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Semester B. E.

(Computer Science and Engineering) Examination BUSINESS DATA PROCESSING

Time 3 Hours Max. Marks : 60

Instructions to Candidates :
(I) All questions carry equal marks. (2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.

1.(a) Assume following Data Division entries 01 Bill 02 A PlC 99 02 FILLER pic x (7) Indicate whether following statements in PD are correct or not Justify (i) Move SPACE to filler. (ii) Move AB to A. (iii) Move SPACES to A. (iv) Move ZEROS to A.

(b) Explain MOVE with CORRESPONDING option with example. 4 (c) Explain following Edit characters with suitable example. (i) + (ii)CR (iii) * (iv).

Q.2 (a) Explain (i) PERFORM with UNTIL option (ii) PERFORM with VARYING option. 4

(b) Assume that following data items are described in WSS . 77 A PlC S 9(3) N 77 B PlC 9(4) v 99 77 C PlC S 9(4) Find the results of following statements (i) Compute A 2.6 (ii) Compute A ROUNDED 2.6 (iii) Move 2.8 to B COMPUTE ROUNDED = B13+ 2.4 * 1 .512.6 7 8 (iv) COMPUTE: A = (4.2+0.6)/3 2
.. . . ..

(c) Explain the difference between elementary and group data item. Also explain significance of level no 01, 77, 02-49. 2

(d) Explain Go to with depending phrase.

3.(a) Rewrite following nested If sentence using suitable condition names. Also write how the cOndition names are defined, in DD If marks> 80 OR 80 move A to grade Else if marks > 60 OR 60 move B to gi:ade Else if marks > 50 OR 50move C to grade Else if marks NOT>40 move E to grade Else move D to grade Draw a flow chart for above If sentence. 2 (b) Explain following clauses with suitable example : (i) JUSTIFIEI), (ii) REDEFINES. 5

OR 4. (a) 8 cricket teams participated in a tournament. There were 16 players in each team. Each player information is stored in a file called cricketfile as shown below Columns Description 1 Teamcode (value is I to 8 ) 23 Player code (value is 1 to 16 ) 435 Players name 3638 runs scored 3940 wickets taken 41 catches taken Write DD or PD statements to store the information regarding all players of every team in a table and print particulars of a player who scored highest point. A player gets 2 points for every complete 25 runs, residue if any being ignored. For every wickets and catches taken he gets 2 and 1 point resp., for example if player scored 59 runs, took 3 wickets and 1 catch, then his points will be 11 points. 8 (b) Differentiate between subscript and index. 2

5. Write a program to create a sequential file from the available sequential file. The available sequential file contains: Consusmer name, address, Telephone no, Date (month and year) and Meter reading The fornat of output file is as follows -----------------------------------Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. -----------------------------------Consumer Name : xxx Address : xxx

Telephone No. : xxxxx Meter reading: xxx Date : 02\2007 -----------------------------------BILL AMOUNT : xxx ------------------------------------The Bill amount is calculated from the meter reading as per following ru1es for the first 150 units, no amount is charged, for units more than 150 service charge of 400 is charged in addition with the meter reading charges If meter reading is between 150 and 600, unit charges is 150 If Meter reading is between 600 and 1200 per unit charge is 300 OR

6 (a) What is Master File and transaction file ? (b) 1)Define logical and physical record (c) The record of master file contains following information: 16 account no 740 name of account holder 4190 address of account holder 91-400 balance The file is sorted on account no. The transaction file contains the following information 16 account-no 7 card type (1-deposit 2 withdiaw) 817 amount Write PD to update the Master file to create a new file. Whenever there is deposit record add the value of amount field with that of amount field of old file and whenever there is withdrawal, record subtract the amount field from amount field of old file. 7. Write a program to create an indexed file from the file which contain following information: 120 Name (alphanumeric) 2 130 surname (alphanumeric) 3174 Address (alphanumeric) 7580 Telephone no (numeric)

The telephQne. no. should serve as a record key for the indexed file to be created. Now suppose, we want to modify the created indexed file because telephone no have been changed for some of the subscribers and card contains one card for each such change in following format. 16 old telephone no, 712 new telephone no, 1380 Unused Assuming that new numbers do not correspond to that in any existing record. Write a COBOL program to update the file reflecting the said change in telephone nos, 10

OR 8.) Write a menu driven program to perform the insertion, deletion and modificationin a Relative file Student.dat. The information available in above relative file is as follows Data type data width Field Student name alphanumeric 10 characters Dep. Name alphanumeric 5 characters 5 characters Enrolment no. numeric date of admission numeric 6 characters Home address alphanumeric 25 characters (city, pin, code) There are total ten records available in student.dat whose roll-numbers are from 1 to 10 (user should be able to delete or modify any record). Write procedure division to do the above table. 7 (b) Differentiate between (i) Relative and Indexed file organization. (ii) Relative key and record key. 3 9.An examination result file is stored on file. Each record of this file contain the following information 16 Roll No 7-30 Name Of student 31-33 Marks in subject 1 3436 Marks in subject 2 3739 Marks in subject 3 Witte a program to sort a file on total marks and within Identical total Marks on rollno. The output file contains rollno, name, marks in subject 1, subject 2, subject 3, total marks and remark. If any student scOres less than 40 in any subject, print FAIL in remark field, otherwise print following Total marks Remarks 120 but < 150 THIRD 150 but < 180 SECOND 180 FIRST 10 OR 10.(a) Discuss and explain the syntax of SORT and MERGE (include the use 5 of Input and Output procedure). (b) How is the linear search and Binary search achieved in COBOL? Explain with suitable example. 5 11. Each record of file contains information as follows: Positions Descriptions

1-6 7-30 31-40 41-43

Employeeid employee name department name salary

Write a program to produce report as below: (a) On each page print heading EMPLOYEE REPORT on 3 line from column no 45 and on the same line from column no 120 print PAGE No. followed by actual page no from column No.129. with picture Z 29. (b) On each page, print the second heading on 5th line as follows Employee ID in columns 1117 NAME in columns 3639 Dept name in columns 64 69 Salary in colunin.s 8185 (c) Print detailed information of student from 7th line onwards as follows : Employee ID In columns 1116 Name in columns 2750 Deptname in columns 6170 Salary in column 8284 Note that there will be 50 lines in each page 10

OR 12.(a) A 40 characters field name MY_STRING contains sveral blanks. Shift the non blank characters towards left by removing the intermediate blanks so that all blanks appear at the right of all non blank characters. For Ex : GOOD b MORNING b INDIA then it should be GOODMORNINGINDIA bbb after the required -shifting. Assume 10 groups of MPString

(b) How can COBOL subroutine be distinguished -from a regular C0B0L program? How is a subroutine called by the main program ? How arc actual and formal parameters specified ? 6