Who is Ahriman?

I guess I have not made this very clear to the public. No, I haven’t, why you ask? The reason is simple; to find Ahriman you must study. Wikipedia is a very limited with the amount of information it provides about Father Ahriman and His cohorts. I think this is because media doesn’t want this information easily accessed. Reason being, it would expose how much of Catholicism was constructed through Zoroastrianism.

Ahriman is the antithesis to Ahura Mazda. Both deities have the ability to create. Ahriman is the twin brother to Ahura Mazda and has similar abilities to affect reality. Ahura Mazda is order, blind faith, and obedience. Ahriman is chaos, questioning, and defiance. In other words, Ahura Mazda wishes to enslave you to his way to earn some after life that is a sham. Ahriman wishes to free you from slavery and allow living life to its fullest. With that being said, I’ve been told that I’m sugar coating Ahriman.

In a way, to the public eye I am. So let’s remove the veil and the sugar coating; are prepared for this? Angra Mainyu aka

Father Ahriman is an outright destructive force that plagues humanity with vexation, corruption, plague, drought, flood, starvation, sin, war, domination, and etc. He is the antithesis, the embodiment of “Evil.” Satan take a step back, daddy is here to play. As a vicar to Father Ahriman, I’ve had to do a balancing act which I found through reading Rudolf Steiner’s works about “spiritual science.” Catholics and the Muslims down played this Devil. Why, because Ahriman has equal power to God figure.

If holy and evil have equal footing, how can the holy have dominion? That is why Zoroastrianism failed and Christianity and Islam propel forward into the future. They downsized the devil to a rebellious underling that can still be controlled by their power, the true lie. What actually happened to Ahriman and why is he entrapped in a water filled abyss? Ahriman caused so much chaos that after He blotted out the Endless Light, Ahura Mazda and his minions outnumbered Ahriman and imprisoned Him. This did not stop Ahriman, after Mother Jeh roused Him; He turned His gaze unto mankind.

The worse thing that can happen is to get people to apostate from the holy. Whether or not these people join Ahriman’s cause it does not matter whether or not it doesn’t matter, so long as they break away from the enslavement. Do realize that Father

Ahriman does use the same tools against the holy as he always has. The Daevas, Dews, and Druj are allowed to come onto Earth and influence people by whispering in their ears to create chaos. When learn to understand what the whispering means, and then you can tap into the spiritual plan that is set aside for you.

Do I as a human vicar condone all evil in the world, no? Most of the evil is influence by these denizens of Hell because they need energy to sustain themselves on the mortal plane. Why would they influence murder for example, to feed off the energy that comes from the adrenalin release from the act. Here is the question I ask you, if a person is influenced by said entity to such a monstrous act, you should question the stability of said person. The reason that these entities attack these unstable people is because these people are the most religiously devout slaves to the holy.

Let us examine this concept. If one constantly denies their animal nature, pressure builds to sate this issue. Breathing is obviously most important and the list of needs goes from there. Without fulfilling these needs, psychological pressure builds and after a point the brain will contort the need into something else from religious teachings. Thus creating a heavy form of conflict in one’s being. Most use alcohol to combat pressure and then

proceed to fulfill the need. Then fill guilty and return to religion to sate the guilt. Thus the cycle continues.

Now let us look to the devout who never play into the game, but continue to deny them. These folks usually end up on the news or doing weird dangerous acts. This is done by the manipulation of psychological ego defense mechanisms either internal or spiritual. These are folks that the entities love to whisper to. The Ahrimani entities are aggressive in nature and can provoke quite a reaction out of somebody. They are trying to free this person from enslavement, but the person keeps fighting and contorts more till some type of destructive act occurs and freeing the individual. That may come in the form of suicide, murder, or other heinous acts. These acts are considered evil and evil inspired, but the reality of is, fighting the holy fight drives them into madness and evil.

If you learn to accept your animal nature and use it as tool, and learn to whisper back, wonderful changes can occur in your life. Learn to work with “evil” and you will wield power, fight with evil and it will wield power over you. Don’t become a spiritual or religious victim because the “holy law is such.” You decide by your own defined morality how far down the rabbit hole you will go and celebrate being a natural creature of the Earth that has attuned with the original denizens of Hell!

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