Count hierarchy architecture operating transition inside computing symbolism synchronization

Said Mchaalia( draft copy June 27, 2013) Abstract: In fact, count a day away is the primordial principle of discrete event simulation during compiler assignment office, which tests inspiration computing of symbolism synchronization. Indeed, since the start up of job Scheduling by R.L. Grahman [Grahman 1966, 1], the symbolism synchronization is based on binary built in logics basics such as the following optics presentation of main real adjustment logics: i. Lowest layer: hardware architecture: evolve and invent of any computing electronics to satisfy the human stochastic chaotic needs, whereby the inserting inspiration of what if should take place in any modulation modeling. Therefore, the entity X from a selfish surround {(dark, clear), (true, false)} synchronization symbolism set Y, is defined to be belong to a constraint condition such that: X <= [a1/b1]*dark*(true OR false) + [a2/b2]*clear*(true XOR false) , Where a1, a2, b1, and b2 are all float inside IR, and * is the famous multiplication operator within any arithmetic operation inside any computing design. Indeed, the compiler construction needs, the built in basics of binary arithmetic and logical operations, which are defined to operate real main logics design for any given probable achievable thread tasks. Thus, the consumer seal wants to achieve desirable win during any year of just twelve (12) months that counts about a sum of 12K us$. Hence, to realize this, the co-designer of software and hardware should obey and comply with identification constraint conditions: 1. Count months as follows: a new month <= decrement (old month last day), when old month last day should be always 30 to minimize the computing complexity. Then, add (old month’s sum, 1) each time, the decrement processing is taken place. 2. Compile a written a while (constrain condition) statements to satisfy the consumer’s seal by any illustration software such as C/C++, Java/Matlab, Lisp/Clisp, Html/JavaScript, etc… 3. Present the “how to” of compiled software to illustrate the principles thread tasks of working processing of such software during the rest time of winning periods. Notice that a period is a year, which counts a twelve (12) months as defined in 1... 4. Evolve new invention clear clean hard hierarchy operating assignment transition, required a comprehended thread tasks of built in basics of any logics. Even though, the high hard huge hierarchy of advances inside technologies and compiler optimization, the principle aspects is to hack the Godhood inside any safe strength processing, which is defined to compute first of all: a. Energy fashion flows: the wind should bring rains up, whereby the primordial principle main real question is the “how to achieve this thread task, which could be easy simple assigned to be a job scheduling processing during a discrete time interval”. Therefore, hearken Catherine was the best example to bring ideas up inside any energy fashion flows’ computing:








Energy is composed to reach a highest level to be transported to aim object destination: the consumer seal needs an amount quantity of binary built in logics to be achieved and transmitted to him/her through the principles of antenna’s basics. Thus, a movable picture of CNN news requires a 25 mega stream to be transmitted any 0.0012 seconds or equivalent. The distance to transport this amount quantity of binary built in logics basics needs a modulation modeling of suitable sufficient variable valuable either of current Gauss usage or of probable possible future use of Raja Mchaalia’s square*sin(2.pi.f.t + ph)+ or this of (Claude Shannon’s, Said Mchaalia)’s p.Log(1/p) inside modulation modeling to take place for signal picture construction when it is required by the computing design of virtual mathematical modulation modeling just by one arithmetic operation which is designed to satisfy the human stochastic chaotic computing of assignment logics during transition translation languages. - Therefore, the minus or subtraction operation consists to model the modulation envelop, which engenders the huge digital sequential data as envisaged envelop of it during all its transmission channel either in open air space (digital satellite transmission) or by other ways such wires’ transmission (fiber optics, electrical energy fashion flows, antennas’ transmissions, etc …) . - To send required digital data, a float type vector of difference variable values and needed data for this engendering envelop construction should be transmitted to receiver. - Just, be able to program required mathematical modeling to be ready for exact true signal construction and then visualization. The off-line digital verification of any deep sub micro architectural hardware design, prove the safe secrete symbolism synchronization of digital computing for any digital signal processing starting from the optics presentation of the difference between systems and signals to arrive to the adjustment requirements of any exactly true right real signal construction either picture(image, shows) or surround sound. Implement and manipulate the mathematical modeling within the evolved software, is the best thread achievable desire of many researchers inside co-design around basis within software logics. Commercialization of any achievable co-design of any software and hardware is the aim object goals of “show rooms”, whereby the first owner of any fashion office is to be a fly one for any fiction operating as the high huge hard hierarchy home designer of any sequential digital data transmission, whose variable valuable transition translation logics is the energy fashion of binary built in basics within and optics presentation of any float numbers inside a main real logics of computing design: send a sum of 8*15 = X to any receiver, what does this mean? Then, what if this wrong? After, how could this be achievable? A best built in basics is to use the achievable of huge hard high hierarchy home of assignment logics such that: 1. a selfish surround {(dark, clear), (true, false)} symbolism synchronization for any probable possible computing design. 2. Make computing architecture design as follows:

X <= R1(ratio)*dark*[true OR false] + R2(ratio)*clear*[true XOR false]

In fact, the defined above computing processing is a huge hard hierarchy home proceeding of many possible achievable thread tasks. Introduction:
4.5E+10 4E+10 3.5E+10 3E+10 2.5E+10 2E+10 1.5E+10 1E+10 5E+09 0

Figure 1: illustration of many possible test try ties to achieve a processing dynamics of impulse when it is required. Hence, figure 1 is define to illustrate the processing as mathematical modulation modeling of “impulse when it is required” thread task, the real main logics, is to associate to such an aim object desirable would leaf like an electronics for its transmission of any transition translation logics. Even though, the final achievable question is to answer if the associated variable level of energy could be a sufficient suitable valuable variable to reach any aim object destination.

Figure 2: best built in robust control design by modulation modeling through: square[sin(2.pi.f.t +phi)] and p*Log(p), for any frequency f and probable variable p such that 0<=p <=1. Hence, figure 2 shows the main real robust processing of any motor engine flows by the robust processing based on the flip flops theory of transition translation logics. Just synchronize the clock to achieve any aim object desire for robust control.