Wax Text Tutorial

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Tutorial: Wax Symbol
This the wax symbol tutorial. This is my second tutorial, I hope you like it. I will assume that you have a moderate amount of knowledge in the way of Photoshop. I will use alpha channels, lighting effects and multiple layers to create this text. Isn't that a nice picture. I haven't seen tutorials on this type of effect. I was doing a monogram design for a friend and I had mentioned that I could make a wax seal type of effect. He said okay. It wasn't that hard at all.

Okay, first create a new file that is 400x400 pixels. The bigger the better. You might want to set up some guides in the center. There will be a few more circles made in this tutorial and it could help.

Okay here is where you will decide how big you want our seal to be. Create a new layer named Wax Back and use the ellipticle marque tool to create a cirle (hold shift for perfect circle).

I chose a nice deep red color since that is what the classic symbol is. I will put some different colored examples at the bottom so that you can see what the variations look like.

http://www.ghostgraphics.net/tutorial/waxtext.htm (1 of 5)2/1/2006 1:04:00 AM

Then fill it with the color. Now load the selection of the Border layer. Here is the tricky part.Wax Text Tutorial Next we will create a new layer name Border. This gives it a nice smooth rendering when we apply lightling effects. This is to clear the "jaggies".ghostgraphics. It should look something like the picture. Click on the picture to view my settings. then 5.htm (2 of 5)2/1/2006 1:04:00 AM .net/tutorial/waxtext. Blur it in stages. and finally 1. With it still selected we will use guassian blur to make a 3d effect. Sometimes it is hard to remember what the settings are http://www. Make a lumpy selection kind of like the example pic. Load the selecion from the Wax Backlayer. After you are done blurring it select the inverse (ctr+I) and hit delete. If you have blurred it to heavily it will look black and rather flat. or selction/save selection. We will now do the lighting effects. This next part is a little weird so try to follow me. It just makes it look like excess wax. Click on the channels tab and save the selection as an alpha channel. then 3. This will be the outside of the seal. After that clear the middle of the the border layer. What I mean is that I used a blur of 7. red in this case. Then contract it one pixel by select/modify/ contract. Note: Save your light settings when you get a good one.

On that layer make a circle just a little smaller than the inside border. Okay. Gold examples click to enlarge. I did ^_^ http://www. create a new layer named Inner Rim. If you didn't make them no big deal at all.ghostgraphics.. What you must do now is apply a drop shadow and bevel emboss. It seems really dark though doesn't it.. Should look like example. Just eyeball it.htm (3 of 5)2/1/2006 1:04:00 AM . Oh this is where the guides you made ealier come in handy. If it doesn't work redo the lighting effect. Just hit ctrl+f.yet. just have no alpha channel selected. After this it looks much better Now doesn't that look better. You can see what I mean in the picture if you click on it. Click on the picture to see my settings.net/tutorial/waxtext.Wax Text Tutorial Now that doesn't look terribly great. The rest is really easy. I have hidden the Wax Back layer so you can see the selection easier. So we will apply the same lighing effect on the Wax Back layer as we did on the Border layer.

Same setting as others except use outer bevel. EXCEPT have the alpha 2 channel selected instead of alpha 1. Always remeber the effect we are going for here. the text.net/tutorial/waxtext. Go back to the layers menuy and click on the Inner Rim layer.ghostgraphics. http://www. I started the blur at 4 and worked my way down. You can of course use whatever font you would like. Don't forget to select the inverse and delete the "jaggies" Now you have something that looks like this. Apply the same lighting effects to this layer as we did earlier. I used 6. So create an alpha channel and blur it. Repeat the lighting effect for the text this time with alpha channel 3. Since your so good we will use them one last time. Save the selection. blur it. The Coup De Grace.4. Now we will repeat the steps we used to create the border.1 then delete the "jaggies". Make sure to render the layer(right click on the T symbol then there is a pop up menu). Then load the selection.htm (4 of 5)2/1/2006 1:04:00 AM .Wax Text Tutorial While on the Inner Rim layer go to edit/stroke. To finish off the wax effect on the Inner Rim layer just copy your effects used on the Border layer. Have it about 10. Also add the drop shadow and bevel emboss effect onto that layer. You should have something that looks similar to this. I used Script MT Bold and it was 95 pt. By now you should be a pro with the lighting effects and alpha channels.

Wax Text Tutorial Your layer menu should look something like this Viola it is done.htm (5 of 5)2/1/2006 1:04:00 AM .ghostgraphics.net/tutorial/waxtext. Some quick seals I did. Or if you have any questions drop me a line at Ghost FastCounter by bCentral http://www. Click to enlarge I would really apreciate feedback on this tutorial.

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