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FADE IN: A Star Wars-like title crawl heads to infinity: "Wishology: Episode III.

When we last left Timmy Turner he jumped into the Darkness. Okay! Now let's move on with the story..." PAN DOWN from the star field as the sky turns to morning light and we settle on TIMMY'S HOUSE. INT. TIMMY'S BEDROOM - MORNING TIMMY is <SNORING> away and talking in his sleep. TIMMY Chosen..Thunder..Weenies..DARKNESS! He wakes up with a <SNORT> and a jolt. HIS FAIRIES poof in. WANDA Look Cosmo, Timmy's okay! COSMO Let's celebrate! Poof! Cosmo wishes up a huge party. Big speakers <THUMP!> A DISCO BALL shines, a DJ spins, ABE LINCOLN dances (Britney Britney, Pink Elephants, etc.). Wanda covers Poof's ears. COSMO (CONT'D) (shouting) TOO BUMPIN'? Cosmo poofs away the party. TIMMY Cosmo, Wanda, Poof! I just had an awesome dream! I was on some blue moon with my friends, parents and you guys, and I kissed Trixie and jumped into the Darkness. And I kissed Trixie. Good dream. WANDA That wasn't a dream, Timmy! You did jump into the Darkness and defeated it once and for all.

TIMMY I defeated the Darkness? But I don't remember anything after kissing Trixie. I did kiss Trixie, didn't I? COSMO I'll say! A big squishy one! It was kinda gross. WANDA Then you jumped into the Darkness and your Chosen One powers caused it to explode. COSMO Or maybe it was your body odor. Here, I'll show you. Cosmo sniffs Timmy's pits and then <EXPLODES HIMSELF!> (NOTE: Throughout this scene there are small pzzaps and skips with characters and props that are not Timmy. It's not too noticeable. Timmy doesn't really pick up on anything.) WANDA Either way, you're a hero, Timmy! Jorgen erased everyone's memory, and the universe is back to normal. TIMMY And that's how I want it. "Normal." No more magic. No more super action double danger super wishes. COSMO Ha ha! I get it! A little Chosen One humor. Good one. But seriously - what is your next super action wish -- king of your own ape island?! POOF! Timmy's room is now A JUNGLE FILLED APE ISLAND with APES. An ape <PUMMELS> Timmy into his bed. COSMO (CONT'D) Too bumpin'? Wanda poofs it all away.

TIMMY No. I'm serious! Guys, after this whole adventure all I want is a typical normal day. Where evil robots don't try and eliminate me when someone shouts TIMMY TURNER! Timmy jumps under the bed and peeks out. Nothing. WANDA Your wish is our command! Timmy jumps out from under the bed. TIMMY I wish I had the most normal day ever! "Normal" Poof to INT. KITCHEN - MOMENTS LATER Timmy busts in the door. TIMMY Now I'm looking forward to a nice normal breakfast from my Mom. Mom turns from the stove - she looks horrifyingly tired. MOM Ahhhle-larg-glog.... TIMMY Ahhhh! Cosmo, Wanda and Poof, as SALT/PEPPER/NAPKIN HOLDERS, all react. Mom shuffles to the MICROWAVE. COSMO Well, that's what your Mom "normally" looks like in the morning. WANDA You had an automatic 7AM "Maternal Make-Over Wish" wish because you're mom is not a morning person.

Mom places a steaming pile of GOD KNOWS WHAT on the table. MOM Slarbar, blobbin... Cosmo smells it and <EXPLODES!> WANDA Want some eggs and sausage, Sweetie? Just say the word. TIMMY Nope. I can do this. I love my "normal" day. Timmy scoops up some of the bile and <EATS.> TIMMY (CONT'D) (through gritted teeth) Mmm... normal. DAD (O.S.) Oh Timmy! Dad barges in. He waves TWO GOLDEN TICKETS in the air. DAD (CONT'D) Guess what?! I just got two golden tickets for the Father/Son Crimson Chin convention! TIMMY Awesome! (realizing, to Wanda) Wait a minute, this is normal Dad, right? DAD But you have school today, so your Mom and I are going to have a blast without you! (sees Mom; girlish scream) Ahhhhhh! (back to Timmy) Meanwhile you'll need somebody to watch you until the bus gets here. TIMMY (scared) Oh no.

He opens the door. VICKY arrives and Mom and Dad exit. VICKY Ready to play dodge ball, Twerp! I couldn't find a ball, so we'll play with these flesh eating wolverines! Vicky holds out TWO WOLVERINES and <LAUGHS!> INT. SCHOOL - MOMENTS LATER Timmy is a scarred, chewed up mess with two wolverines still stuck to his butt and upper arm. KIDS point and <LAUGH!> Timmy opens his locker. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are a book, a ruler and a purple baseball. WANDA Had enough "normal?" TIMMY Nope. I'm loving it! 'Cuz nurturing two wolverines on my body and getting laughed at at school is still better than battling the Darkness. Timmy closes his locker and sees an angry FRANCIS. TIMMY (CONT'D) (nervous) Francis...hey. KAPOW! Timmy is punched o.s. <AHHHH!> CRASH! Timmy hits a LOCKER next to TRIXIE. TIMMY (CONT'D) (flirty) Trixie, heeeeyy. You don't perchance remember a sweet lip lock with me on a Blue Moon in space, do you? TRIXIE Help! Police! She runs away. TIMMY

That would be a no. Timmy turns. He bumps into Francis, who punches him. Timmy lands in INT. CROCKER'S CLASS - SAME WHAM! Timmy lands in a chair. It locks on his arms and ankles. CROCKER turns - is he a dentist with a drill? Close. CROCKER Turner! I've completed my on-line tattoo diploma! Now I can give you F's that only LASER SURGERY CAN REMOVE! Ahhahahaha!!! He fires up his INK DRILL. INT. CAFETERIA - LATER Timmy sits alone, with "F's" tattooed all over him, and wolverines still growling and attached. PULL WIDE to see nobody is sitting next to him in. ON: Timmy's lunch - it poofs into Cosmo (jell-o), Poof (cookie) and Wanda (milk). WANDA Eh-hem. TIMMY No...still loving my non-Darkness filled normal day. Francis arrives and punches Timmy o.s. EXT. SCHOOLYARD - SAME <AAAAAHHH!> WHAM! Timmy hits a TREE upside down. POOF! Our fairy squirrels arrive. TIMMY I GIVE UP! Forget normal. I was wrong waaaay wrong. I wanna start this day over. I don't want the most normal day ever. I wish I had the best day ever! WANDA

Now that's more like it! PZZAP! Wanda and Cosmo raise their wands. POOF! SFX: REWIND - we run backwards at hyperspeed through much of what we've just seen and end up back in Timmy's bedroom. INT. TIMMY'S BEDROOM - MORNING We join the first scene already in progress. Timmy sleeps. TIMMY Darkness...Francis...F-tats. Gah! Timmy jumps out of bed and sees a WATER SLIDE in his room. TIMMY (CONT'D) Water slide! Cooool. WANDA Welcome Timmy to your best day ever! COSMO I don't think you'll ever want to leave it! L...l...leave it. PZZAP! Cosmo skips a little bit? Timmy jumps down the slide! TIMMY Whoo-hooo! INT. KITCHEN - SECONDS LATER The water slide ends in the kitchen flinging Timmy into the air and into his chair. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poof up as hair dryers and blow Timmy dry. Mom turns around and she's GORGEOUS. MOM Good morning, best son ever! Mom leans in, places a plate of TIMMY SHAPED WAFFLES, EGGS, BACON, a MILK SHAKE and CUPCAKES in front of him. MOM (CONT'D) And here's the best breakfast ever!

POOF! Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are the CUPCAKES. TIMMY Oh, Timmy like! BOOM! Dad arrives holding TWO GOLDEN TICKETS. DAD (O.S.) Oh Timmy! I've got two tickets to the Father/Son Crimson Chin convention! TIMMY And...? DAD And why go to the convention when you can have the convention come to you?! Dad pulls out a REMOTE, presses it and the kitchen becomes a COMIC BOOK CONVENTION with CHIN COMICS and GOODIES galore. TIMMY Awesome! This is the best day ever! <BAM!> The door is kicked open by VICKY! She's holding two wolverines! VICKY Not for long, 'cuz it's time to play wolverine ball! Vicky whips her wolverines at Timmy but a TRAMPOLINE rises in front of him from the table and <BOING> the wolverines head back at Vicky. They knock her out the door. VICKY (O.S.) (CONT'D) Ahhh! Flesh eating Wolverines hurt! INT. SCHOOL - SECONDS LATER Timmy walks to school and smiles. KIDS love him. KID WALLA Hey Timmy!/Looking good! Timmy runs into Francis. Beat.

