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Post applied for: Rotary Equipment Engineer


: 20 years of Domestic and International experience installing,

commissioning / start-up, major overhaul and troubleshooting GE mature and F technology Gas Turbines and Industrial Machinery including BOP equipment. Operations and maintenance supervisory experience for GE heavy frame GTG units at ADNOC Abu Dhabi& SEC Saudia. Provide suggestions for GT interchangeable capital parts. Experience with new commercial and industrial facilities, renovating and upgrading existing machinery, performing diagnostics and troubleshooting on mechanical systems. Analysis the equipment reliability, MTBF, RCA, Tracked compliance issues with a focus on quality assurance standards and .assured adherence to OSHA regulations KeywordsEquipment reliability, equipment risk reduction, reliability growth, precision maintenance, condition monitoring, risk management methods, failure avoidance ,RCM , KPI, Benchmarking ,Best practices. Monitoring MTBF of equipments. CAPA(8D).5S PersonnelProfile Name : Sohail Ahmad Khan Qualification:Bsc Mech Engg ,1992 university of Engg & Tech Lahore . Work Experience: 20 yrs Power /Industrial plants experience. Computer literacy: MS Excel , MS Word , MS project , CMMS . Mob # +00974 33027132 E mail: , Technical Courses Attended: Combined cycle power plant CCPP
Alignment, Mechanical seals, G T ( T& I plans ), compressors Bearings .Lubricant selection,analysis&application. GT Filters. Bentalay Nevada vibration courses. Pumps. Predictive&Preventive maintenance (PPM) application. Condition based maintenance (CBM) analysis &diagnosis. RCM maintenance .RCA analysis.Trouble shooting techniques. Rotating equipment case studies (Improvement performance with upgrading of advance components. Gas turbine Advance Metallurgy components. FMEA , CAPA .5S, Meeting structure .

Key Achievements:

Refurbish/retrofit of 2 relocated power plants equipments brought from foreign (Denmark & Germany) , show accomplishment, saved money & succeeded .All these assignments were challenging & require expertise. Gas turbine metallurgy study & provide suggestions for interchangeable parts & to improve the GT Heat rate & to maximize the reliability.

Key Soft Skills:

Effective decision skills & stress management . Crisis resolution skills & Problem solving skills Languages:

English, Arabic (little )

Profile of 20 Years work experience

Qatar Aluminum 1500 MW CCPP(4XGE 9 FA & 2 X 240 MW Steam Turbine) Job Profile : Working as Process improvement & reliability specialist 1500 MW CCPP Feb 2012 till now.
Identify system problems, deficiencies & continuous improvement. Maximize uptime, & reliability. Minimize cost, risk & downtime. Customize meeting structure for strategy deployment.. Prepare & implementation of reliability based maintenance strategy. Implementation of CAPA management system & reporting. Co-ordinate with vendor GE Carried out combustion inspection ( CI) GT GE Frame 9FA . Coordinate with vendor GE, GT generator MAGIC inspection. Review & analyze condition monitoring data. Develop maintenance strategy model covering leading & lagging KPI. Focus on strategic objectives. Assist in conducting RCA . Outage Management . Gas turbine inspection of blades , seals , Nozzles ,liners ,TP.& review clearances. Heat Rate analysis .

Sapphire Electric Company Ltd , SECL 234 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant CCPP /STAG IPP Jun 2008 to Feb 2012. Job Profile : Working as Manager maintenance & mechanical
General Electric 2 X MS 6001 FA , 1X80 MW Steam Turbine(Skoda power ), 2x HRSG,s 220 tons /hr (AEE), Review Detail Design of GE GT , BOP , Review of technical specification of STAG .Heat rate calculation, Efficiency calc. Performance evaluation. Attend factory acceptance test (FAT) of equipments at vendor location . Prepare baseline data for condition monitoring of equipments & analysis. Overhauling of 6 FA GT.Replace of compressor stator blades .Re-bucketing of rotor of stage R1,R2,R3.Replace of all bearings & seals.Replace GT cloth spline seals. Analysis of Heat balance of HRSG,s.Performance of GT ASME PTC 22,ST ASME PTC 6.2 & power complex ASME 46CT performance evaluation with guarantees values.Cooling tower performance evaluation with guarantees values . Plan and execute major overhauls on gas turbines, HRSG,. compressors Prepare technical reports. Ensure efficient and safe working of all mechanical equipment in the plant. Analyze condition monitoring reports and implement necessary changes to improve reliability/availability of the plant equipment. Analyze root cause analysis (RCA). Analysis CCPP equipment reliability & availability.

The goal is to maximize the equipment reliability & minimize equipment LCC(life cycle cost). follow RCM based maintenance strategy. Follow up condition monitoring tools. Identify KPI for performance measures.

