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The purpose of the Setu Netcher magazine is to use the same principles as learned by the African people in ancient Kemet, also known as ‘the black land’ and recognize that through these principles of Netcher Nebu/Spirit is all; we can create a nourishing environment which invites collaboration and innovation at the highest level in our lives. One article here for your reading pleasure is brought to you by Hem Netcher Tepi/ High Priest Heri Khafra of Het NETCHER SESHINI HETCH HA NUB /the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus where he honors Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan on p. 2. Many know that Dr. Ben, as we call him, is one among the few scholars available to uncover the truth about Kemet as the place where every achievement of civilization began. Enjoy also, in this issue written by Hem Netcher Tepi/ High Priest Heri Khafra “UBEN KEMET/KEMET RISING: A brief history of the rise of Kemet as practiced today” on p. 13. He was there in the U.S.A. early beginnings and he continues to give us important historical insights of the Kemetic movement even today. Other fantastic articles in this issue is sure to whet our learning appetite such as when Hem Netcher Tepi Maat Em Maaukheru Amen shares with us a Kemetic experience as it relates to her child on p.2. Hem-t Netcher Mut Sheshata-Amenet gives us relationship advice on p.4. A special interview is with Hygienic Scientist Dr. Senu Jehuti Phil Valentine. He speaks on Interstellar and Planetary effects and more in his article entitled “The Nu Kemetic Resurrection”. We learn mind tantalizing information that started thousands of years ago relating to today on p. 12. Finally, the Setu Het-Netcher/Stones of the Temple contributors ask Netcheru/Divinities to bless our Hati/Mind,Khat/Body,and Netcher/Spirit this Gregorian New Years, giving us whole Health as we pass through this life with Maat/balance. We open our minds together for our greatest ankh/life by having awareness, desire, and practice of African Spiritual Science. A quote I grabbed from Rev. Heri Khafra is that “ When we get this, we got it all” Until Next Month: Ankh Udja Seneb/Life, Strength and Health

Making Continuous Kemetic Improvements for the Gregorian New Year 2012
Hem Netcher Auset Meri Amen discusses tips for making 2012 your very best year. This article can be found on p 3.

The Nu Kemetic Resurrection

Senu /Dr. Jehuti Phil Valentine’s Utchat Netcher Maa/God’s Eye View of “The Nu Kemetic Resurrection” on p. 7.

“Like It Is”. A show called. as he is commonly qG-A&noredirect=1 .A. . Till this day. has Sunnu Ben debating a Jewish Rabbi about the true Kemetic origins of the Jewish religion http://www. I always considered him my Tef Netcher or Godfather. Sunnu/Dr. & CD'S AVAILABLE BY HERI KHAFRA AT: www.pyramidmatrix. Ben Jochannan the Father of the Modern Kemetic 2 Sunnu/Dr. Thank You Sunnu Ben Jochannan Neheh/Forever –Amen.S. Sunnu Ben has written many books and has given many lectures. VIDEO’S. was born in Ethiopia and was accepted in the Holy Craft of Amen – Ra. It was from Sunnu Ben’s landmark book “Blackman of the Nile” that I got my first Kemetic name. that was the most glorious moment I ever had as recognized as the Kemetic High Priest. Ben. BOOK. New York and I was asked as Hem – Netcher Tepi/Kemetic High Priest to be part of the procession and lead Sunnu Ben Jochannan into the auditorium onto the stage. the Kemetic Shrine Keepers and Elders.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I means “He rises like the Sun” so. speaking about true Kemetic History and correcting the mistakes that have been taught over the years in universities and in “Khafra” which . He appeared on television in the U. decided to honor both Sunnu Ben and Sunnu John Henry Clarke in a Kemetic Ceremony at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn. Ben Jochannan by Heri Khafra Many Kemetic followers and Black Historians today consider Sunnu/Dr. Dua/Praise. I was blessed when in the 1980’s we.

Man or Woman cannot pick and choose which of these laws we want to follow. Life works the best for us. Making Continuous Kemetic Improvements for the Gregorian New Year 2012 by Hem-t Netcher Auset Meri Amen An improvement is to celebrate the Kemetic New Year on Sept. Dua/praising. .Another one is to do Hesi/chanting.This is how we KHEPRA/change. them. and evoking Netcheru /Divinities with KESU/ritual every day. We become powerful and our lives are SIM/BLESSED.15. We live by each one. It is the foundation of Humanities’ Reality. Then we move towards our NATURAL STATE OF DIVINE RESONANCE OF AMENRA .SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 3 MAAT= BALANCE The solutions for our world problems are to follow the 42 Negative Confessions of Maat.

Take your time in choosing a mate for it is wise to develop as “best friends” before choosing intimacy. Is focused. Comes to share as opposed to snub 9. Queen Mother ©January 2012 Brooklyn. Notice that I did not include items on the list such as physical appearance. Speaks the truth as opposed to tales 2. you will realize that the outer trappings are merely extras at best as opposed to “must haves”. . Comes to empower as opposed to abuse 16. Treat yourself the way which you want others to treat you. Comes to give as opposed to take 6. If your mate possesses the essence of what you desire. you and your “ideal other” will be drawn to each other. Works with you as opposed to against you 5.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 4 HOW TO CHOOSE A MATE by Hem-t KEMETIC ART BY HERI KHAFRA Netcher Mut Sheshata. Be kind to yourself each day. Something else which occurs is that these “extras” are actually present as perceived by you because the necessary elements are there. These two Netcheru/Divinities represent Partnerships. I am sure you will agree that if the above aspects are present your relationship has a high probability of surviving just about anything that life may throw at you. Chooses to live in the present as opposed to the past 20. Wealth and Spiritual Well Being in this Life and the many lives that may come. abusive. I would be remiss not to mention that in your quest for finding and uniting with an ideal mate. Marriage. Accepts responsibility as opposed to places blame 14. Speaks kindly as opposed to cruelly 13. Comes to build as opposed to destroy 4. Comes to compliment as opposed to criticize 7. Wishes for you more than they wish for themselves 11. immature. Is willing to learn as well as to teach 18. and through prayer and application of spiritual principles. disciplined and flexible This list is by no means exhaustive. Although they are twins. Tef-nut ha Shu Tef – Nut and Shu are the Lion Twins. Love.Friendships or Business that are in perfect balance. Art and Music. Worships the Most High with you. Remember that there is no circumstance of loneliness which is worse than being with someone who treats you badly or who is so engrossed in their own pain that they are unable to empathize with yours. however. regardless of their orientation 17. She was changed to Aphrodite by the Greeks and then Venus by the Romans. Money. it would be in both of your best interests if you possessed these qualities as well. Het-Heru Het – Heru is the Netcheret/Goddess of Beauty. One symbolically represents moisture and the other dryness. Brings clarity as opposed to chaos 3. Power and Vengeance. She once was Sekhmet the Netcheret of Passion. There is no circumstance of loneliness which is worse than being with someone who is selfish. type of job. they are not exactly alike. Comes to heal as opposed to hurt 10. NY USA *NETCHER SESHINI HETCH HA NUB/TEMPLE OF THE WHITE AND GOLD LOTUS The Het – Netcher Seshini Hetch Ha Nub/Temple of the White and Gold is dedicated to the Resurrection of Kemet to help all peoples elevate their Health. Comes to lift up as opposed to let down 8. finances. unreliable or irresponsible. With much love. Can love you “in spite of” as well as “because of” 12. You too should be the person whom you are seeking. Comes to cooperate as opposed to control 15. house or other material possessions? The reason is that these things can be transitory. Has respect for themselves and you 19.Amenet- Queen Mother Spirit Change The best intimate relationship is one in which your mate… 1. age.

planet. However. color. I think her name was Anike for the first time and said unprovoked by me. I feel like I’m forcing him to do something he does not want to do. that same Hesi would be used to calm him down. at least the ones he liked! Now at four. I got to do my meditation”. He jumped out a bed and sat in lotus and start chanting “Annnkh”! . By 17 months he could say Ankh when shown the symbol or emblem as well as repeat some of the sounds of the MDW NTR. I am comforted by my persistence when he sees MDW NTR shapes in everyday objects like rocks or patterns in a rug. Sometimes he would rather tell me the name of his cars than tell me the names of the NTRU. “Anedge Herak Anike! I am comforted by my persistence when I forget to go over the color and NTRU of the day and he refuses to get out of the car to go to school until I confirm it with him.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 5 Raising a Modern Kemetic Child by Hem-t Netcher Tepi Maa Em Maaukheru My child’s Kemetic rearing began in the womb when his name was invoked by Hesi/chanting. Here’s the downside: Sometimes he is not interested in MDW NTR and would rather see his name in English letters. He is often reminded of what his name means and that he needs to begin to reflect the attributes of his name. Finally. After his birth. he fully recognizes his name in MDW NTR and can write some of the symbols. Sometimes. Daily he is told the NTRU. I am comforted by my persistence when he met a little girl. He knows some of the rituals and is now learning to chant his name when he is troubled or whiny. I know I’m on point when one night I did not do my meditation in front of his bed while he was going to sleep and he said “wait a minute mommy. and incense of the day. He began learning the Kemetic alphabet at 12 months by flash card.

