inimical to the Seeker or that she does not want his attentions. she feels exhausted and hemmed in by problems at times (4♠). 4♠: Here is the person the Seeker is interested in – a woman who is a widow or divorced (Q♠). in general. This does not give us much to go on. Here. interference from a third party. theoretically (6♥). that there are only two ♣s amongst the 23 cards). unfortunately. we must incline our thoughts to the possibility of an “outside place” being in the cards. and all will work out harmoniously (2♥) concerning it. indicating a deepening emotional bond.

for this trio shows him determined (5♣) in issuing invitations for dates (2♦. The Third Ascent 10♥. 2♦. Now. Kn♥). he may even walk away from pursuing the relationship (6♠). Unfortunately. but more often refusing him. both the Q and Kn have turned into ♦s. 6♠: These cards show that the Seeker will consider abandoning the endeavor entirely. and he will begin to experience greater emotional security (10♥). She is worried about him (10♠). Kn♥: It appears that the Seeker will heed the advice of plodding along patiently (seen as 4♣ above). but identifying the problem will make things easier for him. Here. the ♥ ending the trio shows a light at the end of the tunnel. but he will also sometimes get an acceptance (Kn♥ ends the trio). showing more sociable natures (♦s) and better outlooks (red card). . the Seeker’s only emotional situation shall grow more fair. and she is concerned about that. The Q♦also represents the Q♠ returning to her usual more sociable nature (remember the 6♥ next to the Q♠) as her child improves (Kn♦). with the 10♥ appearing. In addition.the Kn♠ -. He feels that there is some mystery (7♠) behind the Q♠ in sometimes accepting him company. The child will gradually improve and pull out of his sad state. Q♦: As the Kn♠ begins to improve in outlook (♥ on top of Kn♠). the mystery happens to be solved by looking at the card above the 7♠ -. meaning happiness. She also believes that he is keeping something hidden from her (7♠.which is also part of the next trio. lonely. he will still get turned down sometimes (6♠ above the 2♦). Again. 8♥. and for a time. Note that both the love interest and the child were represented by ♠ Courts. A mystery is something difficult to cope with. it may be that he has had a failing (10♠) grade in school. 7♠. we must advise the Seeker to have understanding and patience. Kn♦. the child is probably feeling depressed. What is the source of the worry? Well. card below). and 7♠ below). This trio also shows that the Seeker will be invited to a wedding (10♥) of a younger couple (Kn and Q). She is sending him mixed signals. Kn♠. His emotional thoughts (8♥) grow more and more negative (two ♠s following). A♥: It appears that a primary issue concerning the Q♠ is a child in her home (A♥) – the Kn♠. the card above) may not be the best thing for her to do at this time.Second Ascent 5♣. himself (two ♠s in a row. She believes that entering a new relationship (2♥. 10♠. or sad.

the Seeker. This trio also shows that the Seeker’s brother (K♥). now begins to gradually go back to his emotional thoughts (8♥).3♦. In timing. the events foretold by this reading would come to pass by July 2003. travel plans (two 10s present if one considers the card above) must be very carefully laid. and is in a happier frame of mind. The Surprise 2♥. This trio shows there will be instability (4♠) in a new financial project (A♦) involving a large sum of money (10♠ is the card above). there are no injuries showing (no 5♠ or 9♠ present). . the Seeker will find something new to concern him. or approximately mid July. himself (K♥). If the A♥ were over the middle A♦ instead of over the 4♠. 8♥: With the Q and Kn on a more even emotional keel. he was found gazing at the 3♥. 4♠. 10♥: And what a fair surprise this is for the Seeker! He will get his wish (9♥). the K♣ remained in the unused pack. that represents the third week of Summer. Here. then we would have greater concern and advise the Seeker that a fire in his house is a possibility. There is nothing directly linking the fire to the Seeker. Marriage is definitely in his future. which has to do with entering a harmonious relationship (2♥) and getting married (10♥). or other male family member (same). A♦. Anything new (A♦) that the Seeker attempts at this time will be surrounded by delay (4♠) and worry (10♠). A lawsuit (4♠) threatening the project is a possibility. thus indicating a sustained period of fair fortune in the Seeker’s circumstances. but searching for him. 6♠ from the second ascent). will soon be celebrating (8♥) a small raise in pay (3♦). 9♥. so it is likely that it is something that the Seeker will only hear about. but may cause him some worry (10♠). A somewhat rare combination occurs here. 10♠: With his emotional prospects now more secure. 7♠. It will not directly affect him. we can advise the Seeker that all will work out well with his love interest. K♥. Timing Timing is discussed below. too – the A♦ followed by the 10♠ may indicate a destructive fire. who was formerly thinking of abandoning the relationship as a prospect (recall the trio 8♥. Thus. Thus. Fortunately. and this will greatly concern the Seeker (10♠). Note that both of the foregoing trios of the third ascent are composed solely of red cards. In particular.

It may also be used to answer a specific question. face-up. the remaining five cards are simply interpreted in order. Whichever it is. if there is some trouble concerning her. The Horns: Two Examples . She gathers up the pile of face-up cards. When the pair including the Seeker’s card is turned over. individually. she cuts it once. the 9♣ may appear next to the Seeker’s card. the Q♠. and so on. and makes the pack whole again. The pack is then fanned out on the table and the Seeker is instructed to choose an additional five cards. it foreshadows only 4-6 weeks. If the Seeker is card 2. If asking a question. Again. the non-Seeker card will usually be congruent with the nature of a question. if not asking a question. the Seeker should think of it as she shuffles the card. Sometimes the card will be spot on. If you like. it will be a ♥. the Witch stops and sets those two cards aside. The spread may be timed. but it is left within the deck.The Horns The Horns is a spread of 7 cards. You may see combinations. if the Seeker has asked a question. she should just bear a desire to know something of her future. It is good for a quick glance at the future. or for others when reading cards for many people. by twos. may be interpreted as a trio. The Witch takes up the pack and begins dealing off cards. 2-3-4. They are laid out as follows: 1 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 0 7 One of the first two cards will be the Seeker’s card. a card is chosen for the Seeker. If the Seeker is card 1. if the Seeker asks about changing jobs. being careful not to disturb their order. but in general. for instance. and the first pair interpreted. any series of three cards (eg. 4-5-6). too. then card 2 will show an immediate influence or event in her life or in relation to her question. if a love matter. After she is finished shuffling the deck. Once the cards are laid out. a ♠. It is a good one for the Witch to do for herself on a weekly basis. then card 1 will show an influence or even in her life or in relation to her question that has just passed. if she wonders whether she has been lied to. For example.

Otherwise. 2♥ in combination) at work will bring trouble and tears (7♠). which she will enjoy (5♥). the Q♦ faces the 4♠. you must rely on the 4-to-6-week designation. however. so we know that the events will come to pass by the fourth week of Winter. In those cases. the Seeker contacted the Witch again. a Q♦ who had recently changed jobs. The Horns: A Question The first draw is for a question. 7♠. She wondered whether she would like the new job and whether she would be successful at it. 2005. There is. 2♥. or roughly January 21.We give two examples for The Horns – one in answer to a specific query and one for the future in general. A. however. Timing: You will not always be able to tell a specific time from the cards with The Horns because the Seeker card is always either card 1 or 2 and sometimes it will not face the other card. shown by the trio 5♥. The reading was conducted in the beginning of August 2004. a problem on the horizon here. Here. but she is now on the correct path toward her job goals (6♣). and she will even make social friends (5♥) there. she will make good progress in the position and move ahead (6♥). The question was asked by a woman. She found . The cards fell as follows: 4♠ 0 6♣ 0 5♥ 0 2♥ 0 7♠ 0 6♥ Q♦ Interpretation: The Seeker (Q♦) has been through a period of instability recently 4♠). Indeed. she will generally find her new work atmosphere to be enjoyable (5♥) and harmonious (2♥). so she must be aware of that and try to avoid it. She will soon be undergoing some job education or training (6♣). There is a definite possibility that a romantic or sexual involvement (5♥. Addendum: In the beginning of September 2004.

6♣ [education]). 2♥ [harmony]). There are two 6s present here – one at the beginning of the path. the two will meet at a party. 5♥ [health. If you are muchconsulted Witch. . and one at the end. but since it was a new field for her. have some drinks together (8♥). tears) follows the 6♣-5♥-2♥ trio. I had kept a record of the above reading. enjoyment]. By happenstance (7♣). Her company was also paying for her to get a higher degree. By the end of January 2005. and reconcile (4♥). she was not exactly sure that it was what she wanted to do. for you may often answer the follow-up question from it and save time in having to throw another spread down. But the two ♥s ending the line show the trouble ending and the fortune turning fair. Note how the cards of the original reading foreshadow the additional question. hand. she will be feeling better about her position. Fortunately. so she wondered whether she should continue with the job simply for that additional benefit or whether she should take training in massage therapy and enter the health field. The Seeker sought only a glimpse of the future. Emotional stability (4♥) will prevail. B. or a loss of business (3♠. it is likely over small aggravations that have been adding up (3♠) or owing to the influence of some troublesome third party (3♠). and indeed. 7♣) for the Seeker. a K♠. 3♠). There are no Aces present. I advised the Seeker to stay in her present position for the time being – at least until the end of January 2005 – before considering any change. but also for what it does not show.her job environment pleasant enough. you will have found that sometimes Seekers come back to you for additional related information or with an additional related question. We can surmise a little about the nature of the quarrel. Considering the interpretation of the original reading. Also note that the spread is not only relevant for what it shows. K♠ 2♠ 0 5♥ 0 3♠ 0 7♣ 0 8♥ 0 4♥ Interpretation: The Seeker (K♠) will quarrel (2♠) with a friend (5♥). Consider keeping a record of your card spreads. The loss of the friendship is likely for a period of time (5♥. and may even result in some business troubles (7♣). and the fact that the 7♠ (trouble. There is instability surrounding the Seeker’s education (4♠ [instability]. The Seeker was a very dark man. and the reading was conducted in October 2003. That is an important indication given that the Seeker asks about making a new beginning in an entirely new field. Together they imply a continuous path. There is a query regarding training for massage therapy (6♣ [education]. Q♦ [Seeker]. The Horns: A General Future The next example of the Horns is one in which no specific question was asked. no sign of new beginning shown anywhere.

