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Tools/ Techniques Languages Oral and Listening

Examples Listening Comprehension, Speech, Debate, Recitation, Dialogue, Conversation, Interview , Presentation, Quiz, Poems come alive, Dramatization Questions- MCQs , Descriptive, Creative writing, reports, Articles, Diary Entries, Commentaries, Open Closed Book, Tests, Unseen Passages

Skills/ Learning Outcomes Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Communication, Fluency, Accuracy, Understanding, Recall, Convincing Skills, Appreciation, Problem solving, Assertiveness , Collaborative skills Recall, Understanding, Analyzing, Organizing, Applying, Associating, Interpreting, Synthesizing, Creating Information Gathering, Organizing, Deductive Reasoning, Analyzing , Correlating to other disciplines, and to real life, interpreting, Inferring, presenting, Hypothesizing, Collaborating, IT skills Recording and Presentation skills

Written Assignments

Research Projects


Inter disciplinary, investigatory, Extrapolators, individual/group cumulative collection of students work over time (diary, scrap book, log book, videos, photographs

Mathematics and Sciences Written assignments Word problems, MCQs, Numerical Descriptive Questions, Graphs, Diagrams Surveys, Field Tours Data Handling


Investigatory, Cross disciplinary, Research based

Lab Activities

Practical Activities, Experiments, journals, Observation Schedules, Checklists

Problem Solving, Applying, Analyzing, Differentiating, Critical Thinking, Deductive Reasoning Critical Thinking, Analyzing, interpreting, Presenting, Hypothesizing, Decision Making, IT skills, Collaborative Skills Information Gathering, Organizing, Deductive Reasoning, Analyzing, Correlating to real life, Interpreting , Inferring, Presenting, Hypothesizing, Collaborative Skills, IT skills, Scientific temperament and Environmental sensitivity Setting up apparatus, inquisitiveness, observation, Recording, analyzing , inferring, Applying, Hypothesizing, Drawing Conclusions, Critical thinking, Data

Models, Charts, Simulations, Games Math/ Science Events

Origami, Blocks, Working Models, Robotics, Aero modeling, Mechanics Oral Tables, Quiz, Relay, Exhibition, Seminar/ symposium/ group discussion/ viva voce /case studies Cumulative Collection of students work over time (scrap book, log book videos, albums)


Handling Motor skills, spatial skills, Practical application skills, Logic Recall, Application, Mental Alertness, Speed, Accuracy, Coordination, Presentation, Critical Thinking, Collaborative Skills Recording and Presentation skills

Social Sciences Written Assignments


Surveys, field Trips



Descriptive Questions, MCQs Recall, writing, Understanding, Analyzing, commentaries, Open closed book tests Organizing, Applying, Associating, Interpreting, Synthesizing, Creating Investigatory, Cross disciplinary, Information gathering, Organizing, research-based, individual group Deductive Reasoning , Analyzing, Correlating to real life, interpreting, inferring, Presenting, Hypothesizing Source-based analysis, using Collaborative skills, IT skills preliminary and secondary sources, data handling Charts, Map work, cartoon strip, time Critical thinking, Analyzing, Interpreting, lines, models Presenting, Hypothesizing, Decision making, IT skills, Collaborative Skills Quiz, seminar, group, Discussion, Case Recording and presentation skills, Recall, Studies, Dramatization Application, presentation skills, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaborative Skills