Tai Chi Chuan increases your overall health.8% attempted rape). minorities are somewhat more likely to be attacked. U.html . Order Tai Chi Chuan for your family: http://pyramidmatrix. decreases stress and strengthens your life. While about 80% of all victims are white. the first Martial Art Bruce Lee learned. Department of Justice. 2. is perfect for women or men because it teaches you how to use only 4 ounces of force to defeat an opponent of any size. National Crime Victimization Why Learn Tai Chi Chuan as a Self-Defense? The most popular Martial Art in China.S.8% completed rape.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 6 ADVERTISEMENT 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.

before the actual Smai Tawi . which are not the records written down by man but are essentially the records that become ediblely etched into the time stream continuum as a record of energies. It allowed for Kemet to be a beautiful culture of land and adapted later on after the Great Castrophy . what were the conditions of the Earth concerning atmosphere. Jehuti Phil Valentine was interviewed and asked to give a Utchat Netcher Maa/God’s Eye View of the Evolution of the Human Experience from the Galactic Level to the Interplanetary Level and Earth Level to the Sub – Atomic Level as the Nu Kemetic Resurrection progresses from antiquity to modern times: “Heri Khafra: Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine. At this time the oxygen ratio was about up to 20 to 36 percent when they were building the Great Pyramids. There was no pollution except however. thought signatures. At that time before Menes.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 7 Interview by Heri Khafra The Nu Kemetic Resurrection. The volcan o’s name was Thera and there was an explosion that caused a lot of pollution in Kemet. magnetic fields and all kinds of stuff like that and other similar things like that during the Pre – Dynastic Period and what were the conditions of other planets affecting the Earth in Kemet up to the First Dynasty when Smai Tawi the Unification of the Upper and Lower parts of Kemet occurred under Nsut Bty/King Menes? Sunnu Jehuti Valentine: If we go back in the chronology of the time we tap into the Askosic Records. as coming after a time when the Earth was enjoying a balanced atmosphere. Jehuiti Phil Valentine has been honored by Hem – Netcher Tepi/High Priest Heri Khafra as a Honorary Hem – Netcher Tepi of Jehuti.Sunnu/ Dr. The atmosphere was more pristine. you’ll see that the atmosphere before the Great Fall or the Great Flood that they speak ab out metaphorically. The atmosphere of compressed hydrogen allowed for balanced thought. It allowed for a greater incompassing of oxygen. All of this was based on volcanic ash. actions and accomplishments of humanity in a time stream. It allowed for Kemet to be a lot of desert. the one which you’re dealing with. Sunnu/Dr. 2012. there would be volcanoes erupting like the one that did off of Greece that created the affects that were later felt by Kemet and the Great Plagues that were talked about in the Bible such as like the waters of destruction of the Nile when the waters of the Nile were red.a compressed hydrogen envelope that allowed for a pristined environment which allowed for Kemet to be a teeming forest. Jehuti Phil Valentine Sunnu/Dr. The atmosphere itself was surrounded by a hydrogen envelope. And if we go back there to investigate a specific time. On January 4.

