Place the lid on the pan and let it stand for 20minutes. Teli Shivani S. remove the skin and bones and flake into large strips. Add the potatoes which should be boiled in their skin. peeled and sliced. Drain. Nirmala Verma John D'Souza Fredrick Norhona Varun S Shivdas P. Desai 06 Feature interview 10 Travel 12 Travel Tips 14 Feature Story 16 Get Sunburnt 18 Sports 20 Words Of Mouth 22 Hangover 24 Music Interview Aniruddha Sen Gupta Fort Aguada Get Lost in a Fantasy DJ Sultan Drop it like its hot! Andrew Ferrao 26 My Playlist 28 So Filmy 30 So Filmy Feature 32 So Filmy Feature DJ Kary Welcome to IFFI Georgian Cinema at IFFI 2010 34 Page Turner 36 Lifestyle 38 Who The Bleep Cares 42 Cuisine 44 Listings 42 NOVEMBER 2010 42 3 .CUISINE NOVEMBER Editorial Manager: L. Place these in a deep pan. slice the onion and garlic and sauté until lightly brown . Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa Ingredients 500g dried salt cod 500g cooked potatoes 100gms olives Parsley 1litre milk Salt Pepper Method (Servings : 4) Soak the cod. Bring the milk to boil and pour over the cod let it stand for 1 ½ to 3 hrs. Teli Shraddha S. Stir gently but do not allow to stew. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and garnish with slices of boiled eggs and black olives. Drain the cod and add to the potatoes. Editorial Content: Fredrick Norhona Nirmala Verma Cecil Pinto Peter Fernandes Nina M Selma Carvalho Glenda Fernandes Published & Distributed Tito’s Grey Cell Media Pvt. Place at once on an earthen baking dish & bake in an oven for 10minutes. mean while heat the oil. Ltd. place in a pan and add boiling water to cover the fish. R. Season with salt and pepper. Serve immediately on the dish used to bake the cod.

4 41 .

40 5 .

whether it's Victor Rangel-Ribeiro writing about the goings-on in mythical Tivolem or Lambert Mascarenhas in Sorrowing Lies My Land. for letting four decades of my life pass by without really getting to know Goan English Literature. Do leave your feedback at carvalho_sel@yahoo. He was part of Media Workshop (MW). oratory voice and inborn sense of the theatrical. He worked for the Delhi city magazine City Scan and then was part of the team that conceived and launched First & WORDS FLOW WORDS & He studied at the prestigious IIT Madras. We see this in tiatr. uncle to tiatrist. And there's another thing. including an almost-complete story called 'The Adventure of the Chinese Junk'. with his big. It might be the big. he often took centre stage. India's only city mag to flourish over the years. he settled in tiny Goa (at Porvorim). especially in the Diaspora. and left it in 2001 as Creative Director. would hardly agree. Or maybe our humour evolved as a defence mechanism against Colonial press censorship and a stifling of political aspirations or was it a coy way of overcoming parochial inhibitions even as liberal ideas flooded our minds and bodies with desire. These were people who didn't have recourse to books and the fine art of writing and so they parleyed their talent on stage. there is this sweet. Splash! Communications offers communication and design services to organisations in the social sector. I feel sorry that Goan children. Bosomy women and men emaciated by hard labour would howl in laughter. to start his own design firm. His 'The Mystery of MindNet' was published by Scholastic. They have also worked on children's educational material -. with his wife Anjali. the dead-pan delivery and the timing. I have this theory that tiatrists are literary figures without the dictionary. dramatic scene at the end which makes or breaks the theatre production but it's the humour skits along the way that sell the tickets. Instead. he said. Caetano Aguiar. Tall and almost patrician in his elegance. in 2006. the women in his family. M.FEATURE INTERVIEW THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT GOA THAT THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT GOA THAT MAKE IDEAS CHURN Srederick Noronha own magical stories of Goa. The incongruence and slight irony of the setting relieved momentarily by humour. MAKE IDEAS CHURN FLOW From the heights of aeronautical engineering to the depths of writing?Do you think that's a sad way to go? Aniruddha Sen Gupta. What is it about Goans that puts humour at the vortex of our interactions? Was it the long conversations on moonlit nights in the balcao that lent itself to a friendly-fire of puns and innuendo? I remember my grand-uncle. Our art forms seem to be drenched in humour. regaling us at family gatherings. and got a degree that would qualify him to be a top notch engineer tending (or maybe designing) cuttingedge metal birds that fly. the hilarious comebacks. with Salil Chaturvedi. & half a dozen dogs. Humour is after all the earliest and the deadliest form of social protest. and half a dozen dogs. grow up ever so ashamed of being Goan because they are unaware of our rich heritage. the Azim Premji Foundation. all practiced to perfection by our comedic genius. I feel sorry for myself. and 6 NOVEMBER 2010 6 39 . He studied at the prestigious IIT Madras. fortyish and with the beard of a Rabindranath Tagore. and is the first novel in a children's adventure series built around a group of kids called the Fundoo 4.for Toxics Link. he settled in tiny Goa. with his wife Anjali. he spent much of his school years writing. in 2006. While in school. nectarine-like wit running through these stories. Splash! Communications. & got a degree that would qualify him to be a top notch engineer tending Instead. Boyer. which he scribbled in one of his school exercise books. all had huge breasts and spindly legs which is why they could never walk a straight line.

