01 DESCRIPTION This Section covers providing dewatering, trenching, excavation, backfilling and compacting for utility lines; cables; water and sewer pipes which also include manholes, cleanouts, water valve boxes, handholes, pull-boxes, removal and disposal of excess excavation material and importing required bedding and fill material, installation of cable tiles and warning tapes and posts. 1.02 Reference Codes and Standards: Comply with applicable “Codes and Standards” specified herein and listed in Section-01320, “Codes and Standards.”

PART 2 - MATERIALS 2.01 BEDDING MATERIALS Bedding material shall be clean sand per SAUDI ARAMCO Standard, SAES-M-100, Section 7005. 2.02 FILL MATERIAL A. B. Initial Backfill Material: Shall consist of clean sand to a height of 300mm above top of utility. Fill Material: For backfilling the remainder of trenches, use “On-Site” excavated fill or imported fill material free of stones larger than 100 mm. Soils shall contain inorganic material, free of roots, grasses, and other vegetation debris. The remaining 600mm of the trench below slab on grade shall be backfilled with "Select Fill" materials as described in Section-02210, “Earthwork.”


WARNING TAPE AND TILE FOR ELECTRICAL CABLE TRENCHES A. B. Warning Tape: PVC yellow warning tape 450mm width, 6 mil thick with black lettering in Arabic and English "Caution, Buried Electrical Cable". Cable Tile: Red calcium silicate or concrete tile size 400mm x 200mm x 50mm.



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unsuitable for backfill shall be removed from site and disposed of by the CONTRACTOR as specified in Section-02110. + 600 Elimination of Unsuitable Materials: All materials excavated during trenching. Bracing and Shoring: For excavations over 1.” Disposal of Surplus Excavated Suitable Materials: All excess excavated materials suitable for backfill shall be used for the project or removed from the Site as directed by Company Representative.EXECUTION 3. appurtenances or cables shall be made to such an extent that shall provide the builder with sufficient space or room to work conveniently around the structure or pipe to be installed. CONTRACTOR shall provide and maintain devices (including spares) to intercept. + 300 O. the sides of pits and trenches should be sloped back to the natural repose of the soil to avoid cave-in. Minimum Bottom Trench Width (mm) O. Protection Of Adjacent Structures: When the excavation is close to an existing structure. All trenches shall be kept dry until the structures. Sides which cannot be sloped to natural repose because of the presence of adjacent structures or any valid causes shall be shored adequately to resist earth movement and protect workers.PART 3 . E. x 2 O. C.D. 1021-000-2 "Standard Utility Trench.D. SECTION 02221 CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS DOC SABG GIRLS’ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND BOYS’ INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MUBARRAZ AND HOFUF 089/ 090 A 2050 BE-315756 2 of 4 0 .D. 300 thru 600 3.01 TRENCH EXCAVATION A. pipes. Unclassified Excavations: CONTRACTOR shall perform excavation as shown on the Construction Drawings and standard details in whatever material encountered. All excavations for the utility pipes. D. remove promptly and properly dispose of all natural ground water or flood water entering the trenches." Minimum pipe clearances to be as follows: Pipe Nominal Diameter (mm) 1. CONTRACTOR shall avoid any possibility of undermining or disturbing the foundations by placing sheetings. and appurtenances to be built are completed. dewatering and draining the bottom of the excavations firm and dry in an acceptable manner approved by the Company Representative.2 m deep. Drainage and Dewatering: To ensure proper drainage conditions throughout construction. F. over 600 B. Trench excavations shall additionally conform to SAUDI ARAMCO General Instruction. “Clearing and Grubbing. bracings or supports. Less than or equal to 300 2.

SAES-S-70. Placement of Bedding Material: Cables or pipes shall be laid on a 150mm thick clean sand bed compacted to 70% relative density (ASTM D-4253 & D-4254).460 meters . clean sand shall be carefully compacted by wetting and hand tamping to a depth of 300mm above top of pipe. except for sewer line which shall be 1.460 meters For utilities under roads. 5. Do not allow layers to exceed 200mm in thickness before compaction. parking lots and other areas subject to vehicular traffic. 2. CONTRACTOR shall saw-cut pavement for the area as needed and restore it to the original condition.460 meters . 3. the minimum cover shall be 0. Minimum Cover: Minimum cover over buried utilities shall be: 1. The bed shall be compacted uniformly to provide even bearing for pipes. Section 21. debris or foreign matter.0.460 meters .0. See DIVISION 16-ELECTRICAL. SECTION 02221 CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS DOC SABG GIRLS’ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND BOYS’ INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MUBARRAZ AND HOFUF 089/ 090 A 2050 BE-315756 3 of 4 0 .02 BACKFILL A. C.0.04 REINSTATEMENT To install pipe. 4. 3. Direct Buried Conduit for electrical service cable Direct Buried Electrical Cables Telephone Service cable Water service lines Sewer Lines . compacted by tamping. 3. Backfill Trenches: Place the selected fill or fill material thereon and build it up in successive layers. Compact each layer in accordance with SAUDI ARAMCO Engineering Standard.61 meters.G. cable or conduits under existing pavement. Preparation of Trench Bottom: The bottom of the trench shall be free of sharp or loose rock.0. Ensure that each layer is sloped to drain during construction. After pipes have been laid.0.03 PLACING WARNING TAPE FOR ELECTRICAL BURIED CABLE OR CONDUIT SYSTEMS Place continuous PVC warning tape and concrete tile for electrical cable.460 meters .22 meters.3. 3. B. tested and approved. until it has reached the required elevation.

in-place density tests.05 COMPACTION TESTING A. Extra Test: Should the WORK in question fail to meet the established criteria for testing. Spacing between all test locations shall be approximately equal. END OF SECTION B.3. and re-test at no additional cost to SAUDI ARAMCO. ASTM D-1556 or D-2922. the CONTRACTOR shall perform remedial WORK to the satisfaction of Company Representative. SECTION 02221 CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS DOC SABG GIRLS’ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND BOYS’ INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MUBARRAZ AND HOFUF 089/ 090 A 2050 BE-315756 4 of 4 0 . shall be taken after compaction of each lift of fill and performed at least one in-place density test for every 30 linear meters of compacted soil. Method and Frequency: To verify that the specified degree of compaction has been achieved.

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