8 Heri Khafra: Just incredible. But if you look at the structure itself and see that it was actually aligned to the star called Sopdet which the Greeks called Sirius. it is off by about 0.000 years ago.000 years. The Ancestors began building Pyramids along specific Lay Lines. It was contusive for an intellect. such an atmospheric sphere of influence to communicate with the minds of entities of other planets. It was contusive for the mind to actual travel through such an envelope.2 degrees. Now at that time it was aligned perfectly to the Polaris Star 25. we next have the Period of Mer – Khut Aa. this signaled the actual coming together of Kemet. we were building Pyramids to stabilize the Planet in it’s spin due to a cataclysm of about 125.our people began to feel the change of the spin of the planet. that that’s possibly not correct? . So now by measuring how long it took for it to be off it’s apex measu rement. Now at the so – called time that you are speaking about during the building of the so – called Great Pyramids.We have to look at time very differently today. The blood streams of our Ancestors which I call the Blood Farm was ccompletely different. This Period has yet to be matched by any nation or culture with its science or mathematics. The air was actual pristine. It was beautiful. The blood stream of our ancestors then was qualitatively different from the blood streams that we have now in our possessions. Time and Space and how your genes calibrate them is not the same as then. What most people don’t realize is that the so – called capstone or the part that is missing on the top was aligned perfectly with the Polaris Pole Star. All this was told to the Greeks who had visited Ancient Kemet and they were told about all the castrophies that took place. So when the time came that the Earth began to fall. What was going on then in Ancient Kemet? Sunnu Jehuti Valentine: That is an interesting question. the Great Mer – Khut was built on or about 26. the Great Pyramid Age. Heri Khafra: So. you see how long it would take for the Earth to be off those measurement of degrees . The ones that we are speaking about in Ancient Kemet. If you look at where the apex would be today.The Pole Star scientists have calculated that it would take about 25. It was pulsing through our Ancestors at a different rate and a much different quality. This is when the priests of Ra told Herodatus the time. So as we move through this Time Tunnel. Mer – Khut meaning “Pyramid” and Aa meaning “Great”. The Sun actually came up in the West and went down in the East and at one time it had frozen and stood still in the sky.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I and going back about 25. are you saying that although almost every history book attributes the building of the Great Pyramid to Khufu and my namesake Khafra with the building of the Second Great Pyramid.000 years ago. that it is part of the Orion Constellation Star System. The Great Pyramids of the Earth is built like a necklace around the Planet in order for the Earth to go through a Stabilization Process.000 years ago. A lot of people want to attribute one of them to Khufu but he kind of went inside of it and put his name in it like putting graffiti there.000 years.

In other words the time frame to discover information utilization and put that information in a social context took a thousand years. We are in an end time cycle.Today. You can’t build pyramids like that.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I Sunnu Jehuti Valentine: Yes. caught destroyed by this event. Our blood crystals are not the same as our ancestors. . One are slaves and the other are the elite. I believe Hiksos are slaves and Hyksos are elite. The Minoans. on the Interstellar. what was going in Kemet. So time has sped up to its accumulation to its end. And what our ancestors was telling us is what the Pyramids were made for. The air wasn’t as pure during that time period. Interplanetary and Earth Plane during the Period of the Hyksos. Khufu and Khafra tried to retro fit our feeble minds to what their Ancient’s minds accomplished as well as them leaving us a structure system for our children to follow for their Resurrection. 9 Heri Khafra: Now. If you watch the crystallization of blood under a microscope and watch it coagulate into pyramids. the invaders from Asia Minor (Turkey)? Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: There are two different kinds. during war time from the time period when the pyramids were built to the time of the Hyksos and Greek invasion had a slower reactive consciousness but it was more internal[spiritual]. some 200 years or more later when the Greeks invaded Kemet the conditions of the air in Kemet got worse? Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: The Earth’s rotation had changed such that it caused a wobble and not just in the planet but in the consciousness of the people. These Minoans were the ones who taught the Greeks about column building and the such. They were made for the containment of Life. The Hiksos were slaves of the Kemetians and they were worshipped by the Jews as the ones who threw off the Kemetian slavery. These Hyksos are the Jews today who are trying to supp ress conscious. the same amount of information can be found and learned by 10 hours. Heri Khafra: So. The volcano Thera had blown up polluting the air. They are much more degenerate. They. There are Hyksos and Hiksos. that is possibly not correct. Kemet. Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine. a Black society originating form Kemet. You got to remember that there was a polar shift. The Hyksos were issuing in an end time.