I feel happiest when I'm writing. funny and scary situations we've been in during those trips. so I'd rather do that than anything else. the Durrell brothers. and I think we will be seeing more such initiatives here as well. Including his dogs. I came across a superb piece of writing." is a line from this book. and seeing the results of something that's truly worldclass in its execution. Something about the pace and atmosphere of the place makes the ideas churn and the words flow. Its launch is scheduled for December this year. Despite living in a city for 30 of my 40-odd years. Since when I was very young -. you will never guess she speaks three languages. people of that ilk. I always felt hugely out of place. This is to appear in a new science magazine called 'Brainwave'. FN: Do you find Goa a suitable place to write from? Why or why not? ASG: It's only since I moved to Goa that I have returned big-time to my writing. It is not often one comes across a singular sentence alternating so sumptuously between mirth and pathos. If there's something positive about the city which I perhaps miss here. and have travelled extensively all over India with four of them. He finds Goa a creative place. There's a lot of that breed here. Unusual because if you visit the solitary village she comes from in Goa and the mind-numbing silence of her ancestral house in the interiors of this village. as he is known to friends. but was always told that I couldn't make a living out of it (they're still telling me that). quite by accident. aeronautical engineering background? ASG: 'Why?' is a difficult question to answer -. Or perhaps Leslie was fortunate to have landed on more fertile soil and had the opportunity to cultivate his genius. that even British drama had to wait. About Goan authors and humour? Who the bleep cares about Goan authors and humour? My mother is an unusual character. English. Emily Bronte and Somerset Maugham and as a result I grew up believing only the English had a monopoly on English literature and I certainly grew up unaware that Goans had their own English Literature. Goa. The Mango and the Tamarind Tree by Leslie de Noronha took my breath away. crushed partly by the weight of their pedigree and partly by pernicious anaemia and carcinoma of the cervix.I'm just not suited to be in a city. it's a travelogue-cum-guidebook on our travels with our dogs. I don't know if Leslie comes from one of those villages my mother lived in. But even that is changing. Here I was force-fed huge portions of Dickens. where only an audacious moon and an indomitable army of fireflies light up the night sky which otherwise darkens prematurely and lulls people to sleep. published by ACK Media. two of them recent entrants. The writing came before the engineering. as in gay. I had to ask myself. Very rarely will I interrupt my evening ritual of watching television to complete reading a chapter but such was the wit and wisdom of Noronha's writing. artists. in 1987 Goa feels much more like the kind of place I was meant to be. I got more and more into writing and eventually took up a job as a journalist once I left college. in an interview with FREDERICK NORONHA: FN: Why writing? Specially in the context of your threatened wetland. especially in Delhi where I moved once I started working.WHO THE BLEEP CARES By Selma Carvalho others. she sent me to St. insignificant dots on a landscape mapped by the Portuguese and relegated to obscurity by civilization. Modern Goan Literature (ed. as I was good at science. but have so far felt it can't be done. talks about his fascinating work and's some sort of innate need. affiliated to the University of London. in a book entitled. Mary's. Besides that. But. they have elasticated the English language and stretched it to weave their IIT.nine or ten -. The Examiner. So she had at her disposal three languages she could teach her children and whether it was a sense of nationalistic loyalty or some preserve logic. I followed the accepted path till I was old enough to be able to listen to what the voice inside was saying. In college. I'm working on 'Second Nature'. 'Annie'.I liked to write. After an extensive google search I learn that Leslie was brave enough to write a campy book. I guess it's a matter of one's mindset -. I don't know anything about Leslie de Noronha. a monthly two-page comic column about an ecologically- 38 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 7 38 7 FEATURE INTERVIEW projects that are . I'm also working on a few design projects. It made me a social pariah in a world of six-year olds with sticky fingers and snotty noses who called me names because I could only speak this alien tongue. FN: Tell us of what you're writing now? What are your main projects? ASG: The main project I'm working on is my third book. especially in the creative arts. There's a kick in working on such projects. all the more surprising when Leslie used to be the Bombay theatre critic for the Catholic newspaper. who are these Goans? Like gymnasts. it's the desire in people to take on large in scope and ambitious in vision. she insisted that her two older children at least would speak only in Konkani. This put me in a very precarious position. the guys who bring out Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. Peter Nazareth. called the Dew Drop Inn. Portuguese and Konkani."The mothers of Olinda and Philomena died shortly after child-birth. A big factor is also the company of writers and creative people that I have been lucky enough to drop into the middle of. I'm hoping it will also act as a motiva tional and 'how-to' guide for people who would like to t r a v e l wit h their pets in India. 1556). ProvisionallyZ titled 'Barking Mad'. so you could consider the latter as the anomaly. FN: How does being in a small state contrast with a big city? ASG: The most significant change is that the pace of things is so different. Perhaps to make up for this or perhaps because it was the only Catholic school in Dubai. The book tells the story of some of the strange. and I would say that's possibly true for many writers. respectively. My wife Anjali and I have six dogs. About two days ago.

which I hope to bring to fruition over the next couple of years. Request the chef to avoid them and use healthy and less oil instead. Loaded with healthy nutrients and low in calories. If ordering chicken. garden fresh or lightly sauté stir fried foods. Choose healthy options for main course: It is very important to choose the main course dishes wisely. roasted. money. I'm exploring the ways in which it can be done. Another option is to share the meal with a friend. and my first 'literary' novel. I am currently working. about memory. and developed a desire to do a few of my own. money. cream or coconut milk. I've been very lucky -. Go ahead and treat yourself to a healthy meal in your favorite restaurant and make dining out memorable without sacrificing taste. If you don't choose you dessert wisely believe me desserts can be a diet killer. leave the skin and just the meat. what would they be? ASG: My next three projects beyond 'Barking Mad' -. not single books. Choose whole wheat chapatti over naan. some types of writing will be more taxing in terms of the non-writing effort you have to put into them. Naan made from white flour is not a healthy they fill you up pretty fast preventing you from overeating. Of course.I have found the perfect collaborator.chicken or fish request for using no oil or very little but healthy oil like olive oil. I have always loved doing different kinds of things. that came off felicitously. If healthy dessert option is not available. didn't it?) FN: Can you tell us a little about your experience with graphic novels? ASG: My interest in graphic novels is wholly rooted in my brother Orijit's fascination with them. FN: If you had three dream projects you would like Go for soups and salads: Soups and salads can be great appetizers. short comic pieces both fiction and non-fiction. I find the word 'challenging' in the context of writing rather out of place. lean cut meats and fresh green vegetables are healthy choices. so I work in collaboration with artists to make my ideas take shape. Fresh fruit dessert instead of sugary high fat dessert is a healthy and perfect ending to a nice dinner. I have got to understand to a small extent the intricacies of the art. and so far things are not looking promising. grilled. FN: How tough or easy is it. There will be practically no difference in taste. So far. It's today become relatively easy to be published. Prefer broth based soups to cream based soups. Yogurt salad dressing with herbs and spices is a healthy and tasty option. While ordering tandoori stuff . on a travelogue with dogs. Basic key to eating out is eating less of your main course.FEATURE INTERVIEW drinks are unhealthy and can have a drastic effect on keeping a check on your weight. and that attribute extends to my writing as well. madness and mapmaking (wow. Other ideas in my mind. which was published by Sage earlier this year. writing is liberating. stories. I write the scripts and she converts them into comics. Again. Water with lemon juice and fresh fruit juices are healthy options. For me. And most of these are ideas for series. I would think -. a comic FN: Tell us about the focus of your writing so far? What did you find the most challenging? Why? ASG: My writing is anything but focussed. This will help you enjoy the taste of dressing and limit the intake of salad dressing and sauces. include graphic novels. Go for these wise choices to end the meal on a sweet note. Vinegar and olive oil dressing is a heart healthy option. and is quite the authority on them. in an NID animatorillustrator called Priya Kuriyan. Ask for foods to be grilled without oil. baked. Fish. But to make a living from being a writer is as tough as the rawhide bones my dogs love. sipping a hot cup of coffee with skimmed milk will help satiate your desire for something sweet. Learn to control your portions: The most important thing while eating out is to take into consideration the portion size. Main course dishes on Indian menus mostly have rich creamy gravy using fat. to make it as a writer in India today? What do you see as the main challenges to "break in" to the field? ASG: The top three challenges to a writer hoping to make it in India are the same as anywhere else. I have also worked on scripts for television. Ever since we saw our first Tintin comic. Cream based soups are higher in fat and calories than other soups. but that's part of the fun. Most restaurants provide large meals than you should be eating in one sitting and this is one reason people often indulge in overeating.part-non. Order salads without salad dressing. I can't draw. money. butter. The top three challenges to a writer hoping to make it in India are the same as anywhere else. to complete. Unlike him. I would think -. I have written a science-fiction adventure mystery for kids and a graphic guidebook on environmental issues which is partfiction. But to make a living from being a writer is as tough as the rawhide bones my dogs love. we've done 'Our Toxic World'. short 8 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 37 8 37 LIFESTYLE . though. Go for healthy desserts: Eating healthy doesn't mean you need to cut out desserts completely because there many dessert combinations those are healthy and taste wonderful. he's been collecting comics and drawing them. It is a great idea to dip your fork in the salad dressing and sauces before you fork into your salad. Limit your cheese consumption to avoid extra fat being added to your meal. detective fiction and the more difficult-to-slot types that one has to perforce label as 'literary fiction'. a graphic novel with a story derived from 'The Odyssey'. money. Because of him. as I mentioned above. It's today become relatively easy to be published. and the genre of the work has never changed that. So far. Go for steamed. The best way to control this is to get half the portion of the meal packed for home to be eaten at another meal. Opt for water instead of the sugary drinks. Avoid marinated or soaked foods. articles and essays.a detective story set in Goa. instead get the dressing and sauces served on the side and use them in moderation. Many of the chain restaurants now offer a low fat or low carbohydrate dessert Many grilled dishes are often basted with fats or oils.

