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Visits NZAID, JVOFI Project


FV, JVOFI, WB, LGU Inaugurates MPH
SAN FERNANDO, La Union-The newly
built Multipurpose hall in the Fishermen’s Village in San Fernando for the Urban Partnerships for Sustainable Upliftment, Renewal, Governance and Empowerment (UPSURGE) project was inaugurated last August 20, 2009. Representatives from the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. (JVOFI), Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA), World Bank, Local Government Unit and the beneficiaries participated in the event.

The activity started with the blessing initiated by Fr. Samuel Banayat and inauguration of the multipurpose hall at around 10:30 am. In the welcome remarks of Councilor Chary Nisce, she noted that comfortable and safe shelter is one of Rhoda Fe D. Buenavista, JVOFI Ecological Enhancement Manager, Jeffrey H. Javier, JVOFI Project Officer, Ma. Rosario R. Lopez, JVOFI Executive Director, Mayor Artemio Galwan, Ambassador Andrew Matheson, the most important basic need. The Mrs. Matheson (left to right) visits the 3-D model of the project at the La Trinidad Municipal Hall. LGU prioritized the provision of housing LA TRINIDAD, Benguet-His Excellency 2009. The Ambassador was welcomed at assistance to the low income members of Andrew Matheson, New Zealand the Benguet Provincial office by Benguet the city to be able to uplift and improve Ambassador to the Philippines, visited the Governor Nestor Fongwan, Mayor Artemio their economic and social well being and project “Water, Trees and Life for La Trinidad Galwan, Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, local to make the lives of the people better. Rural Communities,” implemented by the partners and beneficiaries of the project. Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. (JVOFI) The Ambassador together with his wife, UPSURGE project provided the residents through the financial support of the the local partners and beneficiaries visited of the critical areas of San Fernando City New Zealand Agency for International the Wangal Water system project, Puguis an opportunity to be relocated to a safer Development (NZAID) last September 11, continue to page 3 continue to page 3

Microfinance Trains Clients on Problem Tree Analysis
The Microfinance unit of the Jaime V. Foundation, Inc. conducted a “Problem Tree Analysis” workshop last Sept. 24, 2009 at the Gracious Angeli Hotel. The activity was participated by 20 clients. The half day workshop was conducted through group activities and services of the program. Former JVOFI staff Henry L. Caluya served as the resource person for the program. continue to page 3

20 clients attended the workshop last Sept. 20, 2009. Former JVOFI staff Henry L. Caluya served as the resource person for the program.


For a cleaner source of energy

JVOFI Signs Solar Energy Demonstration Project MOU
With an advocacy for energy efficiency and conservation, Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. and other agencies participated in the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement and inauguration of the Solar Energy Demonstration Project of Burnham Lake View Deck, held at Burnham Park, Baguio City last September 2, 2009. The willingness and commitment of the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation Incorporated in sharing to the City its expertise on communications, resource and community

mobilization to support the Solar Energy Demonstration Project of Burnham Park Lake View Deck helped increase the awareness of the stakeholders in the energy sector on the efficiency and benefits of using renewable energy.

their invaluable contribution, support and track record on environmental protection. Other agencies that were involved in the Solar Energy demonstration MOA signing and inauguration include: Benguet State University (BSU), Local Government Unit (LGU), Sun Power Company and JVOFI. The objectives of the said event were The strong collaboration of government, to: promote the use of renewable academe, civic groups and industry energy sources for urban applications, are instrumental to the successful encourage the synergy between energy implementation of the project. and environment for ecotourism and strengthen public-private partnership In sincere recognition of its invaluable in Baguio City for the promotion of local support to the Solar Energy Demonstration tourism and energy-friendly advocacy. Project of Burnham Lake View Deck, JVOFI received a plaque of recognition from the The Foundation was one of the several city. chosen signatories of the project due to

PMPMI, JVOFI partners again for Ecological Preservation
Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Incorporated handed another grant to the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. during the ceremonial turnover on September 2, 2009 at the Baguio Country Club, Baguio City. The grant will be used to fund the Phase II of the project Tobacco Farmers’ Cooperative Organizing and Capability Building Program project in the province of Isabela, Cagayan Province and 20082009 assisted sites in Ilocos and La Union. The project which aims to support the organizing and strengthening of tobacco farmers’ cooperatives or people’s organizations to implement the fuelwood plantation envisions to: make fuelwood accessible thereby mitigating forest destruction, provide opportunities for organized farmers to earn additional income from other livelihood activities, and to contribute to the protection of the environment. Originally, the project concentrated on assisting tobacco farmer’s in La Union and Ilocos Sur; however, due to JVOFI’s successful implementation of the Tobacco Farmer’s Cooperative Organizing and Capability Program, the project’s coverage was extended to Isabela. During the implementation of the Tobacco Farmer’s Cooperative Organizing and Capability Program, JVOFI involved itself in the formulation and institutionalization of policies, systems and procedures to ensure a sustainable reforestation and an