its testimonies will not err. however. including an evaluation of the firstmost and secondmost rules. on the ground that experience has shown that fewer cards speak more clearly with this spread. It would be easy to expand this spread into one using 15 cards. A card is chosen for the get the gist of their message. The Seeker shuffles and cuts the cards. If experiencing a difficulty in interpreting a card. You may find that your interpretations are more general with this spread. but even so. The Witch fans them out on the table and the Seeker selects five. and one vertically from up to down -. Or it can be used to answer a question of the above type following a larger spread. The Witch lays them in this order: 4 l 1 2 3 l 5 The stations have the following designations: 1: a past event or influence 2: a present event or influence 3: a future event or influence 4: how to proceed (advice on what to do) 5: how to forbear (advice on what to avoid or what not to do) You will often be able to inter-relate cards 4 and 5. It is not good for obtaining a general look at the future. The Cross The Cross is a spread of 5 cards. but it is good for asking questions of the type: “What should I do about _______?” It helps the Seeker determine how he should act in a given situation or toward a given person. and one good to use if the Seeker has several questions of the above type.Timing: The Seeker’s card is facing the 2♠. I advise against it. It is a quick spread. focus either more on its suit or on its pip and give your intuition free reign. but not removed from the deck. . so the events predicted by this spread will occur by the second week of Winter. you may read them as trios – one horizontally from left to right. If you like. using three cards (or one trio) per each station.

The Cross: Two Examples A. which is generally a less emotional setting for the play of social skills. My additional sense is that she is a troubled girl (♠). and seeks company in her misery. The cards fell as follows: 3♣ 0 Kn♠ 7♥ Q♠ 0 8♥ Interpretation: The Kn♠ clearly shows a youth that is lonely. He needs to learn how to do that bit-by-bit (3♣). . I offered that he was often uncomfortable in social situations because he did not know how to interact with people. etc.). A future influence is a girl or woman older than he (Q♠). The Q♠ falling in the future indicates that she will reassert herself in the future and her emotional manipulations will continue. in July 2004. The Cross: First Example A Q♥ asked the Witch. She should not force the Kn♠ into social situations or smother him with love. He needs to expand his social skills outside of purely emotional relationships (family. My intuition was that although the Q♠ does not appear until the future. The relationship is presently in a “down” phase because the 7♥ -emotional trouble – is in the middle (this card should not be read as cessation of trouble here because it is flanked by the two ♠s). also. She should encourage the Kn♠ to get a part-time job. with the Q♠ calling the shots (because if the three cards are read as a trio. here we might even read the 7♥ as cessation of trouble because it is not flanked by ♠s vertically). we see that the fortune of the youth will become more fair (♣. you will note that the Kn♠ if facing toward the Q♠. followed by two ♥s. What the Seeker should avoid is shown by the 8♥. She is succeeding because the Kn also appears as a ♠. and was the source of the emotional trouble (7♥). A job environment (♣). My sense of the cards was that it was an up-and-down relationship. Reading the vertical cards as a trio. Comparing the 3♣ and the 8♥. How the Seeker should proceed is shown by the 3♣. girlfriend. We see from the middle card. and enforced gaiety will make him withdraw even more. but she is facing away from *him*). she falls last. if you lay out the cards here. or in trouble. would help him do that more gradually and with greater security. or depressed. who she believed was becoming more emotionally withdrawn from her. he is unable to respond emotionally to people (♠). she had been on the scene in the past. At the present time. and was also presently on the scene. that the trouble is emotional in nature (7♥). what she should do about a teenage son. The Seeker should probably seek to minimize the influence of the Q♠ on the Kn♠.

He is a friendly chap. No matter if he is near the same age as the Q. He also knows how to enjoy himself (5♥ before him).as a Kn indicates the boyfriend. Thus. But it doesn’t look like he is “marriageable material”. The 10♥ in the bottom position tells us that. but the fact that he is a ♣ shows that he will know how to balance business and pleasure. Sexual relations with the Kn♥ are also very good (5♥). practical. The Cross: Second Example Our final example for The Cross illustrates a rather common question: “Should I continue to invest time and energy into my current romantic relationship?” It was asked by a Q♥ in April 2002. Thus. the events of the spread would transpire by the first week of Fall. the events of the spread will transpire around the beginning of June 2002. and efficient. Before you read the interpretation below. and she should not be pressing the issue of marriage and family with him.advises a separation. That card advises the Seeker that the Kn♥ is not going to make a good spouse for her. but upon searching the deck. the 5♥ in combination with the 5♥ that tells us that he is a merrymaker and enjoys a good time and his entertainments.indicating ten weeks after the start of spring. Finally. she was found facing the A♣.Timing: The Q♥ did not appear in the spread. a break-up. who is active. The appearance of the first card – the ♥ -. He probably enjoys his freedom too much. a split. emotional. but searching the deck. B. probably given to daydreaming a bit. try to interpret it yourself as an exercise. It is the next card. Timing: The Seeker’s card did not appear in the spread. The Q♥ was in her early 30s at the time of the question. the fact that he appears as a Kn instead of a K shows that he has a little less emotional maturity than she. she was found facing the 10♦ -. 2♠ l Kn♥ 5♥ K♣ l 10♥ Interpretation: This is a fairly easy example to interpret. Timing . in the future. we see that the Seeker shall meet the K♣. a more mature man. The top card – the 2♠ -.

If a ♦. the Kings are obviously contiguous with the commencement of the next season (eg. occur that the Seeker’s card is facing no card in the reshuffled deck. look at the card the Seeker immediately faces. we could advise the Seeker that the next important event (with reference to our predictions) would occur during the Moon’s fourth age. after the spread is timed by the season and weeks. a ♥. it is often helpful to look for the nearest 7 faced by the Seeker. However. a time period just before the beginning of Winter). the second 7 days of the Moon’s age (from first quarter to full). resort to reshuffling the deck. Here ends this essay for the Witch of Middling Memory. hand the unused cards to the Seeker and have her shuffle and cut again. you will see that she is facing to the right. if you turn over the deck and find the Seeker’s card as the Q♠ as the first card. The final part of this essay will be for the Witch of Exceptional Memory. You may have discerned the method from the pattern given above. as noted above to find the closest 7 that the Seeker faces. K♣ would indicate 13 weeks after the beginning of Fall. In that instance. the most important of which is The Great Throw. such as the 4-6 weeks mentioned for The Horns. timing is more likely to fail because of the reduced probability that the Seeker may face a 7. if the 7♠ had been where the 3♠ was. The searching is done by fanning out the cards from the left hand into the right hand. Summer. For instance. When you find the Seeker’s card. look for the nearest 7 in the spread that the Seeker faces. Then turn the deck face up to search through the deck and find her card. The 7♦ is the first 7 days of the Moon’s age (from dark/new to first quarter). and Kings are 13 weeks. the 7♥. Fall. It will rarely. Even when the timing does not need to be within the month.To end this essay for the Witch of Middling Memory. Winter. Only a few interpretive points remain. the 7♣. we timed the reading to conclude by the following Summer. In this instance. timing fails for the spread. The Three Steps example. a ♠. The upper face of the Seeker’s card will usually face another card. Sevens and the Moon Sometimes the Seeker simply needs a question timed within a month. which uses the entire deck. Use the value of the card to determine weeks. so that final part will largely focus on spreads. look at the card it faces and determine timing from that. In that instance. Queens are 12 weeks. as is done above. the third 7 days of the Moon’s age (from full to third quarter). . the timing is Spring. You will either have to use your intuition for timing or rely on a general time period. a ♣. You should not have the Seeker reshuffle. the fourth 7 days of the Moon’s age (from third quarter to dark/new). but on occasion. If the Seeker’s card does not appear in the spread. Knaves are 11 weeks. we focus on timing. as it will usually time some important event or a “next step”. If no 7 appears in the spread. quite a ways away. the 7♠. anyway. For instance. If the Seeker’s card should fall in the spread. but that there is no card before her.

be she solitary. as long as it is not followed by a ♠. 9♥. but here they are grouped together for convenience and further instruction. the wish may be denied. but will not get one. From the cards combined or near the 9♥. K♦: compare to the above. it will be granted. 9♥. and because he is scattered and cannot focus on one. One caveat: the practicing witch. we will examine four additional spreads – The Coven. If the 9♥ appears. 6♦. the wish will not be granted during the timeframe covered by the reading. the Great Throw. Those interpretive points concern special interpretations of the cards in terms of matters of the home. these are areas of interpretation for the would-be adept cardreader. Here are some examples. should have. here. If the 9♥ does not appear in the spread. 3♦. for the witch of middling memory. . and judging by the fall of cards. which you should think through. and finally. however.For the Witch of Exceptional Memory: The Picturebook Compleat As we noted at the end of the second essay. Kn♥. the Seeker has many wishes. or a member of a coven or witch family. and health matters. this is how it is done. have the Seeker think of a single wish. interpret whether the Seeker wish’s will be fulfilled or denied (or achieve some status in between those two) during the time covered by the card reading. none of them come true. albeit extensive. oldtime topic of Judging the Wish. interpretive points remain. Judging the Wish Many gypsy and old-time cardreaders often instructed the Seeker to make a wish while shuffling the cards. the Wheel. any ♠: 9♥. particularly if cardreading is her sole method of divination. Some modern cardreaders adhere to this practice. 3♦ : Seeker wishing for money in general. 8♣. 9♥: 9♥. and although impressive to incorporate into your readings. In general. To end the present essay. In shuffling. any ♠: 6♦. Before doing so. a passing familiarity with the combinations of cards indicating magical activity. the Seeker’s wish is for a raise. the Seeker wants a new car. he will get his wish. because a ♦ follows. not necessarily the gender of the Seeker). we will examine the quaint. If you would like to adhere to this practice. they are not strictly necessary to know. A♦: 9♥ . if followed by a ♠ or surrounded by ♠s. the Seeker wishes to hear from a distant friend. only a few. the Seeker wants to own his own company (the K here represents financial power. magical matters. the Temple of Fortune. at the least. We have touched on all three of those areas in the section on combinations. you can judge the nature of the wish.

