Written by husayn Tuesday, 07 November 2006 How can you prove God exists?

Many have uttered the words "how can you prove that God exists?" and many will in the days that follow. Yet very few of these have the intention or even the mildest inclination to take time to prove it for themselves. For those that care to follow this through to the conclusion, I would say to them that it is provable, beyond reasonable doubt, that God exists. However, if they need to literally see God in order to believe in Him, then they are going to have a problem, as God is not a physical being like us. The Creator is not like His creation. A programmer is not like his program. God is omnipresent i.e. present everywhere... For analogies sake, if a man sees footprints in the snow, he could conclude that someone had passed through before him even though he hasn't seen that person with his own eyes.Using the same reasoning, one does not have to see God in order to conclude that He indeed exists. The key to proving the Existence of God lies in using logic to examine the evidence placed before us.There is no magic to this process and there is no short cut either. Even a scientist must examine evidence and test theories before he can reach a conclusion.If he were to draw up a conclusion before examining and testing, his conclusion would be out-rightly rejected by even the most uneducated of people. So, before we can so easily dismiss the existence of God (which would indeed be an unfounded conclusion), we should examine all the evidence first. So let us examine this evidence over the next few chapters. - One Religion, the Same Religion Now, lets just say there was a God, an Almighty and we were all His "children". Then would we not expect Him to teach us all the same thing? i.e. all of mankind, irrespective of geographical location and irrespective of what era they were/are living in? Would we expect a mother to teach her first born that smoking was bad for their health, yet the 2nd child that smoking was good for their health? Of course not.What is good for one child remains good for the next.No matter which bedroom they sleep in or how many years lie between them. So, we should expect no less from God. Although every man is unique in terms of personality, traits and characteristics we still have the same physical and spiritual requirements such as food and water, self-purification and prayers.Mankind indeed needs the same teachings, the same guidance. Now, lets assume that God created all of mankind as well as the earth and the heavens and all that lies between them. Seeing as God has created ALL things then surely God knows ALL the pitfalls that there possibly are. So, much like a parent would teach their children right from wrong based upon what they knew.God would surely do the same thing to guide his children through the "big wide world". But, God would be in the advantageous position of being ALL-knowing. Through his Messengers and Prophets, God teaches mankind right from wrong, good from bad, justice from injustice, pride from humility.So that, in learning what is wrong, man can avoid making bad decisions in this worldly life that will cause him

distress later. But mankind is stubborn and arrogant and believes that he himself knows what is best for him. These days man no longer values the guidance given by God...But this is the free will that mankind has been granted i.e. to accept God's guidance or to reject it. Much like teaching your children the difference between doing right from wrong.At the end of the day, they get to choose whether to listen to you or not. And their actions may be good and approved by you OR bad and unapproved by you. {Unfortunately, more often than not, many children ignore advice and this only leads to their own suffering, as the advice is generally for their own benefit.} Now, if the above is true and God gives (and has given) mankind continual guidance, then where, you may ask, is this guidance? And why is it that these days separate religions are being followed even though God should be teaching us one teaching?If we can prove to ourselves that indeed one teaching has been given to mankind throughout time (by God through his Prophets and Messengers) then we should be open to believing that indeed there is a "Father", an All-Knowing Being that guides All His children.This, of course, would also necessitate an explanation into why there are separate religions/teachings today.Obviously, bringing in every religion by name into these chapters would be ludicrous, but God Willing, by the end of this, the bigger picture should be clearer. And then further readings should fill in the rest. So, let us investigate this further. An Initial Investigation Of the main monotheistic religions known today we have: - Judaism: Jews who claim to follow the teachings of Moses (around 1500BCE Before Common Era, equiv. to BC) - Christianity: Christians who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus (around 1CE equiv. to AD) - Islam: Muslims who claim to follow the teachings of the final Messenger of God, Muhammad (around 580CE) These 3 religions span over a good 2000 years.This is a sufficiently large time span to investigate to see if we are being taught one thing from God. An initial look into the religious texts of Islam, the Qur'an, seems to provide us with evidence that God has been teaching mankind the same religion throughout time, via all the Prophets/Messengers mentioned below: "The same Religion He has established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah that which We have sent by inspiration to you and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: namely, that you should remain steadfast in Religion, and make no divisions therein." Qur'an 42:13 So, at face value at least, it would appear that this religion agrees with the above hypothesis; that regardless of the passage of time, God has been teaching mankind the same teachings via all these Prophets and Messengers. However, to prove this though, we should investigate further.We should see if in fact the Qur'an is right and that the teachings of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and Mohammad are the same. However, seeing as we only really have certain books available i.e. the teachings of God (through Moses) within the Old Testament, the teachings of God (through Jesus) within the New Testament and the teachings of God

(through Muhammad) within the Qur'an, then we will satisfy ourselves with investigating these religious texts as a starting point. But it will definitely be interesting to see why it is that the Qur'an tells us that the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are the same, yet there seems to be 3 separate religions today instead of one? i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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