Interview to Jorge Luis Borges Don Jorge Luis Borges: splendid writer, teacher of the cruel and skeptical

irony, with some I touch of tenderness entreverados in its individual and unpublished anarchism. The certainty is never had on its final intentions. Their variables are inexhaustible. In these last times one has specialized in unexpected declarations (to define them of some form). The reality is, sometimes, a simple material to please its habitual intellectual game, that comfortably moves between the sagacidad and the absurd one. Extra: What it would like to make in this first section of the 81? Jorge Luis Borges: I would like to be able to conclude some books already begun. For example, I have a test on the Divine Comedy, I would like to publish the anthology of my work that is almost poetic, a book on fantastic stories and another one of poems. I would like, in short, to live months to more be able to complete these works. Extra: Let us think that it is going them to live. Borges: I do not think that no. I am very pessimistic with respect to my life. Extra: What makes reflect thus? 1980 has been a hard year for you? Borges: I believe that he was hard for all. Economically there are many problems that I hope that they solve in 1981. For a long time the Argentine peso has been corresponding economically to a fantastic thing, which does not happen in no other country. I think that we will continue declining. Not only we but the West also. Extra: What takes it to reflect in so pessimistic form? Borges: Europe no longer is what was before. There is lost his hegemony in the two civil wars that we called world-wide and then now we are at the mercy of two countries that were great in century XIX and now they are rather mediocre. Extra: Mediocre the EE.UU and the USSR? Borges: Evidently I speak of them. It is a pity, really a pity the one of Europe. Extra: With the Europe of which you speak, had been avoided, for example, problems like the one of Poland, with the tremendous Soviet pressure? Borges: Certainly. That means that the Russian government is not a revolutionary government, is simply a czarist imperialism that it has not changed in anything. Simply he is that. Extra: Recently, talking with the writer Marta Lynch it said us that she rescued like figure of 1980 the new Borges. Hay a new Borges? Borges: I suppose that all we are continuously changing. It would be very sad to arrive at the 81 years being he himself that when I was born. No? I am changing frequently. Like all. Extra: In agreement. But their last judgments are “terrenales more”, are more it jeopardize with the “daily being”.

yes. Possibly they are calumnies. Of all ways it does not foment the war but La Paz and in that sense I am in agreement with him. Marta Lynch. I am not affiliated with any political party. Extra: What says to me of Perez Esquivel? Borges: Nothing I know of him.UU there are many good writers totally forgotten. Chesterton. Possibly it is good what he has written. now that we have a Nobel prize. America must to Chile two Nobel prizes to him nondeserved totally. If he had to rescue to others. I impartially disapprove the terrorism of the left and the right. In addition they have said to me that he was terrorist and that it is scandalized of the terrorism of the right and not of the left. Lugones unjustly has been forgotten in Argentina. They said that the North Americans had right to choose president as if they chose by Pepsi or Coca-Cola. I am not it jeopardize solely with the ethics. I believe that that one is a mistake. Extra: Aside from you. Extra: What seems to him Walesa? Borges: I lost the Vista in year 55 and have preferred to reread to read. nobody is almost thanked for. as Argentine he wished that Argentina won and I do not understand so that. I eat individual. I think that in those jokes the general opinion is a little. Extra: How lived the elections in the EE. I do not know. of course. I am in agreement with which it said. but do not know if it must right to say it. but it advised that me they . A gentleman is walking by the street and suddenly he appears to him another one and he puts a pistol to the chest saying to him: “ By whom you will vote. since it was friend of the Comunism. Good.? Borges: I do not know. I did not saw myself with Neruda for political reasons. Of course I am not catholic and think that the Pope is a politician. Virgilio.UU. whom other figures it rescues of 1980? Borges: I do not rescue myself. To me I do not like what I write. I was in Stockholm in opportunity of the opinion. when people come to house I request to them that they read to Bernard Shaw. but I do not know anything of him.Borges: No. treatment of being an ethical individual. Extra: Which is its reflection about the last papal encyclical? Borges: To me the civil employees do not interest to me and the Pope is a civil employee. I do not read them. perhaps more capable than others. But their decisions are important. Gabriela Mistral no. I to the contemporaries insist to him. but Pablo Neruda. I was in the EE. I know the contemporaries very little. Perhaps he is something totally unjust. I am not nobody to judge to me nor to compare to me with men like Virgilio. I have not read a line of her.UU during the elections and was a joke that everybody repeated. although I do not know which are. Carter or Reagan” And then first he responds to him: “ Haga fire” Also there was another joke in Russia. or that reads to me to Schopenhaüer. would be many. In addition. Extra: Surely that to any contemporary? Borges: I believe that there is an excellent novelist who is called Garci'a Márquez. who reread? Borges: Good. In the EE. but it is difficult to be it. Extra: Since you oriented you ask it towards another land. You today mentioned this Mrs. Seneca.

Borges. . Better he is to admit than all war is unjust. Extra: Finally.gave me and I to it. who am something ephemeral. I am a pacifist and believe that all war is a crime. any peace. although all the wars are not unjust. I advised to them that they occurred it to Neruda. If a government wants a war he is many right to justify it. beyond the policy. what thinks of the proposal that made the Pope to the governments of Chile and our country to solve the austral litigation? Borges: Any proposal. is preferable to the war.