TIMMY (nervous) Francis...hey... Francis winds up to punch but <WHAPING!> A SAFE falls from the sky <CRUSHING HIM!> Timmy opens his locker and Trixie pops out of it! TRIXIE Hi best boyfriend ever! I moved in! I'll always be with you Timmy! She hugs Timmy. Timmy smiles. PUSH IN. MATCH DISSOLVE: PULL OUT as Crocker finishes tattoo'ing the same picture of Timmy on Trixie's arm. CROCKER Now get outta here you kooky love birds before something falls on me from the sky! WHAM! Francis falls from the sky and hits Crocker. Timmy looks at his FAIRY PENCILS in his pocket. WANDA Wait. There's more. WHAM! A GIANT CRATE OF "IMPORTED WOLVERINES" lands next to them. The door opens. The wolverines <GROWL!> CROCKER Wolverines - and THEY WANT TO EAT MY FLESH! AHHHHH! Crocker and Francis run away as the wolverines chase. TRIXIE And now for the best musical number ever! INT. CAFETERIA - SECONDS LATER INSERT MUSICAL PRODUCTION NUMBER HERE. It's "Best Wish Ever" song that crescendoes like the Lion King's "Can't wait to be king" with

Timmy and Trixie lifted high above the playground on top of an animal pyramid (happy wolverines in the last layer). Cosmo, Wanda and Poof doves flutter above them. TRIXIE This is the part in the song when we kiss. TIMMY I love this part! Trixie puckers up. Timmy puckers up. They move in for a kiss and KABLAM! Just before their lips meet, three ELIMINATOR WARRIORS crash the party on HOVER CHOPPERS! Trixie is startled and they fall off the animal pyramid. <AAAAHHHH-OOF!> Timmy hits the ground hard. ANIMALS run for cover. It's chaos. Timmy looks at his bird fairies. TIMMY (CONT'D) Uh, guys? I never wished for ELIMINATORS! Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poof normal. WANDA But Timmy. Neither did we! The Eliminators pull out BLASTERS and aim! ELIMINATOR Get the Chosen One. Timmy grabs two wolverines and Jedi flips in front of our dark intruders. TIMMY That's right, I'm the Chosen One, who is in the middle of his best day ever and already defeated the mighty Darkness twice and I'll do it again. ELIMINATOR Timmy Turner, you did not defeat the Darkness.... Eliminator #1 takes off his HELMET to reveal IT'S JORGEN!! JORGEN're in the Darkness! The other two Eliminators take off their HELMETS. It's COSMO and WANDA!!! POOF pops up from behind Wanda. He's in a BACKPACK. COSMO/WANDA/POOF Hi, Timmy!!!/Poof! THE CAMERA does a classic "Hitchcockian" PUSH IN/PULL OUT on Timmy's face. He turns and looks at the other Cosmo, Wanda and Poof. PZZAP! They short out a little. WANDA Don't believe them...d'd'don't believe them Timmy. POW! Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda blast the Cosmo, Wanda and Poof doves with a magic blast. JORGEN Turner! This is all an illusion designed to keep you distracted so you won't fulfill your Chosen One duties and destroy the Darkness once and for all! TIMMY No. It's not true. I've been in Dimmsdale having the best day ever. And I was about to kiss Trixie! Suddenly the scene PZZAPS and begins to short out. Timmy looks and sees Trixie morph into THE LEAD ELIMINATOR (LE). TIMMY (CONT'D) Oh, I'm really glad I didn't kiss Trixie. LEAD ELIMINATOR Stop Timmy Turner. JORGEN C'MON! Jorgen grabs Timmy and WHOOSH! Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda zoom away. Francis and other kids transform into Eliminators. ELIMINATORS The Chosen One must not escape.

They transform into HOVER-CRAFTS and pursue. ON TIMMY AND JORGEN - speeding through the streets. The world around them suddenly flickers and the Dimmsdale background goes away and becomes A DARK RED PULSATING VORTEX. TIMMY What's going on? Where are we?! JORGEN You have been taken to the heart of the Darkness, and I'm getting you out! Jorgen revs the bike and they zoom upwards into the sky! The red background gradually becomes black. THE GROUP OF ELIMINATORS suddenly catches up with them. LEAD ELIMINATOR Timmy Turner must stay!! ON THE SPINNING DARKNESS - its colors reversed from Hour 2 - it's light on the inside and dark on the outside. But now it starts to close. COSMO Hurry up! The portal is closing. The Eliminators all morph their arms into WEAPONS. The gang heads for the exit, but the Darkness starts closing. Here come the Eliminators. JORGEN Hang on to your chosen butt as I hit warp speed! Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda press buttons marked LIGHT SPEED and <PZZAP!> Their bikes zoom out of the tiniest of holes in the Darkness. TIMMY Ahhhhhhhh!!! REVERSE ANGLE ON REAL SPACE: WHOOOSH! The fairy hover bikes zoom out. Fire streaks through the sky and into infinity. Beat. Our heroes are gone! Whoosh! The Darkness opens again and Lead Eliminator exits with his minions. LE stops as he sees the flickering trail of Timmy's escape.

DARKNESS (whispery) Get Timmy Turner. LEAD ELIMINATOR Why? So you can keep him close to your heart and expose your one weakness? DARKNESS Do not question your creator. LEAD ELIMINATOR The Chosen One is not to be played with. He is to be eliminated or he will destroy us all. And if you won't destroy him, I will. DARKNESS Return to me now. Do as I say. The wind starts whipping. The Darkness tries to suck LE back. LEAD ELIMINATOR You are being foolish. I will not return! You cannot make me! He forms mega blasters on his arms and blasts at the Darkness. The black hole <SCREECHES AND REACTS TO THE PAIN!> LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) Timmy Turner must be eliminated! Suddenly a PLASMA BLAST shoots out of the Darkness and KAPOW! The Lead Eliminator is blasted into A MILLION PIECES! They sparkle and float off into space. ON: Eliminator's #1 and #2. DARKNESS Timmy Turner is not to be Eliminated. ELIMINATOR #1 No, no - we're cool. ELIMINATOR #2 Totally clear. DARKNESS Search every planet in the galaxy and find Timmy Turner.

The Darkness opens up wider and dozens of ELIMINATORS soar out from the it and scatter into space. ELIMINATORS Find Timmy Turner./Find Timmy Turner./Find Timmy Turner... EXT. TURNER HOUSE - DAY PAZHOOM! Timmy and his fairies arrive through a portal. Timmy hops off. Everyone's faces are stretched from the warp speed. TIMMY I wish our faces were normal. POOF! Everyone is normal. Timmy remains surprisingly calm. TIMMY (CONT'D) So. I never destroyed the Darkness; I was inside it living a fantasy. WANDA Yep. TIMMY And now that I'm out it's probably going to come back to get me. COSMO I'd put money on that. (to Wanda) Can I borrow some money? TIMMY And we're off to the Timmy cave, where my army is assembled and ready to battle the Darkness. JORGEN Shpingo! Jorgen pulls on the mailbox and they fall into a steep slide. INT. TIMMY CAVE - SAME

The rest of Timmy's pals are there manning the WAR ROOM: CHESTER, AJ, TRIXIE, DARK LASER, VICKY, MARK, MOM, DAD and Crocker. ALL Welcome back Timmy! CHESTER Thanks for saving us dude. DARK LASER We stand beside you in your quest to defeat the Darkness. Isn't that right Flipsie? (FLIPS - then laughs) WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO? Trixie arrives on her UNICORN. TRIXIE Timmy! I knew we'd be together again... Timmy puckers up and leans in for a kiss but... DAD (O.S.) Timmy! Dad picks him up and takes the kiss. MOM There's nothing wrong with giving your dad a man smooch, and we're glad to see you're safe, Chosen Son! Mom hugs and holds Timmy. TIMMY Mom, If you could gimme a second... Timmy gets out of the hug and goes to kiss Trixie, but Mark steps in SMOOCH! MARK CHANG Nice man-smooch, but dude we have a lot of work to do - like you must help me get my planet back! JORGEN

And help us free Fairyworld from the Eliminators and oh, yeah, stop the Darkness! TIMMY And that's what we're gonna do. Together. AJ, status report. AJ looks at a MONITOR OF SPACE. AJ No sign of the Darkness in our galaxy yet. Just a harmless meteor shower. ON THE MONITOR: we see a METEOR SHOWER heading toward Earth. TIMMY Good. This will give us time to prepare, because nothing is going to stop us from stopping the Darkness. EXT. DIMMSDALE BEACH - SAME LE is the meteor shower and the flaming meteor parts land in the water. They FIZZLE and release steam. The water bubbles and bubbles, and then LE rises from the water. He cracks his neck. <MUSIC SWELLS> as he walks toward camera. END ACT ONE!!!! FADE IN: Act II EXT. SPACE In the distance, it's all dark on the white frozen planet (think Hoth). WHOOSH - the Darkness appears. DARKNESS Where's Timmy Turner? EXT. VEGON 6 - SAME