Limit alcohol consumption: Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. the 'd'disappeared. you may select grilled fish or chicken but request for not putting butter sauce will help cutting down calories without sacrificing the taste. It's perhaps more visible here because the scope of news is smaller.if I were to choose two. I can't think of anything else. Aparna Pradhan commentary on the Commonwealth Games for Himal. a South Asian development magazine. the sumptuous delights that are laid on the tables at all the festive get-togethers are bound to sabotage your healthy eating plans. rivers or roadsides didn't affect things much. siesta. Avoid cream based sauces as they will add to your intake of saturated fats as well as trans fats and calories. but with development have come the scourges of the modern world -. going out. You just need to make good choices and follow some easy dining out secrets to treat yourself to a food that is both tasty and healthy. Restrict to a glass of wine. Choosing to eat healthy but tasty food at get together or in restaurants becomes a challenge and all boundaries seem to fall apart while going through mouth watering dishes at festive parties or on the menu card. why do your dogs does play such a big role in your image? ASG: I guess it's because it's unusual for anyone to have as many (though I know of a couple who live not far from us who are reputed to have some 50-odd).com Frederick Noronha fn@goa-india. and if I may ask. In terms of living here. one I have already outlined in an earlier response -. But the dogs are certainly a very important part of our lives. baked or tandoori snacks with sauces served separately are healthy options. indulging more will add calories. Between 9 and 2. the nature of the waste was such that chucking it into the woods. quizzes. let me say that this is not specific to Goa or Goans -. When I was young. and I'm okay with most things that Dining Out The Tasty & Healthy Way Dining out is always exciting for all of us but the mere thought of adding extra calories can dampen the spirits. In the past. it's something everyone else talks about. I have a tendency to be wisely: Select carefully from the menu. Aniruddha. and are working together on the 'Second Nature' series. But if must Contacts Contacts : +91-832-2409490 Frederick Noronha : +91-9822122436 : 36 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 9 36 9 FEATURE INTERVIEW .LIFESTYLE Dr.I divide my day into two parts. I guess. Avoid sugary drinks: Sugary sodas and energy the cooking medium. steamed. All good hotels and restaurants have added healthier options to their menus. FN: Less seriously. Besides that. Seek nutritional information. As disposal habits haven't changed. impact. Use nutritional information to choose foods that are low in sodium. I start work early. I'm quite easy-going and generally get along with people. of course. the irritating things are the same as they have been for me anywhere else -. And then.plastics and packaging. The other 'irritating' thing in my list would be the tendency to put down the efforts of people trying to do some good. Much everything else is up to other people to anyone says. and I don't just mean at a large level. ingredients and cooking methods before ordering food. research work. I work on my other projects. Ask for Healthy start: It is ideal to start your meal with healthy snacks. One of its most obvious manifestations. the garbage now has a much more enduring Contacts: Aniruddha Sen Gupta anniesen01@yahoo. for example) before breakfast. This time of the year with festive season and celebrations in full swing. like other people's children might be to theirs. playing with the dogs. Salil Chaturvedi. This image is not selfgenerated. Again. On the professional front. fat and sugars and high in fiber. Of projects.the breadth of vision of people I have worked with. and take care of my mail and other miscellaneous tasks (like this interview. In the afternoon. I try and just write. I really don't know what to say about myself. and sometimes after dinner and even late into the night. say about me. Plain nuts. FN: What's the typical day in a writer's life like? ASG: Since I have interests outside writing as well -. This will enable you to select smartly and reduce the calorie intake e. there tends to be a good bit of flexibility in this. FN: Tell us a little about Annie the man (and specially the unusual name your friends call you) The nickname is simply a shortening of my first name. Dining out doesn't mean sacrificing the pleasures of eating tasty food. so one gets to see the negative expression more easily. along with my long-time friend and business partner. Wine is good for the heart. whatever. but this is what I aim forFN: What are the three most irritating things about Goa as a place to work from/live in? ASG: Well. Avoid deep fried snacks. reading. choose wine. I would say one is how 'development' is changing the landscape of Goa. and one which assaults all the senses all the time. from about 5 to 9 or 10. and the avenues more limited. that sort of thing .g. is the ubiquitous garbage problem. kids in the neighbourhood called me 'Andy' (I shudder when I think of that now) and somewhere along the way.I've seen the same thing everywhere.

10 NOVEMBER 2010 10 35 . The fort now houses Central jail where several hundred prisoners are currently lodged.” a historian describes of the place. Coming to the huge and small fortifications erected at a number of strategic locations in Goa. The statue of a freedom fighter standing at the entrance was erected in memory of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom from foreign rulers. Goa has already hailed the six-month long tourist season. Going further towards the bare and rocky headland is the Aguada point situated 260 feet above the sea level. trekking to these forts is also quite revealing. it's time for visitors to the coastal state to explore tourist destinations from core to crust. some 18kms from the capital city of Panaji. other than just its history seizing attention. The fort gives a natural feel of Old Portuguese regime in Goa. It is said to be one of the best preserved Portuguese bastions in the state as it crowns the rocky flattened top peninsula.TRAVEL By Nirmala Verma History in Stone While. culture. As history reveals. “The concept of the structure was that along the borders of the fort was a deep opening (moat area) that prevented any outsider or invaders from easily getting inside…The fort is an insulated and fortified rock. traditions and so forth. Branded for its famous beaches. One of the highly praised forts of Goa is the 1612 built Aguada fort. the fort was engineered in such a way as to guard the northern shores of the Mandovi estuary from attacks by the Dutch and Maratha invaders. the Portuguese connection like its architectures are enticing factors. The four storey light house here is also a major attraction. The western coastal state has lots to offer to its visitors including history seekers. Another statue of a lady is also erected in standing position exemplifying liberty from the oppression of slavery. breathtaking backdrop.

If you're looking for in depth knowledge about India's history and attractions. as well as a pocket-sized book on the 25 Ultimate Experiences to India. Trekking up to the fort and exploring its vastness takes you to the past and also offers a breath taking view of the coast.” Shivram said. Extensive ruins of the fort can be reached via road while also enjoying the flora alongside the road. This is really helpful in planning your time in India. However. While it's only got around 600 pages and doesn't provide as much detailed information as Lonely Planet or The Rough Guide. These guidebook have all the answers about how to get around. A particularly useful feature of the Frommers guidebook is that it contains discussions and suggestions. On the downside. a renowned historian said that several fountains and wells within the precincts supplied water to every passing ship in the olden times. Even as the restoration is a continuous process due to changing weather and particularly dents caused by rains and crumbling walls at the foothill are matters of concern. Although the entire fort is not permissible for shoots as ASI fears it may damage the structure. The Rough Guide The Rough Guide to India is another very comprehensive guidebook that's filled with around 1. The officials including the Additional Director General (ASI) Praveen Shrivastava have recently carried out a survey to take up restoration work. The Rough Guide is for you. Whether it's south India. We have proposed Rs 1. grandson of Vasco da Gama. The strength of Lonely Planet guidebooks is definitely in their practical details. The superintendent certified that the stones are damaged because of constant contact with the sea water. The vegetation needs to be shaved and certain stones which are destabilized need to be put back. Lonely Planet manages to pack an extraordinary amount of information into their books. He said. of what to do.” said the ASI Goa branch superintendent Shivram. Percival Noronha. Noronha said that the fort once contained 79 guns and was defended by a guard with four officers. In 1624 during the presidency of Dom Francisco da Gama. we have closed it but it can be opened for those genuinely interested with the permission of ASI. it is still useful. The officials said they are leaving no stones unturned to maintain the architecture of the castle and at the same time its physical conditional.500 pages of interesting information. “We are worried as tourists and other visitors booze and jump around the area and it may result fatalities. If you're only planning on visiting a region within India. the upper portion of the fort facing Candolim and the lower fortress is protected and thoroughly looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).” The agency had last year carried out restoration activity of the basin area. which can be a significant hindrance to travel. are the favorite of a lot of other people too. ASI has shut entry to the cistern area.Frommers targets itself more at the mid to high budget traveler. a common complaint about Frommers is its lack of quality maps. with rankings. “We do not allow any film or ad shootings after dusk as it is a protected monument and we can't afford to take any risk about its structural or security dealings. Play lists some of the best travel guides to pocket when you set out on your journey. Lonely Planet Lonely Planet guidebooks are my personal favorite. an inscription mentions. “As such.PAGE TURNER With travel season in full swing.60 crores of the 800 meters surveyed area for refurbishment. “We have furnished a proposal to the Central government seeking its approval to carry out restoration work of the fort. The Rough Guide also has region specific guidebooks available. Lonely Planet India is a thick and weighty book -. where to stay. Goa's only helipad is located on the right turn before reaching the fort route.000 pages. and judging by their popularity. and what to's got well over 1. Frommers Frommer's India is another guidebook that's worthy of a look. north India. region specific guidebooks are available. The moat area is filled with garbage. Each ruin of the fort not only narrates memories of the yore and the expanse offers picturesque scenes but it is also a favourable spot for movies and ad shoots. The appeal of The Rough Guide is that it contains a comparatively large amount information. what's really handy about Lonely Planet is that you don't need to buy the complete book. one of the fountains was cut out of a rock. Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.” he said. etc) but also Tollywood and Hollywood. you can just buy the relevant section. “These stones will be restored back. After facing apparent bitter experiences in the past. remaining portions are exposed not just to Bollywood cinema (like Dil Chahata Hai. Therefore. water and vegetation also need to be cleaned. or north east India. the fort was named as Aguada or watering place…the fresh water springs were a first source of drinking water for the sailors. where to eat.” said the ASI officer. Therefore. which is 115 feet across and divided into five compartments. As the castle holds historical significance. those planning on backpacking around India would be better off with a Lonely Planet guidebook. of cultural 34 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 11 34 11 TRAVEL .

