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About .. ......................................................
Core Values . ..............................................
Technical Skills ...........................................
Past Experience .........................................
Education ..................................................
Past Roles and Responsibilities ..................
Selected Project Profiles .............................
Project List .................................................
Business Consulting Projects .....................
Awards and Recognition ............................
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Being instrumental with teams; committed to create the world a better place to live, appreciate, and respond.
Through building self-sustaining, future ready and responsible architecture and managing the process so
e"ectively and e#ciently that it utilizes near perfect balance of resources and e"orts.
Become a leader of a global team that shares a common vision, attitude, intentions, and dedication
towards creating future landmarks in the world of architecture, engineering and construction
Progressively empower with knowledge, competency, and skills to be an active team player by
promoting innovation, adaptive technologies, imparting knowledge and technology. Striving for
continuous improvement in leadership enabling teams to be league of super achievers who
carries mission - 'Customer Delight'.
Senior Designer and Project Manager with expertise in world-class
state-of-the-art healthcare and institutional projects, I have been
delivering projects from concept to completion for over decade(s). I
have been involved in entire lifecycle of projects; including: concept
design; design development; schematic design; medical planning;
management, design and construction documentation studio; project
management; construction coordination; and QA/QC.

I have an exceptional ability to work in large scale projects with cross-
cultural; cross-disciplinary teams in North America, Middle East, and
Asia.I have worked on projects that are as large as up to 300 acre of
land, and with budgets as large as USD-4.5 billion, and I have led
landmark architectural projects across the continents.

As a fast learner I embrace technologies to bring e#ciencies.I have
touched the pinnacle of my career in Sidra Medical and Research
Centre, yet I still have the hunger to understand the business of
heal thcare archi tecture, bui l di ng constructi on, and proj ect
management. This thirst for growth motivated me to pursue my MBA at

I have started with alternate career option at Canada, however I am
seeking to commit and continue my long-term career goals in
healthcare architecture. I am looking forward to a team that not only
utilizes my technical capacity but also my capacity for building and
running a highly-e#cient business of architectural design , and
construction management services.
1601-Vine Street, Philadelphia, USA
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I am a self-starter that has high career goals.I choose
to live a simple life that is based on firm values. I deliver
professional services that are based on core values
(explained in next section).

My positive attitude and innovative approaches works
both ways to managed projects processes and teams
dynamics. I continuously seek to be responsive to the
input of stakeholders including clients and end users.

I excelled in studies from the prestigious and well
established institutions of the world. My graduation in
archi tecture enhanced my creati ve si de, and
transformed my vision of looking into world. In my
career; I started as an Intern architect, with my light
caliber and fast learning sprit, I have quickly grown to
senior, and management level with an increment in my
techno-managerial responsibilities not only to deliver
technical aspects of projects but also to create
business through business development activities.

Quality assurance and time sensitive delivery is my
core character, which has been constantly proven,
demonstrated and recognized under various capacities
of leadership roles across all projects of various sizes.

I perform beyond the expectations by being
resourceful and finding innovative solutions. I see
challenges as a situation to excel with calculated

Maj ori ty of my career contri butes del i veri ng
healthcare, hospital and Institutional projects, however, I
have been i nstrumental i n del i veri ng scal abl e
commercial, residential, government, hospitality
projects. I have led a variety of prestigious projects that
have become landmarks in North America, India,
Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Executive Summary

More than 15 years of global experience on high-
profile healthcare and institutional projects

Highly-creative, dynamic, and innovative leader

Experience in delivering high-value, mega-scale
healthcare/institutional projects around the world

Successfully delivered a several challenging
projects across the globe for various clients

Achieved exceptional levels of client satisfaction

Exceptionally unique ability to manage large cross-
cultural collaborating with virtual global teams
“Manoj is a dedicated and confident professional. He is
very sure of his subject knowledge and brings
objectivity to any discussion.”
Manesh Trivedi, Director
Objectivity Engineering Services
SMRC: this is an all-digital modern academic medical centre that will set a
new world standard in patient care for women & children.

Serves 3-core missions:
> World-Class Patient Care > Medical Education > Biomedical Research
Sidra Medical and Research Centre, Doha, Qatar
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• Dedication……………………………Commitment
• Quality………………………….The way of working
• Working……………………….. Planned to achieve
• Technology………………………Upgrade to future
• Customer Satisfaction……………….. is a mission
• Team Building………………..People are the asset
• Implementation………….…Innovative, Pro-efficient
• Knowledge…….. …Learning to do things differently
• Approach………Dynamic, Systematic, Measurable
“I have known Manoj for the last 10 years. He is a committed to deliver projects, and is always striving for
excellence, and demonstrating creativity. He has a capability to work independently as well as in a team.”
Rana, R. K. Singh
(Operations Manager - WS Atkins)
HMC; second-largest healthcare development in the Middle East, houses state-of-the-art facilities. caters to three specialities, in three core hospitals. The
create a total capacity of 1,100 beds accommodating Pediatrics, Orthopedic, Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy. 500,000 Sq.Mt. Budget $1.5 billion.
Hamad Medical City, Doha, Qatar
Quality ! As a professional that is unsatisfied with
mediocrity, extraordinary achievements of the highest
quality is my way of life. In this competitive world, the only
ones that will excel are those that deliver exceptional
solutions. I use my drive for exceptional quality to guide
every aspect of my work and as an individual, I always
strive to set, achieve and continuously create higher and
higher goals that are in alignment to my client’s vision and
the goals of my employer.

As Deputy Manager wi th HSCC i n I ndi a, I was
recogni zed for my creati ve recommendati ons to
si mpl i fy compl ex desi gn processes, re-engi neeri ng
process and engi neeri ng work fl ow. I was a l ead
member of mi ni -board responsi bl e for busi ness
process restructuri ng, and steeri ng commi ttee that
was responsi bl e for Qual i ty Assurance System.I
was al so the i nternal audi tor f or I SO Qual i ty
cer ti fi cati on. I pl ayed a key rol e i n the achi evement
of I SO cer ti fi cati on at HSCC.