Eliminators #5 & #6 land on the Blue Moon. In the distance we see the SECOND WAND in its CRYSTAL SCABBARD. #5 scans the area with a scanner. ELIMINATOR #1 The Chosen One has not returned to the Blue Moon of Vegon. They zoom away. EXT. FAIRY WORLD - DAY BARBED WIRE surrounds the area, and all the color has been removed from it. ELIMINATORS #7 and #8 scan the area. CLOSE ON THE WHITE WAND GUITAR being held by the TIMMY STATUE. It's now gray and wartorn. ELIMINATOR #7 He has not returned to Fairyworld. ELIMINATOR #8 Which is still totally under our control. PAN OVER to see FAIRIES, dressed in drab black and white striped outfits. They march through Fairy World by the Eliminators, chanting (like the monkey army in Wizard of Oz). ALL FAIRIES Oh-wee-oh - yoh-oh.... CLOSE ON: BINKY, CUPID and JUANDISSIMO as they march. CUPID Boy this song is really depressing! BINKY Everything's depressing since the Eliminators took over and shredded our wands. ON: Eliminators. They shred the last of the wands. JUANDISSIMO Yes, but there is one good thing to come out of all of this. CUPID

That nothing can crush our fairy spirit? JUANDISSIMO No. The fact that this poly-cotton blend cannot conceal my hotness. BOINK! His striped shirt rips open. EXT. HAWAII - SAME Two scanners lie discarded in the sand. PAN TO: Eliminator #1 and #2 sunning themselves under a palm tree sipping DRINKS. ELIMINATOR #1 We have not located the Chosen One on Earth yet ELIMINATOR #2 But we are looking hard. INT. TIMMY CAVE - SAME Timmy marches through the war room like a leader. TIMMY Okay, as Chosen One I'm open to all ideas on how to stop the Darkness. But first.... Timmy zips next to Trixie on her unicorn. Timmy closes his eyes and goes in for a kiss, but the unicorn lifts its head and Timmy kisses the unicorn. TIMMY (CONT'D) Okay. I'm gonna put getting that kiss on hold for a while. Now, we have to focus, get tough and get on our battle cry. EVERYONE (O.S.) Goochy-goochy-gooo.. TIMMY Not the best cry guys. ON: the gang. They are all watching Poof smile. He's in a CRIB looking up and smiling.

WANDA Oh, Timmy, Poof just woke up from his nap smiling. CROCKER Ah, Is there anything more joyous than the sweet semi-circle located right below a child's nose. VICKY If I was baby sitting that kid, I would never sic flesh eating wolverines on it. TIMMY Guys, we have to defeat the large spinning portal of death. JORGEN ONE MORE MINUTE! They turn and <AWWWWW.> DARK LASER That kid's smile is even cuter than Flipsie! (Flipsie flips) He is too. Look at that smile! AJ jumps in the COMMAND CHAIR. We see the locations of the first two wands. A Timmy Statue holds the first white wand, and the second wand stands lonely on the Blue Moon of Vegon. AJ Okay if you recall, the white wand blasted the Darkness with white fire but it came back, and the second wand just puffed a big wind and did nothing... TIMMY And... JORGEN That's all we got. Timmy <SLAPS> his head. TIMMY

Then HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT THE DARKNESS?! WANDA Easy Timmy because this time we're going to stay right by your side... COSMO you always have magic with you to help stop the Darkness! POOF! Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poof on Timmy as his pink Wanda HAT (only bigger), a Cosmo BACKPACK and a Poof PINWHEEL. Suddenly CRASH! Lead Eliminator drops into the Timmy cave. LEAD ELIMINATOR But it is I who will destroy the Darkness after I finally destroy you and your pathetic army, Timmy Turner. JORGEN Think again metal mouth! Jorgen raises his wand... TIMMY No, Jorgen don't because.... Lead Eliminator uses his vortex mouth and sucks up the wand. TIMMY (CONT'D) (bummed) ...they capture any weapon used against them... Suddenly the Lead Eliminator's hands transform into wands. TIMMY (CONT'D) And use it against us. JORGEN Even with your new power, I am not afraid of you. POOF! LE poofs a giant ICBM MISSILE onto Jorgen's back. JORGEN (CONT'D) Okay, maybe a little afraid.

ZOOOM! Jorgen blasts off and is gone. CROCKER Oh this is bad 'cuz he's bad and now he has fairy powers, and this is not going to end well. Lead Eliminator magic blasts most of Timmy's army: Mom, Dad, Vicky, Crocker, DL, Chester, AJ, and Trixie are gone. ALL GAH! LE turns to Timmy. LEAD ELIMINATOR Your army is eliminated. That just leaves you and the Darkness on my "things to Eliminate" list. Lead Eliminator points the wand at Timmy (but remember, Timmy's wearing Cosmo and Wanda). TIMMY I wish I was outta here! POOF! Timmy's gone! LEAD ELIMINATOR Man that kid's hard to destroy! (looks at wand hands) But, let's see what else these babies can do. EXT. TURNER HOUSE - SAME CRASH! LE blasts from the mailbox hole and lands with a SLAM on the ground. His arms transform into METAL DETECTORS that BEEP. LEAD ELIMINATOR Destroy Timmy Turner. He stomps down the road following the signal from his hands. INT. DIMMSDALE MALL - SAME

Poof! Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof arrive at the mall. (They are still in disguise mode). TIMMY We're at the mall? COSMO Well, you didn't say where you wanted go, and who doesn't love the mall? There's slacks, snacks, the TV Shack. In the window of "TV SHACK," we see footage of the Lead Eliminator walking through town (think Terminator), destroying it and blasting cars out of the way. CHET This is Chet U. Bethca saying a magic alien space robot is attacking Dimmsdale! And even though the world is in a panic... QUICK CUT TO: Shot of PEOPLE screaming in a panic. Chyron reads: "World in a panic!" PEOPLE Ahhhh! We're in a panic! QUICK BACK TO: Chet. CHET ...the Military Extraterrestrial Research facility assures us it's nothing to worry about. CUT TO - Talking heads of MERF AGENTS #1 AND #2. AGENT #1 There's nothing to be worried about. The robot is just a... AGENT #2 ...street sweeper. Behind them PEOPLE <RUN AND SCREAM!> LE walks through frame. Blasting cars away. AGENT #1 Ooh, good one.

AGENT #2 Yes it's a new "hi-tech" street sweeper But MERF is quickly assembling a task force to come up with better lies. Bye. They dash out of frame. BACK ON: Chet. CHET Well whatever that thing is...this is Chet U. Betcha saying if you're near the mall, get ready to be street sweeped to your doom! BACK ON - Timmy with a nervous look on his face. TIMMY Did he say - mall? PZZZAP! The mall disappears leaving Timmy feeling exposed. The Lead Eliminator lands. LE holds out his metal detector arms. They <beep super fast> - he's found his target. LEAD ELIMINATOR Guess who wished up a Timmy Turner Tracker? I love having magic. WHOOSH! His Timmy Trackers transform back into hands. TIMMY Yeah, but I defeated you once before and I'll defeat you again with my mighty Chosen One hand shake of death! Timmy jumps up and shakes his hand. Nothing. He shakes again. TIMMY (CONT'D) I'm shaking your hand. It's the hand shake of death. And you're not exploding. WHY NO YOU GO BOOM?! The Eliminator flings Timmy off - <SPLAT!> Timmy lands hard on the ground knocking off Cosmo, Wanda and Poof who transform into their normal selves when they hit the floor. DESTRUCTONATOR

That may have worked when I was controlled by the Darkness, but now I control myself. With even more awesome power! LE's hands transform into wands. He aims them at Timmy. COSMO That's it! You hurt my baby, my wife and my god-child and most importantly me! You have awakened a giant, my friend! So face my awesome powers! POOF! Cosmo poofs into a 20 FT BRIGHT GREEN GODZILLA! COSMO (CONT'D) I can wish myself into Cos-zilla! Or...taste the destructive might of the mighty Cosmo-Bot! SLAM! Cosmo smashes down the Lead Eliminator. He's crushed like a tin can, except for the two wand hands sticking up. WANDA Is it me, or is that kinda hot? COSMO And two wands? That's nothing! The mighty Cosmo-bot can wish up a million wands! POOF! Cosmo is covered in wands! He's on a roll. COSMO (CONT'D) And you make one mall disappear. Ha! I can make a million wands disappear. POOF! All the wands are gone. Cosmo shrinks back to normal, next to Wanda. Wanda's wand is gone too. COSMO (CONT'D) Wow, that could be my biggest screw up ever. Wanda <SMASHES COSMO> like a tin can. WANDA WE DON'T HAVE ANY MAGIC!

