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Inter Company Sales Process

An intercompany sale occurs when the selling sales organization takes the required goods from other plant which belongs to different company code.In this scenario, while creating the sales order the delivering plant will be the one which belongs to other company code. The delivering plants sales org. raises an inter-company invoice and send it to ordering company code for the supplied materials, and finally ordering company code sends the final invoice to customer. The transaction path for accessing inter company sales billing is: SPRO >> IMG >> Sales and distribution >> Billing >> Intercompany billing 1. Define Order Types For Intercompany Billing: Here we need to specify the billing type for intercompany billing "IV" for each sales document type that we use in intercompany billing. 2. Assign Organization units by plant: We need to assign the delivering plant to the sales area of ordering company code. 3. Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization Here we need to assign an internal customer number for the purpose of intercompany billing to ordering sales organization. In intercompany billing transaction, the intercompany billing document is created for this internal customer number which represents ordering sales organization. 3.1. Create a customer that represents your ordering sales organization. 3.2. Assign this customer number to the ordering sales organization. Pre Requisites for Inter company Billing: 1.Material should be extended to both ordering and delivering plants 2.Material stock should exist in delivering plant 3. The sales document type (OR) must be relevant for intercompany sales and have an assigned billing document type (IV) . 4.Assign the delivering plant to ORDERING SALES ORG+DIST.CHANNEL 5. The inter-company internal customer number must be assigned to ordering sales organization. The receiving sales organization becomes the customer to delivering sales org., So create a dummy customer in ordering company code and assign it to sales organization then extend it to required sales area. 6. Determine pricing procedure for Standard (RVAA01) as well as Inter-company (ICAA01) and maintain pricing procedure determinations.

PPD for Standard: Sales area+ (Main customer) C.P.P +OR document type D.P.P +RVAA01 PPD for Inter Company: Sales area+ (Dummy customer) C.P.P +IV document type D.P.P +ICAA01) 7. Maintain relevant copy controls between sales document type and inter company billing type .For Eg: OR to IV T Code: VTFA 8.Maintain condition records for Condition types PI01as well as PR00 in VK11 9.Now create VA01, enter all the required fields, in delivering plant enter Plant of Delivering company code and complete the incompletion log and save the order. - Create Delivery by using T Code:VL01n, with ref to Sales order - Create Billing VF01 (with ref to Delivery )--Observe the bill type-F2 - Create Billing VF01 (with ref to SALES ORDER) --- Observe bill type-IV. Notes: 1. The result of an inter-company sales transaction is that the system will create two billing documents. The first is the standard customer billing document that is sent from the sales organization to the customer who receives the goods. The second is the inter-company billing document that is sent from the delivering plant to the sales organization 2.While maintaining the condition records for inter-company condition type PI01, specify the sales organization of ordering company code and plant of delivering company code.