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The Veil

Since there is a misunderstanding as to how the entities can affect reality, lets talk about it. As we have discussed, the subconscious stays in communication to the collective consciousness, and guess who else is hanging out there, the entities. This is where the Sin War is taking place. Spiritual influence is most potent here, and this is why we call upon these entities in ritual to create magical effects. You must keep in mind, once you dedicate to a particular entity or deity, you also dedicate to their legions and multifaceted spiritual influence of you. This is why self-dedication is so powerful; it creates that direct link to your chosen deity and legions. Some call this process, selling your soul to the Devil; we call it your choice. To quote Zoroaster, At one point, every man must choose. Once the choice has been made, its not healthy to renege on this decision because once you mark yourself other deities wont want to deal with you and it shows you a trader. You will also have to deal with attack and pursuit of the Legions you were once aligned with. So, maintaining your allegiance is best. The pantheon of spiritual entities that you work with will influence you and the people you come into contact with. It doesnt matter if these people are friend, foe, or neutral; the highest deity of your chosen dedication will grant you a guardian that remains with you

at all times, thus the influence. So, if you break contract you quite an issue is following you around. The guardian remains to help influence others.

These entities usually work on influencing the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is in constant communication with the collective consciousness and it controls the mind of an individual. This is why this is where the Sin War occurs. The whispering of the serpent is the entities interacting with your subconscious. This interaction creates an emotional response which then influences how you respond to a given situation, goal, and etc. If you have strong desires that you are repressing, they use their influence to push that desire into action; this frees you from the restraint you put upon yourself. I am speaking of Ahrimanic entities here, and their favorite is vexation. The purpose of the release, is so they can feed off the bio adrenal energy. If they are able to consume enough energy, they can affect the physical reality that we live in. It is also my belief that these entities to fight one another, and if they are in a charged physical area (ritual chamber, temple, etc.) these entities can destroy one another by absorbing the entity. Similar to how an amebic society interacts, but it has to be in a specific setting. This is why the

Catholic Exorcism is so weak and violent to person they are exorcising because all they try to do is rip an entity out of a person. Then once this entity is out, its charged and pissed. Only some try to redirect the entity somewhere else. This normally fails and the entity with take the host back over or another, usually the priest that pissed it off in the first place. Imagine how much release can come from a Catholic Priest. The Church of Ahriman does exorcisms to remove the internal guardian that the RHP place inside their followers as influencers of restraint. Once this guardian is released into the charged area, the entities that we work with attack. They then over whelm the guardian and absorb its energy, thus destroying one of the RHP soldiers. We then leave the person free of that. Normally, we have folks self-dedicate before performing this cleansing upon them. This is for the hosts protection becaus e we jerk the entity up and out by means of our entities flooding the host. If the person is dedicated no real harm comes to the host. This ritual causes a thinning of the veil between the physical and the metaphysical aka the collective consciousness.

The Church of Ahriman does enjoy thinning the veil because it allows our entities more time to influence the physical because it takes less energy to influence peoples subconscious minds. The

less static that they have to move through the better, part of that static is the RHP entities. These guys build restraint in people from the inside out, were as the Ahrimanic work outside in. Thus the ignorant close mindedness of the people who follow that path and their faith is the defense of choice. That is why vexation is the tool Ahrimanic entities use to pierce that armor. Thus the cycle of freedom starts again for another person. The veil is growing weaker, look around at the physical reality. Times are changing, freedom is coming either accept or go to war with it. The scale is tipping and the veil is thinning, prepare for your personal freedom and release.