POOF! The Lead Eliminator rises again from his crushed state. TIMMY Man, I hate being the Chosen One. LEAD ELIMINATOR I know I've said this before, and frankly I'm getting tired of saying it but - finally I will eliminate the Chosen One. His wands glow strong and...KAPOW! Lead Eliminator is blasted backward! He crashes into a building. LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) Unbelievable. Timmy looks behind him. DOWN THE ROAD stands MERF with a complete MOBILE ARMY arsenal behind them (tons of Rockets, Mobile Missile Trucks, Tanks, etc.). MERF Agent #2 talks into a mega-phone. MERF #2 Okay Alien street sweeper thing. Taste the destructive might of MERF! MERF #1 Ready, Aim... Timmy runs in. TIMMY Stop! MERF #2 (angry) Well, well if it isn't Timmy Turner. (not angry) Okay, now stand back. We have to destroy this thing. Lead Eliminator shakes off the rubble and rises. TIMMY But if you blast him, he'll just absorb the weapons and use them against you! MERF #1

You're saying that thing is a sentient being that converts any negative stimuli it encounters into its own destructive conscription? TIMMY Um, yes? AGENT #2 What do you know? You're just a stupid kid. We're totally cool top secret agents with a totally cool Escape Probe in case this goes horribly wrong. He holds up the KEYS to the Escape Probe. The ESCAPE PROBE is next to them. AGENT #1 But it won't 'cuz we're gonna launch every weapon, missile and kitchen sink we've built since 1952 and blast it back to wherever it came from. ANGLE ON MOBILE DEFENSE TRUCKS: MISSILES rise into position. SOLDIERS with ROCKET LAUNCHERS take aim. A GIANT KITCHEN SINK rises from a PLUMBING TRUCK. AGENT #2 We call it "Operation: Blow that thing up." It's gonna be awesome. Agent #2 starts eating POPCORN. TIMMY I'm telling you, you can't fire. AGENT #1 Fire! Agent #1 presses a BUTTON and the bombs and missiles fly at the Lead Eliminator. It's a blitz! Lead Eliminator opens his mouth wide and sucks in all the weapons. LE begins to shake. Electric sparks fly inside LE. AGENT #1 (CONT'D) Okay, here comes the blowy-uppy part.

<SWALLOW!> Then LE begins to morph and grow into a gigantic DESTRUCTONATOR! Missile legs, truck parts for arms and tanks for feet, etc. He grows like a big ol' Transformer - 50 ft tall. Agent #1 and #2 look up. Agent #2 drops his popcorn. AGENT #2 Huh. The kid was right. AGENT #1 We should probably get to the Escape Probe - and where are the keys? They turn and Timmy is already inside the MERF escape probe. Timmy smiles and waves. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are in it. Agents #1 and #2 bang on the glass. AGENT #2 No fair! No fair! INT. MERF ESCAPE PROBE - COCKPIT - SAME Timmy's in the pilot seat. WANDA Timmy what are you doing? ON: the Giant Eliminator. His hands transform into the Timmy Trackers. They BEEP and he turns. LE POV - Timmy is located in its Terminator-like eyesight. LEAD ELIMINATOR Turner... He starts taking giant loud steps toward the escape probe. The BEEPS are getting quicker and louder. TIMMY I call this "Operation: Save Our Butts!" Timmy hits a LAUNCH BUTTON. WHOOSH! Timmy zooms away and right between LE's legs. LE turns and his Timmy Tracker <starts beeping slower and slower then doesn't beep.> LEAD ELIMINATOR HA! The Chosen One has fled your world allowing it to become MY WORLD!

Lead Eliminator forms his wand hands, holds them up then shoves them into the ground. Suddenly the ground starts turning metallic and robotic. It spreads out in a circle. The street and trees become shiny metal. AGENT #1 Okay, time for "Operation: Run!" All the agents and soldiers run, but the metal virus catches them and turns them into robots too! ROBO-AGENT #2 We are at your command, oh great street sweeper of doom. LEAD ELIMINATOR Call me the DESTRUCTONATOR! EXT. TIMMY'S HOUSE - SAME WHOOSH! The metal virus sweeps down Timmy's street. Beat. AT HAWAII - SAME Eliminators #1 and #2 are still relaxing on the beach, but a giant metal wave is coming toward them. ELIMINATOR #1 I hear Fairyworld is nice this time o' year. ELIMINATOR #2 Let's go. WHOOSH! They take off and the metal wave splashes down. The beach is metal. SPLAT! Finally, Jorgen lands from his rocket excursion just missing the metal wave so he's not turned into a robot. JORGEN That is what I call heavy metal. And where are you, Chosen One? EXT. SPACE - SAME The metal finishes covering the Earth - turning it into a Lead Eliminator world (even his face appears on the planet).

INT. MERF PROBE - SAME CLOSE ON: Timmy. TIMMY Nooooooo!!! WANDA Timmy, there's no going back... COSMO And there's no going forward! Oh wait, yes there is. But we don't have wands. Poof gives Timmy a hug and a smile. POOF Poof! TIMMY Don't worry, there's still magic left in the universe! WANDA You mean the magic of a warm friendly smile? TIMMY Eh, no. Operation "Get the wand on the Blue Moon of Vegon" is under way! Poof smiles and looks at Timmy. TIMMY (CONT'D) But Poof's smile is pretty magical. Timmy types in "Vegon system." Timmy punches a THRUST BUTTON. EXT. SPACE - SAME WHOOSH! The MERF PROBE shoots across space and warps into a LIGHT SPEED PORTAL. EXT. HOTH - SAME

ON: a frozen planet. BOOM! BOOM! Two eliminators land, and their scanners <bleep and blip.> They talk into wrist-coms. ELIMINATOR #9 No sign of Timmy Turner on the Iced Planet of Hoth. EXT. SPACE - SAME The Darkness spins in the voice of space. DARKNESS Where are you Timmy? EXT. BLUE MOON OF VEGON 6 - LATER Suddenly...<CRASH!> The MERF Probe crashes. The door plops open and our heroes roll out dazed and confused. WANDA Great landing, Tex. TIMMY Hey I'm the Chosen One not a pilot! COSMO But look! Magic.... ON: the Second Wand still stuck in the crystal scabbard. TIMMY And here's the plan: we're gonna grab that wand, head back to Earth, use it's magic to crush the Destructonator and then show the Darkness the way to the lightness. VOICE (O.S.) The plan won't work... The gang turns. Suddenly out of the shadows of a ridge comes TURBO THUNDER. He's a bit beaten down by the elements. TURBO THUNDER That's not what that wand is for.

TIMMY/WANDA/COSMO Turbo Thunder! TURBO THUNDER And if you want to know it's true purpose, we must work together. TIMMY Well Forget it. You had your chance and you left me on Thunder World to get sucked up by the Darkness! So stand back - I'm taking this puppy with me! Timmy grabs the shaft of the wand and pulls - <HUMPH!> TIMMY (CONT'D) It won't budge. TURBO THUNDER It's not supposed to budge; it's supposed to light our way. Turbo Thunder takes Timmy's hand off the wand. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Being on this moon with nobody to talk to but that rock over there ON A ROCK: it looks like WILSON from "Castaway." TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) -- gave me time to think about humility, honor, lunch and how that stupid wand works - and I realize it doesn't work for me. He grabs Timmy, walks away from the wand and places him on two "T's" in front of the wand. TIMMY What's with the two T's? The two "T's" sink slightly into the ground. The ground <RUMBLES!> TURBO THUNDER Don't question - just smile.

EXT. SPACE - SAME We see the dark side of the moon rotate to the light side of the moon. EXT. BLUE MOON OF VEGON 6 - SAME Suddenly the moon starts to turn and the glowing beginnings of a sunrise appear on the rocky horizon. WANDA The sun is rising! The dark side of the moon is becoming light! It gets brighter. ON TIMMY: his face is getting brighter. His eyes get wider. Suddenly... ON the horizon a bright ray of sunlight bursts through a crevasse in the rock. ON TIMMY: The beam shines off his buck teeth and back at the wand. Suddenly the Star Crater lowers like a platform elevator (the wand remains outside like a big flag pole). COSMO Ahh we're moving! I hope this is a good thing! ON TIMMY: he stands next to Turbo Thunder. TT puts a hand on Timmy's shoulder as a yellow glow comes over Timmy. REVERSE ON: the crater lowers into an Oz type wonderland with FAIRY WAND FIELDS, LUSH FORESTS, VINES and a TRAINING DOME. Birds fly and streams gurgle. It's paradise. WANDA Oh it's a very good thing. Turbo Thunder points Timmy toward a ROCK WALL. It's a wall not unlike the cave prophecy. It has some VINES on it. We see a CAVE DRAWING of the Chosen One standing in the middle of a triangle formation of THREE WANDS. The first Guitar wand, the second Blue Wand and now a crystal-like wand. TIMMY I have to find another wand! Push into the image of TT in the middle of the three wands.