It's OK to have a Coke without ice. It's wise to remember your passport. Manoj Srivastava. With the laurels of hosting the last six festivals successfully. or have advance reservations. 8. CEO. 5. you don't have to take a group tour. if ugly. bikers see less than walkers. Don't use middle finger to beckon locals. the art form has evolved over the 100 years since the country first started making movies. 13. Always shop for locally made stationary. 18. arguably the best destination to host a film festival of the stature of IFFI. 4. you can offer one -.TRAVEL TIPS well as cognition. Goa has now been designated as the permanent destination that will host the IFFI year after year. If you don't know if they expect a tip. clothes but at least one nice shirt so you can attend a Konkani mass service. or indicate they're tops. one of India's most relaxing yet exciting destinations is a blend of East meets West where languages and nationalities conjoin with flare in a melting pot of international bonhomie. 6. just try to keep it to yourself as much as you can. No. “Georgian cinema has a beauty of its own. The films selected this year are an excellent collection” Goa. It's OK to get frustrated or mad sometimes. Car passengers see less than bikers. Animals will probably attack you if you try to give a Snickers to them. 14. 12 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 33 12 33 SO FILMY FEATURE .it's rarer to find these days. 16. Deeply rooted in history and literary arts. But it doesn't automatically make you a bad traveler if you do. 9. You don't HAVE to eat brain. And don't pack it in a checked-in suitcase. Society of Goa (ESG) said. People without much education abroad often seem to be better educated than a lot of people back home. It's OK to have beer with ice. because when you're shivering later on he'll instinctively lend you half his blanket. 10. 'Pirosmani' deals with the life of Georgian painter Niko Pirosmanashvili. 7. When kindness comes from strangers. It's OK to use your hands to eat. 17. 11. accept it.but don't insist when/if they refuse. unless you don't mind it if cute rats lick your fingers clean. A truly exhilarating out of this world experience. So when the Indian guy on the overnight bus from Udaipur to Delhi borrows your iPod without really asking. Pack quick-drying. 15. or bladder or anything you don't want to. Out of the four movies shortlisted for the country focus section at IFFI. 3.Ownersh ip of stuff varies where you really should have time for that cup of tea the silver-haired couple offer you from the balcony in their summer home in Aldona. don't get mad. Entertainment 44 Travel Rules Little No One Tells You 1. Wash your hands before you sleep. walkers see less than stoppers -ie those who stop and watch. and buy it when you see it -. Goa is 12. Try to accept all invitations -. It's OK to just want a damn hamburger. 2.

39. Always go to visitors centers. Tip appropriate to local custom. The Ambassador of Georgia to India Zurab Katchkatchishvili and Nana Janelidze. You will likely remember it longer. Agree on a price before you close the door with any taxi -. It's OK to have an opinion of a place. out-of-the-way museums. just be honest if something isn't right for you.that is. but are overrated as day-filler attractions. 31. particularly in secondary towns off the tourist radar -. Always buy a locally made hat. least once. hotel tours. poetry yet savage. It's OK to be uncomfortable. 27.walk two blocks to another part of town. Socks-with-sandals is underrated. Don't put all your expenses in one place -hotel. homemade sandwich ads. 38. Qualified as one of the world's bestkept secrets of international cinema. imagery. but don't think you 'know' a place after spending two/15/306 days there. 33. 40.can make you appreciate things you didn't think you were interested in. If you try. 36. 22.try to spread out your money for maximum positive effect. special jury prize at the Cannes film festival in the 1980s Other films including Temur Babluani's 'Udzinarta mze' (The Sun of the Sleepless). key-maker tools. Squat toilets are better than sit-down toilets. But it really is still best keeping toilets and showers segregated. co – script writer of the inaugural film Monanieba (Repentance) is expected to be present for the screening on 23rd November.bus. 43. 29. Returns trips to a place are OK. 32. Too much hassle where you are? Look around. Sometimes they are and are thrilled to show off the dinosaur bones they personally dug up. people's shoes. the arts as 25. Georgian cinema is considered sharp in style. At small. pumping gas -. The film won the 2010 21. Try to take pictures of things that might change: street signs. and get out of that tourist ghetto you're probably in. 32 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 13 32 13 TRAVEL TIPS . hotel souvenirs etc -. innovative. ox cart -. visceral. 20. Georgian Cinema at IFFI Four films from Georgia to be screened in the Country Focus section Four films by talented directors from Georgia will be showcased at the International Film Festival of India's (IFFI) 2010 in the Country Focus section. Old churches and statues rarely change much. The tacos might be better back home but please don't say it for all to hear. Pee before you go out ANYWHERE! one of the best things you can do abroad. Those who love what they do -. 23. energetic and at the same time rooted in literature.SO FILMY FEATURE 19. even if you don't need to get where it's going. 35. overly bright fashion. Museums can be great. Language-learning vacations -.making belts. writing poems. 28. 41. If you are in the majority -.a rented car to get from A to B. Seek out the passionate. 24. Always give one day of a trip to an 'up for grabs' experience -. Try a couple days without the camera or email. some of that other stuff maybe gone foreign traveler -. 37. Write a post card. Traveling alone is something everyone should do at least once. You can get as much out of a trip to Velim as Morjim. heavy metal haircuts. Seeing movies and sports in foreign countries are underrated day-filler attractions. ask if the curator will show you around. but try not to limit yourself to your next three trips to Baga. Take public transit -. 34. if they have a door. 42.with home stays and eating beans for supper. with random stops at unplanned places. Sergei Parajanov's 'Ambavi Suramis tsikhitsa' (The Legend of Suram Fortress) and Georgy Shengelaya's 'Pirosmani' will be screened during the Festival. Buy a hat. hotel restaurant.

It is a collective based on magic and inspiratio n. musicians and even a bearded lady. the troupe have enthralled audiences with a modern day version of the age old circus carnival. du ing film ring the . pristine sand of Candolim Beach. Two Lucent Dossier performers were present at the opening of the club along with other local performers. Having graced the covers of a number of international art and fashion magazines. contortionists. “They will perform two shows a day. addres andhi in 40th Inte sing the rnation press al Film Festival (IFFI-20 09 NOVEMBER 2010 31 14 NOVEMBER 2010 14 31 SO FILMY FEATURE . AND US!" of Ghosh. Kat Von D and Joe Walsh make up part of their client list.FEATURE STORY Get In T S LO ANT AS F Y 9 0 0 2 I F IF lashback F Cirque de Soleil meets Moulin Rouge at the travelling carnival this tourist season. with its beach facing view will play the backdrop to the variety of interactive and staged performances that will be put up. He along with Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes are partners in Club Fresh. at the presenta k' ni arito Kaplo Ch b ho 'S m fil the of the film Renowned film actress Asha Pare kh addressing at the Press Conference on celebrat ing her 50 years of glorious career in cinema the val ring e e Festi p m m l i o c F i ed nal bir B natio or Ka 0th Inter t c a ned he 4 enow y of t n o m The r ere ing c open confere Sir Ben Kin the Osc gsley. D r e a m Rockwell. “After you see what they do as a large group. Working within the realms of fantasy. LD have even performed at the Grammies and performed for bands like Panic At The Disco and Motley Creu.” mentions one guest. Director tion Shri Rituparno . among them. Ringo Star. who por ar winn trayed G nce. "Come watch the sun set over the Arabian Sea and the white. Lucent Dossier have already sent notice on their website. the group is booked to expand to ten performers in December and make the show a bigger one. Club Fresh. folklore and insanity. This Los Angeles based acrobat and performance art group are internationally known for their colourful and dramatic performances including a variety of acts. through the week. stilt walkers. burlesque dancers. "Lucent Dossier is at the very core. However." co-owner Sunil Chawla says of the schedule. it's a bit different to see only two of them in action. excluding Monday."explain s artistic director. a playground for the innovative genius child in all of us. fire dancers. Performance act Lucent Dossier is spending a three month residency at Club Fresh in Candolim.