9♥. the Seeker wants to renovate his kitchen. 10♣. 6♥. but it will not happen. 9♥ . 6♠. 2♥. A♣. with a little extra effort. 9♥ : the Seeker wishes to make amends with someone with whom he has had a conflict. the Seeker’s wish will be fulfilled. 9♥. 5♥ : the Seeker wishes for improved health. 7♥ . 9♠ : the Seeker does not know what to wish for (the wish has been “lost”). 9♥. the Seeker seeks to be a prentice in a Witch coven. 9♥: 9♥ . 3♣.: 7♠ . a giveaway that the Seeker could not decide between two wishes! (the 2♣ indicates the doubling). the Seeker’s wish for an emotionally stable marriage or relationship will come true. 9♥: 2♠ . if with K♦.9♥ . 9♥: the Seeker wishes to move to a new home. wants to go back to a school for a Master’s degree. A♥. 10♥: 9♥ . 6♣ : the Seeker wishes to go back to school or study something. 9♥. 9♥: . 2♥. 6♠. 9♣. (see combinations for 6♣ in Middling Memory).: the Seeker wants to win big at gambling the Seeker wants to leave his job. 9♥: 9♥. 6♠. 10♠. the Seeker’s wish to have a child will come true. the Seeker wishes to take a vacation after completing a huge amount of work. 7♦: the Seeker wishes to develop psychic ability. wishes to “bury the hatchet”. the wish will be denied. any ♠: 9♥. 7♣. 3♠ : 9♥ . etc. but it will not come to pass (♠ ending the trio). 8♠. 6♣. 2♣ : the Seeker wishes to be freed from some duty or responsibility. but it is not time for it to happen. any ♥: 5♥. 9♥ . 5♦. 3♥ : the Seeker wants to be in a relationship or be married. Kn♠.

but we will elaborate on the rationale for each card so that you are certain to understand the connections. we will simply assume that the A♥ is in combination with them or is nearby. A week later. and surely there could be no problem. in disbelief. one seeker was told that she would have a problem with the water in her house. she telephoned the witch to say that the water main on her street had burst. Matters of the Household In addition to occupations and livelihoods. K♠: the Seeker succeeds in keeping a deceitful secret hidden. therefore. Thus. departures. appliances. generally the A♥ must be in combination with the card or at least nearby. also containing many appliances. 5♦ = the kitchen. In some of the old-time card spreads in which every card in the deck is used – and this includes The Great Throw. but we cannot make them drink. and that her house was without water for two days. In such spreads. You must follow your intuition here and let the cards lead you. repairs. the K indicates the power to “teach someone a lesson”). its rooms. . The A♥ appears in readings quite frequently. in general. The forewarning may allow the seeker to better cope with the change. and energy of seekers. as every Witch learns in time. When interpreting a certain card as a household matter. A place of food preparation and eating. the Seeker wants revenge on a third party for that party’s interference with something (here. for the card meanings given below. and that she should be prepared for the fact that her pipes may not work within the next couple of weeks by stockpiling bottled water and other necessaries. etc. can consume the time. but must make your judgment from surrounding cards. but it will not always point to a room in a house signified by an adjoining card. that we may point seekers to water. she had not set aside a store of water…which just goes to prove. 9♥ : 3♠. had been inspected in the last six months. seekers are usually quite interested in matters of the home. that the house was nearly brand new. Movings. The first task is to learn the meanings of the cards in relation to the house. you cannot judge the fulfillment of the wish from its appearance. As you study each card.Q ♠ . 7♠ . 9♥. money. For instance. which you will learn below – the 9♥ will obviously appear. refer back to the general meanings you know for each and you will easily begin to remember them. and its adjuncts. We know that the A♥ is the house or home. and the exceptional witch may serve well to arm them with future knowledge of such occurrences. The meanings given here are generally logical extensions of the card meanings in the second essay. Unfortunately. She commented.

A place in the home where a work desk is kept.6♦ = garage. This is already a general meaning that you know. food). The most earthen point of the house. so with the A♥. A place where electronics are kept and used. home office. 8♥ = the dining room. 4♣ = den. The highest airy point of the house. The 4♦ may also appear in combination. 2♣ = a duplex or two family house. 4♠ = a bedroom. A place where dirt is washed away and waste is eliminated. where sexual relations take place. A♠ = the foundation of the house or cellar. particularly if the den is also a place where important official or financial documents are kept. 6♥ = the living room. of the home. that combination could also represent a computer room. The main place in the house associated with fire. The living quarters of a child. 6♠ = a bathroom. Still connected to earth and stability. If there were two 10s connected with the combination A♥ 6♥. the very roots . The 2♣ shows a doubling here. 3♥ = nursery. the 8♦ = computer room or media room. 8♦ was associated with the pantry because it is the same suit as the 5♦ (eating. 10♣ = the roof or attic. A place for larger groups to celebrate and eat. then the interpretation would probably be a motor home or large recreational vehicle. A large body of water associated with the house. 10♥ = a pool. and you will find that you will more often use that meaning than nursery. if at all. but progress is made upward. 10♠ = the floor. 3♣ = the garden. 8♣ = Like the 3♣ as hallway. Where the seeker’s business is carried on. A place to retreat to and relax. You know from the earlier Combinations section that the 6♣ 9♦ may also represent a computer (expensive. 10♦ = the hearth or fireplace. A place to retreat to when exhausted. Another meaning is a hallway – a place of moving forward in a temporary way – but you will not likely use that meaning very often. The 3♥ also means decorating or beautifying in general. The marital bedroom. but is also associated with budgeting. but not so foundational as the A♠. educational finery). Where the car is housed. In times past. 6♣ = stairs. 5♥ = master bedroom.

a problem solved. The Aces are the true roots of the Four Elements in the deck of cards. 5♦: furnace. They do not themselves indicate rooms in the house. Do not automatically think of a household interpretation when you see the A♥. with two red cards ending. in smaller amounts (the 3) and greater amounts (the 10). Again. . ending in two black cards.). The 10s are practical extensions of the roots symbolized by the Aces. but impressive to them all the same. When a household interpretation indeed seizes you. the second trio. most likely. with these more specialized interpretations. the 5♦ may indicate an appliance. depending on the card. One time a seeker and her friend came to the witch for a general reading. For would tell her that it will be found (a A Note on Renovations: The 3♠ and the 10♠ both indicate force. For example. but nothing structural. For instance. but the sake of thoroughness. we briefly highlight the 5♦. As noted above. The witch saw this trio – A♥ 5♦ 3♥ -. It was hardly an earth-shattering prediction. For instance. note how the A♠ (earth) signifies the very foundations of the home. as opposed to having some practical plans for a staircase in her home. or work room. reviewing the above meanings. little or great. crafts. etc.3♠ red card ends the trio) in her sewing. for the seeker had told her friend of such plans just the day before.Other meanings will present themselves to you on occasion and. we have not mentioned the 5♣. Let the household interpretation “seize you” if you will – raise immediately and forcefully in your consciousness – before you follow its lead. there will be steady improvement. you must be circumspect and careful. Examine these two examples by the first rule. which is a key card for identifying appliances. signifying the Ace. If a seeker consulted you about a lost object and you saw this trio -. Both seeker and friend gasped.appear 6 months in the future and commented that the seeker would then be redecorating her kitchen. shows more of a headache for the homeowner. just paint and wallpaper and new cabinet handles. The trio A♥ 10♣ 10♠ may indicate that the home needs a whole new roof. A Note on the 10s: Just as the 10s may signify the Four Elements in terms of travel (by air. but can indicate renovations of rooms. 5♣ A♥ -. In the first example. the trio 3♠ A♥ 5♦ may indicate minor renovations to a kitchen. so do they signify the Four Elements in terms of the household. while the 10♠ signifies the floors therein. There are only a few such combinations to be aware of: 10♦. but 10s are also connected with them by virtue of the fact that 1 + 0 = 1. the trio A♥ 6♣ 8♣ will more likely indicate that the seeker plans to reenter the workforce after spending a period of time at home. you may come to those other meanings on your own. A Further Note on Appliances: One hesitates to devolve into the minutiae of household matters. When combined with one of the 10s. the fiery ♦ is the key here. then use it. the 10s indicate one of the four elements in a mundane sense.