I n my next career chal l enge I was to set up the
new devi si on of archi tecture for Si dus Archi tects
and Engi neers that i s to manage and del i ver enti re
s c ope of c on s t r u c t i on doc u me n t a t i on f or
presti gi ous Hamad Medi cal Ci ty, Qatar. Wi th a
team of I SO consul tants,I was i nstrumental i n
devel opi ng company’s qual i ty system standards
and procedures. As a busi ness uni t head I was
al so managi ng and control l i ng i t’s i mpl ementati on
actress. Wi th col l aborati ve and si ncere effor ts,
Si dus achi eved I SO cer ti fi cati on, that enabl ed the
company a capaci ty to bi d on even l arger and
organi zed proj ects across Mi ddl e East.I l ed the
busi ness devel opment act i vi t i es t hat enabl ed
Si dus to wi n
and establ i sh i n Mi ddl e East market.
Customer ! is the Ki ng, we al l knows that the bi ggest
chal l enge wi th modern compani es i s to consi stentl y ser ve
t hem wi t h bes t of t he pr of es s i ona l compet ence,
t r anspar ency, and ef f i ci ency. I st r ongl y bel i eve t hat
customer sati sfacti on i s the key to success. I n ser vi ce
sector i t has a speci al i mpor t ance, because of t he
changi ng busi ness needs and r equi r ement s, cl i ent ’s
expectati on i s dynami c. As a proacti ve busi ness par tner my
obj ecti ve i s to achi eve total confi dence, and bui l d trust by
al i gni ng goal s, adopti ng to change, and by managi ng cl ari ty
i n communi cat i on to keep t rack of movi ng t arget of
devel opi ng expectati on.

I have been hel pi ng cl i ents ri ght from creati ng busi ness
cases, i t’s conceptual i zati on, i ts devel opment to executi on,
compl et i on, and operat i on. I have been i nst r ument al
presenti ng i deas, data, repor ts, speci fi cati ons, budgets,
schedul es,and al so wi th vendor sel ecti on. I have been ver y
successful and achi eved cl i ent sati sfacti on i n ever y proj ect
where I pl ayed l ead rol e. I have been managi ng ver y
di fferent ki nd of proj ects both i n terms of si ze and cost, I
have handl ed proj ects, budgeted for as bi g as dol l ar 4.5
bi l l i on and as smal l as dol l ar-20,000.
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Colombo Tower, Sri Lanka
Core values ( conti nued)

Team! No i ndi vi dual can achi eve si gni fi cance—i t’s
al ways a team that i s i nvol ved and shares success.
as a l eader I take total ownershi p and responsi bi l i ty
to enabl e teams to del i ver to i t’s best potenti al . I n
today’s worl d, the team i s a constantl y-changi ng
phenomenon, i t expands and i ncl udes not onl y
those who are di rectl y i nvol ved but i ndeed, ever y
stakehol der that i s i nvol ved the proj ect. I work wi th
t he syst ems t hat cr eat es a common pl at f or m
towards shared vi si on by whi ch ever y member of
team i .e. stakehol der have shared i nput on the
pr oj ect devel opment . Goal agai n i s t o enabl e
c o l l a b o r a t i v e wo r k i n g t o a c h i e v e c u s t o me r
sati sfacti on.

I have l ed l arge vi r tual teams that were contri buti ng
from mul ti pl e di fferent l ocati on.The usual teams that
I l ead usual l y consi st of: a proj ect archi tects, i ntern
a r c h i t e c t s , i n t e r i o r d e s i g n e r s , e n g i n e e r s ,
draftspersons, proj ect and program managers, si te
coordi nators, and medi cal pl anners.

Dedication! I t i s my i ntegral character to take
ownershi p of the si tuati ons, dedi cate mysel f to
sol uti ons, al i gn teams for achi eve i ntended and
cal cul ated resul ts. I l ove to work i n chal l engi ng rol e,
that al ways provi ded me an oppor tuni ty to showcase
my competency. I i ntent to achi eve somethi ng that
ma r gi na l l y ov er a chi ev e ex pect a t i on. I enj oy
unreasonabl e dedi cati on to my j ob, I bel i eve i n
l ooki ng for ward to the reasons for the success.

Systematic approach! I have a si mpl e worki ng
phi l osophy for “Kai zen” (conti nuous i mprovement
adapted from the Kol b and Fr y Experi enti al Learni ng
Model ):- pl an; enabl e; work; moni tor/revi ew; del i ver;
get feedback; l earn/update. I have been al ways
successful i n thi s approach, and my team were abl e
to del i ver resul ts that exceeded expectati ons. Thi s
empowers team’s confi dence and i t gi ves the cl i ent
the confi dence to bui l d trust, A Wi n-Wi n i s created
rather than wai ti ng for oppor tuni ty. I bel i eve i n
creati ng them. Ever y wi n on a proj ect creates an
oppor tuni ty to bui l d on the rel ati onshi p and creati ng
future prospects for the organi zati on.
Technology! I am a constant l earner that has a
gl obal outl ook. I see technol ogy as a tool f or
achi ev i ng ef f i ci ency and I endeav or t o use
technol ogi cal tool s to work smar ter, not harder. I
take ever y oppor tuni ty to not onl y upgrade and
enhance my ski l l s but al so to appl y these new ski l l s
i n real -ti me on current proj ects.

Knowledge! I have built expertise designing and building
world-class state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, managing
large, and complex of virtual teams, construction project
management, and business administration. My skill set
provi des me an edge over my peers for gai ni ng
competi ti ve advantage when organi zati ons l ook for
comprehensi ve and i deal combi nati on.
Architectural Design, Design Management, Building
Construction, Proj ect Management, PMP,
Construction coordination, Business Development,
Client Management, Partnership, New Business,
Marketing, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Value
Engineering, Quality Systems, Operations
Management, Proj ect Finance, Healthcare
Archi tecture, Luxury Housi ng, Townshi ps,
Institutional, Research & Laboratories, Library &
Public Buildings, IT-Parks, Medical College, O!ces
& Towers, Hotels & Resorts, Retail, Parking, Clinics.
Prestige Polygon, Chennai, India
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Application Area
Project Management, Planning, Scheduling, and Tracking
Microsoft Project 2013 1999
OpenProj- Project Management 2011
Basecamp 2011
RationalPlan 2011
Primavera 2007
Computer Aided Design and Drafting, and visualization
Revit Architecture 2004
Chief Architect 2006
AutoCAD 1996
ArchiCAD 2004
SketchUp 2008
Microstation 2002
Presentation and Graphic Editing
Adobe Creative Suite 2002
MS Office Suite 1995
Corel Suite 2000
Sherif Suite 2008
Apple Final Cut 2007
Desktop Publishing, productivity, and O!ce
Apple iWork 2007
MS Office Suite 1996
Open office.org 2005
Corel Suite 2000
Several other software and productivity tools for Audio/Video editing, web design, etc.
“This letter is my personal endorsement for Manoj Kumar Chourey. Until 2006, Manoj worked with under my supervision for
about 6 long years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication. Manoj is a take-charge
person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several
designs for complex projects for our company that have resulted in new business. He has also been supervising multiple
projects at construction stage. During his tenure of association, we saw remarkable enhancement in his communication
and leadership skills thus resulting to efficient project deliveries. Manoj is a preferred person to assign new project where we
didn't want to take chance and wanted to make sure business at home.

