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Resume of Lydia Bradshaw 05/04/1991 0431911921 Employment History & Experience

2013 - Internship at ClickView - knowledge and understanding of UI design and development - Ability to create engaging graphics in accordance with a given deadline - Extensive experience with the Adobe Suite - knowledge of HTML and CSS - knowledge of Visual Studio and Orchard (CMS) 2012 - Receptionist at Millennium Towers, Sydney - Reception duties including greeting residents, updating residential files and managing access into the building - Can perform thorough duty inspections. - Can maintain security of the building and safety of the residents. - Can communicate with residents in a polite and friendly manner and effectively assist them with any requirements they may have. 2012 - Web design and Marketing for upcoming ecommerce website Lola Bloom. (Contract work) - Experience with ecommerce platforms including Wix, Big Commerce and Volusion - Can design unique and vibrant graphics and logos under pressure, to a deadline - Can design and create promotional offers for company website - Can retouch photographs and resize product photos under pressure with a deadline. - Can successfully post on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter 2012 - Design Computing at The University of Sydney - Experience with Adobe CS5 including Flash, Photoshop and After Effects. - knowledge of languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript and Processing. - Experience with cinematography and editing using the Final Cut Pro software. - Experience with Maya and 3ds Max, including rendering, modelling to scale and 3d animation. - Knowledge of database management - Knowledge of the principles of marketing - Knowledge of UI design including storyboarding, use cases, hierarchical task analyses - Currently holding a distinction average. 2011 - Internship in the Marketing and Promotional sector for Philippe Chalindar owner of Riad Magellan, Marrakech - Experience in the field of Tourism - Can communicate politely and professionally with hotel guests in French and English. - Extensive experience with social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. - Knowledge of SEO (escalating the position of a hotel website on search engines including Google and Bing). - Can successfully create and edit articles and reviews on websites such as Wikipedia, Wiki travel Trip Advisor and The Guardian. - Can develop and maintain relationships with travel agents and staff from hotel listing websites and online journals. - Can organize and maintain partnerships with companies located in various parts of the world including USA and France. 2011 - Graphic Design and Administration Internship for Boutique Souk - A Travel Agency in Marrakech - Can communicate and maintain corporate relationships with various luxury hotels in Marrakech. - Experience in administration in an international environment. - Experience in photoshopping of corporate images and adding watermarks before uploading to company website. - Experience in the design of corporate brochures. 2011 - Freelance Travel Writing - Can compose interesting, unique travel articles under pressure, to a deadline. - Thorough knowledge of English grammar. - Experience working with travel agencies established in Europe. 2011 - Wizz Sydney Toy Shop located at Sydney International. Airport - Assistant manager of retail store located after customs at the International Airport - Extensive experience in cash handling. - Can manage store unsupervised and complete MYOB processes alone. - Can converse with customers in different languages due to studies in French, Spanish and German - Experience working with children from all over the world, due to location of store. 2011 - Private Tutoring of English as a Second Language, Sydney - Can teach English as a second Language in a patient manner to individuals of all ages and nationalities - Thorough knowledge of English grammar and grammatical vocabulary 2010/11 - Peters of Kensingtion, Administration in Head Office of Retail Store located in Kensington, Sydney - Experience with filing, faxing, printing, checking business emails and reception duties - Extensive sales and administration experience - Extensive customer service experience over the phone - Can perform data entry and mail order under time constraints and pressure - Can use initiative and work responsibly and efficiently to a deadline - Communicated closely and effectively with managers to ensure that work was carried out at the highest standard possible 2010 - Volunteering in the Amazon Jungle, Puyo, Ecuador - Development of a finer understanding of the Spanish Language, after attending courses at a Spanish School in Quito, Ecuador - Improvement of problem solving skills. - Improvement of fitness. - Experience of working long hours in a third world environment. 2009/2011 - Employee of Touchpoint Research (Previously Australian Market Research), Christie Street St Leonards - Can communicate clearly and efficiently over the phone with clients, and type verbatim.

- Can perform data entry to an exceptional standard without error. - Can operate technology to an advanced level. - Can deal with complaints in a polite and reasonable manner. - Can work to a high standard without supervision.