Saudi Electricity Company. SEC ( ERB) Job Profile: Working Saudi Electricity Co, SCECO ( ERB ) since 8 yrs as SR Generation engineer . 2000 June 2008 GE 6 X MS 5001 PA ,GE 2xMS 6001B, GE 2 X MS 7001 EA ,( 400 M W Gas turbine power plant).
Overhauling of GT G.E Frame 5 MS 5001 PA , Frame 6 MS 6001 B , Frame 7 MS 7001 EA . Prepare overhauling T& I plans, Preventive maintenance (PM ) plans & scheduling. Spare parts inventory planning base on T&I plan ( CI, HGPI ,MO ) & PM. Keeping spare parts interchangeable records & assist to management for cost effectiveness. Plan & schedule (preventive , predictive ) maintenance activities RCFA MTBF in order to ensure reliability of equipments . Coordinate with vendors for spares & inspection of spares.Prepare S/D activities of the plant & monitoring . Coordinate with contractors for hot gas path capital components for repair / refurbished . Performing technical evolution, reviewing vendor data for spare parts & repair parts. Study of metallurgical issues of gas turbines hot gas parts for technical evolution & interchangeable parts of other vendors for cost effectiveness keeping in view reliability & performance. Participate in investment generation department to reduce over inventory of turbine capital parts in different power plants . Also study of conventional cast machines E & modern cast machines F for selection of gas turbines & up rate of existence GT keeping in view effiency & cost . Study & design review of gas turbine capital parts differentiate from part number. Up rates of gas turbine frame 7 to increase efficiency & reliability . Coordinate condition monitoring (Health monitoring )of rotating equipments for G .T , pumps ,compressors , gearboxes , generator , motors&observe trend analysis. Investigate RCFA & prepare technical reports of failure analysis & fix the problem to avoid reoccurrence. Overhauling of pumps, compressors, gear boxes, diesel engines . Inspection of alignment of rotating equipments. Inspection of hot gas path components , prepare detail technical & inspection reports for future use & planning . NDT examination of hot gas path components.Boroscope inspection hot gas path parts Study of plant modifications & provide opinion to management for decision. Inspection, reliability test & performance monitoring with GE specialist for turbine baseline data collection based on site rating & compare with ISO rating for correction.

RCM maintenance is the best maintenance practice for rotating equipment which covers diagnostics & prognostics analysis,also evaluation MTBF , M T TR & improve the reliability for safe operation & increase life of equipments .Also perform design review of power plants Frame7 EA gas turbine. CMMS maintenance (Avaintis).

Asab Gas Processing Plant

(ADNOC Abu Dhabi )

1999 - 2000
Job Profile : Senior Rotary equipment engineer ( 25 x 4 M W GAS TU RBINE,S ) Installation of (Nuovo pignone) GE 2x Frame 5 MS 5002 (twin shaft ) G.T , alignment ,commissioning & inspection of combustion components. Performance analysis for baseline data collection also perform acceptance test . Overhauling of GE 2x Frame 5 G.T,s with Nuovo pignone G.T specialist . Overhauling of centrifugal compressors ( Nuovo pinone). Prepare inspection reports of gas turbine & compressors . Perform condition monitoring(CM)of rotary equipments . Prepare & maintain optimum level of spare parts for planned T & I , inspections. Plan & schedule of GT auxiliary equipments to ensure plant reliability .Analyze rotating equipment PM optimization. Review of API 616 codes . Captive Power Generation 30 MW STEAM TURBINE POWER PLANT

1998 - 1999
The used power plant ( steam Turbine ) was brought from Germany. The equipments were refurbished / repair at site. Job Profile : Work as Plant manager of 2 x 15 MW AEG (Kanis) steam turbines. Overhauling of Steam Turbine .Ultrasound testing of blades , bearings , studs , rotor. Inspection of gearbox, generator bearings. Bearings were rebabbit for true running clearance Testing of generator & rotor threading .Prepare inspection reports for analysis & future reference . Prepare layout plan of power plant .Installation of steam turbine, condenser , generator , auxiliary equipments . Alignment of shaft train (turbine , gear box , & generator ) . Plan & scheduling of PM activities to ensure maximize equipment performance. Condition monitoring of equipments for early detection of potential problems.Evaluation of MTBF. Maintenance of water treatment plant capacity 40 m3/ hr . Overhauling & maintenance of boiler 60 bar pressure, 450 C (Babcock Gmbh ) , BFWP KSB , boiler testing & inspection , boiler fittings & auxiliary. Prepare overhauling & PM plans . Maintain optimal level of spare parts for reliable & available of equipments .


Industrial Chemical Ltd.

1995 - 1998
Job Profile : Work as power plant I/C capacity 25 M W . 1X 7.5 MW ABB Steam turbine , 1X 5 MW Siemens back pressure Steam turbine , 1X5 AEG Steam turbine The used power plant was brought from Denmark. The equipments were refurbished At site. Ultrasound testing of blades , rotor , bearing Installation of bearing pedestal , turbine casing , rotor installation , steam condenser surface type , generator , rotor threading . Prepare inspection reports of steam turbines . Leveling & installation of turbine skids on foundation. Alignment of shaft train (turbine , gear box & generator) . Maintenance of water treatment plant capacity 40 m3 /hr . Maintenance of boiler( Babcock ), BFWP KSB , boiler testing & inspection , boiler fittings. Maintenance of F.D fan , de-aerator tank. Prepare overhauling & PM plans of power plant equipments .Prepare history of equipments catalog . Weekly condition monitoring / predictive maintenance of all rotating equipments Planning / scheduling of PM activities of rotary & static equipment. Predictive maintenance based on Performance monitoring. Prepare equipment maintenance history records.

Descon Engg Ltd .(KAPCO 400 MW combined cycle power plant )

1992 1995
400 MW GAS Turbine Combined cycle power plant ( CCPP / STAG ) 2 X 130 MW , V94.3 (Model ) Siemen,s Gas turbine(2x125 MW ) , Siemen,s 150MW Steam turbine 2x HRSG,s (Babcock). Job Profile : Work as Assistant engineer with Siemens turbine specialist . Installation,commisioing & performance testing of gas turbines , steam turbine HRSG,s . Gas turbines testing @ site conditions & inspection of combustion components. Inspection of silo type combustor tiling .

Prepare turbine inspection reports .Follow PM of power plant provided by Siemens turbine specialist . Collect performance data of gas turbines . Installation of steam turbine (1x150 MW) , generator , alignment .Commissioning of steam turbine & monitoring performance . Prepare baseline data of steam turbine. Prepare technical reports for reference & analysis . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx