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Words From Myths & Legends

Achilles heel Aeolian Apollo and Adonis Atlantean, Atlantic Aurora Bacchanal Bacchanalian Callope Cassandra Centaur Chimera Cupidity Erotic Furor (e) Fury Gorgon Halcyon Harpy Hector Helen (of Troy) Herculean Hydra-headed Iridescent Jovial Junoesque Lethargy Martial Mentor Mercurial Mnemonics Morphine Muse Narcissism Nemesis Neptune Odyssey : Week spot; place of vulnerability : Referring to winds. Aeolus was God of the winds : A handsome desirable male Apollo was the Sun God of the Greeks and Romans. Adonis was a mortal man, lover of Venu : From Atlas; Indicates strength : The dawn Aurora was Goddess of the dawn : An orgy; a bacchanl is a reveler or carouser at parties : Drunken revelry or wild party : Stream whistle or anything making a similar shrill sound : One who prophesies trouble. : Having the head and arms of a man and body of a horse. : Imaginative creature; wild and scary : Greed or avarice. Cupid was the young god who embodied sexual desire : Of or pertaining to sexual love. Eros (cupid) was the God of passionate love : Frenzy, excitement, Rage : An avenging spirit, Virago. : Ugly, frightening person repulsive creature : Peaceful, tranquil. Halcyon was a widow who was metamorphosed by Gods into a kingfisher : Grasping, greedy, scary female. Harpies wen part women, part bird : To bully or annoy : A woman of incomparable beauty (a face that launched a thousand ships ) : Extra ordinarily strong, Difficult : An evil with many sources; Difficult to control : Having a rainbow like play of colours : Good-natured, Jolly : Queenly, Statuesque (said of women) Juno wife of Jupiter was queenly : Sluggishness. The river Lethe ran through Hades (the underworld) and whoever drank the water forgot his past : Warlike, Suited for army or military life (from Mars, God of war : Respected guide, Teacher : Volatile in mood, Easily changeable : The art of improving memory : An addictive narcotic. Morpheus was God of dreams : Source of inspiration, a poet : Self-love; extreme egotism : Relentless pursuer of evil doers. Nemesis was Goddess of retribution : Figuratively, the ocean. A Neptunist thinks the world emerged from water : Long wandering or voyage, the hero of Homers Odyssey.

HONEYMOON: last one month There is something slightly sinister and cynical about the term honeymoon, although the great Samuel Johnson defined it in his dictionary as the first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure. The idea of setting the period at a month is, of course, from moon, poetically used to mean m o n t h . O r i g i n a l l y, however, honeymoon was so named because of the fancied similarity between love and the changing moon, which, as soon as it is full, begins to wane. A sorry notion, at that.

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BLOW ONES HORN Praise oneself. He is always blowing his own horn and is very annoying at times.

Olympian Paean Pandoras box Parnassus Pegasus Phoenix Plutocracy Promethean Protean Psyche Saturnalia Sibyl Stentorian Stygian Tantalise Terspsichorean Titanic Zeus Cyclopean Erotic Gorgon Harpy Janus - Faced Jovial Mentor Mercurial Narcissism Nemesis Odyssey Olympian Paean Palladium Phoenix Protean Saturnine Stentorian Stygian

: Majestic, superior to others : Hymn or song of praise Paean was the physician of Gods : Source of evil. Malign influence needing to be kept under control : Having to do with poems; to climb Mount Parnassus is to write poetry : Extremely swift horse; Poetic inspiration : Symbol of immortality : Government of the wealthy Pluto was the god of the underworld : Unusually original and creative, life-giving; Prometheus formed man from clay : Assuring many shapes or forms. Proteus, the sea god, kept changing shape : The soul, Mind. Psyche was the mortal girl loved by Eros : Wild party or orgy. Saturn, God of sowing : Prophetess of Ancient Greeks and Romans : Extremely loud(Stentor was the greek herald) : Gloomy, Dark, Frightening : To torment or tease : Referring to dance. Terpsichorean was the Muse of the Dance : Gigantic in power : Ruler, king Zeus was king of Greek gods A Zeus has absolute power. : Huge, Massive : Pertainig to sexual desire : An ugly person, A horrifying face : A grasping, ravenous person : Two faced, having two distinct faces : Merry, joyous, Happy : A teacher or a wise counselor/coach : Swift, Active : Self love & admiration, Narcissistic feelings : An agent of punishment, Upholder of moral code : Long dangerous journey : Majestic, Awe-inspiring, datached and aloof : A song of praise, Triumph or thanks giving : A safeguard : A symbol of immortality : Changing in shape : Heavy, Dull, Gloomy, Serious, Morose : Very loud voiced; Bellowing : Gloomy, Dark, Infernal

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