FADE OUT. END ACT II... ACT III! INT. BLUE MOON OF VEGON CAVE - SAME Timmy looks at the new prophecy. TIMMY THERE'S ANOTHER WAND?! TURBO THUNDER And you have to find it. Because seeing your teeth open the cave, I realize now I have been replaced as the Chosen One. Cosmo rolls in the FIELD OF WANDS and grabs one. COSMO But look, there's thousands of wands. We're magical again! I have awesome powers again. Stand back! With an explosive POOF - Cosmo poofs up - AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH. WANDA An ice cream sandwich? Cosmo grabs and eats. COSMO Yeah, you want one? WANDA Gimme that. Wanda grabs the wand from Cosmo and POOF! She poofs away all the ivy from the wall revealing THE FINAL PROPHECY . TURBO THUNDER It's the final prophecy. MYSTIC WORDS are scribbled on the wall. It reads... TIMMY

"To end the dark with the power thrice the last wand lies inside Earth's ice." ON: the drawing. The first wand has flames, the second spins with wind and the Ice Wand is below the drawing of Timmy. TURBO THUNDER The Ice Wand completes the magic triad, and when combined with the White Fire Wand on Fairy World and the Wind Wand here on Vegon... ON THE WALL: we see a drawing of the three wands blasting their magic together into the Darkness. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) It will emit a gazillion mega-ton burst of magic that will destroy the Darkness, ridding it from the universe forever. TIMMY Great. But how do we find a wand "in the ice," when the Earth is covered in metal?! ON THE WALL: we see cryptic drawings of Turbo Thunder and Timmy (smaller than TT) together for the first time. TURBO THUNDER Because I'm going to train you Timmy, then we will head back to Earth, and...what do you mean the Earth is covered in metal? It doesn't show that here. Do you see metal Earth on the wall!? Suddenly the cave prophecy glows and burns with the image of the Destructonator/Earth with his face on it. TIMMY The Prophecy changes! TURBO THUNDER Looks that way. So we must change. "Operation: Train Timmy to defeat the Robot Dude then Melt the Metal of Earth, (inhales) So We Can Find the Ice Wand to

LIGHT THE DARKNESS" is under way! WHO'S WITH ME?! COSMO And if it means saving the universe, I, Cosmo, will eat every ice cream sandwich in the world to find the final wand. He poofs up a ton of ICE CREAM SANDWICHES and unwraps one. WANDA It says the wand is hidden in "ice" not ice cream sandwich. COSMO Yes it does. Seeeeee, it changed... ON THE WALL - We see scribbled "...crem sammich" after "ice." WANDA You just wrote that. And you spelled it wrong. Cosmo is caught CHALK handed. COSMO Okay, busted, but I'll never give up my ice crem sammiches! POOF! Cosmo dives into a PILE OF ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. Turbo Thunder puts his arm around Timmy. TURBO THUNDER I can see why you were mistaken for me as the Chosen One, Timmy. You and I have a lot in common. My world, like yours, was destroyed by the Darkness. WANDA You want me to wish you up some wavy lines? TURBO THUNDER That would be great. WAVY LINE TRANSITION TO:

EXT. WONDERWORLD - DAY It's a great big Earth meets Fairy World type world. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) I was just a boy loving life on my home planet of WonderWorld. PEOPLE float, run and frolic. We find a YOUNG TURBO THUNDER in the park with his PARENTS (MOM & DAD). TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) It was a magical place full of wonders not unlike your Fairy World. We had powers, some strong, some not so strong. Turbo Thunder's Dad lights the PICNIC CANDLE with a small thunder pit. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) It was a peaceful life, until the day...the Darkness arrived. Turbo Thunder narrates his parents dialogue. Dad points up at the Darkness. It arrives on the horizon. TURBO THUNDER (AS DAD) (CONT'D) What is that? It's dark and scary. TURBO THUNDER (AS MOM) (CONT'D) It must want to eat us! Suddenly BOMBS AND MISSILES from the side of the screen shoot up toward the Darkness. Kaboom! Kapow! Kawow! TURBO THUNDER (AS DAD) (CONT'D) Thank goodness our wondrous planet is blasting the snot out of it. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) But it didn't work. Soon the Eliminators arrived - and took the only love I knew. Young Turbo Thunder hides behind a TREE and sees his parents get sucked into the Eliminator's vortex mouths. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Noooooo!

The Darkness then starts eating WonderWorld. The ground starts shaking. Young Turbo thunder starts to shake. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) The force of the Darkness swallowing my planet caused it to break apart... FROM OUTER SPACE: WonderWorld breaks apart (like Krypton). TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) ...hurtling me through space. A chunk of land with Young TT on it flies in outer space. CUT TO - A PINK PLANET. WHOOSH, TT's chunk of rock heads toward the planet. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) Then I landed on a deserted pink planet... EXT. THUNDER WORLD - SAME The young turbo thunder gets off his piece of WonderWorld. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) ...where I swore I would train myself, perfect my wonder-powers... WHAM! A young TT flips in the air and chops down a tree. KAPOW! He releases small thunder pits and smashes a rock. WHOOSH! He swings on vines and swoops out of frame. He lands - but this time as a MAN. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) And get my revenge on the Darkness. He then claps his hands together creating a "THUNDER CLAP!" BACK IN THE SUB BLUE-MOON CAVERN Timmy looks mesmerized. TIMMY

And when you seized nature's sonic powers, you dubbed yourself Turbo Thunder. TURBO THUNDER Hang on. I'm not done. EXT. THUNDER WORLD - FLASHBACK Turbo Thunder catches a FLIER falling from the sky. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) Then I received an invitation to a "Chosen One Competition" in a land called Fairy World. ON THE FLYER: In American Idol font it says, "Chosen One." EXT. ANCIENT FAIRY WORLD - LATER OUTSIDE A THEATER: Turbo Thunder waits in a huge line of would-be buff and not so buff HEROES. INT. THEATER - MOMENTS LATER AT A TABLE - THE FOUR ELDERS sit like American Idol judges. ON THE STAGE: A GIANT OGRE. He pulls out a BOW and ARROW. ON: Elder #1 with an APPLE on his head. The Ogre shoots and hits Elder #2 (sitting next to Elder #1) right in the chest. ELDER #2 Next! ON THE STAGE: A CENTAUR tap dances and gives a big finish. ELDER #1 Next! ON THE STAGE: Turbo Thunder arrives. He seems nervous but whips up some THUNDER PITS and shoots them o.s. OUTSIDE THE THEATER - BOOM! The theater explodes. Four Elder's hands pop up from the rubble with their "Thumbs Up."

TURBO THUNDER It was THERE that I became Turbo Thunder. The Elders wanted me to have a cool actiony name. CROSS FADE TO - Thunder World - then pan up a huge PINK MTN. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) Then I perched myself on the highest peak of Thunder World and waited for the Darkness to return so I could seek my revenge. AT THE TOP OF THE PEAK: we see the heroic Turbo Thunder looking up at the STARS. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) And I waited...and waited... CUT BACK TO: INT. THE SUB-BLUE MOON OF VEGON 6 - SAME ON: Timmy. TIMMY And then you fell asleep and missed your calling. Turbo Thunder snaps out of his dream-like reminiscing. TURBO THUNDER You would have too if you sat on the highest peak on Thunder World for 12 eons. Do you know how long an eon is? TIMMY Alright, I'm sorry. TURBO THUNDER But I have accepted my fate as the former Chosen One who slept through his destiny, and as the new Chosen One, you must now accept yours. For Timmy Turner, I am...

Turbo looks to Timmy and holds out his hand. TIMMY Whoa, you're not going to tell me that you're my father are you? TURBO THUNDER No! No. I am going to help you! Then TT pulls a LEVER on the wall where <MUSIC STARTS.> TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) I will make you stronger, faster and so powerful that you will be able to crush the metal robot dude, and then crush the Darkness. TIMMY Look out Robo Dork and Darkness - it's time you met Turbo Timmy. Timmy <RIPS> off his shirt. TIMMY (CONT'D) I can't believe I did that again. (to Wanda) I wish I had some clothes. TURBO THUNDER No. You wish you had Turbo Clothes. BOOM! Turbo Thunder pulls out his old TURBO THUNDER SUIT when he was a kid. He slaps it on Timmy. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Now, let's get to work. EXT. METAL-EARTH - SAME ON: The Lead Eliminator sits between buildings like their a giant throne (note: LE is now the DESTRUCTONATOR). DESTRUCTONATOR I said get to work! ROBO-AGENT #1 AND #2 direct TRUCKS through the shot.

