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S u s t a i n a b i l i t y P l a n n i n g Wo r k s h o p

H e l d fo r F V B e n e f i c i a r i e s

Henry L. Caluya (center) instructs partner families on how to make a sustainability plan. The event was held at Oasis hotel las June 2-3, 2009.

BAUANG, La Union- A sustainability planning workshop was held for the 86 beneficiaries of the Urban Partnerships for Sustainable Upliftment, Renewal, Governance and Empowerment (UPSURGE) project was held last June 2-3, 2009 at the Oasis Hotel resort. The activity aimed to fully guide the Fisherman’s Village Association on

their future actions and activities and to assess the status of the association and prepare plan to ensure the longterm sustainability of a project. Henry L. Caluya and Anna Maria Gonzales former project manager of the UPSURGE project and PHILSSA representative respectively, served as the facilitators for the two day

sustainability planning workshop. The workshop enabled the participants identify milestones achieved during the project term and, issues and concerns that may influence the achievement of their vision and goals. The Fisherman’s Village is under the barangay Poro with a total population of 5,718 and composed of 1,221 households. It is a big community with a total land area of 276.30 hectares. Residents in Fisherman’s Village came from the critical zones of the three barangays of Ilocanos Sur, Ilocanos Norte and Tawi-Tawi Poro. The activity aimed for the involvement of all residents in the Fisherman’s Village and other stakeholders from resource assessment, to planning, to project implementation and evaluation thereby inculcating a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. They were assisted in strengthening their organization and in formulating and establishing policies and systems that will guide them towards the development of their organization and their community beyond PHILSSA/World Bank funding. The UPSURGE project deals with shelter needs, improving the physical and environmental conditions, improving social well being and enhancing economic opportunities of urban poor.

The 5th Golf for a Cause Tournament of Jaime V. Ongpin in partnership with Texas Instruments (Phils.), Inc. is set to tee off on October 17, 2009 at the Baguio Country Club. The activity aims to raise funds for development projects in Baguio and its surrounding areas. Last year the 4th JVOFI Golf for a Cause generated P616,800. It attracted 113 golfers from all over the Philippines. The funds generated from the tournament were used to assist the livelihood activities of Women in Baguio City and La Trinidad. The women are engaged in vending, carving

5th Golf For a Cause Kicks off on October 17

Memoriam (1933 -2009)

Corazon C. Aquino

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DREAM Parents Join Organic Awareness Workshop
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -an awareness orientation on organic vegetables and advantages of organic vegetables and fruits for the Parents of DREAM Foundation was held last May, 2009 at the Lily of the Valley Organic Farm, Ampassit Puguis. Jefferson Laruan made a brief background of how LaTOP grew as a successful cooperative at its 4th year of operation. One of these was their strict practice of organic processes such as the use of organic material for composting, and regular monitor and inspection to check on the practices of the farmer-members of the association.

DREAM parents together with Jeffrey Laruan (member-farmer of LaTOP MPC) explores the organic farm of the Lily of the Valley. Here they learn the benefits of using organic produce as well as on how to become an organic practitioner .

The objective of the activity was to arouse farmers and consumers to patronize organic products for better health. It was also emphasized the importance of passion and interest when

practicing organic farming because it encompasses patience and perseverance to be able to advocate it to other people.

LaTOP Conducts Organic Awareness Workshop
ATOK, Benguet- 49 farmers attended the Organic Awareness seminar organized by LaTOP Organic Producers last June 25, 2009 at the Farmer’s Training Center in Atok, Benguet. The event was supported by the Local Government Unit, Philippines Australia Community Assistance Program -Australian Agency for International Development (PACAP-AusAID) and the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. (JVOFI). The event aimed to rally farmers towards ‘responsible farming’, through shifting from conventional farming to organic farming. Key Speaker Jeff Laruan, LaTOP member, explained that there are four main differences between organic and conventional farming. These include differences in the soil, crops, health and market. Through conventional farming, the

Jeff Laruan lecturing fellow farmers about organic farming during the organic awareness workshop held at Atok, Benguet.

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soil is damaged due to the use of synthetic insecticides and fertilizers. In organic farming, however, the soil is nourished and helpful microbes are not killed due to the utilization of natural farming methods. The crops in conventional farming may be larger and appear clean of blemishes but in reality, these are harmful to the health because it has been subjected to harmful chemicals. Organic produce, on the other hand, are not dangerous and are more helpful in improving our health because only natural inputs and sometimes no inputs were used at all in their production, hence organic produce have more nutritional content and are safer for consumers. In the market, the profit in organic

farming is higher because minimal inputs are used in their production. Because conventional farming utilizes more synthetic inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals and prices are affected by market forces, the profit is less and erratic. In addition, Felix Tan, member of LaTOP, stressed that organic farming utilizes the concept of “balance of ecology,” wherein pests are not eliminated by chemical treatment but are controlled by their own natural predators. He noted that the use of botanical insecticides would be their last resort if there would be an infestation in their farm. For educational tours, interested parties may contact Pat Acosta and Jeff Laruan of the LaTOP Organic Produce Cooperative through cell numbers 09179258499 and 09216032650.