Manoj was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company activities. In addition to providing effective training and
sharing knowledge for other co-workers, he assumed a leadership role in business presentation, inspiring and motivating
other employees. I highly recommend Manoj for employment.

He has great ability in multitasking and I would give Manoj my highest possible recommendation.”
Hiralal Khobragade (Chief Architect)
Larsen & Toubro
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Dr. R.P. Medical College, Tanda, Rajdhani Builders, Bangalore, India SMRC, Doha, Qatar
OHL is a large-scale international construction group. Based in Spain, over 100 years of presence at
thirty plus countries. Offers full consulting and contracting services for infrastructure, construction,
industrial, and environmental developments.
Obrascon Huarte Lain, SA
Senior Architect (Design and Technical)
Halcrow, a leading U.K. based company (now a CH2MHill). Offers full range of consulting services
towards developing buildings, infrastructure, and building projects across the world. Over 30,000
employees across the world recently reported turnover of $72million.
Halcrow Yolles International Partnership (A CH2M-Hill Company)
Senior Architect (Design and Construction Management)
Sidus, a startup architectural and engineering consultancy organization, entered in a joint venture
with Qatar Design Consortium, a company with more than 35 years of industry experience for the
mega scale Hamad Medical City (HMC) project that was designed as an apex center of model and
modern public healthcare facility, located at Doha, Qatar.
Sidus Architects & Engineers / Qatar Design Consortium)
Senior Architect (Head Business Unit)
HSCC is a leading public sector consulting company in India, offering end to end complete spectrum
of consulting, and project management services for institutional, hospital, and healthcare projects
across the Indian sub-continent.
Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation, India Limited
Deputy Manager
SLP is a cohesive organization offering comprehensive services for construction, estimation, costing,
project planning, scheduling, monitoring, control and business development for range of clients and
industries. SLP 20/20 cater to all scale of clients as small as million to multi-billion infrastructure, PPP,
AFP projects.
Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc.
Manager Business Development / Projects
Precise ParkLink Inc. is the Canadian company behind the Pay and Display parking machines that
revolutionized on and off-street parking. Committed to bring cutting edge technology, managed
services, performance, efficiency and reliability to the customers and it's partners.
Precise Parklink Inc.
Manager-Projects and Portfolio
“Mr. Chourey has been assigned to deliver responsibilities of a lead architect and
construction coordinator for the core hospital building of SMRC project, where he
has been constantly demonstrating and meeting expectations, and more.”
Wassil Hanna
Head of Architecture / Technical, SMRC (OHL/Contrack-JV)
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Obrascon Huarte Lain, SA
As the lead Senior Architect, managed division to execute hospital building of Sidra Medical and Research
Center (by Cesar Pelli). SMRC: A landmark project involving 8,000+ people at site ($2.4 Billion) is designed to
set new benchmark in world healthcare and clinical research.
- Led the project from initialization; team selection, design, development, documentation, and execution.
- Managed multicultural team of twelve architects and draftsmen, under high-efficiency scenario.
- Developed architectural drawings, designs, alternatives, and shop drawings for hospital, and clinic building.
- Orchestrated meetings / presentations for technical design, project management, building services, interior
designs, planning, quality, and logistics.
- Coordinated with specialized teams of medical planning, procurements, interior designers, and suppliers.
- Developed customized systems to monitor, and track design, delivery and construction plan/schedules.
- Assisted project management office for estimation, costing, budgeting, and performance management.
- Led design change management, impact analysis, RFI
, provided design review, alternatives, reports.
- Pivotal resource in preparing tender, estimation, specifications, BOQ, contractor’s payments.
- Managed technical team through state of art CAD environment and coordinating efforts using MS Project.
- Provided mentorship to individuals by coaching, team building, issue-resolution, knowledge sharing.
- Led innovation through design alternatives, system, coordination, WBS, to manage collaborative resources.
- Optimized cost by providing design, and material alternatives that lead to saving more than 1.5 million.
Senior Architect- Design and Technical
Streamline Projects 20 / 20 Inc.
On a short-term appointment, managed and delivered small sub-billion projects. Coordinated with clients to
develop strategies for their business and at the same time managing ongoing projects within GTA.
- Over seeing construction estimates, quantities take offs and helping to develop labor rates / material pricing.
- Soliciting quotations, bidding and offer documents, helping small companies for their marketing portfolios.
- Planning, scheduling, and monitoring multiple projects across Ontario, and Northwest territories.
- Administrating bid/tender documents, review of scope, preparation, and submission of tenders.
- Coordinating as an architectural expert, a pivotal role between engineers, and designers, and contractors.
- Helped and assisted small contractors to prepare architectural designs, client meetings, and presentations.
-Strategized long term marketing vision; identified new clients, business development presentations and
Manager- Projects and Business Development
Precise ParkLink Inc.
I am leading major healthcare, institutional, and commercial portfolio of more than 30 projects across Greater
Toronto Area. I am directly managing clients, operations, construction, services, financial, quality, and
reporting systems and procedures. My challenges include business process transformation by
conceptualizing and implementing innovative systems to ensure higher level of efficiencies, effective
coordination, and better management information and control in all aspects of operations.
- Managing major client portfolios that contribute more than dollar 20 millions of monthly revenue.
- Leading business process, innovation; idea workshops, preparing and presenting business cases.
- Managing, controlling and optimizing operational cost efficiencies, staffing, and value add services.
- Administrating contracts, agreements, change, issues, incidents, conflicts and client management.
- Reporting and analysis of monthly financial, quality performance, incidents, and infrastructural requirements.
- Leading, and mentoring teams of more than twenty site managers in direct report and hundred plus on site.
- Developing organizational assets, standards, processes, and systems to ensure better service efficiencies.
- Managing and coordinating client expectations, requirements, schedules. meetings, presentations, and
- Orchestrating real-time issue management and tracking system to bring service turnaround by sixty percent
better efficiency.
- Successful in increasing operational overall revenue by fifteen percent through introduction of new quality
control systems.
- Responsible for hiring, training, performance appraisal, time tracking, and human resource coordination.
Manager- Projects and Portfolio
2013–till date
career contd….
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Halcrow Yolles International Partnership (A CH2M-Hill Company)
Halcrow, a leading U.K. based company (now a CH2MHill). Offers full range of consulting services towards
developing buildings, infrastructure, and building projects across the world. Over 30,000 employees across
the world recently reported turnover of $72M.
Delivered multiple projects including Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA, by IM Pai), Qatar), Dubai Vertical City,
Dubai, Ras-Laffan refinery-ancillary developments.
Successfully led design, design developments, technical management, project, and client management. Led a
large cross-cultural technical team of more than 12 people, including 8 architects and draftsmen. Handled
projects exceeding USD $4 billion including Museum of Islamic Arts (designed by I.M. Pai).
Senior Architect- Design and Construction Management
Sidus, a startup architectural and engineering consultancy organization, entered in a joint venture with Qatar
Design Consortium, a company with more than 35 years of industry experience for the mega scale Hamad
Medical City (HMC) project that was designed as an apex center of model and modern public healthcare
facility, located at Doha, Qatar. Primarily responsible for production of construction documentation for HMC’s
three major core i.e. Women’s Hospital, Children’s hospital, and Skilled nursing facility. Leading the position as
head of the business unit responsible for business developments, Client interactions, conceptual designs,
design developments, and team building towards ensuring department’s sustainable profitability.

Responsible for three of four major specialty department of integrated hospital building. Oversaw coordination
of multicultural teams at multiple locations. Managed a direct report from core team of more than 12
architects and draftsmen at different regions. Successfully delivered responsibilities of business development
and operations across Middle East region. Successful acquired sub-consulting contracts of more than 400
million USD. Supervised and coordinated technical-business activities in USA, UK, and Italy. Instrumental in
Sidus’ obtaining ISO certification as an assistant management representative.
Sidus Architects & Engineers / Qatar Design Consortium)
Senior Architect- Head of Business Unit
HSCC is a leading public sector consulting company in India, offering end to end complete spectrum of
consulting, and project management services for institutional, hospital, and healthcare projects across the
Indian sub-continent. Joined as an Assistant Manager, promoted to Deputy Manager. Led large teams for
more than fifteen large mid to large scale institutional, hospital and healthcare projects. Deliver life cycle of
projects for several types of buildings including housing, conference centers, auditorium etc. Managed design,
coordination, and site project management assignments for more than forty projects across India and Indian

- Managed architectural designs, developments, client presentations and negotiations.
- Coordinated tender documentation, construction drawings, and on site coordination.
- Managed multiple sub-consultants for large integrated projects.
- Managed key projects across technical, medical, project management and commercial departments.
- Administered, technical meetings, vendor selections/ screening, tender clarifications, and negotiations.
- Acted as internal auditor for successful achievement of ISO certification.
- Responsible for business process restructuring and optimization.
Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation, India Limited
Deputy Manager- Architecture
career contd….
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi (SPA Delhi) is a premier higher education institute located in
New Delhi, India specializing in education and research in the field of Planning and Architecture.It is the
top ranked college in India for architecture and also the seventh best in Asia.

Focus areas of my studies were: Construction project management; project planning and scheduling;
quality management; building science and technology; building energy science & efficiency; building
services and integration; structural systems and design; system analysis & operational research;
computer application; and project finance & control.
HULT is consistently ranked in top 1% of business schools by the Financial Times and is the world’s
most international business school. HULT is a school run by business people, for business people. The
school was founded on entrepreneurial values by one of Europe’s most successful businessmen; all
senior management, and faculty have business experience as well as an impeccable academic
background. Everything that they do, everything they teach, is informed by the realities of business.
HULT focuses on developing skills and experience, as well as knowledge. Because in business, what
counts, is what you can do. HULT’s goal is to lead positive change, and to graduate people who can do
the same in their industries and communities. That means actively seeking out new and better ways of
doing things. At HULT it is seen and believed how a good business idea can change lives for the better.

Focus areas of my studies were: management communication; managerial finance and economics;;
international accounting; corporate finance; marketing; strategy, consulting and innovation; corporate
social responsibility; Project Management, Operation Management, and technology management.

PMI- PMP (Project Management Professional), Boston, USA

FORE- MDP (Management Development Program), N.Delhi, India

USGB- India (International Conferences & Workshops), N.Delhi, India

AIA- UNICEF Hospital and Healthcare Architecture (Workshops), N. Delhi, India

AIS- Daylight & Glass Technology- (Training), N. Delhi, India
“Clarity of thought, process, action, consequences. Ability to take difficult decisions, communicate the trade-offs. Continuous
improvement, systematic and organized implementation.

Very very tech savvy. He can adopt and improve upon the new technologies very naturally. Always fun, a good learning
experience to work under him.”
Sushant Deshpande Project Coordinator
H'VAR steel services
Hult International Business School, Boston, U.S.A.
Masters in Business Administration
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India.
Masters in Building Engineering and Management
Madhav Institute of Technology & Science , was established in the year 1957.Now serving as academically
autonomous and all its entire undergraduate and postgraduate programs are accredited by
NBA ,AICTE,New Delhi. MITS started offering advance engineering courses from 1994 MITS offers state of
art facilities and research opportunities for Ph.D. programs in various field of Engineering and Science.

Focus areas of my studies were: Architecture design, Graphics and visual design, Construction
technologies, Landscape design, Town and Urban planning, RCC & Steel-Structural Design, History of
Architecture, Surveying & leveling, Building and construction economics, Building Services-Electrical,
Plumbing, Fire safety, HVAC, Building Automation, Building science and energy efficiency.
MITS, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, India.
Bachelors in Architecture
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
During my time working with Manoj on the Sidra Medical & Research Centre in Qatar, I found
him to be a hard working, diligent and capable member of the Project Team.
Dominic Coleman
Design Manager
Habtoor Leighton Group
Senior / Principal lead:
Si nce star t of mi d-2006 I have been hol di ng seni or techni cal and manageri al
posi ti ons wi th i ndustr y l eadi ng organi zati ons. At HSCC I had di rect repor t to
Executi ve Di rector (Desi gn) and then at Si dus archi tects and engi neers, I was
head of the depar tment, repor ti ng to the Di rector (Producti on) l ateral repor t
to Managi ng Di rector. Wi th Hal crow I was managi ng constructi on and
executi on of presti gi ousl y hi gh profi l e proj ects; di rectl y repor ti ng to Regi onal
Di rector. Presentl y I am managi ng por tfol i o of more than 3o proj ects across
Grater Toronto Area. Havi ng sai d that, I have been al ways appreci ate for
cl ari ty i n task and management styl e. I am enj oyi ng a cl ear and posi ti ve
career growth i n my professi onal ownershi p.