ROBO-AGENT #1 AND #2 Yes, oh great Destructonator. DESTRUCTONATOR I want my ultimate secret Darkness destroying weapon finished! ON: Robo agents directing traffic. Suddenly Jorgen arrives. He's made himself into a mock robot (garbage can body, dryer vent arms, foil on his head etc.). He's spying. JORGEN (robot speak) Bede-bede-I am a robot just like you. What is our assignment? ROBO-AGENT #2 We are turning the Earth into the Destructonator's surprise weapon. JORGEN I love being a robot - beedee beedee and what is the surprise? WHAM! The Destructonator arrives and picks Jorgen up! DESTRUCTONATOR Oh just an Earth filled with 20 million gigatons of explosives that the destroy the Darkness. JORGEN Explosives will not destroy the Darkness it will only use the new weapons against you. DESTRUCTONATOR Not when the explosives detonate in the heart of the Darkness. It's one true weak spot. JORGEN But the Darkness will never let any weapons enter it's heart. DESTRUCTONATOR

No, but it will let Timmy Turner! A-ha-haah... EXT. SUB-BLUE MOON OF VEGON - SAME Timmy and Turbo Thunder swing from VINES. TURBO THUNDER Come on Timmy. You can do it! Timmy does a flip and catches another vine. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) The Destructonator will be quick. You need to be quicker. <GAH!> Timmy swings and slams right into a TREE. CRASH! WHIP PAN TO - Turbo Thunder rolls GIANT BOULDERS down a hill. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) He will be fast, and you need to be faster. Timmy dodges a few giant boulders (like Mario in a Wii game) but then <GAH!> He's nailed. WHIP PAN TO - Timmy struggles and climbs up a ROCK WALL with a ROPE. Turbo Thunder is at the top holding it. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) His will is strong, yours must be Next to TT Wanda swings Poof in a VINE SWING. Poof is smiling. Turbo Thunder looks and drops the rope. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Oh, look at that smile. TIMMY (O.S.) Ahhhhhh!!!! Turbo Thunder makes smiley faces at the cute Poof. TURBO THUNDER I could look at that smile all day.

WANDA I know it's like nothing else in the world matters. COSMO Where's Timmy? CUT TO BOTTOM OF THE RIDGE: SPLAT! Timmy lands hard. POOF! Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Turbo Thunder arrive. TURBO THUNDER Oooh, sorry there C-1. I kinda got distracted by that smile. TIMMY (smooshed) I need a rest. TURBO THUNDER There is no resting when your world has been turned to metal and a Destructonator awaits your return. Now get up! Turbo Thunder pulls Timmy up. His face is flat. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Now wish your face wasn't flat. TIMMY I wish my face wasn't flat. ON: the MERF space probe. It's still smashed up. Turbo Thunder turns Timmy toward it. TURBO THUNDER Now, finally the Destructonator will be forceful; you need more force. Timmy tries to go Jedi on the probe but it won't rise. He struggles to try and raise it. TIMMY (Struggles...struggles)...gah. TURBO THUNDER No! No! Like this! Come on.

Turbo Thunder closes his eyes. Holds out his hands, raises the ship and even fixes it. It's perfect. TIMMY Well I can't do that stuff! I don't have "special" powers like you. I'm just a normal Earth boy. TT snaps out of his trance. TURBO THUNDER What? The probe crashes back to the ground. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) You don't have special powers?! How are you going to stop the Darkness? TIMMY That's what you're supposed to teach me. TURBO THUNDER You can't teach special powers! You are the worst chosen one ever. TIMMY Yeah, I've heard that. TURBO THUNDER Oh I really was hoping I wouldn't have to do this.... Turbo Thunder grabs Timmy's hands and looks right at him. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Close your eyes. TIMMY Dude, I'm a little uncomfortable with this. Suddenly, a glowing power surge builds in TT's feet then spreads up his body into his hands. TURBO THUNDER Suns and storms and flight for hours, I transfer to you - my turbo powers!

WHOOSH! TT'S POWER SURGES, and Timmy is engulfed in the glow. The two rise in the air. Hold. Timmy then swells up big like TT, and they spin together like a tornado. When it's done the two fall back to the ground. Timmy is his normal size again. Weakened from the power transfer, TT collapses. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) (weary) I'm really going to miss my thunder pits. Timmy snaps out of a trance. WANDA Timmy are you okay? TIMMY I feel kinda weird. ON: Cosmo looking sick. COSMO I hear ya. I think I ate too many ice crem sammiches. TIMMY I can't believe it. You transferred your powers to me? TURBO THUNDER Now you have the powers of the Chosen One and can defeat the Darkness. TIMMY Timmy's Turbo Thunder Pits activate! Timmy holds up his arms and TWO THUNDER BALLS form in his pits and WOOSH into his hands. The Thunder balls shoot away and crush the big rocky tower. BOOM! TIMMY (CONT'D) Awesome! Now let's do this. TURBO THUNDER Just a few more things. COSMO

Like wishing Turbo Timmy up some turbo deodorant. TURBO THUNDER No. EXT. BLUE MOON OF VEGON - SECONDS LATER The star platform rises. Timmy and gang are on the surface. TURBO THUNDER Use your thunder clap to light the wand of wind, Timmy. Timmy holds up his arms and claps above his head. KABOOM. Thunder balls hit the wand but nothing happens. WANDA Oh no it didn't work! TURBO THUNDER Actually you have to thunder clap twice. CLAP! CLAP! KABOOM! Suddenly the wand glows and spins like a magic pinwheel. THE WIND IS HUGE. TIMMY (loud) Now to Earth? TURBO THUNDER No. We need to make one little stop and get you an army. Turbo Thunder holds up TWO GIANT BAGS OF WANDS. EXT. FAIRY WORLD - SAME It's still dark and depressing. The Fairies still SING the depressing song and march. Eliminators #1 and #2 watch from their lounge chairs sipping drinks. ELIMINATOR #1 Man, that song is depressing. ELIMINATOR #2

Yeah but the weather here is great. PLINK - something falls from the sky. ELIMINATOR #1 Oh no. Is it raining? PLINK - another thing falls from the sky. And another. He reaches down and picks up a WAND. ELIMINATOR #2 No. Much worse. They look up. In the sky, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda with Poof and TT have SACKS OF GOLDEN WANDS (note: Turbo Thunder flies the MERF space probe). TIMMY Hey, you guys haven't seen a world full of imprisoned fairies who could use some magic, have you? ON: Cupid, Jaundissimo and others. CUPID Look up in the sky. It's the Chosen One! Timmy and company dump WANDS down on Fairy World. JUANDISSIMO And it's raining wands... WANDS fall. Jaundissimo catches one and looks at his reflection in the golden star. JUANDISSIMO (CONT'D) ...which I admit is the only thing prettier than me! Timmy lands. TIMMY Remember, you can't use magic directly on an Eliminator, or they will use it against us. CUPID Then we'll just use the magic indirectly.

Cupid turns and blasts a hole beneath Eliminators #1 and #2! <AHHHH!> They fall in. A BAND OF ELIMINATORS charge into the scene. Their arms turn to BLASTERS. JUANDISSIMO Oh, I see where you are going with this. POOF! 10 pink elephants poof next to Juandissimo. JUANDISSIMO (CONT'D) Get 'em boys! Elephants <BLOW THEIR TRUNKS> and STOMP the Eliminators. But suddenly Eliminators land everywhere: 3 more, 4, 8. WIDE ON: the center of Fairyworld. All fairies back into a corner. COSMO There's too many of them - they're gonna blast us. WANDA Timmy, what do we do? The Eliminators draw their weapons. Timmy grabs poof and... TIMMY Time to enact "Operation: cootchycootchy-cooo. (to Poof) Cootchy coo. Cootchy-cootchy cooo. TURBO THUNDER Timmy we need to disarm the enemy, not play with the baby. Timmy turns Poof and holds him up to the Eliminators. Poof smiles big. The Eliminators drop their blaster arms and melt. ELIMINATORS Awwwwww. ELIMINATOR #6 Who's got the cutest smile in the universe? TIMMY Now that they are disarmed. (leans to Wanda)

I wish there was a giant hole underneath them. POOF! A hole appears under the Eliminators. They fall. ELIMINATORS Ahhhhhhhh!!!! They are gone. JUANDISSIMO Yes! We are free! Jaundissimo rips his shirt off. JUANDISSIMO (CONT'D) I never get tired of that. CUPID Well I do. TURBO THUNDER Timmy, light the white wand of fire! Timmy <DOUBLE CLAPS> and KABOOM! Timmy lights the wand on the TIMMY STATUE. The warmth from the flame then spreads over Fairy World. It's a happy place again. FAIRIES <CHEER!> CUPID And now Fairyworld is free! RRRRRIP! Jaundissimo rips off his shirt again. CUPID (CONT'D) That was completely unnecessary. Timmy lands in front of HIS NEW ARMY. JUANDISSIMO Timmy, what's the plan? Will I need my shirt off - like this? <RRIIIP> - Juandissimo's shirt pops off. Cupid <SIGHS.> CUPID