for instance if followed by a ♠. such as 6♦. 10♦ 5♦ furnace. and sometimes you may see a greater problem requiring a greater cost to repair (6♦. in which the car is “sick” and needs to be taken to a mechanic. Sometimes you will see that the problem will be inexpensive (6♦. We have little new information to add here. the ♥ indicates water. instance: Matters Magical Matters magical in the cards are invariably governed by the 7s. For 6♦. an appliance interpretation must seize you forthwith for it to be of any use to you. 5♠. you will be able to pinpoint the problem with the car by the third card in a trio. For instance. Other times it will be more general. the ♠ is the coldest suit. as you will have noted from the Combinations section. the ♣ indicates air. indicating a “brand new” something. . air circulation system. 5♠. Knowing that the 6♦ is the key indicator here. The air of the ♣ is cooled by the ♠. Also be on the lookout for the 2♣ in connection with an appliance. The water of the ♥ is heated up by the ♦. you will have studied the section on Combinations in the essay for the witch of middling memory and will have noted various combinations therein indicating interpretations concerning cars and other vehicles.10♥. as before. A Final Note on Motor Vehicles: By this time. It is more likely. 10♥. any ♣ (air) might indicate a general problem with the fan or other air system. 6♦. refrigerator or freezer. 10♣ 5♦ 5♠ may indicate that 5♦ 2♣ shows the Seeker getting another furnace. 5♦: It is doubtful that you will use these interpretations very much. but it will be helpful if we summarize the nature of each 7 and repeat its combinations below so that you can study them with greater ease. this is an air conditioner. If you are of a mind to. 5♦: 10♠. So. 10♦ 3♠ would indicate a small problem arising with the The combination 10♠ 5♦ 9♠ is very bad news for one’s refrigerator. while 6♦. 10♥ A♦ 5♦ is a brand new hot water heater. For instance. 3♦). 7♠. Sometimes it will be specific. Oftentimes. Thus. 3♠. any ♥ (water) might indicate a general problem with a fluid system. 5♦: 10♣. however. the air ducts of the house need to be cleaned because they are filled with dust and making the residents wheezy or ill. 8♣. that you would interpret that trio as an anniversary dinner during which the Seeker receives a present. 10♦). 5♦: washing machine. any ♠. this is a hot water heater. any ♦. as it may indicate needing to get a replacement. A♦: a minor problem with the ignition (Fire = A♦). 5♦: 10♣. be on the lookout for a ♠ following an appliance combination. 5♠. you will have no trouble seeing if the Seeker will experience trouble with his or her car. Sometimes the A♦ will function similarly. 5♠.

if you are specifically directing a question toward psychic matters. Court: 7♦. prayer. The doubling of the spades (coldness) in this trio may be considered a metaphor for the “cold-reading” method of fraudulent psychics. Of course. Kn♠: spirit communication. you must be moved internally to do so. God. 8♣. a lesserskilled. involving a subject shown by the 8’s suit. 8♣. then these interpretations will be more relevant to the reading. A 7♦ by a Court may just as easily indicate a totally unpsychic person beset with financial trouble. A combination of 7♦. foretelling. fly-by-night psychic healer who is more hit-or-miss in results may be indicated by 7♦. the person indicated has psychic ability. Kn♠: 2♠. or a male deity. 7♥. 7♦. or a female deity. Goddess. Q♠. a psychic healer. 5♥.7♦ : Clairvoyance. Court: 7♦. astrology (the Seven Lights). 7♦. 3♦. 7♦. but a lie or falsehood. studying psychism or a method of divination. 10♦ (or 6♦): Kn♠. 10♦ may indicate a professional psychic that has great success in prediction. The trio 7♦. in general. Also bear in mind that it is sometimes possible to gauge the strength of the ability indicated. Q ♥ : 7♥. psychism. before using any of these specialized interpretations in a reading for a Seeker. in general. a medium or necromancer astral projection in human form sending forth the fetch 7♦. any ♠ may indicate a wholly fraudulent psychic. 10♦ (or 6♦): Again. in general. 6♣. K♥: 7♥ . 5♥. 8♣: a professional psychic. 7♥ : Religion. 7♦: 7♦. any 8: . here the Q♠ followed by another ♠ does not indicate a female witch.

A♦: 7♥ . 10♠: 7♥. The Horned Lord. spell. The Craftsman God. if you look to the third card comprising the trio. 10♥: 7♥. 2♣: 7♥. The easiest thing to do is lay the trio out on the altar. K♥. talisman. A God of Justice. K♥. 7♥. 5♣: 7♥. Or a Witch may wish to determine which deity is the divine patron of a specific person. Q♥. or other concrete form of magical work. Practically speaking.It is rarely necessary for a Witch to pinpoint the nature of a specific deity. Q ♥ . K♥. One of the points of the triangle must be due north. A ♠ : 7♥. 8♠ : A God of Fire. Q♥. A Goddess of Love. Our Lady the Earth. K♥. 8♣: 7♥ . . as you please. a charm. it will be found more effective for a large triangle to be drawn within the compasse. The above combinations will hold you in good stead. A Goddess of War. And so on. A Goddess of Death. The Divine Twins. with each point of the triangle touching the edge of the compasse. A God of Fertility. in general. If the Witch seeks to use the power of the deity in some capacity in a spell. 4♥: 7♥. K♥. 7♣ : Magic or occultism. a Witch may wish to know the nature of the deity being invoked by a rival Witch or Coven. For instance. Q♥. 2♥ : 7♥ . Q ♥ . A Goddess of the Seas. and with one card of the trio at each point. 3♥: 7♥. Any of the trios above may be used in an invocation of the power represented. Thus: 7♥. Q ♥ . Or perhaps a Seeker believes that his run of ill-luck is owing to the displeasure of a certain God or Goddess. 7♦: Queen of the Stars. K♥. although the need may arise once every several years.

A♥, 7♣:

occult work in the home. home needs spiritual purification. money spell.

8♠, A♥, 7♣:

7♣, A♦ (or 10♦): 7♣, 2♥:

love spell.

The main thing to remember here is that the 7♣ often indicates a practical problem, so do not jump right into a magical interpretation with it. If you see a card indicating a witch in the trio (see below for a review) or otherwise linked to the combination, you can more confidently use a magical interpretation. Thus, with 7♣ A♦, you may be moved to speak more often of practical troubles marring a new financial start or a practical problem being solved by the receipt of a letter; but if the Q♠ begins the trio, be certain that magic is afoot.

7♠ :

The Mysteries, in general, or a mystery school or mystery religion. Rarely, a curse or hex. spirit in house, causing problems. Here, the Kn♠ shows the deceased spirit, and the 7♠ the

A♥, Kn♠, 7♠: 7♠, A♠, A♦: K ♠ , 7♠ , 3♠ :

problems being caused; the 7♠ following the Kn♠ shows that the spirit is sad and restless. initiation into a mystery school or religion. The A♠ shows the symbolic death, and the A♦ shows the symbolic rebirth and renewing of consciousness. a male witch casting a hex causes minor troubles.

Again, the 7♠ will more often be read as tears, something hidden, or an investigation. But the Mystery interpretations will still be valid on rare occasion.

We have previously indicated that the suit of ♠s is the suit of the Craft, signifying as they do Fate, the Underworld, and the element Earth (which should not be confused with the Midworld or Greenfield). Thus, the

K♠ may be a male witch, the Q♠ a female witch.
while the A♥

The Kn♠ may indicate the witch’s familiar or fetch, or possibly a younger witch of either gender or a candidate for admission to a coven or family. The witch coven or family, itself, would be represented by the 8♠. The 4♣

8♠ represents the outside meeting place or covenstead,

8♠ may indicate a witch household.

Finally, we highlight that herbs and herbalism are shown by the 3♣.

You should now be sufficiently versed in the symbolism of the cards that you can piece together their words into any magical sentence that you need. Should you wish to investigate the use of magic on crops, then you would be looking for a combination of the 3♣ and 7♣. The dark, poisonous witch herbs might be shown by

3♣ 9♠ .

An owlblink curse cast by a female witch may be shown by Q♠

6♦ 7♠, with the 6♦ here indicating the

eyes (see below).

4♣ 8♠ 7♥ shows the coven meeting at the covenstead at the full moon.

The clever witch, upon becoming skilled in the speech of the cards, will soon find other magical uses to which they can be put.

Matters of Health

Many of the cards have correspondences to the human body. The Aces, the roots of the suits, have the following generalized meanings, as you already know:

A♦: A♥: A ♣: A ♠:

the nervous system the circulatory system the muscular system the skeletal system

You will generally not use the Aces, however, in interpreting health matters, just the cards 2 through 10. The Courts will show the person or people who will be affected by the health matter, although a Knave may occasionally show the transmission or communication of an illness.

Again, like our other two sections above, there must be present in the spread some key indicator cards before you begin to think about health and illness in your interpretation. The primary card is the 5♠ in this instance. Secondarily, the 4♠. As done above, we will now go through the individual meanings of cards in health matters, and then we will cover some example combinations so that you understand the method of interpretation. You will generally find that the meaning of each card in health matters is fairly logical in terms of the number and suit meaning, so what you learn here will be easily grafted onto what you already know.

2♦ = ears. Two is a receptive number, and we have two ears. 2♦ have to do with using one’s ears. 3♦ = energy level, in general. 4♦ = solar plexus.

You will note also that several meanings of the

Located in the stable “core” of the body. The solar plexus is also sometimes called the abdominal brain. As an aside, this plexus is governed by the planet Jupiter, which has to do with financial abundance, so it links back to the usual meanings of the 4♦.

5♦ = stomach. 6♦ = eyes.

The 5♦ has to do with eating, so this stomach is just an extended meaning.

This card indicates distance, and the eyes bring distant images to our brain to be processed. The 7s, mostly, indicate general trouble with the system corresponding to its suit. Here, nervous

7♦ = trouble.

8♦ = throat, speech.
low, at times high.

Since the 8s indicate communication, this is simply an extended meaning. Because 9s indicate changes, this card usually shows nervous energy in flux – at times

9♦ = nerves, in general. 10♦ = brain.

The coordinator of the nervous system in general. Also, the head in general.

2♥ = breasts.

A rather easy meaning to remember, although not often used. The building blocks of the blood. Medication helps restore the body

3♥ = iron/vitamins/nutrition.
to a stable harmony.

4♥ = medication, a stable harmony, improvement, recuperation, good health. 5♥ = genitals. 6♥ = blood.

Because this card indicates sexual activity, this is an extended meaning.

Travels through the circulatory system. Trouble with the circulatory system, in general. Poor circulation, perhaps. Which communicate the blood to different areas of the body.

7♥ = trouble. 8♥ = arteries. 9♥ = heart.

An extended meaning because this wish card represents the “heart’s desire”.