Client interactions & management:
I have been i ndependentl y managi ng and i nteracti ng wi th cl i ents for busi ness
devel opments, techni cal , and status meeti ngs. Al ways keen on per formi ng to
next l evel ; ri ght through my i ni ti al career qui ckl y mastered the subj ects
enough to handl e my own. I have been presenti ng busi ness, proposal s,
concepts, desi gns, techni cal repor ts, budgets, esti mates, proj ect pl ans, and
strategi es to the cl i ent si nce l ate 2002. After about 3-years si nce career ki ck
star t thi s domai n soon become my exper ti se. As Head Archi tecture at Si dus I
was f ul l y r esponsi bl e f or busi ness i nf l ow, management , pr ocess,
opti mi zati on, devel opment and i ts profi tabl e sustai nabi l i ty. I i nteracted and
managed wi th i nternati onal cl i ents not onl y i n Mi ddl e East but al so i n Europe
and from Uni ted States of Ameri ca. Duri ng my associ ati on wi th Si dus I
become a key to bri ng busi nesses that had anti ci pated profi t yi el d of $1.5
mi l l i on (FY-06-07). Thi s was an achi evement for a star t-up company-‘ Si dus’,
the success was ver y wel l appreci ated, and promoted by board of di rectors.

Team building & delegation:
Thi s area of my exper ti se makes me standi ng at conveni entl y preferred
posi ti on from peer group. I have excepti onal capabi l i ty to bui l d a team, my
approach i n creati ng cl ari ty of understandi ng to the requi rements enabl es me
to sel ect most appropri ate resources, methods and techni ques. I n the
process of i denti fyi ng task breakdown, I defi ne work packages ver y careful l y
whi ch can be then al l ocated to a smal l er teams, thi s way I n make sure that
teams have a quanti fi abl e goal s to achi eve and hence i t’s that easy for me to
track acti vi ti es. Moreover dependi ng on the j ob pri ori ty i t’s al so easi er for me
to adj ust cri ti cal path and fl oat between packages, and proj ects. Thi s has
been the key for my success. Not to menti on I uses I T tool s to best possi bl e
ways to deal wi th compl ex coordi nati on si tuati ons.
My professi onal career growth has wi tnessed me changi ng shoes, and weari ng many
hats. Dependi ng upon the proj ects status, scal e, team si ze, l ocati on, regi ons and cl i ents
I have changed many faces towards maki ng proj ect a success. There has been
tremendous experi ence and exposure I bui l d though del i veri ng cl i ent sati sfacti on. Thi s
secti on i s to outl i ne my excepti onal abi l i ty and to provi de gl i mpse of professi onal
competence wi th respect to both techni cal and manageri al accountabi l i ty and ownershi p.
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Project cycle delivery:
When I star t a j ob, based on my experi ence wi th si mi l ar scal e proj ects, the ver y fi rst thi ng I
do i s to peep i nto the future of the proj ect. Thi s hel ps me to vi sual i ze the proj ect l i fe cycl e.
Towards defi ni ng goal to the speci fi c assi gnment I have real i sti c abi l i ty to foresee al l phases
of a bui l di ng pr oj ect i . e. Concept Desi gn, Desi gn Devel opment , Const r uct i on
Documentati on, Executi on & revi ew at vari ous phases. I al ways tr y to l ook i nto resource
requi rements at i ni ti ati on i tsel f whi ch i s not onl y needed deal present but al so the future
del i verabl es. Thi s process hel ps me to take i nf ormed deci si on and make real i sti c
commi tment for schedul e and fi nanci al s to stakehol ders.

Monitoring & tracking:
The j ob l ed by me al ways has a pl an. Dependi ng on the need, usi ng fl oat and cri ti cal path
methods I adj ust the pl an dynami cal l y. My proj ect pl ans are i ntegrated wi th master schedul e
whi ch i ncl udes cri ti cal resources. Conti nuous moni tori ng of the pl an vi a weekl y / monthl y
and task system enabl es my pl ans to work more effi ci entl y and al so to track i t for l atest i nfo
and status. Cri ti cal acti vi ti es for conti nuous tracki ng i n order to ensure a wel l del i vered pl an.
Design management:
Thi s i s the per fect pl ace spot l i ght to my fast-track per formance. I t can be easi l y understood
that desi gn of a bui l di ng of a speci al ty proj ects l i ke hospi tal s are ver y-ver y dynami c. not onl y
because speci fi c, stri ngent, and compl ex compl i ance requi rements but al so due to mul ti -
agency i nvol vement scenari o. Ever upgradi ng medi cal equi pment, technol ogy and qui ck
desi gn changes due to stakehol der ’s demand makes the whol e cycl e hugel y compl ex.
Detai l s needs to be fi nal i zed and rel eased by desi gners down to the al l stakehol ders. Thi s
process eventual l y becomes a huge coordi nati on task when we tal k about l arge scal e
proj ects I been i nstrumental wi th and del i vered successful l y.

I am an excel l ent manager of i nformati on, I use ‘ i nfo-matri x’ approach to keep the fl ow to
effecti ve and effi ci ent. I al so use proj ect management software tool s to control the
i nformati on and mai ntai n hi stor y. I as an i ntegrator, thoughtful l y coordi nate across vari ous
par ti es from techni cal , pl anni ng, cl i ent, desi gners, contractors, and constructi on si des.
Construction coordination:
Most of the proj ects cal l ed for the on-si te constructi on coordi nati on to address i ssues and
gui de executi on to meet desi gn i ntend. I have found i t i s cri ti cal to ensure techni cal
i ntegrati on duri ng executi on to avoi d any non-conformi ty. Wi th my experi ence I can
effecti vel y forecast i ssues rel ated wi th bui l di ng ser vi ce i ntegrati on and can better resol ve
them wi th desi gn to enabl e executi on to move fast-for ward. I can be i nstrumental i n savi ng
resources by bri dgi ng the i nformati on and knowl edge gap between desi gn and constructi on.