Chris Nelson, managing director of Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing, Inc. handed a total of $ 71,853.64 grant to Mr. Reynaldo Bautista Sr., Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. president, during the ceremonial turnover on September 2, 2009 at the Baguio Country Club, Baguio City.

equitable distribution of responsibilities and benefits. As of this writing, a total of three farmers organization were organized and legally registered while the fourth, the San Emilio Multi-purpose Cooperative which was pre-existing was supported. With a framework that addresses the social, the economic and the environmental pillars of sustainable development, the project was enrolled as PMPMI’s contribution to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

thereby reducing the cost to farmers and increasing saving or net incomes. Higher net incomes, in turn, translate to savings that can enable farmers to better address their families’ basic needs and improve their standard of living; and, 2) providing an avenue for farmers to earn additional income from communal projects of coops/ POs such as selling of excess fuelwood and crops that may be grown in between the trees in the plantations.


As for the attainment of Goal #7: ensuring environmental sustainability, the project The project can help achieve Goal #1: will help 1) teach farmers sustainable eradicating extreme poverty and hunger harvesting of fuelwood; 2) restore or by reducing poverty and hunger in the improve forest cover; 3) address flooding target areas through the following: and siltation due to deforestation; and 4) 1) making cheap fuelwood accessible recharge water sources in the target sites.

from page 1 and more secure place not far from their livelihood. With the assistance from the World Bank and Japan Social Development Fund, UPSURGE attempted to provide improvements to the housing, physical and environmental conditions of the urban poor. It was also geared towards providing better economic opportunities and enhancing their overall social well-being. A total of 86 families benefited from the 86 core houses improved through the project. Each family was given a unit with an area of 22x28 square meters per unit costing at least PhP145, 000.00 payable in 20 years. Costs recovered will be used for other improvements or similar projects in the City thus ensuring that many more lives will be changed. As the chairman of Fisherman’s Village Association, Mr. Biares gave his message in behalf of the FV residents. He thanked the multi-sectors who took part in the project because it was a great help in

The invaluable partnership of the JVOFI and LGU together with the active participation of the Fisherman’s Village residents resulted to the success of the implementation of the project

uplifting their condition. He also gave their assurance and commitment that they will take good care of the project. Also, Vice Mayor Pancrasio Nisce acknowledged that the project was a realization for the city to provide housing Meanwhile, five community forestsWangal, Ambiong, Beckel, Puguis and Shilan were mapped, profiled and surveyed and a communal forest at Wangal Barangay was declared. The high participation of people in La Trinidad enabled the project to successfully to have access to safe drinking water, increased savings in cost of water and improved sanitation practices. Trainings were also conducted during the implementation of the project attended by watershed committee members and community members to foster and increase the awareness on the importance of protecting the environment. Ambassador Matheson acknowledged the importance of the partnership of the different sectors of the society for the success of the project and stated that it is one of the few successful projects funded by the Asia Development Assistance Facility. Thus, JVOFI with the Province of Benguet, ensured that whatever has been accomplished in this project will be sustained and in fact is becoming a showcase for project replication in other municipalities

to its residents. The city administrator, Ms. Anjannette Dimaculangan, also acknowledged the good partnership established between JVOFI and the LGU of San Fernando which led to the success of the UPSURGE Project.

New Zealand...

from page 1 Communal Forest, livelihood component of the project and the 3-D model of the project at the La Trinidad Municipal Hall. Under the project, five communal water systems were completed in Puguis, Wangal, Ambiong, Beckel and Shilan barangays. The community members provided counterparts in the form of labor and individual household connections to the distribution pipes. As of this writing, 617 households or 3,100 estimated individuals are now receiving water from the Level III water systems in the target communities. In addition, 750 school children including day care students from 3 elementary schools, 4 day care centers and 1 high school are benefiting from the water system Through the project, a total of 1,000 seedlings per hectare were planted in the 112-hectare community watersheds, having a growth rate of 85%, thus, improving the community watersheds. Also, forest nurseries were established for each of the five barangays and two-lookout towers were built in the communal forests of Wangal and Shilan to ensure the safety of the vicinity

Microfinance Trains...
from page 1 As a continuing assistance and to show JVOFI’s goodwill to its clients, especially the old members, the workshop was conceptualized to provide a window of support to those clients who are qualified to step-up their enterprises a level higher. Through the activity, the participants identified immediate need in their enterprises; classified the needs according to availability of resources; and determined their level of satisfaction on the products and services of the program.
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