10♥ = body fluids, in general.

just a general meaning for this 7. Providing the chemical basis for actions. An easy one to remember because the three ♠s in a line will remind you of the spine. This meaning makes use of the “large” or “great” meanings of the 10s. Again. A Note on the Spades and Health Matters: As you will note below. 7♣ = trouble. it may indicate an examination or diagnosis by a doctor. investigation. oxygen. The means for traveling distances. This card’s health meaning comes from its general meaning of getting rid of things or 6♠ = elimination system. Keeping the body on a stable footing. 4♣ = feet. of course. An extension of the meaning of 6 indicating steps or progress. and thence to the rest of the body through the blood. 9♣ = glandular system. Made of bone. is communicated to the blood. This meaning you are already familiar with. and begins the process of separating or breaking down our food into component 3♠ = spine. Constantly in flux and balancing our body’s chemistry. only a few of the ♠s have skeletal or bone meanings.2♣ = hands. our most useful tools for accomplishing tasks. You already know that the 7♠ indicates a mystery or something hidden or an investigation. 10♣ = larger muscles. 5♠ = ill health. In the context of health matters. 6♣ = legs. 7♠ = examination. An illness communicated to another. This is another meaning you are familiar with. doctor. two of them. diagnosis. 8♣ = lungs. 5♣ = adrenals. This meaning makes use of the “small” meaning of 3. 8♠ = infection. Again. 4♠ = exhaustion. walking away from them. parts. . muscle soreness. Oxygen. 3♣ = smaller muscles. 2♠ = teeth. The remainder of them have meanings indicating illness or medical matters in general. This card also makes use of the designation air for ♣s.

2♥ . 4♥: 8♦ . 4♠ : 6♦ . The extended meaning of surgery comes from the meaning of injury. Again. 5♠ : poor eating habits leading to ill-health. 7♠ : nervous stomach. 3♦. As you study each combination. ear infection. 5♦ . 10♦. exhaustion. we will go through some additional example combinations. that the 4♠ or 5♠ must appear in combination with the other cards or be nearby in order for you to make use of a health interpretation. 4♠: mental instability. 10♠: 5♦ . 7♠ . It also indicates bone. probably a chemical imbalance in the brain. 5♠ : medication for the eyes. the meaning of the 10s indicating “much” or “great” finds use here. To assist you in understanding how to see health information in the cards. 5♠. 2♣: 2♦ . . endeavor to think through their logic on your own. Sometimes 8♦. medication will assist. improvement. The color of the card following the combination will show the results of the exam – whether vision has worsened (black) or stayed the same or improved (red). 3♠ also shows loss of voice. breast examination by female doctor. If the 4♠. 4♠. in general. Because the 9s indicate change. Again. 8♦.9♠ = surgery. 4♠ : 2♥ . Note that sometimes the meanings you are already familiar with may also be used in conjunction with health matters. and from it you may discern that a bone may be broken or that the bones of the body are thinning or growing weaker. low energy level. as surgery is simply controlled. 4♥: 5♦ . 5 ♠. probably laryngitis with loss of voice owing to nervous exhaustion. 6♦. this card may also indicate improvement from illness if followed by a ♥ or ♦. instead. eye examination. A♦. ulcer. 9♦ . Q ♣ : trouble with breastfeeding. sore throat. These will be pointed out in the examples when they occur. remember. very serious illness. 5♦. purposeful injury. 8♠ : minor burn injury to the hand. 10♠ = bone. 5♠. too.

4♥ : 3♠ . 5♠. 10♥. and does not indicate the eliminative system. The Q♠ here indicates the wrong use of the medication. edema. 4♠ . 4♠. Kn♠. fluid in the lungs. 5♠. 4♠ : having a tooth pulled. 5♥. 10♠. not bone. If the 3♦. not serious. 5♠: 8♣. Note that here the meaning of the 10♠ has to do with “great force”. addicted to prescription medication. Note here that the 6♠ indicates getting rid of the tooth. poor blood circulation. and needs to be changed or adjusted for better effects. 7♠ : 4♥. harmony restored. 5♠: 5♥. the blood lacks iron or other nutrients. 5♠. 5♠ . 5♠: 3♥ . 3♥: 6♥. medication causing depression. 4♠ : water retention in the feet. 10♠: 9♥. 5♠ : sexually transmitted disease. spine out of alignment. hyperactive child. needs supplementation. dropsy. 9♦: 4♥ . coughing. 4♠. and does not necessarily indicate a woman. 8♥.4♥. causing exhaustion. Q♠: medication causing bad side effects. 10♥. 5♠. present it may be causing a nerve pinching. serious heart disease. perhaps causing muscle soreness. 4♠: 7♥ . 8♠ . 4♥: 6♥ . drinking too much is causing fluctuations in nervous system. If the 3♣. but medication indicated. Q♥. congestion in the lungs. gynecological examination. . 2♠ . exercise recommended. 6♠ . the same. 5♠. 9♦: high blood pressure. alcoholism. 5♠ : 8♣ . 6♥. 7♠: 6♥. pneumonia. blood infection. 5♣ . 5♣ : 8♥. 10♠: 4♣.

and refer you thereto to refresh your memory. you are not a physician. and the 9♠ (change for the worse) or 10♠ (worry. it must be something that has absolutely seized you upon first notice – an intuition of such force that you have no choice but to serve as Fate’s mouthpiece for its announcement. Choose your words carefully. if you are thinking of mentioning a serious health matter. forbear. look also for the A♠ and remember the rules concerning death. or whether the cards are indicating something else unrelated to health. The 5♠ should be in combination with the 3♠. a child born by Caesarean section. Q ♠ . for then you have the potential of scaring them senseless with the possibility of future malady. You may not treat. if a Seeker asks you a specific question about a health matter. You may not prescribe. After a year of steadily working with the cards. . the Seeker may still fear the presence of cancer. instead. If the 7♠ is missing. particularly if they and those around them are in fine health. doctor) should be present nearby in the spread. even if you do not plan on mentioning major health matters in your readings as a matter of course. Thus. You may not diagnose. 3♥ : drug addiction. Otherwise. Be Cautious in Major Matters: This is a very sensitive area for Seekers. the 7♠ (diagnosis. Specific Questions: Naturally. grief) should also be present nearby in the spread. You may not do anything that a government legally empowers only a physician to do. If you cannot follow this rule. in either of those cases. if the 5♠ is missing. there will be no diagnosis of cancer. Cancer: The 3♠ has an alternate health interpretation – cancer – the growth of injurious cell forms. forbear from mentioning health matters at all. major or minor. 5♠ . however. Some Important Notes On Reading Health Matters: Don’t Be Foolish: Unless you have a medical degree. there is no cancer. If you determine that cancer is a serious future possibility. you may be able to see. it still behooves you to know how to see them in the event of specific questions. Death: We covered this topic in a note to the interpretation of the A♠ in the essay for the Witch of Middling Memory. If you judge from the cards that cancer is not relevant. the presence or absence of the cards indicating that problem will enable you to answer the question.Court. Therefore. what the actual health issue is causing the Seeker’s worry. 6♠ : 9♠ . This advice is particularly apt for those who have not read cards regularly for more than a year. you will be able to judge rather easily whether a certain trio of cards indicates a major health problem. 4♠: usually indicates the common cold.

The card or cards may.For Whom?: Upon seeing a health matter in the cards. 10♠). The difficulty here is that a single card. Whoever it is. you must apply all of your powers of discernment to unveil the precise meaning of the card. this is something that the apprentice cardteller learns from practice and in implicitly trusting Mother Fate to guide her. the cards unveiling the proper meaning may not be directly next to the Q♥. but connected with her in some other way – such as being in a separate. or the child of a neighbor. In general. making matters more difficult. a best friend. But if the Seeker asks for more detail -. it will be indicated somewhere in the spread before you. daughter. For instance. Do not apologize to the Seeker for not saying more. and there finds the 6♣ and the 3♦. However. If the Witch is seized by these cards. for instance – the Q♥ -may indicate one of several people in the Seeker’s life – a mother. But be confident from the beginning. though?” . be general. she may justly read that the Seeker’s grandfather (K♣ followed by a ♥) is experiencing high blood pressure (6♥. Because of the difficulty in determining the issue. 6♥. for instance. an older sister. and 10♠. Mother Fate will give you the means of providing an honest answer. or some such.” Do not act sheepish when this happens. say no more. the closer the spacing of the 4♠ or 5♠. her eyes are seized by the 2nd and 22nd cards of The Three Steps. Seekers do not want their health information broadcasted to all and sundry. Again. Moreover. However. even to those She has taken closest to Her bosom. sibling. then say. Therefore. but She may hesitate to reveal all of Her secrets. after following the above procedure. let us say that in answer to the Seeker’s question for greater specificity. the more pressing the problem. and 13 of the Three Steps are K♣. For instance.then close your eyes for a moment . Be Discreet: As you grow in experience you will see all manner of health-related issues. If the Q♥. say that the health matter will impact a woman that is dear to the Seeker’s heart. This practice of “being seized” by the cards can take a bit of practice.“Can you tell exactly who it is. Continuing with the example of the Q♥ -. and that it may be getting more serious. At other times. this need not be the case. many Witches have found the best approach to be as follows: When confronted with a health matter for a person indicated by a specific card. It suffices if the 4♠ or 5♠ is somewhere nearby in the spread. and that the 5♠ appears in station 16. the Witch writing this essay was once telling cards at a barbecue party in an upscale neighborhood as . if no cards seize your attention. The 2♣? A female business partner.what cards are close to her? The 5♥? Perhaps a close friend. but need not. the Witch’s eyes may fall on two different cards at opposite ends of the spread. it is someone in the Seeker’s life. Spacing of the 4♠ and/or 5♠: You will note that in many of the above example trios. but not very close – the sibling of someone the Seeker knows at work. your next task will be to determine which person it impacts…the Seeker? Or another person in the Seeker’s life? Sometimes the person indicated is close to the Seeker – a parent or sibling or child. etc. In fact. Mother Fate serves well those Witches who serve her well. 12. let us say that cards 11. -. be directly near the Q♥. and the precise interpretation (mother. Then open your eyes and cast them over the spread and allow yourself to be seized by the card or cards that are most relevant in unveiling the correct answer. For instance. “The cards say no more than I have already said. Taking those cards as her cues. go silently within yourself. When a Seeker asks an honest question you. and call on Mother Fate. the 4♠ or 5♠ appears in the trio itself.) does not immediately seize you. “Can you be more specific?”. the Witch will elaborate: “It is a woman dear to your heart who is currently attempting to further her education to make herself more marketable in the working world”. The A♥? Someone in the immediate household or close family member. If the Seeker accepts this without comment. but connecting line in the Square of Nine or the “card above” in a trio of the Three Steps or in a projected card in The Great Throw (as will be explained below). Be discreet. whispering if you must.