Retrospectives : MIRA NAIR This section will feature a complete retrospective of the works of renowned IndoAmerican Film maker Mira Nair. Hou Shiao-Hsien etc. TAIWANESE NEW WAVE CINEMA All of Taiwan's savvy film makers will make their presence felt in the package titled 'Taiwanese New Wave Cinema'. MICHAEL CACOYONNIS Veteran Cypriot Film maker Michael Cacoyonnis's work will appear in this category. They include Ang Lee. who could not make to the coveted Cannes. IFFI follows with a spot light on the 'Neo Noir Mexican Cinema'. Special Sections AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS IMAGES ON SCREEN IFFI focuses on the Indigenous film making practices and trends from Australia. reflecting the emerging style of digital imagery. INSPIRATIONS – IMAGES FROM TRUE LIFE STORIES Ten feature length documentaries made by Non Resident Indians are featured here. in this package. Prominent. His classic. Edward Yang. the pioneer of American Independent Cinema. Homage : ERIC ROHMER – A TRIBUTE IFFI pays homage to the iconic French film maker Eric Rohmer who passed away during the first half of the year. SRI LANKA An overview of award winning Sri Lankan films from the year 2000 to 2010. 30 NOVEMBER 2010 30 15 . made on digital format. Zorba the Greek etc are included in this package. CANNES KALEIDOSCOPE 2010 For those cineastes. in this package titled 'Australian Indigenous Images on Screen'.SO FILMY FEATURE Lets Get Filmy Some of the interesting events to look forward to this IFFI Cinema of the World A bouquet of brand new films from around fifty countries will have their India Premiere in this section. Films from the last four decades are included here. IFFI presents a comprehensive package of films that made it into Cannes this year.cinematographer will be screened in this package. GLIMPSES OF CONTEMPORARY IRANIAN CINEMA Iranian Cinema was brimming with creative impulses this year. internationally acclaimed films from the current decade are featured here. Six significant titles from the Eric Rohmer filmography are chosen for this. JAN JAKUB KOLSKI Eight films made by the Polish writer . JIM JARMUSCH IFFI brings in the works of Jim Jarmusch. Picks include those from Cannes maker . award winning feature films Elektra. Country Focus MEXICO As Mexico rises up to a renaissance in film making. Official Competition and Director's Fortnight. making us select a handful of films with high aesthetics and heartrending content. CINEMA DIGITAL To feature a dozen of films.

Leaving behind the heat of Kuwait. A number of Goan DJs claim you as one of their favorites. looking back at those starting days is there any thing you miss? Free time maybe? I think what I miss the most is being able to spend more time in my studio and with my friends. was beli lh e D w e t in N r case. What kind of music will you be playing at the Goa gig? A mix of house. eved to i. lo u p ry o o h m lt st e a r 's . The last time you performed in Goa for Sunburn you were a hit. lea t n e d subsequ the case an . se a ca ic ti ss li o Je p l e ia Th overs title and d that the n the contr e o fi d ri a se a cl b r o e b he Times irect headline T later. Just ooney Ma R rew Garfie d d n n a 9 A a . ding to na cing of the n te n se courts. r featu of the In rlake. wer 6 0 lo 0 e 2 th in y rried uitted b cq a re e Of India ca w se ening of murder ca tests. Cyprus and Egypt. o te tw si e b N e l w a —Jesse rking The Soci semble cast cial netwo n e so t n e a s rn re te da Song. become ca ds die in a n ie fr st e b mutual e Know I t l . N rg. Bren vid Finche e a b D im y T b d in e ra. the d a r. and his track record holds a distinction. Sultan talks about his music and the music scene's perception of India's nightlife. se r e p se e ca and not th illed Jess ica ” nding out the fou b a lm fi a 0 dram The film rk is a 201 Facebook. And I would truly love to sign Indian talent to my label. Lal murde l thriller.GET SUNBURNT I find Goa is actually out of the No One K box “ I always play some of my older productions in my sets because they are a big part of who i am and they are the songs that fans love to hear over and over again. were il B l ta n Sorkin ada e rbe Accid ark Zucke book The s founder M nonfiction g averin wa in S d o u rd cl a yees. What can we expect this time? I'm expecting to have a great time and really looking forward to seeing all my fans in Goa. o ct staff Mezrich e proje r th fo h t it n a w lt d a consu involve Social Ne twork Life As W 16 NOVEMBER 2010 SEPTEMBER 2010 29 16 29 SO FILMY uhame and Jsoh D l ig e H e n eri eir irl when th adults Kath rphaned g o Two single n a to rs regive n accident. Aaron direct ld. Have you had to chance to listen to much of the local Djing? Unfortunately I have not but I would love to. Ossama Al Sarraf. Today no one's looking at his University education as much as Sultan's discography.. Max o m fr a k y o H o la b ie p n ce ree Arm o Fa pted his sc lionaires. in gh Edu . y e b v e d e w ir o H the y insp accused in are actuall when the the script . In a quick chat. You can definitely expect a whole lot of new music and a great vibe.. reop ro p e id w infamous n tio accused. I'm bringing all my energy to Goa! You started DJing in Canada and then went on to play at some of the greatest places in the world in the world of night life that is. ll e rg e zrich's 200 Mingh Eisenb m Ben Me mer. aka Sultan decided to travel a pole apart and settle in Canada in order to pursue Mechanical engineering and business. tech house and progressive.