And now it's annoying. TIMMY It's time for "Operation: We-need-to-findthe-Ice-Wand-but-the-Earth-has-beenturned-metal-by-a-rogue-Eliminator-whomust-be-stopped-first." JUANDISSIMO Good plan. Long but good. TIMMY Wands up! The fairies hold their wands up and let out a <BATTLE CRY!> TIMMY (CONT'D) To Earth! WHOOSH! Timmy's TURBO SUIT IGNITES and he leads all the fairies into space. Wanda and Cosmo follow. Turbo Thunder's Merf Probe ZOOMS away. Cupid, Juandissmio and the other fairies WHOOSH away! Once clearing frame, we see a hole in the ground. Eliminator #2 and #1 climb out. ELIMINATOR #1 This is Eliminator 1. The Chosen One has been spotted... EXT. FAR AWAY SPACE - SAME The Darkness spins alone. It gets a message. ELIMINATOR #2 (V.O.) He's on his way to Earth.... THE DARKNESS Eaaarrrtthhhhh... ON THE DARKNESS: it's huge! WHOOSH. It's gone. FADE OUT & END ACT III... ACT IV! EXT. METAL-EARTH - SAME

The Destructonator holds Jorgen like a rag doll and plucks off his wings. DESTRUCTONATOR The Fairy flies...the fairy flies not. He drops the unwinged Jorgen and lands on the metal ground. CLINK! JORGEN What are you going to do to me now? Turn me into a robot? Suddenly the METAL around Jorgen morphs and forms into a CHAIR that locks him in with BRACKETS. DESTRUCTONATOR No. I'm going to give you a front row seat as the Earth and the Chosen One are swallowed into the heart of the Darkness and then kabloey! No more Darkness and no more Chosen One. ROBOT-AGENTS #1 and #2 arrive. The last MOBILE ICBM TRUCK drives into the Earth hole. It crashes into other trucks piled up out of it. The Earth is filled with missile trucks. ROBO-AGENT #2 Earth is ready for detonation. ROBO-AGENT #1 Here is your detonator, Destructonator. Robo-Agent #1 gives the Destructonator the DETONATOR. ROBO-AGENT #2 Hey that rhymes - cool. JORGEN Yeah, but your plan has one small problem - the Darkness is not here! Suddenly - WHOOSH! The Darkness appears on the horizon. JORGEN (CONT'D) Okay, but you are still without the Chosen One! WHOOSH! Timmy arrives in his thunder suit.

TIMMY Hey Jorgen. Jorgen turns to the Destructonator. JORGEN Hey, what do you say we just go with the turning me into a robot thing? DESTRUCTONATOR Timmy Turner, I've been waiting for you! And so has the Darkness. EXT. SPACE - SAME The Darkness speaks. DARKNESS Timmy Turner... Back on Jorgen - trapped in the chair. JORGEN Turner! The Earth is filled with explosives, and he's going to use the planet to destroy the Darkness! Which I'm totally on board with, but the part I hate is that I'm strapped to this chair heading toward my own destruction. TIMMY The only thing getting destroyed today is you, Destructonator. Suddenly the METAL GROUND around Timmy GROWS ARMS and captures him. He's immobile and sits next to Jorgen. DESTRUCTONATOR Think again - Chosen One. JORGEN Eh, I think you might have walked into a trap. DESTRUCTONATOR Now you both have front row seats to your doom.

TIMMY Oh, don't worry. I can stop this. DESTRUCTONATOR Oh yeah, you and what army? Suddenly BLAST! A laser hits the ground and the metal begins to peel away! We see the green grass of Dimmsdale again. The Destructonator looks up. CIRCLING THE EARTH (like a ring of Saturn), the fairies blast magic down to Earth. ON THE FAIRIES: Cupid, Juandissimo and Binky are among them. CUPID Blast it loud and proud, fairies! (To Juandissimo) And don't rip off that shirt. JUANDISSIMO You mean like this?! RRRRRRIP! ON THE EARTH More Metal goes away, and Timmy and Jorgen's chairs go too. They are free! BOOM! The Destructonator lands next to Timmy. DESTRUCTONATOR You are forgetting, Chosen One, that I have the power of magic too! The Destructonator holds up his wand hands and poof! He creates 10 MORE DESTRUCTONATORS. TIMMY Yeah, but do you have Thunder Pits? Timmy raises his hands. He forms TWO ENERGY BALLS that fly at the Destructonator-Clones and KAPOW! Timmy blasts 'em away. JORGEN Don't take this the wrong way, Turner, but I love you. Timmy looks up at the Destructonator.

TIMMY Y'know for a guy who was supposed to eliminate me, you stink. DESTRUCTONATOR I will eliminate you, Chosen One. TIMMY Well then, you have to catch me first. ROCKETS pop out of Timmy's Turbo Suit, and he takes off. The Destructonator shoots ROCKETS out of his feet and chases Timmy off into space. EXT. SPACE - SAME Turbo Thunder floats with the fairies. In the distance, we see the fiery streaks of Timmy and the Destructonator. TURBO THUNDER The plan is working. Timmy has led the Destructonator off the planet. WANDA Now to find the final wand in the ice! COSMO Fairies! Dive! QUICK: ICE SEARCH MONTAGE STAPLES CENTER - A HOCKEY GAME is playing. Wanda poofs over it. She waves her wand and POOF! The ice disappears. FANS/PLAYERS Awwwwwwww. WANDA It's not at the ice hockey game! IN ICELAND - Juandissimo poofs away the ice, the country is now green. NATIVE ICELANDERS are stunned. JUANDISSIMO It's not in Iceland! (to the natives)

And I don't know if you want to call it Iceland anymore. He rips off his shirt. ICE CREAM SANDWICH FACTORY - Cosmo sits on AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH PYRAMID. COSMO It's not at the Ice Crem Sammich factory, but I'll keep looking. CITY STREET - Wanda reports. WANDA Vanilla Ice doesn't have it. Pull wide to see VANILLA ICE in coveralls holding an INDUSTRIAL CARPET CLEANER. We see his van with "N'Ice N'Ice Carpets" written on the side. WANDA (CONT'D) Sooo, you run your own carpet cleaning business now. Cool. EXT. OUTER SPACE - SAME The Destructonator still chases Timmy. TIMMY (to camera) Flying is fun. (back to Destructonator) And you can't catch me! Suddenly the Destructonator holds out his wand hands and poof he's gone. Then in front of Timmy he appears. Timmy stops. TIMMY (CONT'D) Heh, whadya know. You can catch me. Thunder Pits Activate! Timmy blasts Thunder Pits and WHOOSH! The Destructonator opens his mouth and swallows the thunder balls. DESTRUCTONATOR

And whaddya know? Now I have thunder pits! The Destructonator forms Thunder Pits and shoots at Timmy. TIMMY Oh, I shouldn't have done that. KAPOW! Timmy is nailed and sent back hurtling toward Earth. EXT. THE NORTH POLE - SAME <AHHHHH!> CRASH. Timmy lands on the ice hard. He's hurt. Boom! The Destructonator arrives. DESTRUCTONATOR I cannot be stopped Chosen One. Thanks to you I have magic, I have Thunder Pits and I have all the power in the universe. TIMMY Not all the power. What about all the weapons you've stuffed in the Earth? You don't have those. The Destructonator poofs a hole in the ground and sucks up all the missiles. He begins to grow even larger, with missiles forming all over his body. He's now 100 FT TALL. DESTRUCTONATOR And now I do. His hands are made of ICBM FINGERS. He aims them at Timmy. DESTRUCTONATOR (CONT'D) And now at last you will be eliminated. Any last words? TIMMY Yeah... Timmy holds out the DETONATOR. TIMMY (CONT'D) You forgot to suck up the Detonator.

The Destructonator's eyes go wide. Timmy presses the BUTTON. ZOOM IN ON: the Destructonator's doomed face. CUT TO OUTER SPACE - KABOOM! A big explosion is seen at the top of Earth. The fairies watch. TURBO THUNDER Timmy! BACK AT THE NORTH POLE: All the ice is gone except a small chunk sticking out of the water, where Timmy lies, lifeless, as flaming pieces of the Destructonator land and float in the water. CLOSE ON: Timmy. He finally rolls over (very Bruce Willis). TIMMY One down, one to go. He looks up at the Darkness still hovering in space. Suddenly a POLAR BEAR blocks his sight. POLAR BEAR You must be the Chosen One. I've been waiting for you. TIMMY Talking Polar Bear? You must be the Guardian. Where's the ice wand? POLAR BEAR You're on it. From outer moons to distant suns the wand of ice belongs to the Chosen One. PULL WIDE to see Timmy on A SMALL ICEBERG. Then the water ripples and the iceberg rises up. The iceberg was just the tiny tip of a HUGE ICE WAND. Timmy rises into the sky. POOF! Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Jorgen, Cupid, Juandissimo and Turbo Thunder arrive with all the fairies. WANDA Timmy, you're okay! COSMO And you found the final wand!