If the 5♠ is present. the headaches may cause the Seeker to feel ill. the headaches may be severe or migrainous in nature. Nervous Stomach: The 5♦. As you can see. Failing to do so is running the risk that Mother Fate will decline to entrust them to your care in the first place. the Seeker’s energy level will be low. and profitable falsehoods. and then a ♥. indicating the brain and head in general. The Witch discreetly whispered that information across the table. The Presence of Third Parties: And whilst we are on the subject of discretion. Headaches: Likewise. followed by a ♠ will show the Seeker prone to headaches. you may mention that the Seeker will have sufficient energy to successfully accomplish the task he has set for himself. If the 10♠ is involved. It is for this reason that many Witches highly skilled in cardtelling will not allow a third person to “listen in” on a Seeker’s reading. She has told no one but me. exhausted. This is also true. hold true. should always be looked for. a girl troubled because she is keeping a pregnancy hidden). And so on. you are largely interpreting the 3♦ in general terms according to the suits of the cards that follow it or are connected to it. the 10♦. to a somewhat lesser degree. I have not yet figured out a way to tell her father”. and if the Seeker wants a third person listening in. marital infidelity. Upon reading the cards for a neighbor woman. 3♥. but will then return to normal (♥). Those cards may be wholly absent and the following interpretations will still Energy Level: If the 3♦ appears in the spread. then simply proceed. . there are some minor health matters that she may look for immediately every time she reads the cards. The apprentice would do well to always remember to keep the secrets of Seekers. If the 3♦ is followed by or coupled with a ♠. If the Seeker persists. the energy level will be low (because of some issue – not necessarily a health issue – indicated by the ♠). Nor are they dependent on the presence of the 4♠ or 5♠ anywhere in the spread. however.a favor to an elderly friend. Minor Health Matters: Although the Witch of exceptional memory should leave off in predicting most health matters until she has worked with the cards steadily for at least a year. If followed by a ♠.” There is little harm in that attitude until the Seeker realizes that the Witch may reveal potentially damaging information about her or someone close to her. the Seeker has a nervous stomach or the stomach is the barometer for the Seeker’s emotions. Sometimes a Seeker and a friend consult the Witch “for a lark” or “for fun. the Witch saw that her 16-year-old daughter was in the early stages of a pregnancy (Kn♠. you must warn the Seeker that you will hold nothing back merely because of the presence of the third. you can always evaluate the Seeker’s energy level. 7♠. of the 9♦. it will be low for a prolonged period of time. The neighbor woman turned seven shades of red and whispered back with equal discretion: “You are correct. if the 4♠. If followed by two ♠s. indicating the stomach. If you are highly skilled. Any skilled cardtelling witch could recite numerous similar examples. If the 3♦ is followed by a ♣ and then a ♥. If a ♠ follows it or if many ♠s are around it. the skilled cardteller will also occasionally see illegal activities.

then lay them. Illustrative examples of home. Insufficient Exercise: The 5♣ followed by a ♠. as with a cough. It may also be used to answer a question. it will show the future over the coming 8-12 weeks. Cold: Always look for the 4♠ next to a Court. Fan them out and have the Seeker select 13 of them. or if the timing fails. Spreads We will be covering four new spreads for the Witch of Exceptional Memory – the Coven. faces upward.Exhaustion. It can be timed as usual. Keep them in order as the Seeker selects them. If the 8♣. Lay it in the middle of the working place. the Wheel. congestion in the chest. We will look at an example of each general future and question. If the 8♦ is involved. it represents the Seeker. and the Grand Throw. the Temple of Fortune. magical. in the following pattern: . face down. the throat may be affected. and health matters will be found in the interpretation of the sample spreads below. Reduced Defenses. This usually signals the onslaught of a cold. So ends our discussion of health matters. Have the Seeker shuffle the cards and cut them. If the 8♠. an Poor Eating Habits: The 3♥ followed by a ♠ would be the combination to look for. The Coven This is a traditional spread composed of 13 cards. infection of some type is possible. it will indicate the body’s defenses are down and that the person is exhausted. This is the one of the few card spreads that make use of the Joker.

but then the larger groupings provide much more expansive detail. that is purposeful to show you the step-by-step thought process in interpretation. your mind will go to the three cards around 1A in order to get more information. Then read the cards in pairs – 1A and 1B. because it represents the general tone of the future. however. your mind will fluidly combine all the information at once. 2A and 2B. as listed above. To Read the Coven Spread: First. read card 7 as indicating the general tone of the future. For instance. and the cards fell as follows: . As soon as you interpret 1A with 1B. it is the most important card and affects all of the other cards. and so on. it will seem like we are “backtracking”. 2A. plus a leader. If you have difficulty determining whether something is favorable or unfavorable. His card would therefore be the K♥. This will become clear as we interpret the example. and 2B shall indicate a particular subject or area of life that will be affected by the trio of cards around each of them. 6B. This reading was conducted in April 2005. The 13th card (above denoted by “7”) is placed over the Joker. represents a coven of 13 – 6 pairs of witches. the subject represented by 1A will be affected by the trio of cards 5A. 3A. each of the cards 1A.The cards have been placed in pairs because that is how they are read. itself. Thus. With practice. Finally. you will find that your interpretation will not be succeedent and tidy. The diagram. Coven Spread/Future Example: A general future was sought by a male Seeker of medium coloring. with good practice. refer to the center card (7) for assistance. The pairings give us a little information. in the interpretation below. 1B. about 35 years old.

9♥ : 6♠. indicating an important decision and a big change. the sense the Witch received when reading this was that a troublesome person would depart from the Seeker’s life. 6♥ . . 3♠ : A pleasure trip that the Seeker is planning will be cancelled. Let us look at our pairings: 6♣. 10♠: The Seeker is worried about a business trip he will be taking (it will be over land).The first thing to note in this spread is that the A♠ is the middle card. This is confirmed by the fact that all four 6s (“Six means a path that the Seeker shall tread”) have appeared in this spread of only 13 cards. it affects everything we say. whilst the other nine are Black. Although this combination may indicate a troubled youth running away (see Combinations section in Middling Memory). Kn♠: The Seeker’s wish may come true through the agency of a business person. Another thing to note is that only four cards are Red. inadequate preparation is likely his specific worry since a ♠ follows the 6♣ (steps toward a business goal). There are toils (three ♣s) and difficulties (six ♠s) ahead for this Seeker. Progress will be interfered with by small aggravations or a third party. 7♠ : Now is not the time for the Seeker to make financial investments. this is likely to be a very important business trip for the Seeker. K ♣ . In addition. the Seeker will have trouble with his car. Because the A♠ is in the middle. therefore. 6♦ .

The 6♥ followed by the 6♠ indicates that his investment finances will progress for a bit. The Seeker is presently concerned about inadequate preparation. Moreover. here it represents a financial advisor. K♦: The primary focus here is steps toward a financial goal or investments (6♦). this area will turn out well for the Seeker. Here we see he small obstacles (3♠) he will face in his preparations for that trip. but the 6♥ shows that by the time the meeting comes around. things will turn out well. Do not be afraid to use the same Court card to represent a different person if there appear to be two (or more) contexts for the interpretation of the Court card. and that both of the authoritative business people (as indicated by the two Ks. 6♠. as no profit shall come from them (confirmed by the 7♠ being paired with the 6♦ earlier). He should avoid any risky investments schemes. as affected by the K♦. 2♣ [the 2♣ indicates a doubling]). Note that we have “recycled” the K♦ for an additional interpretation. 10♠. and with a red card. K♦). the K♦ signifies that he will seek the services of a competent investment adviser to aid him after things turn sour (6♠. he will be adequately prepared. We saw that the K♣ was linked with the 9♥. and that he will make good progress despite his worries. and now we see that the K♦ is also linked with the 9♥. as affected by the 6♥. . He we see that during the trip he will meet with two authoritative business people (K♣. From this we can conclude that all of his worries will be for naught. The above pairings give us some information. and that it involves a business partnership (2♣).K♦. That same card represented one of the two authoritative business people with whom he will have his business meeting. 2♣: We previously saw that the Seeker is worried about an important business trip. K♣. as well as the 2♣) will only be too willing to overlook any shortcomings or help him (2♣) over any small obstacles (3♠). As a result of this good progress. the presence of the 6♥ shows that good progress will be made at the meeting. The K♦ ends the trio. but not a great deal. as affected by the 6♥. a good deal of additional work will be generated for the Seeker (two ♣s follow the ♥). 6♦. so let us turn toward more specific interpretation of the four inner cards: 6♣. 2♣: A helping hand or business arrangement with a financial advisor. 9♥. however. and then turn sour. 3♠: We already know that the Seeker is worried about his business trip. Thus.