Conduct Tree Planting
Tree planting activities were conducted at the identified tree plantation sites in San Juan, Ilocos Sur and Sudipen, La Union. It was attended by the members of the associations. A total of 1,200 seedlings were initially planted in San Juan, Ilocos Sur, 800 seedlings in San Emilio, Ilocos Sur while 600 seedlings in Sudipen, La Union. A tree planting activity was done every week in order to meet the goal of planting 12,500 seedlings for every area. The activity wa participated by DENR, PMPMI, ULPI and JVOFI staffs. With a framework that addresses the social, the economic and the environmental pillars of sustainable development, the project was enrolled as PMPMI’s contribution to the attainment of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG signed by 189 member-states of the United Nations (UN), including the Philippines, covers seven (7) goals to achieve until 2015. Annual accomplishments shall be reported to the Philippines Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a foundation which represents the private sectors involved in meeting these goals. The project helps achieve MDGs Goal 1 by eradicating extreme hunger and poverty in the target areas through the following: making cheap fuelwood accessible thereby reducing the cost to farmers and increasing saving or net incomes. Higher net incomes translate to savings that can enable farmers to address their families’ needs and improve their standard of living; the project provides an avenue for farmers to earn additional income from communal projects of coops/ POs such as selling of excess fuelwood and crops that may be grown in between the trees in the plantations. As for the attainment of Goal 7 in ensuring environmental sustainability, the project teaches farmers sustainable harvesting of fuelwood; restore or improve forest cover; address flooding and siltation due to deforestation and recharge water sources in the target sites.

The Special Project unit of the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation joins the four different fuelwood associations in La Union and Ilocos Sur to meet their minimum goal of planting 12,000 seedlings for every selected sites.


Green Financing Stories
Roger Tudayan Mr. Roger Tudayan is a farmermember of the LaTOP Multipurpose Cooperative. As a member of the coop, he practices organic farming. Mr. Tudayan applied for a green financing loan for the repair and extension of greenhouses. He was among the first beneficiaries of the green financing loan assistance. His loan was released in the form of materials. According to Mr. Tudayan, “Kurang dyay loan para mapalpas dyay greenhouse ngem dakkel latta nga tulong ta babaen dyay loan, nagincrease iti production ko ta naincrease ko iti production area iti farm ko.” He expressed that the loan is not sufficient to finish the greenhouse but it had greatly helped him because with the loans, he was able to increase his production and production area. With this results, Tudayan would like to extend his gratitude to PACAP and FSSI through JVOFI for extending help through the green financing. Mother Lily Ms. Lily Carpio’s main crops are strawberries, carrots. She

Above Left: Roger Tudayan, member-farmer of LaTOP MPC, one of the first beneficiaries of the Green Financing of the Foundation Above Right: Ms. Lily Carpio during a field visit by JVOFI and PACAP.

aplied for loan assistance for the construction of her greenhouse. Mother Lily, as she is fondly called, does not have any greenhouse before the project. She merely relies on good weather for continuous production. The loan may not be sufficient and the term for us to pay is also short but it was able to help me in my production. “Addan ti mulak tatta nga panagtutudo, saan nga kasla iddi nga awanen ti production ko nu panagtutudo,” (I am now already able to produce crops even if it’s the rainy season unlike before that I do not have production during rainy days).
prizes, and fun-filled awards. This year, golfers will be entitled to a 50% discount off the Oktoberfest after the awards dinner at the Baguio Country Club. It is assured that the 5th Golf for a Cause Tournament will be more exciting as well as become a socially significant event which would make other families’ lives better. For more information you can contact the following Timmie Tenedero: 09189016475, Marichu Lopez: 09209219387, JVOFI Office No.: 09209175293, 074-446-2843 or 074-446-2809 or you can send email through

Mrs. success

Carmelita’s with MF

5th Golf...
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and handicrafts which adds at least P500 monthly to their husbands’ unstable incomes and help support their family meet their basic needs. Also, the additional income they gain from their small businesses supports their children’s education. The annual golf tournament was able to attract dozens of sponsors and players in the past that golfers continue to look forward to the next tournament this year. The annual tournament is reputed for offering affordable tickets, attractive

Mrs. Carmelita Fernandez, 58, is involved in a tailoring business. She has been with the Microfinance project of the Foundation for four years. From lending from other borrowing agencies, she is now able to gain an income as much as P15,000 per month. According to her, the loans she received from the Foundation are very instrumental for her work, since she uses the loans to purchase materials for her tailoring business. Also, the income she gains is used to finance the schooling of her children, and used to buy food and basic need for her family. Mrs. Fernandez said that “Masaya ako sa Jaime V. Ongpin kasi sila ang pumupunta dito sa amin para mangolekta ng bayad...” She is happy with the Microfinance program because the collection officers themselves would go to their place to collect funds and that it gives her more time to work at her tailoring shop. Also, due to the loans from the Foundation, they are now able to build another house in their province.
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