Education, Training and Experience

2013 - Internship at ClickView 2012 - Design Computing at The University of Sydney 2011 Work experience in the Marketing and Promotional department for Riad Magellan in Marrakech, Morocco 2011 - Internship at Boutique Souk located in Marrakech, Morocco. 2011 - Work experience in Equity Point Hostel, Marrakech, Morocco. 2011 Working on the organic Farm of Richard Sharp in Grazay, France. 2011 Volunteer work for Australian organisation Youth Off the Streets. 2011 - Singing lessons with Rachelle Rodriguez. 2010 - Landscape Architecture at UNSW. 2010 Volunteering at Yana Cocha animal centre in the Amazon Jungle. 2010 - Training in MYOB with Peter Bradshaw. 2010 - B Grade Womens Soccer for Wahroonga Tigers. 2010 - Singing lessons with Rachelle Rodriguez 2010 - Piano lessons at the Conservatorium of Music 2008 - Year 12 at Hunter Valley Grammar School (UAI of 85.52) - Advanced maths, 4 Unit English, Biology, French and Visual Arts 2008 - Printmaking lessons with Andrew Tottman at the National Art School. 2008 - Completion of 'The Sketchbook' course at the National Art School. 2008 - Oil Painting lessons with Gwendolyn Lewis at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery. 2008 - Tennis lessons with Scott Eaton. 2007 - Completion of Year 11 at Hunter Valley Grammar School. 2008 - Tennis Lessons with Scott Eaton. 2007 - Completion of RSA course at East Maitland TAFE. 2006 - Completion of year 10 certificate at Orange High School. 2005 - Year 9 at Orange High School. 2005 - Completion of Soccer refereeing course for Orange District Football Club 2004 - Year 8 at Turramurra High School 2004 - Tennis lessons with Mark Rawlingson 2003 - Year 7 at Turramurra High School 1996 to 2002 - Primary School at Turramurra North Primary School

Key Strengths
Polite, friendly individual Exceptional data entry skills Exceptional attention to detail Excellent organisational skills Excellent communication skills Excellent computer skills Excellent coordination skills Excellent practical worker Strong Creative Flair Strong problem solving skills Strong passion for learning Strong negotiation skills Strong customer service skills Strong determination to achieve high results Extensive sporting background Helpful with small children

Art and design Animal Care Communications Conservation Drawing Health and Fitness IT Landscape Design Linguistics Singing World history Travel

2010 - Participation in the Lead Adventures Volunteer Program in Ecuador, (Volunteer work at the Yana Cocha Animal Rescue Centre). 2010- Distinction in The Introduction to Landscape Architecture subject at UNSW 2009 - High distinction in first year German at Newcastle University 2008 - Distinction in first year French at Newcastle University 2008- Service to the School Award for involvement in year 12 mentoring program 2008- Service to the School Award for contribution to the planning of fund raising for an orphanage in Vietnam 2008- Service to the School Award for participation in Anzac day 2008- Gold Principal's Awards for excelling in all academic areas 2008- First place in year 12 French at Hunter Valley Grammar School 2008- Principal's Award for academic excellence 2008 - Assessment of Language Competence French Certificate 2 High distinction in Listening skills 2008 - Assessment of Language Competence French Certificate 2 High distinction in Reading skills 2008 - Sam Faragher Prize for Excellence in Year 12 French 2008 - Peter Tayler Trophy for Open Girls Tennis 2008 - Principals Award for representing the HRIS region in Athletics, Tennis, Soccer and Touch football 2007 - Visual Arts Scholarship winner Hunter Valley Grammar School 2007- Encouragement Awards for Music and Mathematics 2007 - Cultural Award for visual arts for involvement in the 'Celebration of the Senses' 2007 - Age Champion in athletics 2006 - Winner of the Orange Eisteddfod for senior vocal group 2006 - Principal's Award for achievement in sporting excellence 2006 - Age Champion in athletics 2006 - Astley Cup Participation award for athletics, tennis and soccer 2006 - Principal's Award for representing the Western Region for tennis, athletics, soccer and indoor soccer