What if the K♣ had been the Seeker’s card? Laying out the cards as above. as affected by the 2♣. The Seeker’s card did not appear in the spread. Neither are the 4♠ or 5♠ present. If you lay out the cards as above. you will see the K♣ facing outward from the spread.7♠. We already know that this person will be leaving the Seeker’s environment (paired with the 6♠).e. In that instance. and 10 (worry) are all present and in close proximity. In that instance. and is coupled with two other ♠s. there is the Kn♠. is actually looking at the 6♠. 3♠: The 7♠ indicates double trouble. the more confounding the reading. and the 9♥ is close by. the Joker is not used. however. Or are they? Read the notes on cancer again and look at that cluster of ♠s in the reading – the A (death). indicating the fifth week of autumn. The Kn♠ is a troubled (7♠) or even “lost” soul (3♠) who is not suited to a cooperative business (2♣) environment. simply follow the rules. the K♥ was found facing the 5♣. 7 (investigation/diagnosis/doctor). and the source of it is the Kn♠. you must pick a card to represent the question topic and use that card in place of the Joker. We. and you would rely on the 8-to-12-weeks designation. associated with the Seeker’s business (2♣). possibly indicating bad news. who causes problems. and lucid examples to use in teaching their apprentices. After all. timing fails. In addition. be fired. If a Seeker . For two. toward no card. 3 (cancer). i. Note on Timing: What if the K♦ had been the Seeker’s card? How would we time it in this spread. Because the Kn is a ♠. the more beneficial it will be for you to fall back even to the firstmost rule. so the events of the reading will come to pass by mid-October 2005. forbear from that practice as a matter of principle. Upon searching the deck. although angled. mark my words. A Word About Difficult Readings: It is common for instructors to pick out the most wonderful. Coven Spread and Questions: Firstly. For one. the 5♠ is not present. exciting. We have included the above reading because it was a difficult one. the timing would be the sixth week of Winter. Instead. That is not true. there is little excitement or pleasure laid out in the reading. so health matters are not at issue. indicating that all we be well with him. the Witch surmised that the person would lose his job (3♠). This would be a younger person in the Seeker’s environment. The sense of the cards is that someone that the Seeker knows – the Witch felt it was the K♦ (note that this is the third time we have used this King) – may think he will be diagnosed with cancer. you will see that the K♦. or about the beginning of February 2006. There are no cards representing household or magical matters in this spread. the Seeker was skeptical and challenging. Indeed.. when asking a question by the Coven Spread. When confronted with a reading such as the above. however. Simply follow the usual rule. a hum-drum temperamental Seeker salvaging a business deal by the seat of his pants through the good grace of others is hardly riveting (although. Kn♠. it will be important and relevant to the Seeker).

Using these topic designations will be of use to you when interpreting a Grand Throw. use the 5♠. Therefore. If a love affair. use the 9♣. And so on. That card will affect the rest of the cards in the reading. the 7♥. when using the Coven Spread to answer certain questions. No color or suit predominates greatly. an even temper. Then follow the same directions as above for laying out the cards. not her temperament or character. and thus the card chosen was the Kn♠. you will not necessarily be looking to pinpoint events in space and time. The question card was chosen as the 8♣. and asked the Witch for some guidance. where they are used extensively. If about changing jobs. If the concern is finances in general. and four ♠s. seven Blacks. three ♦s. fairness. This is reflected in our Coven Spread question example below. although you may also refer to outside events or conditions that may affect the question asked. The cards fell as follows: The first thing notable thing here is that the spread is very balanced – six Reds. Secondly. three ♥s. If ill health. In interpreting. three ♣s. your interpretation will sometimes be a bit more freeflowing. indicating work or career in general. and justice. If emotional trouble. Coven Spread/Question Example: A young woman of 17 was uncertain of her career path. use the 3♥. use the 8♦. Let us turn first to the pairings to see how the Witch pieced together the answer: . This reading was conducted in April 2002. indicating emotional stability. The next thing we note is that the 4♥ is in the middle. you should make the meanings relevant to the question asked. Note that the ♠ refers to her concerned about her children. use the 2♥. She was of very dark complexion.

10♣: The young woman seeks a career that will allow her to make steps toward greater financial freedom (6♦). particularly the 4♠. and yet not the type of conflict that would threaten her job security (4♣). give her a sense of achievement in meeting challenges and deadlines. for the Q♠ and K♠ are probably a married couple. indicating good progress and moving ahead. 7♣. indicating fairness and justice. The source of that inspiration would be a male professor (K♦). Here. K♦: The A♦ could possibly indicate money and finances. in the vital middle position.6♦. thus allowing her to feel that she was making continual progress in her career. Let us not also forget the 4♥. 4♣ : The 2♠ indicates that the career shall have some amount of conflict inherent in it. 4♠: Looking ahead. That last fact is indicated by the 5♥ (enjoyment) being paired with the Q♠. coupled with the 4♠. Some people work best under pressure and with challenges. the armed forces. The young woman was such a one. law enforcement. The K♦ also confirms the meaning of the earlier 6♦. and declared that the young woman would go into law. it is followed by the 6♥. Both of her parents are attorneys. A clue that the young woman would follow in her parents’ footsteps is that “four does not change”. The Witch interpreted these cards as indicating that the young woman would do best in a career that challenged her. and yet it is not the type of conflict that threatens one’s job security. A fairly demanding career. Note. Here the Witch drew her conclusion. too. A♦. or perhaps the law. for that field fulfilled the conditions of the previous cards. perhaps with knotty problems or deadlines. one that will provide much work as well as a sense of achievement. the young woman would like a career that gives her financial power. although the intuition of the Witch was that it simply represented “something new” that would start a fire in her mind. The 4♣ may also indicate a desk job. has an inherent amount of conflict in it because Western legal system is adversarial. is also indicated (10♣). It would allow her financial freedom. Also. You will see that these are the types of field that fall naturally to the Spades. The young woman affirmed that both of her parents were attorneys. legal jobs involved a significant amount of “desk time”. 2♠ . that three 4s are present. 6♥: The 7♣ usually indicates troubles at work or practical problems. although her mother was taking a break from her career at the moment. and could also possibly indicate land. What is interesting here is that the two red 6s have been paired with two Clubs that indicate much work or challenges at work. Upon seeing these two cards together. although the mother was no longer practicing. Q♠ and K♠. the Witch asked the young woman whether her parents were involved in the same field – particularly. the Witch saw that these two pairings were best interpreted together. . 5♥.

which is card 2A). but the K♦ – who is a restless man that likes to be up and about continually – is hemmed in by ♠s. Q♠) have been working hard (signified by the series of ♣. as affected by the K♠. ♣. ♠. being card 1B. . But because a ♠ ends this combination. The condition does not appear to be serious to anyone else. The Seeker will also hear that a friend (5♥) of hers living at a distance (6♦) is having trouble with her teeth or a tooth (2♠. This is best left to the end of the interpretation. Instead. so as not to confuse the Seeker. The Witch. Note the clever speech of the cards here. Q♠: The Seeker’s parents (K♠. The situation will be an unstable one. to experience it. should you feel inclined to do so. which in turn is causing some muscle soreness (linked up to the 7♣. as affected by the 5♥. as affected by the 4♠. and the plan will not be revived anytime soon thereafter (two ♠s ending). Although you will largely tailor your interpretation to the question asked.Upon hearing the conclusion. 4♠). you should also feel free to make other statements or predictions indicated by the cards. 4♣. may naturally paired with the 6♦. but that a male professor (K♦) in her future would set a fire of inspiration (A♦) in her concerning that career. the Witch made the following additional predictions. Additional Predictions: 6♦. 4♠: A car trip that the Seeker is planning with friends will be cancelled. the Seeker shall form a new (A♦) friendship (5♥) with an older boy (K♠). 6♥. Q♠: This shows that the Seeker’s grandfather (K♦). is experiencing some health exhaustion problems (4♠) related to his blood (6♥) – probably poor circulation. 2♠. probably on her mother’s side (Q♠). 10♣. 7♣. K♦. and they will soon achieve that goal (10♣). which is card 1A. the young woman demurred and positively affirmed that she was not at all interested in the law as a career. In the above spread. than it appears to others merely witnessing it. A♦. she stated that such might be the case now. being often accustomed to having Seekers presumptuously believe that they have greater knowledge of the future than she. and which signifies the investment). owing to arguments or dissension. K♠: Through happenstance (7♣). showing effort intermingled with problems) toward the acquisition of some land or a building for investment purposes (the 10♣. as affected by the 5♥. ♠. and that she would subsequently be devoted to the causes of justice in one form or another. there is trouble on the horizon. did not bat an eye. The cards are whispering to you that it s a much more serious condition for him. He has the power (K) to hinder her or hold her back (♠).

Make them into a little pile. and then say words of honor and blessing to the Coven of the Cards. It may be used to cast spells when the Joker and Courts are laid out in a certain way. I want a huge raise in pay at work. Once the spell is commenced. and place them underneath the Joker. name the cards and state your wish. with the first card of the trio at the bottom and the last card of the trio at the top. thereby symbolizing your dominance over circumstance. If you want a huge raise in pay at work. take out the trio from underneath the Joker. Set the Joker in the center of your working space. 9♦.” Then replace the trio as it was before. and once in the evening. 10 of Diamonds. even whilst she is occupied with other tasks or journeying. The Coven of the Cards is always working toward the Witch’s aim. a blessing on crops. Then lay out the Courts as follows: 1A= 2A= 3A= J♦ J♥ K♦ 1B= 2B= 3B= 4B= 5B= 6B= J♣ J♠ K♣ K♠ Q♣ Q♠ 4A= K♥ 5A= 6A= Q♦ Q♥ This is the Coven of the Cards. Then leave them be. so it is mine already. upon arising. a secret built into the halflight. And with no risk to burning down her house. you might choose the 8♣. remove the trio. in that order. Once in the morning. let the members of the Coven of the Cards be dispersed to their places in the deck until you shall have need to convene them again. Finally. All sorts of little spells may be wrought by this method – finding lost objects. face-up. and by the power of witchery. finding a buyer for real estate that one is selling. making someone contact you. using the following formula or similar words: “8 of Clubs. Leaving a symbolic pattern of cards set out like this is similar to allowing a candle to burn for a long time. it continues to build of its own momentum. and so on. upon retiring. and 10♦. place the three cards back in the deck. which will work your spell for you. The Wheel . You will note some interesting patterns in this arrangement. the return of health. When the spell has been fulfilled or the wish granted. casting minor hexes. but we will leave them to you to contemplate on your own.A Magical Application of the Coven Spread: The Coven of the Cards: There is a magical application of The Coven Spread. 9 of Diamonds. choose a trio of cards to represent your objective. half-dark pattern you will see upon laying out the cards. To work a spell.