JORGEN Quick Turner! Light the Ice Wand and destroy the Darkness! TURBO THUNDER Timmy, repeat after me. Unite the wands with the power of three, and destroy the Darkness for eternity. Timmy looks at the Darkness. It spins. And spins. THE DARKNESS Timmy Turner.... TIMMY No. JORGEN What do you mean, no? You heard Turbo Thunder! Unite the wands and kabloey! It will be fun! TURBO THUNDER You must blast it before it attacks. The Darkness just spins in space. TIMMY But it's not attacking. And when I think of the most fun I've had recently, it was while I was in there. JORGEN Oh yeah, fun. That big blob has eaten your friends, and family, and half the galaxy, and it sent robots of doom to eliminate you. WANDA Hey, Timmy's the Chosen One and he knows what he's doing. (to Timmy) Timmy, what are you doing? TIMMY

In ancient times, did the Darkness attack Fairyworld, or did Fairyworld attack the Darkness? JORGEN Uh, um, well the Darkness attacked first. (beat) I think. TIMMY Or, were you so scared by it, you panicked and attacked first? JORGEN Uh...could be. TIMMY (to Turbo Thunder) Turbo Thunder, when the Darkness arrived at WonderWorld, what did it do? TURBO THUNDER Well, it was uh, really scary. And big. Yeah. It was big and scary. TIMMY And... TURBO THUNDER (realizing) And we were afraid and blasted it with wonder rockets. Timmy picks up a PIECE OF THE DESTRUCTONATOR. The letters "Wonder-roc" are seen. TIMMY Like this? WANDA What about the prophecy? It says you're supposed to unite the wands and destroy it. TIMMY The prophecy can change. We saw it. JORGEN No you must destroy it. I command you! There is no other choice and--

(sees Poof smiling) Oh look, Poof is smiling again. Man that makes me forget all my troubles. Uh, where was I? TIMMY You said there was no other choice. But I think there is. He holds up Poof and looks at his sweet smile. POOF Poof. Timmy looks up at the large black hole spinning above Earth. TIMMY I wish there were ice wands on all the planets in the solar system! QUICK WAND SEQUENCE ENSUES... ON MERCURY - POOF! Wanda and Poof arrive and she waves her wand and POOF! A giant ICE WAND appears. ON VENUS - Cosmo waves his wand. A giant ICE WAND appears. ON MARS - POW! Jorgen poofs up an ICE WAND on MARS. ON JUPITER - POOF! Juandissimo poofs up an ICE WAND. Saturn! CUPID arrives on the rings of SATURN. POOF! URANUS - Binky arrives. POOF! BACK ON EARTH POOF! The fairies poof back. WANDA Done. JORGEN Turner, whatever stupid Chosen One plan this is...if it doesn't work and we all perish, I'm going to destroy you. TIMMY

Oh it'll work. Time to get rid of the Darkness. Timmy <THUNDER CLAPS> and sends a hand ball of energy outward, and the Ice Wand illuminates. BOOM! ON FAIRY WORLD: KAPOW! The FIRE WAND stops burning and suddenly it glows bright yellow. Its burst wipes frame. ON THE BLUE MOON: KAPOW! The WIND WAND stops spinning and simply glows bright yellow. Its burst wipes frame. EXT. SPACE - SAME SUPER WIDE SHOT OF SPACE: to a frontal shot of the elliptical Darkness coming toward the star field. The bright burst of light from the VEGON WAND resembles a right eye and matches the left eye from Fairy World (the Darkness has two eyes?). EXT. NORTH POLE - SAME Then the Ice Wand glows brighter and brighter and louder... JORGEN It's gonna blow! TIMMY I wish we were in Dimmsdale! POOF! The Fairies are gone. Then KAPOW! The Ice Wand shoots a giant YELLOW LASER in both directions. THEN ON MARS: <KAPOW!> The yellow laser hits the Red Planet's Wand - which shoots another laser to THE VENUS WAND! It hits and sends a blast to MERCURY . EXT. SPACE - SAME More wands connect in space to basically make a HUGE SMILE in the face of the Darkness. IT's a MAGICAL SMILE FORMATION OF WANDS. <WHOOSH!> Then the power of the "smile" light shoots into the Darkness (like a rock and roll laser light show)! EXT. DIMMSDALE - SAME

Timmy and everyone look up and WHOOSH! They shield their eyes from a burst of light. Then it's gone. They look up and see the smile is now on the face of the Darkness! Only it's not dark anymore. It's yellow. It's a happy face. COSMO Is it me, or does the Darkness not seem so scary now? DARKNESS Timmy Turner.... Suddenly on Earth, a portal opens in front of the gang. COSMO Okay, now I'm scared again. Suddenly, Timmy's old army exits. MARK CHANG is first. MARK CHANG Turner! You saved us! You rock! Wicked suit, bra! Then CHESTER, AJ, CROCKER, DARK LASER and VICKY exit. DARK LASER Man was it dark in there. CROCKER I am officially giving up chasing fairies and taking up needlepoint. Vicky walks over to Timmy. VICKY Where's my 20 bucks?! Timmy hands $20 to her. TRIXIE comes out of the portal. TRIXIE Timmy! TIMMY Trixie! Timmy runs to her, puckered up. DAD pops in and intercepts the smooch!

DAD We're saved! Another good man smooch, son. MOM arrives and gives Timmy a hug. MOM Hey, how about a mom smooch?! Timmy hugs and kisses Mom. Then Agent's #1 and #2 pop up. AGENTS 1 AND 2 And how about a... TIMMY Forget it. KING GRIPPULON, QUEEN JIPJORULACK exit the portal. MARK Mother! Father! KING AND QUEEN Oh Mark! We love you. Mark hugs them. KING GRIPPULON Okay, you can let go now. TURBO THUNDER'S PARENTS exit. They're lost and a bit older. TURBO THUNDER Mother? Father? TURBO DAD Gimme a man smooch, son. Turbo Thunder hugs them Suddenly the portal closes. Timmy looks up. TIMMY The Darkness was never looking for trouble in the universe TURBO THUNDER It was just looking for friends.

DARKNESS Friends. FLOWERS rain down out of the Darkness onto Earth. Suddenly we hear a big CRASH - two giant feet land. TIMMY Oh, what now? Timmy turns to see all the WAND GUARDIANS together. THE HUGE VEGON ROCK BEAST, the talking polar bear, KISS and ELDERS! THE ELDERS We should, like, party. The flowers stop raining. Timmy looks up. TIMMY Before you go, can you please give all the stars back? We miss them. THE DARKNESS Shpingoooo... Then the smile reappears in the sky. The Darkness expands for a moment, but then explodes with a starburst releasing all the stars back into the sky. EXT. FAIRYWORLD - LATER A HUGE CELEBRATION CONCERT is in full swing on the TURBO THUNDER STAGE! KISS PLAYS. FAIRIES DANCE. Timmy watches from the CHOSEN ONE BOX. He's with Jorgen and his parents and the Elders. JORGEN Turner - thank you again for saving Fairyworld and showing us the way to light the Darkness was with a smile, not with weapons. Mark waves KISS PENNANTS. MARK CHANG And for saving Yugopotamia, bra.

KING GRIPPULON Once again you have proven yourself the greatest warrior in the universe. TURBO THUNDER And thank you for showing me that understanding and compassion are far better than revenge. You are truly the Chosen One. TIMMY No problem, dude. TURBO THUNDER Now. Can I have my thunder pits back? TIMMY Sorry. I need them for one last killer light show! Timmy raises his arms and VOOOOM! He shoots thunder pits up into the sky and FIREWORKS fill the sky. PAN PAST - the fireworks and past our universe and galaxy to see the YELLOW LIGHTNESS OF SPACE (no longer the Darkness) and ANOTHER GLOWING FACE appears - a big smile forms and winks at camera. INT. THE CAVE OF DESTINY - SAME Burned in the wall of the cave is THE FINAL PROPHECY - it flames then settles into black writing. A picture of the CHOSEN ONE with his arms out and the smiling Darkness above him. Then we pan over as the MUSIC GETS OMINOUS to a new drawing. It's the Destructonator - he's coming back! PULL WIDE to see Cosmo with the chalk. COSMO Just kidding. Ha-ha. FADE OUT. The End!

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