Business development & presentations:
I have a successful record devel opi ng busi nesses for archi tectural consul tancy. At Si dus, I
was the l ead management executi ve to handl e cl i ents as head of Archi tecture. I worked wi th
team for several busi ness devel opment presentati ons, meeti ng, and negoti ati ons.
I was presenti ng desi gn i deas, company competency, proj ect fi nances for vari ous scal e of
i nternati onal proj ects. I have mastered not onl y one-on-one but al so more chal l engi ng on-l i ne
presentati on.

Quality Systems:
Though i n my most recent posi ti on have not been i nvol ved i n conceptual i zi ng qual i ty
systems but i n past I have been one of the core member of the team responsi bl e for
devel opi ng, i mpl ementi ng, and mai ntai ni ng systems not onl y for my own depar tment but for
al so for the organi zati on-wi de systems. Qual i ty systems l i ke I SO cer ti fi cati on has been ver y
wel l handl ed and l ed by me towards achi evi ng cer ti fi cati on at HSCC and Si dus.
As Junior Architect my l earni ng spri t was i n peak. Wi th hard worki ng atti tude, sel f moti vati on I was al ways
ready to own enhanced responsi bi l i ti es. I al ways worked at hi gher i n hi erarchy than the posi ti on I hel d.



ETL-Madurai Mall, India
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com

Sidra Medical Research & Medical Centre (SMRC), Doha, Qatar
SMRC was conceptualized by Pelli Clark Pelli and designed to be a world
class state-of-the-art healthcare and clinical research facility, to attract talent
from countries across the world. This project is being promoted by the Qatar
Foundation, and being executed by a few world class firms across the world.
Project Size: 200,000 Sq.Mt. 550 Beds (including future expansion). 350,000
Sq.Mt. including the research and ancillary support facilities and services.
Project Budget: USD $2.4 Billion. .
Role: Senior Design Architect, Project Leader and Healthcare Expert,
responsible for the Concept Design, Design Development, Construction
Documentation and Contract Administration.
Hamad Medical City, Doha, Qatar
The Hamad Medical City is one of the largest and most-advanced healthcare
facility in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. This was a prestigious
complex and fast-track project that was heavily promoted by the Government
of Qatar. This project was designed and built using international standards,
mostly following US guidelines.
Project Size: 500,000 Sq.Mt. 1,100 Beds (including future expansion).
Project Budget: USD $1.5 billion. .
Role: Project Lead for Construction Documentation and Contract
Administration for three major parts of the hospital. Managed a construction
documentation team that was located in India and coordinated specialty
consultants that were located in multiple locations.
North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Medical Sciences,
Shillong, India
NEIGRIHMS was a prestigious and high-priority modern specialty disease
treatment facility designed to be an apex referral centre for the North-Eastern
region of India and to cater as a hub for medical education.
Project Size: 500,00 Sq.Mt. on a 300-acre site with challenging terrain and
height di!erentials of up to 150 m.
Project Budget: USD $70 million. .
Role: Project Architect, and coordinator responsible for Concept Design
through to Post-Occupancy evaluation.
SIDRA Medical Research Centre Complex
Hamad Medical City
150-bed (expandable to 200-bed)
General Hospital
TB/ Chest Treatment & Research Centre
Bir Hospital: Trauma Treatment Centre
750-Bed People's Hospital & Medical
Highway Trauma Centers
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital: Trauma
Drug Dependency Treatment Center
Apollo Super Speciality Hospital
250-Bed (expandable to 300-bed)
General Hospital
500-Bed (expandable to 750-bed)
Hospital & Medical College
Redevelopment / Up-Gradation of TB
Upgrad and Expansion of Apollo Hospital
Vardhman Mahaveer Medical College
Indian Railway: Specialty Oncology &
Cancer Treatment Hospital
Redevelopment & Expansion of Apollo
Hospitals Medical City
NEIGRIHMS, Shillong, India SMRC, Doha, Qatar HMC, Doha, Qatar
“Manoj and I worked together on a start-up project during our MBA year at HULT International Business School. During that time
Manoj proved to be very knowledgeable and exceptionally focused. He always demonstrated professionalism and a great work
ethic. He had the ingenious ability of making complex matters simple and communicating his ideas to the rest of the team. Through
Manoj’s leadership the team came up with a complete business plan and a fully functional website within the stipulated timeframe. I
heartily recommend Manoj and would be only too happy to work with him again.”
Kayode Yusuf
Manager, PwC-USA
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College, Tanda, India
• Project funded by Government by India & executed by Government of HP.
• Landmark project in terms of facility design & provided to care regional needs
of medical care as well as to cater International needs of Medical education.
• Di"cult and contoured site, involved as design architect right through
concept, presentation, design, development, tender, coordination &
presentations & PM.
• State of art modern building suited to local environment.

Vardhman Mahaveer Medical College ,New Delhi, India
• Designed as a landmark education facility for Government education system.
• High priority, prestigious job.
• Involved as a project architect, responsible for overall project cycle delivery.
• Fast-Track assignment:- 5000 Sq. Mt. Area planned for 11 month
• Multistory project with two basement & central air conditioning facility.
• Central library was the part of the complex to serve entire Safadarjung
Hospital complex as a reference center.

100 – Bed General Hospital, Gurgaon, India
• Designed as the most modern public facility for Government of Haryana,
intended to break conventional architectural style.
• Simple, Cost e!ective & function driven building suited to client’s
• Designed to cater local day to day healthcare requirement of Gurgaon - The
City of technology and development.
• Design to provide entire range of basic medical needs under one roof like,
OPD, Diagnostics Services, Operation, Maternity & Childcare, IPD & low level
• Integrated design to accommodate future needs and expandable to handle
150-Bed inpatient capacity.
• As a project architect responsible for project cycle delivery: concept -

National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, India
• Designed as the apex center of Unani medicine system (Indian Medicine
• Designed to provide entire range of Unani medicare and education.
• Large, complex & contoured site, designed to suite local conditions.
• To house not only hospital but sta! housing and paramedics.
• Complex project in terms of identifying needs and requirements.