I always play some of my older productions in my sets because they are a big part of who I am and they are the songs that fans love to hear over and over again. On the contrary from my last experience and the response I got. it ld W u r! o e e w u and ch ly what yo you cry… lm is exact fi added e e th th s. a lk a g in M clud y John z a cr y tl bonuses in h ig e and the sl Diane Lan t (8th Oct' 10) NOVEMBER 2010 17 28 17 GET SUNBURNT oo als at the z r.. Secretaria st couldn’t orse that ju h e me th f o could beco the story inking he th e Secretariat. Whe a lion than t e g d n a oo decide to leave the z plan they is h r e v co veal their animals dis nce and re le si f o e d co they won't break their talk! Now n ca y e th et: w nature's biggest secr y're teaching Andre l e d th win the gir shut up an o help him T e . There is so much talent here and there is a whole world out there waiting to hear their music.SO FILMY Harem Records. I used to wear a massive hemp hat that resembled a turbain and I had a long Go-T so my mom used to tease me and call me Sultan..and especially Goa's contemporary music scene has been criticized for being 'in the box'. Some of the shows have had fans who know the new music where as others not as much. I always try to incorporate organic elements in my productions and the guitar is still my primary source for writing music. Over time my friends did the same and it stuck. Why call your self Sultan? Its actually a nick name my mother gave me ten years ago when I was first starting to grow my dread locks. Having spent time playing in a rock band. n the zoo a lady a life.would you agree? Not at all. does the genre still influence your music? All the The Zook eeper . India. v ls a sa tu d ri n a g ) best matin o Dawson ms (Rosari ng to do li il w e 'r of his drea y e th y il y fam ything. p e e e m k Ja o o (Kevin w In "The Z re d n A r quite caretake ho's never w y adore their u g ly e but lon able with re comfort an amiable o m lf se should ing him decides he w fit in.. Will you be playing at the next Sunburn? Yes! I can't wait! Very often when international acts come down they play older music presumably thinking that Indians haven't heard the latest stuff. I find Goa is actually out of the box and open to a whole varety of music and styles. From that point onwards I was Sultan. From your last performance here." the anim e s). Find re d n A . their happ or say . h e it n ” but w cheesy li lm fi ly e rs o h d the love ma“ expect fro at story an re g ovich. From experience do you think it's true? It really depends. n k o a o m n eek to despite ters this w a e d be stopped th n a to n in io reat act is racing h tons of g anything.

but we found a court in Porvorim we could use.SPORTS DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT there were even competitions between boys and girls wherein the boys suffered major defeats. If we had sponsors we probably could have had better prizes. They also plan on promoting the sport at village levels. We had no clue how the whole event would turn out. Now with streetball in Goa. “The only competitions that take place are at Club or University level. Streetball has been around for many years but now players in Goa have officially set up a base for all who love the game. Co organizer Alok tells.”Old time player Shane Dias is happy to find a new playground. “The game was great. The rules of streetball are similar to those of basketball. Shaheen Rebelo.” Streetball demands a minimum of three players which means a team can be formed with relative ease.” The organizers plan to take the game to other states as well. The on set of the monsoons will suspend play for the coming months but organizers are going to pick up the pace as soon as the last shower has passed.The first official competition in Goa saw a number of players not only from the state but from outside as well. We may not have such extreme problems in Goa yet but the game does promote healthy behavior. It was the first time we got to play against boys and beat them too.”Making the whole idea a reality was no easy task. I liked the event and think it should be carried on more often in Goa. It places a higher emphasis on one-on-one match-ups between offense and defender. They all put up a commendable show of game play in their attempts to 'kiss the ring'. It looks liked it will soon be time for the Jordans of Goa to tie their laces and try on this new court. The players call their own falls. the captain of the girls team expresses her views. “Its nice that now there is a place for all the players to come and play. so I would definitely recommend all basketball players come and play streetball with us. one of the organizers and an ardent player himself explains. Moreover. not to mention new playmates. There is no bar on age or sex. I love the game and reached the finals too. “We had a tough time. we spent a lot from our pockets.” In the US streetball tournaments were organized at night to keep youth away from deviant behavior and drugs. Finding a venue for the competition was a bit difficult as well. “I would request anyone who wants to play to come down and join the game. anyone can come and join in. Zelmes also known as Zu. Often the attacker will indulge in numerous flashy moves before attempting a drive to the basket. organizing small competitions and the like. till it actually happened.” says Zelmes. this leaves out a lot of players and enthusiasts. “The game promotes and inculcates a number of values such as teamwork and confidence. In fact 18 NOVEMBER 2010 18 27 . while the referee simply regulates. but all in all it was a tremendous success.

I saw a great a di ling from all over In energy people trave 's bo am M at zy like cra to really party hard o wh e os th ul to all and Im really thankf as the genre I ck tra cheered on my d its has flute prepared is fusion an most scored in it too.Don't Go Dj Kary .Discoteka 26 SEPTEMBER 2010 26 19 .Sweat n Burn oy .Istanbul Menyo . I get you dan cing to Alexander Brown Morten Hampenberg . the vibe completely towards me.Follow Your Heart Norman Doray .Niton Breakboy & Ced Tecknob Masoc .The Wa Umek .Tweet It Vincent De Jaeger ..The bo's hospitality am M remembered is .. ct cd r "Tito's party proje I was at Mambos fo n nch my track "Sweat pre-release gig" to lau & positive tic number of enthusias Burn".OMGWTF y to Go on Steve Angello .MY PLAYLIST DJ Kary This month I'll be li stening to.KNAS Pryda . Loved This month.