The pattern of 8 spokes with a central hub is as follows: Choose a card for the Seeker. then deal out a second card on each spot for the middle card of each trio. please?” or “How shall my career progress within the next year?”). Keep them in order as the Seeker selects them. It is good for making general predictions of the future. and then deal out a final card on each spot for the top card of each trio. but leave it within the deck. deal out one card on each spot for the bottom card of each trio. Fan out the cards face down on the table and have the Seeker choose 27 of them. Have the Seeker shuffle the cards.This is a common spread amongst old-time fortune tellers. making a wish perhaps. Once you are skilled in the speech of the cards. When finished. but if timing fails. It may be timed. this spread will roll along quite quickly for you. as well as for questions of a very general nature (“Tell me about the status of my relationship. The meanings of each station are as follows: 1: Present 2: Desire 3: Avoidance 4: Past 5: Future . There are only nine trios to interpret for this spread. it shall hold good for 3 to 6 months. and then cut them.

9 because the cards will show a past advantage (pack 6) that the Seeker has then squandered through his actions (pack 4). as you learned in the first essay. indeed! Unfortunately. In other instances. The center shows the present. it falls in the position of avoidance. reading the packs in the order of 9. 4. It is easy to see here that the Seeker has been on the wrong path ( 6♠) with regard to financial matters (7♦). Likewise. in those instances. The center bottom shows those things that the Seeker wishes to avoid or would prefer to forget exist. J♣. He is attempting to study a form of divination (7♦). it is clear that the Seeker is forbearing from spending money on dates . K♠: Two spades bounding a diamond indicate a troubled purse. It makes sense that he is Pack 2: Desire: searching for additional work. 5♥: Well. The center top shows the Desire. and 6 will sometimes show a past mistake that the Seeker has turned to his advantage.6: Past Advantage 7: Future Opportunity 8: Future Problem 9: Past Mistake You will note that all of the past cards are to the left. about 30 years old. and now finds himself learning a tough financial lesson (K♠). a past emotional mistake (pack 9). given the financial difficulties showing in Pack 1. but is having difficulty learning it (6♠ signifying wrong path. 7♦. Turn over all three packs at once and follow your intuition as to which to read first. we know that the Seeker is hoping to receive an offer (J♣) of a part-time position (3♣) from a business woman (Q♣). this is a very fair trio. His card would therefore be the K♣. Then examine trios 2 and 3. 4. Wheel Spread Example: A general future was sought by a mature male Seeker of slightly darker coloring. 4. Then proceed to examine trios. it really does not matter the order in which you read the cards. and this witch was advised to search out a different method instead of trying to break through his frustration with the method he was presently studying. 7. The interpretation below follows the suggestion above regarding the order of the packs: Pack 1: Present: 6♠. The best approach in reading this spread is to examine trio 1 first. All of the future cards are to the right. This reading was conducted in April 2004. The Seeker was also a male witch. 3♣. Q♣: Since these cards are in the desire position. Sometimes it is best to read in the order of 6. Not every method of divination works for every individual. resulting in loss (pack 9). and 8 in the future. Q♦. and then some discrete event like the purchase of a car. These will give you a good foundation in judging the Seeker’s past and future. what the Seeker wishes to happen or where he wishes to head in terms of goals. 6 and 9. the cards will show discrete areas of life – perhaps a past financial advantage (pack 6). Follow the same intuitive procedure with packs 5. Given the previous two packs. There is also a magical interpretation to this trio. Pack 3: Avoidance: J♥. or the surmounting of a health problem (pack 4). and the K♠ showing hindrance in general). The order in which you examine those packs may depend on the nature of the cards themselves.

seized the cardreading Witch. we would say. With the Q♦. 8♠. as well as the truth of the Seeker’s financial predicament. That is because the Witch reading the cards at the time was not seized with a magical interpretation for them forthwith. became ill-disposed towards him (Q♠). The presence of the 9♥ at all is certainly a heartening sign for his wish. he was at one time living his wished-for lifestyle (9♥). 2♠: Even a witch of the most paltry skill in foretelling can see from these cards what happened next. The initial event probably took place in the office (4♣) of the Q♠. 7♣: Although all was going well. a magical interpretation was not used. with much social activity (8♥) and was making positive steps towards his financial goals (6♦).(J♥) and entertainment (5♥). and that even though the 7♣ and Q♠ may have magical interpretations (a work of magic. The presence of the Q♦ here in this similar combination is a clever turn of phrase in the cards – she emphasizes women. however. the Witch decided to read them in the following order: Pack 6: Past Advantage: 8♥ . All of the cards are black. But to return to our reading proper: Pack 9: Past Mistake: 8♣. so the interpretation is a foul one. Q♠. in general terms. probably one with authority over him. replete with gossip and rumors (8♠). both in this pack and the next pack) commenced. Pack 4: Past: 4♣. likely . it would be better to withhold final judgment until the future cards are evaluated. Turning over the three packs to the left. a viable interpretation might concern going into the country or land (4♣) to invoke the powers of Fate (Q♠) for an act of practical magic (7♣). show a very fair and advantageous past for the Seeker. indicating gossip and rumors also falls in the next pack. Although his goals were on a firm footing and he considered himself to have job stability (4♣). In general. a female witch or Fate. Nor did she “force” a magical interpretation into the cards simply because she was reading for another Witch. That interpretation is particularly viable in this instance because the 8♠. respectively). The Seeker’s work atmosphere (8♣) became poisonous (8♠) to him. 9♥ . We know from the present cards that he has not yet achieved that. Mind that you do the same and let intuition be your guide. it is not out of the possibility that she also sabotaged the Seeker’s reputation with lies. and ending in two ♠s. If a magical interpretation of these cards had. Because this Queen is a spade. 6♦ : This pack of cards. 9♥). and troubles began at work (7♣). And from there we would infer that it is because of lack of funds. but the spade turns it foul). or twisted truths (a Queen may indicate truth. that he was avoiding going out with friends. a woman at work. Had we had the combination Kn-Kn-5♥ here. but because it falls in the past cards. The presence of the 9♥ establishes that the Seeker’s wish is to return to this place of sociableness (8♥) and financial progress (6♦). his life was one of continual changes for the better (all red cards. which means an outing with young people. generally. it appears that the troubles (all black cards. the speech of the cards is more specific (dates with women) and explicit (truth of a financial matter). In fact. This pack is similar to the combination Kn-Kn-5♥ or 6♥. all red. indeed. Note that even though we are reading for a Witch.

this will give him the new financial start (A♦) that he needs. we know that this trio shows that the Seeker’s situation will steadily improve. A♦: But that is not the best news. Good news for him! 9♣. The sense of the trio here is of a Pack 7: Future Opportunity: bigger opportunity – something that gives him a whole new start. 6♠ (quitting or leaving job) from the list of combinations you will have previously studied. the Witch felt that it would be a full-time job opportunity. Looking at the present packs again with the understanding of the past situation. Moreover. and the small financial increase shown forth by the 3♦ in the fifth pack. The inference is that he left his job without having a new one. 3♦: You will find this trio easy to interpret if you have studied our section on combinations. the second pack of cards. Pack 5: Future: Kn♦. the 10♥ shows that he will become happier and achieve greater emotional security.stemming from the Q♠ from the pack above . From this trio. we may now confidently judge that he will get his wish. we have only two black cards amongst seven red cards. which appeared in the sixth pack of past advantage. he will again develop financial power and the ability to pay for things (K♦). Pack 8: Future Problem: 3♠. 9♦.so he eventually left the position (2♠). Turning over the packs for the future. Here. just small problems (3♠) that he will probably be able to cope with easily. Indeed. Because his future cards are so fair. and that his social and financial situations will improve. we are now in a position to understand why he is in financial straits. In the past. how the balance of the Seeker’s fate is moving in a better direction. This trio has another combination familiar to us – the 9♣ next to the 9♦ indicates that he will have a change in job with finances improving. we saw three red cards followed by six black cards. No big problem is shown by this trio. K♦: From the firstmost rule. different from the part-time opportunity shown forth by the 3♣ in the second pack. we can return to the wish card. Note. 2♦) and from it he will derive a bit more financial security (3♦). we can infer that the Seeker will receive the hoped-for job offer shown forth in Desire. not simply helping him make some extra cash. the Witch elected to read them as follows. 2♦. Note that the 8♠. Seeing this trio. 2♠ combination is similar in meaning to the 8♠. however. The Seeker will receive a telephone call that concerns a financial message (Kn♦. . But more importantly. 10♥. That was his mistake. Now that we have read all of the cards. even at first glance.

We have greatly appreciated your patience. indicating the fourth week of summer. the K♣. Therefore. that there are many prentice cardreaders clamoring for this third essay. about the third week of July 2004. we have given her permission to post The Picturebook Compleat in this as-yet-Incompleat form. The Webmistress informs us. however. i. is not amongst the cards. Searching the pack. That will satisfy the needs of said prentices for additional study material. whilst allowing us additional time to explain and illustrate the final two spreads. he was found facing the 4♥.. the card chosen for the Seeker. and hope that our labor shall further repay yours in the honor and practice of this useful and fascinating Arte. We have two more spreads to cover – the Temple of Fortune and the Great Throw. © An Arteful Anonymous Witch .As for timing.e.

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