National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, India
• Designed as the apex center of Siddha Medicine (Indian Medicine System).
• Designed to give high value to one of it’s kind project.
• Designed in modular concept to accommodate future expansion &
• Facility to house, Hospital, Central Facility, Administration, Auditorium,
teaching, Herbal garden and sta! housing.
• Designed to provide entire range of Siddha Medication services.
• Involved as design architect till tender stage of the project.
“Manoj is very articulate and sincere at
work, with good work knowledge.”
Sudhir Kumar
Human Resources Manager, OHL International
(Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A), Qatar
Dr. R.P. Medical College, Tanda, India VMMC, Safarjang, New Delhi, India Gurgaon general Hospital, India

http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Manoj is dedicated and confident professional. He
i s Ver y i nnovat i ve and adopt i ve to new
technologies. He has excellent qualities in
imparting knowledge, teamwork, delegation, ability
to take di"cult decisions and leadership towards
making customer delight,
He manages his project very e"ciently. His
contribution as Senior Architect in Sidus Infotech
Pvt. Ltd. for Hammed medical city project was
cornerstone in co-coordinating and handling the
I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Jaya Baraker
Sr. Architect (Sidus / Span Consultants)
Raigarh Medical College, Chattisgarh, India
• 120-annual intake Medical college and hospital complex.
• Spread over 30 acre of site area.
• Master plan components: hospital, teaching, administration, auditorium,
public buildings, housing for 250 sta! family, play ground, substation & service
building etc.
• Planned as a model college as per Medical Council of India guidelines.
• Mixed design of low rise (G+2) to high rise (up to G+B+6) buildings
• Involved through Design concept to tender stage documentation,
coordination & presentation.

Capacity Building Projects, India
• Unique project promoted by Ministry of Health & family welfare, Government
of India, funded by World Bank.
• Comprised of total 46-Projects, intended to upgrade all existing food & drug
test laboratory facilities across India.
• Varied scale 100 Sq. Mt. to 5000 Sq. Mt.
• Principal project architect to provided single window services for architecture
design, project management, and construction coordination.
• Conceptualized to step-up existing facilities from basic testing facility to state
of art modern laboratories. and set-up new world class food and drug testing
facilities across India.
• Central administration building planned at New Delhi, with covered area of
5000 Sq. Mt. in the heart of Capital city.
National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, India Drug De-addiction Centre, India National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, India

http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Teaching & Institutional Laboratories & Research Hospitality & Leisure
North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional
Institute of Health & Medical
Food & Drug Testing Laboratories New Doha Palace Hotel
National Institute of Siddha National Institute of Biology Vine Street Hotel
National Institute of Unani Medicine Residential & Townships Al-Shamal Sports Club
CAPE(Corporate Academy of
Professional Education) - Medical
College & Hospital (500-750 Beds)
Nurses Hostel & Residential
Auditorium & Conference Centre for
NIMHANS (National Institute of
Mental Health and Sciences)
Morarji Desai-National Institute of
Sta! Housing for NEIGRIHMS National Museum of Qatar
Dental College & Research Centre
for All India Institute of Medical
Sta! Housing Complex for Vardhman
Mahaveer Medical College
Al-Marsa Floating City - Commercial
Developments (Shopping Mall, 4-
Star Hotel, Apartments, Studios)
Dr. R. P. Medical College & Hospital Private luxury developments O!ces & Towers
Dr. R. M. L. Post Graduate Institute Business Development Doha Bank
Devengere Medical College 150-
Annual Intake
Tata Memorial Hospital Trinity Tower
VIP Executive Guest House (4-Star) Dubai Vertical City
Redevelopment / Up-Gradation of
Modi Super Specialty Hospital
ITC- ITLD, Tobacco Green Leaf
Processing Plant
A.I.I.M.S. Like Model Hospital (6
NIMHANS, Bangalore, India National Institute of Yoga, N.Delhi, India ASB IT Park, Mysore, India

http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Proctor & Gamble - in search of innovation

During MBA at Hult international Business School - Boston,
USA a team of six including were assigned to take on a real
life business challenge towards identifying implementable
solution. This action project was a real-life experience
working on real challenge of real clients. The team is to apply
all the tools and techniques we learned during MBA (e.g.
finance, operati ons, consul ti ng, i nnovati on, proj ect
management, etc.)

The only key question to be addressed by the team: help
P&G to identify their next innovation and growth opportunities.
Our diverse team went through entire cycle of a project to
come up with solution which is to be presented to P&G’s
management. The team organized the biz-case through
defining innovation intent, analyzing opportunity insight, pin
pointing fields of play, finalizing business concept and finally
presenting the biz-plan to P&G management.

The team choose to innovate in very di"cult area of
Corporate Social Responsibility. It was di"cult because P&G
as a industry leader is considered as leader in CSR initiatives

The team zeroed on five major concepts to work on all of
them were to have such a innovative approach each of them
not only to make a di!erence to society but also to benefit
P&G brand. Keeping bottom of the pyramid in the centre, first
being reward points for using P&G products. Second was to
partner with NGOs to enhance quality of public sanitary
infrastructure when using P&G products. Third concept was
to make society more responsive towards environment and
save water. Other two were more sophisticated and
expensive solutions like e-vending machine and partnering
with government mechanism (post o"ces for example) ,
which eventually was sidelined by the team to focus on
something which has more immediate e!ect.
After the management presentation, looking at the longterm
brand value, all our options were highly appreciated as all our
proposals were costing nothing but adding great value to the
society. Not to mention our team stood 2nd position in the
run of ALP.

TouchPoint - new idea thats sales

During MBA Start-Up and entrepreneurship was one of the
major I took. As a assignment we needed to create a unique
business concept and build a business plan which sales. We
were to present the fully matured business plan to the jury of
investors where Hult itself was keenly interested as
institutional investor.

A team of of has got together to bring together TouchPoint,
an innovative idea which is conceptualized to change the
way world transact at POS. As the name suggest the
transaction at POS is to happen with the finger print security.
This idea sets a person free of identity theft, illegal usage,
peace of mind with the use of central database of individuals
finger prints. The whole process is to take place through a
simple add-on app to the existing infrastructure of swipe,
infrared and sensor based technology. Our team worked to
the realistic possibilities, in fact one of our team member is to
create business from this idea. Our fully matured business
plan and a professional grade presentation won the heart and
mind of jury and we stood 2nd best amongst 20 odd teams.

During MBA I have worked on several teams and individual
assignments relating to real-time business. The greatest
satisfaction as student came when some of them are actually
implemented in real-world. For examples: when working on
Business Analysis and Valuation, our recommendations to
short-term buy in pharmaceutical industry actually yielded
Student work
Class of Business
with Prof. Ran Thomas
HULT I nt ernat i onal
Business School -
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Network Analysis for Time Prediction, Co-
ordination and Risk Integration - a thesis in masters

As we can see that the initial project plan changes drastically
due to lack of risk considerations. Conventionally project
planning always been activity oriented. These activities are
mainly end-level activities. These end activities are rarely a
reason for delays however It is critically associated with
preparatory activities.