we the men being the provider and protector. Heru Amen Hapi Khafra.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I Heri Khafra: Why did the Hyksos and Greeks try to imitate us? 10 Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: The inferior civilization always imitates the superior one. we were still multiplying our births. Interplanetary. along with Sunnu –t Rkhty Amen – Jones and Ra Un Nefer Amen and it’s 1980 Kemetic conscious ones and we have Africans in America saying it is not called Egypt but Kemet.we were defeated. That’s why after they killed the Black King and Prince they went after her. Then the Feminist came in to convince the Black Women to have no need of the Black Man. Heri Khafra: Then we have a remarkable Period. This is why in the worst of the worst times. Ben Jochannan and Cheikh Anta Diop and others and we have Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine and myself. Heri Khafra: Now we have the Darkest Period on Earth now. What’s going on now from 1980 until now in the Earth’s atmosphere? What’s going on with the Stars and Planets? Do they have any effect on you and I and others? . But remember. starve us out. it failed. It is the time when the entire Experiment of Humans on Earth would have failed. What is the Interstellar.this is why they put all the money in her hands. No one ever even said that word before other than the illustrious historians Sunnu/Dr. We were the Failsafe for the Human Species to actually perpetuate themselves. Then they go after your women and then they elevate the Black Woman as a superior person to you so that you do not have any control over your society anymore. The Black Woman’s microcandria was that Alexandria Library within her cells. helping start this Kemet Movement which has gone into the year 2012. The African Slave Trade. Earth Changes affecting us now? Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: It’s our Karmic Debt.They didn’t have anything to bring except war. destroy our memory. This why when they tried to kill us. You and I were born along with Baba Heru Ankh Ra Semajh.

000 miles per hour through space as the Sun is and just have the Earth only circling the Sun. So they went from one slave master’s name to another slave master’s name. But if you notice now the young people have come out of that stupor most of them now are looking to Kemetic names. Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: Is an Air Purifier. the atmosphere will have to reflect that. Now you see all these young people changing their names. we were tasked to be the torches in the minds of the people.000 year mystery. They left it for us because the Medu Netcher…. Heri Khafra: And by purifying the air you purify the coagulation of the pyramids in your blood. When we accept and look at Baba Heru. So the house nigger was the one who would turn the other cheek and he would name himself after his master who was a Christian. . Now I see why the Seshu/Ancestors put it everywhere. 11 Heri Khafra: You just help me solve a 25. Once we clear the pollution of our thinking then. Because like you said. So that they can see the Origin of all religions like the religion of the Buddha. And I have been doing my part to show the connections of all the mysteries of the religions in what I call the Path of the Hidden Light. We are now on Earth being dragged by the Sun. First to Arabic because they went from one slave master name as a house nigger to the next slave master name as a field nigger and they gave the field nigger Islam. Then we come to a point where we change the atmosphere from now on. all of us who tried to bring some consciousness to the people. Now I completely under and inner – stand Medu Netcher. they are having an intense effect on us now. Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: Most definitely. you and I the others you mentioned. Let me explain. They knew that the field nigger was not going to do what the house nigger did so they had to import a religion on shore that the field nigger would feel comfortable with and that’s when the Nation of Islam came up and everybody changed the ir name to Islamic names. brothers like us have been keeping the torches lit. We have been keeping the energies in the atmosphere strong. You can’t be moving at 43.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: Yes. Thought is the greatest pollution.

What you are going to do is unbalance everything around you and unbalance things until they are going to cause you hell. 12 Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine: They can’t. So any time that you try to serve yourself and not serve the greater good of trying to bring people to their true selves and not getting them all starry eyed at you. No it’s time for you to look in the mirror and see God. Because they never saw it in the beginning. .SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I Heri Khafra: Now I understand why certain people during our time could not deal with the Medu Netcher. you try to use a divine instrument like Kemet which realigns you with Maat but. If you come with an egotistical mind and what we call STS – Sevice To Self mentality. We had that time where everybody looked at one person and saw God. They want to call themselves Kemetic but they wouldn’t teach the Medu Netcher. you end up just using Kemet for yourself. you have to know that that time is over. It is not for them.

SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 13 UBEN KEMET/KEMET RISING: A Brief History of the Rise of Kemet as practiced today” by Heri Khafra .

practicing Kemet Kesu/Rituals and Prayers. Baba Heru Semajh was the first Kemetic Elder to have a celebration the Wep Ren Pet – The Kemetic New Year. The Studio of Ptah is also located at the same place where Baba Heru is a Heri/Master Sa/Jewelry Designer and Creator Baba Heru makes exquisite Kemetic Sa and has trained many to take up the craft. History. 332 B. There are some others I may have heard about but I wanted to list only those that I had personal contact with.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I UBEN KEMET/KEMET RISING: A brief history of the rise of Kemet as Practice today by African People” by Heri Khafra 14 This Gregorian Year of 2013 will mark my 32nd Year as Hem – Netcher Tepi/Kemetic High Priest Keeper and Founder of the Kera/Shrine (of) Amen – Ra. The Kemetic groups and individual founders that I list here are people that I personally met and at least one I joined. The picture on page 13 shows Baba Heru Ankh Ra Semajh celebrating the First Wep Ren Pet with his musical group “The Kemet Rising Band”. for some I will defend my statements. prayers and meditations from the times of the Greek Invasions in Kemet circa. a lot of these secret. The Holy House of Ra teaches Medu Netcher. Ben Jochannan and Sunnu John Henry Clarke. not non – African people. As long as it is spiritual I will make it. He is a Tekan/Musician. It is currently headed by Sen – Ur Ptah.E (Before the Common Era) and from that time period up to now there have been European societies.soptah. for others I may have to apologize. Non – African people have been practicing Kemetic rituals. There were some dates that I could only give an approximation with: 1969 – The Holy House of Ra The Holy House of Ra was founded by Sen – Ur/Elder Brother Rua Saures Roo Masura in Boston Mass.” The Studio of Ptah has a nefer/beautiful website at: 1970 – Kera em Ptah/Shrine of Ptah The Kera em Ptah was founded by Baba Heru Ankh Ra Semajh in 1970 in New York City. who originated the concept of Kemetic Practices once again returning to Kemet after for generations following there Christian and Islamic slave masters and the Jewish imitators. As a reminder to the reader: This is a brief History of Kemet as practiced today by AFRICAN . “I create amulets and talisman based on African Culture. Baba Heru is a proponent of the importance of learning Medu Netcher. They currently have a Kemetic Kalendar and books and can be contacted at: http://www. Astronomy and Healing through herbs and diet. This rendition is based on my personal observance and interaction with Kemetic groups and individuals and if I have excluded any groups or individuals or have reported some information about any groups incorrectly according to someone’s personal point of view. I felt that it is time to record a Brief History of the Rise of Kemet/Uben Kemet as practiced today by African People.” Sen – Ur Ptah.C.ptahoriginals. I had the privilege of meeting other Elder Founders of Kemetic Institutions and great Historians like Sunnu/Dr. Lecturer and Seba/Teacher of Kemetic History. This article is about Africans. “We are in the Nu Age of Cosmic Awareness and Universal Enlightenment which is the Path to Immortality.

SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 1973. He holds classes in Harlem. Heri Khafra created the Mer – Khut/Pryamid Matrix which generates a bioelectromagnetic field that heals and can generate pro and anti – gravity fields and interdimensional and time travel ports. Translation from French of “New Researches in Ancient Egyptian”. Inc. Colors. Mfundishi is a Master of Oriental Martial Arts and has been practicing and teaching herblogy and Healing Arts for over 30 years. Trigonometry. Heri Khafra has written the book “The Pyramid Matrix – A Guide for Survival and Success” and has produced videos on Medu Netcher. One of the many benefits of Ra Un Nefer Amen’s work and research is attributing Astrological Signs. Member of United Families of African Descent. Incense. Per Ankh’s website can be found at http://perankhu. Founding member of the African Community of Chicago Temple. 2nd Floor (Between Malcom X and 5th Avenue).pyramidmatrix. PUBLICATIONS: Translation from French of “The Genetic Relationship of the Negro African Languages” By Cheikh Anta Diop. This information can be found in his series of books “Metu Neter volumes 1 – 6”. Founder/Director of the Institute of Kemetic Philology. Precious Stones and Days of the Weeks. Per Ankh was founded by Sen Meri/Beloved Brother Neb Ka Ra and Sen-t Meri/Beloved Sister Sunnu –t/Dr. ChenziRa. Founder/D irector of the Montclair Saturday African School Program. Member of the Detroit Study Group. You can experience the Mer – Khut/Pyramid Matrix for free purchase his videos at www. Geometry and Calculus. Founding member of the KM WR Melanin Science Consortium. Member of International Black Women’s 1981 – The Temple of the White and Gold Lotus – Shrine of Amen – Ra The Temple of the White and Gold Lotus – Shrine of Amen – Ra was founded by Heri/Master Heru Amen Hapi Khafra. 1983 . Freehold New Jersey. was formed as a 501C3 nonprofit non-governmental charitable and educational entity and international spiritual ministry via the governments of the Virgin Islands & US in 1989 and entered the UN's ECOSOC registry as an NGO in 1991.The Ausar Auset Society The Ausar Auset Society was founded by Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen. Per Ankh. Is a Founding member of ASCAC ‘Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations’.info or contact Heri Khafra at 678 732 0980.Kera em Jehuti Sunnu – t Rkhty Amen began teaching herself Medu Netcher in 1979 and in 1983 she founded the Kera em Jehuti (Shrine of Jehuti). 1981 – The Kera em Djuhty Heru Neb Hu The Kera em Djuthy Heru Neb Hu was founded by Mfundishi Jhtyms Hasaan Salim. Founding member of PAKMNOS ‘Pan African Kmt Kush Mdu Ntr Outreach Society. New York 70 West 125 Street. Mfundishi teaches Medu Netcher along with Kemetic Practices and Kesu/Rituals. Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga and The Ausar Auset Society uses Indus – Kush Mantras for meditation on the Netcheru. Kemetic History. He also developed a teaching method using Medu Netcher and the Netcheru to accelerate learning in Math and Science along with a Sheb Sheb/Martial Art System using the Ankh and Uas Staff. The Ausar Auset can be contacted at the Brooklyn Center at 718 – 419 3199 15 1970’s – Per Ankh Per Ankh is ancestral! Per Ankh as a spiritual assembly and global fellowship was in the 1970's. Faculty and member of Global Learning Network.ASCAC World History Pro ject board member. Founding member of the Fannie Lou Hamer Cultural Center Mekan Kedus Spiritual Gathering. “The Kemetic . and board member of KM WR. not Classical Medu Netcher. Website: sacredhealing7.

S. rolls the dung ball in the sunlight of Ra and the egg transforms into a new being. Sr Chass Khem is a Grandmaster in Martial Arts. He teaches Kemetic Kesu. Khepera begins the process by depositing its larvae in crap. Lecturer and Free-Thinker. South America. Most people see waste. His Kera/Shrine is located at 414 Marcus Garvey Blvd. MpD is a Hygienic Scientist. “Khepera is the start of transformation. Jehuti Phil Valentine started the Shrine to Jehuti. .”The World History Project”.kemetaphysics. Khepera allows for the potential of what you will become. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Healing and Meditation. “The Kemetic Calendar Project. Africa. Self-Published “The Kemetic Writing stem” Self Published “Mdu Ntr Reading Book One” Self. Nalani Sutn St – nty Ra he founded the University of Kemetian Science. going backwards. self-published 2008. Website: http://www. Sen Meri/Beloved Brother Bonotchi Montgomery. In 2006 along with Sunnu –t/Dr. Khepera sees the 90% potential for change. feces. Sunnu –t Nalani Sutn St – Nty Ra and many others. “We are dedicated to the resurrection of Medu Netcher as a Living Language for all African People. Sunnu –t Rkhty Amen. It has been an almost indescribable joy to watch over the past 31 years the Afro – Kemetic Movement grow and influence people in the U. The Book of Coming Forth by Day and has created a Kemetic Calendar. dung. Europe and even in modern Egypt.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I Name Book” Published by the Kemetic Institute“The Calendar Project” Co-Authored with Frederick Reese. Master Mfundishi Jhtyms Hasaan Salim and Sunnu Jehuti Phil Valentine. ND. I say Dua/Praise/Thank you to my Neb/Lord Amen – Ra and the Netcheru to be one of the Elder Founders of this Glorious Movement that will help. Naturopath. Self-Published “The Final Rite of Transformation ”Self Published “The Journal of African Civilizations”.org/scripts/page. You can learn more about the Shrine to Khepera. the Caribbean. In 1987 he created the Temple of the Healing Spirit Shrine to Jehuti and Maat where counseled on healing using meditations and herbs. “The Calendar Project”. 1991 . Sunnu –t Rkhty Amen is the foremost Master of Medu Netcher and Seba/Teacher of Heri Khafra. 16 1985 – Shrine to Jehuti Sunnu/Dr. She has written an E – Book on Medu Netcher (meduneter. Phillip Valentine HsD. Metaphysician.”.com).php?script_name=about_us.. 11216 Telephone Number 718 947 6092. Symbolically.Published “Mdu Ntr Correspondence Course”. Khepera.” Sr Chass Khem.A.The Shrine to Khepera Khem Khepera. “Female Horuses and Great Wives of Kemet ”. Polymath.

com Purchase .video’s by Heri Khafra at: www.SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE | Issue # UN/I 17 SETU HET NETCHER/ STONES OF THE TEMPLE Send your questions and comments to:’s.

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