My mission is to have a touring band that plays only original Konkani. Your influences: I would say that I have an ear for all genres of music. Mrigya. & this was way before global warming. It's different as its upbeat. The Bhau tribe thus came to control the lucrative coastal belt. Influence of Bollywood: Unlike other countries the Indian music industry is synonymous with Bollywood and that dominates the independent music industry. It was just much too hot and humid. and rent-back condominiums. or overgarments for that matter. Music labels are hesitant to release the work of independent music artistes and thus most artistes struggle to strike it in Bollywood as it is their only chance to recognition. without requiring the live recording of instruments. The work done by Hungama Music is exemplary. The young man went into hiding after the hiding he got. and returned with the hide chanting. While growing up. I have decided to go ahead and write my own book on Goan Fashion. The timelines are a bit flawed but I'm working on it. The other tribe members all wanted a piece of the hide and in the ensuing melee the hide was torn to pieces. Sonu Nigam. One day a young tribe member killed a lion in the nearby jungle. genre no bar. One enterprising young man named Bablo (Goans at the time were not very imaginative with names and grotesque combi-names like Esperdonia Augina or Ceatrice Betcil were centuries away) wrapped a piece of lion-hide round his waist and let the pelt hang down and hide his manhood. Kailasa. Yet it's sad that the crab mentality is getting in the way of progress. This was not only unconventional but controversial. The only drug available was datura. except vocals. and captured and killed a fox. At the same time. In those days one's manhood had to be proudly displayed. This incensed the other tribes who were pure vegetarians. I think. I'm working on a future project that will take Konkani music to another level. This ambitious project plans to trace the story of style and costume in Goa. In pre-historic times Goan males roamed around bereft of any undergarments.Rabbi Shergill to mention a few. Human inhabitation was centered around the coastal belt from Candolim to Calangute and the diet was mostly fish-curry and rice. hence there was no Caju Feni. shenv ailo” (which roughly and prophetically translates as 'MGP has won the elections') . there are many bands and individual artistes who for their passion continue to w o r k o n t h e i r have stopped doing so 20 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 25 20 25 MUSIC INTERVIEW . The road ahead: I'm working on a Konkani album of my own. The skin was claimed by the leader of the tribe. many minutes actually. from ancient times to the present. It's difficult to find something different. here is the rough draft of Chapter One. Technology has elevated the quality of music as well as quickened the speed of working on music. If a musician so desires. “Ailo re ailo. even while digitally programming other instruments. Thanks to technology a musician can produce music digitally on his/ her computer. Musicians today are not passionate about original music as well. They moved to Anjuna and Vagator and finally to Mandrem and Ashvem where some of their descendants still laze around in the buff and don't eat meat. They all started draping fox pelts on their shoulders and building shacks on the beachside. Music scene in Goa: Unfortunately Goa lacks a professional set up as far as music production independent music projects.WORDS OF MOUTH By Cecil Pinto instruments live in a studio. what is now called Saligao. I've always dreamt of playing big and now I'm happy where I've reached. Like many others I have been awaiting this book but since Wendell is giving no indication of when the book will be ready. to attract females for purposes of procreation. One day in 3024 BC some adventurous males from the Bhau tribe in Candolim went into the hinterland. and has a youth appeal. This It has been nearly a decade. Artists such as KK. Bandish. Shankar Mahadevan. Are you satisfied with where you have come to? It's a dream come true. named Bhimblo. Also we need better marketing techniques for upcoming artistes to showcase the immense talent this country holds. The Brief History of Male Underwear shoulders and called everyone else 'nanga panga'. are available . used to go around the villages with the fox skin draped around his goes. jazz and classical. and that grew everywhere freely. and international beverages. The caju plant had not yet been brought from Brazil by the Portuguese. which need to be recorded live. despite working on independent music albums in the past because of the immense popularity and monetary gains they have received by working in Bollywood. he/she may prefer to record an instrument live. The musicians from here demand a lot of respect from the music fraternity outside. We need more record labels that will support independent music. It's been delayed because of the other work coming in. This pompous guy. After minute research. Contrast that with the present where on the same coastal stretch cuisines from all over the world. They would willingly have given their own houses on rent to drug dealers but there were no drug dealers back then.but yet nobody stocks a decent Caju Feni. I keep listening to new music. since Wendell Rodricks announced that he would be producing the definitive book on Goan Fashion. I was deeply influenced by classic rock. of what is now Arpora. such as Raghu Dixit Project. What's missing in India: In India we need more supportive record labels who can release independent music. Neeraj Sreedhar.

Goa came under the Vijaynagar Empire. riding the tough waves of India's music industry to success. Bhai was quite the trendsetter and soon others started using the Scotch Tee as an undergarment. Varun's debut album was a mélange of different musical genres-rock. Your collaborations: In my career of 15 years I have worked with artistes from across the country and world. a banian with long sleeves a Tiblette. after the tree. in the manner of his innovative ancestor. Thus was born the quintessential Goan male undergarment . soon to be released by Times Music. reggae and pop ballads.Bablo instantly registered his invention with the local Panchayat. The first ever undergarment was thus invented in Goa. Today a keyboardist with Bombay Vikings. This inner garment was quickly adopted by the ill clad Goan tribes and for lack of a better name they called it a 'banian' too. reggae. the Bhaus were not very well-endowed. These Vijaynagar folks were extremely fastidious about religion and worshipped the banyan tree. singer. music was recorded by playing the 24 NOVEMBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 21 24 21 WORDS OF MOUTH . We all know how the Calangute and Candolim Panchyats respond to an opportunity to make money. So a standard banian got named Singlette. I produced music for Goan artiste Camilo Fernandes and Varun Carvalho's debut Konkani album. The Great Fire of London destroyed all the pubs there and so the Scottish distilleries did not have anywhere to sell their whiskey and had to shut down. The other Bhaus though just ignored Bablo and the Panchayat and just wore lion pelts anyway and called them 'loincloths' to avoid taxes. named Bhai. They wore a light cotton sleeveless innershirt while performing their pujas (in modern times this has evolved into a single string worn diagonally across the chest). specially in fashion crazed France. “Bloody Charter Trash!”. The first instance of product patent piracy thus was also in Goa. The next major change came in 1666 AD. released in 2004. They were fascinated by this local 'banian' and a d o p t e d i t themselves as an inner garment.MUSIC INTERVIEW Nina M Dream come come Keyboardist for Bombay Vikings Andrew Ferrao chats about playing big and his plans for Konkani music With a background in food production. the one month stint on board a cruise line didn't seem an attractive offer for this passionate musician. which showcase the confluence of Indian and Western musical forms. or thereabouts. Naturally. I have composed two tracks. We fast forward now to 1510 AD when the Portuguese landed in Goa. A descendant of Bablo. Early in my recording new garment would make a prospective female mate unable to distinguish between a weeny or a well-endowed male. as a 'lioncloth' and wanted Royalty Tax from everyone who wore such an undergarment. again to avoid copyright implications. Ferrao chats with Play at length about his recent collaboration and his plans to get the country listening to Konkani music. a banian with short sleeves was a Doublette. composer and arranger Goa born-Delhi based Andrew Ferrao. For his album. has seen keyboardist. His decision to turn back the tide… back then. They helped the locals perfect their distillation procedures and that's why we get such good Fenis today. I have also had the pleasure of working with the immensely gifted sarangi-player Ustad Murad Ali Khan. also called Dhepon. it was an instant hit accessory. They started calling it 'kash tee'. on and off stage. They also brought with them their fascination for checkered designs like the ones on their kilts. (ENDS) true career I produced music for a popular Tibetan artiste Dhepon. is a collection of love songs with elements of rock. one day wrapped a checkered Scotch Tee around his waist and strutted around proudly as an insult to the Scots who he disliked. and a whole-body covering banian was an Omlette. pop and Indian classical. Change in music production: In the good old days. Back in Europe. The album. As you must have guessed. These loincloths continued to be standard underwear (later called innerwear) for Goan males for many centuries. he used to exclaim. In 1371 AD. Using local handlooms they started producing large handkerchiefs with a checkered red design which they called a 'Scotch Tee'. it became an instant hit with variations for the colder climes there. There was a fashion designer named Panv who invented a layered garment called Double Omlette Panv but it never became popular.the kashti. Many of these jobless distillers found their way to India and to Goa.

who spent the weekend partying with friends and making new ones as well. Last month Cafe Mambo had a number of known DJs take the stage. 22 23 . DJ Shireen made a repeat appearance at the nightclub while DJ Harry White impressed the crowd with his Euro house set.t a e B Baga October has made Goa a growing playground with more and more people to join in the fun. here at Café Mambo. Among the many known faces spotted at the nightclub was that of actor Sharman Joshi. A preview of what to expect in the next couple of months. doing what they do best — making the crowd go mad dancing.

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