The objective set by the thesis project is to create realistic
confidence in project planning through integrating risk into it.
First objective is to develop a planning system and
scheduling of the construction activities in a realistic manner.
That is achieved by working out the 'Integrated Risk Network'.
This network is prepared in such a way that it accommodate
the associated task activities for all end-activities. Also the
probable risks are integrated to these 'Task' level activities, in
such a manner that it does not disturb the original project
plan, but gives better clarity so that causes of delay are taken
care at the right stage.

The second major recommendation is to analyze the causes
of delay. The project provides a generic structure

identifying the preparatory activity, also various causes for
delays, both from the past experience and best practices,
these causes are further organized in a specific manner that
the associated risk with an activity along with responsible
team can be tracked down easily at the initial time.

Third recommendation; simulates the representative data for
the project schedule. The study uses data collection for
causes of delay from study project (C.C.R.T.), where these
are divided into generalized categories.

It was nearly
impossible for PM to see entire picture

without integrated risk.
I used Monte Carlo-Simulation technique for extreme values
to become realistic and useful. The results from simulation
are then used in the time prediction of project for similar
activities, through out the schedule.

The fourth achievement was preparation of a model
database. The project produces a comprehensive database
of various causes of delays and the systematic approach
which recommends a whole new way to develop a highly
e!ective ‘Project Plan’ with a fully integrated risk enabled
network'. study also recommends various action plans that is
useful for any typical building construction project.

Although the study is able to standardize the project planning
approach, the results can not be used directly in general. To
generalize the whole system, more detailed analysis of
practical projects was required which was left as future
scope of works.

Building Construction: A design approach to
passive fire safety systems - a seminar project in

This project objective was to prepare a comprehensive report
recommending authorities to update building bye-laws
towards making building a fire-safe place to live and work.
The report covers integrated design considerations which
enhances existing guidelines and bye-laws.

Integrated Administrative Complex - New Okhla
Development Authority

A thesis design project taken towards fulfillment of degree in
bachelors of architecture. A challenging project in terms of it’s
size and status. The project is to setup a model for
development for a world class satellite township to cater to
National Capital Region of Delhi.

The thesis jury has passed the project with distinction
towards award of the degree.
Student work
s an

Member Project Management Institute, Boston
Certified Project Management Professional
Member Indian Institute of Architects
Member Council of Architects, India
Licensed Architect (COA)
Hult Consulting Club
Hult Innovation Club
Hult Entrepreneurship Club
Executive Member: MITS-Global Alumni Association
Executive Member: SPA Global leadership Alumni Association
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com
Manoj Kumar is a very good Architect and Project Manager. He manages his project very e"ciently. In Doha he recently completed one of the
prestigious Government's Hospital project. His contribution as Senior Architect was tremendous to drive the project on time & cost.
Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary
Senior Structural Engineer
Projacs International, Qatar/NQP
Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Service, OHL, International, Qatar - 2010
Gold Medal Bearer (Indian Institute of Architects, Northern Chapter), New Delhi - 1994
GATE: All India Scholarship (rank-235) by All India Council of Technical Education - 1997
First prize in ‘Stage Design Competition’ (M.I.T.S., India) - 1993
Louis Kahn Trophy (Part of Citation Winning team in NASA, Bhopal) - 1993
Certified PMP (Project Management Professional), Boston, MA - 2012
Management Development Program - FORE School of Management, New Delhi, India - 2006
NABH Standard for Hospital Accreditation (Quality Council of India), New Delhi, India - 2005
AIS- Daylight & Glass Technology - Training (Confederation of Construction Products) 2005
Workshops on Medical Architecture (By: IIA, AIIMS & WHO) - 2002 & 2003
USGB (Green Building India) - International Conferences & Workshops - 2005 & 2006
http://chourey.tripod.com | www.linkedin.com/in/mk101 | www.be.net/chourey | can.chourey@gmail.com

online document sharing
online project slideshow
Just Construction:
You are a person who makes things happen. You set goals
and focus upon achi evi ng them. You can i denti fy
opportunities and then energetically take action. Rather
handily, when required you are also pretty good at operating
politically. But no-one could accuse you of being afraid of
hard work - you'll even work towards team goals as long as
your own e!orts will be recognized and rewarded.
Center for Leadership Studies, Inc.
you as leader are looking for “buy in” often makes this a dynamic
and compelling transaction. Marshaling the energy and
motivation a person presents at the same time you are providing
step-wise instructions yields tremendous results. From a
developmental standpoint, your e!orts are geared to advance
the person’s performance to a point where they can “go solo.”

via Situational Leadership
Decision Making
Some people have di#culty making decisions,
but not you, especially when you can decide and
then take action. Your decisions tend to focus on
how to achieve a goal or outcome. When making
a decision you are more comfortable with a range
of options to choose from. You like to test the
options and consult
experts if appropriate. Your decisions will not be
limited to conservative options as you are willing
to take risks.
- Just Construction
Learning Preferences
Everyone has a preferred way of learning and for you it's
while working 'alongside' the other learners. You enjoy
group tasks and the ability to help others and be helped.
You're not one for the stand at the front of class and
dictate approach to teaching, you much prefer tutors to
'work as a partner with you'; often in a role that resembles
a coach/mentor rather than a classroom tutor. You are
happy to explore your feelings in learning environments.
- Just Construction
Job Type
The best job for you is one where your
rewards are explicitly linked to your
e!ort and ability. The focus for you is on
the job being part of a career path rather
than a more day to day job. You're at
your most comfortable in a competitive,
demanding environment where the job
provi des scope for you to sol ve
problems and use your own creativity
and talents.
-Just Construction
The Palmer Group: TTI
Manoj is extremely result-oriented, with a sense of urgency to complete projects
quickly. Most people see him as a high risk-taker. His view is, “Nothing ventured,
Nothing gained.” Many people see him a self-starter dedicated to achieving results.
-Leadership in Innovative Development (Via DISK Analysis)
The Palmer Group: TTI
Advantages: Manoj can bring to the teams and organizations:
- Creative approach to solve problems
- Forward looking and future oriented
- Place high value on time
- Self starter
- Comprehensive in problem solving
- Change agent- Looks for faster and better ways.

-Leadership in Innovative Development (Via DISK Analysis)

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