Geographical location
Location -- BARCELONA, Spain {N 41° 16'} {E 2° 4'} {GMT +1.0 Hours} Elevation -- 6m above sea level Standard Pressure at Elevation -- 101253Pa Barcelona Spain is on the North Eastern coast of Spain -about 2 hours drive from the French border

International Time Zone.
The time in Spain is GMT + 1 hour. How your time zone in relation to GMT + 1

Seasons of the year
Summer is June - August Winter is December - February Autumn is September - November Spring is March - May

Languages Spoken
The two languages spoken in Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan. Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya and therefore Catalan is widely spoken by the people of Barcelona. However both Spanish and Catalan are widely spoken interchangeably. In the tourist areas you will have people who speak English as well as Spanish however more off the beaten track most people will only speak Spanish or Catalan. Barcelona is however a very cosmopolitan European city with millions of tourist visitors each year so you should not have any real problems communicating.

This may be a passport. driving license or national identity card. With a tightening of security in the city it is highly recommended that you carry round with you at least a photocopy of your passport should you be asked for this. Damage to the electrical appliance can occur if you attempt to use a 110 volt rated electrical appliance with a 220 volt supply. It's recommended that you purchase your electrical plug adapter from the international airport that you are flying from rather than an electrical store in Barcelona.00 per litre whereas the same bottle from a supermarket will cost you under €0.g. For any European countries that utilise 240 volts e. From my experience the adapters that you buy from the Spanish stores are of very poor quality and tend to easily come apart when you remove them from the wall socket. If you intend to use the UK electrical plugs then you will need an electricity plug adapter that will convert the standard 3 pin socket into a two pin socket. It is much safer to purchase your adapter from the airport even if it costs a few Pounds/Euros/Dollars more. Although you can drink tap water safely it is much preferred to have bottled water. Personal Identification It is required by Spanish law that photographic identification be carried with you at all times.Electricity Supply Electricity supply is 220 volts throughout Spain with 2 pin wall sockets. Bottled mineral water can be purchased very cheaply from local supermarkets for example the supermarket on the Ramblas. If you purchase bottled water from one of the stalls on the Ramblas you could pay up to €2. In the US where the electricity supply is 110 volts a transformer would be required to step down the voltage to 110 volts. UK and Ireland most electrical equipment will function adequately.50 (half a euro). Water Supply Barcelona drinking water is very unpalatable and it is highly recommended to drink bottled water whilst you are here. .

Dress Code The "dress code" in Barcelona is casual. and then dial your international number. Money/Currency Barcelona uses the Euro as its currency as does the rest of Spain. The Euro Hours Card is the best value for money calling card that I found however this card is not available in all Tabacs and you may find another brand of card that offers something similar.00 and will give you three hours worth of calls via a freephone number to any US. input your security code. which is given on the cards. Some of the more expensive night clubs insist on shoes (no trainers) and will also not allow Sleeveless T shirts. It is recommended to choose your card carefully because some cards have preferential rates for specific countries. How to make Low-Cost International Calls One of the lowest cost ways to make international telephone calls is to purchase a calling card from a tobacconists or "Tabac" as they are called. You can also find these cards at internet cafe's and some newsagents.00 and can give you several hours worth of telephone calls from a public telephone box or private telephone. Canadian or European city. Jeans and T shirts are normal attire and you will be able to enter practically all but the very exclusive restaurants with casual wear. This card costs €6. You then select which language you wish to hear the instructions.Telephone calls To call Barcelona from a country outside Spain you need to dial 0034 for Spain and then 93 for the dialing code for landlines in Barcelona. Comparison of population size of Barcelona compared to other Spanish cities If you would like to compare the population size of Barcelona compared to other Spanish cities I recommend you take a look at the following webpage by the excellent tourist website Spanish-fiestas. These calling cards have either a freephone or local call number which you dial.com . These cards cost around €6. One card which I found very useful calling to both the United States and European countries is called the Euro Hours Card. The only exception are "Sleeveless T' shirts" which you will have a few problems getting into Bars and clubs.

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