The Unanimous world of Blues

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PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Private Limited)
Customer Care center The Mall, Sadar Rawalpindi Cannt. Questionnaire About the Organization:
Q1. What is the Mission of your organization? Q2. What is the vision of your organization? Q3. What is the structure of your organization is it hierarchal or peer to peer (360)? Q4. Is your organization profit or non-profit, how do u use your profits? Q5. Is your organization learning or traditional? Q6. Is your organization is skill focused or job focused? Q7. Is your organization is innovative, like it promotes new ideas or not? Q8. What type of Economy are you having within the organization? Q9. To what extent do you think that you have achieved your goals? Q10.What is the organization’s main product and services

Strategic Management:Q1.How you make strategies, which make them, how do you implement them? Q2.What were your strategies in the past? Q3. Did your strategies worked to above the average in the past? Q4. If your strategies did not work in the past, then are you thinking to change them? Q5.If you are satisfied with results driven from the implication of the strategies, and then are you willing to make any changes in it or would you go with same?

Culture:Q1. What is your slogan? Q2. What is the speciallity of the green and white color in your logo? Q3. As a Manager, how you are controlling your organization? Q4. How you promote knowledge as a disseminator? Q5. Do you believe in team work or individual work? Q6.Is your organizational structure hierarchal or lateral? Q7.Do you believe in outcomes, no matter how they do the work, are you only concerning with the outcomes? Q8. Are your employees co-operative or competitive (in terms of aggressiveness)? Q9.Is there any culture of time management? Q10. Are you having the culture of expression, and your employees are free to explain their views? Q11. Are you customer responsive organization? Q12. What do you do to evaluate the satisfaction of your employees regarding the facilities and legislations? Q13. You have raised a slogan, “PTCL making it possible”, what do u mean by that, Are you really making it possible? Q14. In your slogan “Feel the Difference”, you say that you are different from others, so how are you different from others? Q15. Should ethics be paid a restrict full attention or not?

Environment:Q1.Do you have any political laws and legislations like labour laws and facilities to your employees? Q2.What kind of economy you are having? Q3.What is your considerations (specific things that you are following)? Q4.Are you emerging and are enthusiastic towards technology, are you adopting the new technologies?

The Unanimous world of Blues

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Q5. What does organization compete geo-graphically, are you doing something to achieve the global causes like are you willing to extend your organization across the world? Q6. Who are your suppliers? Q7. What pressure groups are effecting your organization? Q8. Who you are, competiting with? Q9. Are your customers satisfied with you? Do they give you feedbacks? Q10.Who are the Stake holders? Q11. Your relations with them, are short term or long term? Q12.You are working with U-Fone, are they your merger or you are having a jointventure with them? Q13.Iin what kind of projects, you are investing or financing? Q14.Who manages your marketing department? Q15. Do u think that marketing is playing a crucial role in promoting the organization? Q16. Do you have a Human Research Development Department, How is it working?

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