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1. What is the rating of our EDG set..?

EDG Rating: Serial Number: Type: Rated Power: Rated voltage: Rated Current: Rated output: PF: Cycle/second: Insulation: RPM: H00K105020 CCP625 Prime 415 V 870 amps. 625 KVA 0.80 40degC 50 Hz Class H 1500

Year of Manufacture: 2000

Ambient Temperature(maximum):

2. What is the purpose of Emergency Diesel Generator..? During black out, which under Voltage Relay will start the EDG..?
The purpose of Emergency Diesel Generator is to supply power to the essential bus at the time of black out. During black out the under voltage relay NL-E-LC-01-02 will start EDG automatically.

3. Explain the start up sequence of EDC in case of Back Out situation. What will be condition of Essential Breakers? Locate Locate all the relevant breakers at MCC room.
Black Out situation EDG start up sequence: If a black out occurs or due to any other reason essential supply transformer secondary feeder becomes off then emergency diesel generator will automatically start. The whole start up process will occur automatically as per following process-

Essential MCC incoming breaker (NL-E-LC-01-01) from normal supply becomes off. Outgoing feeders from essential MCC will become off. EDG starts automatically.

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Essential MCC incoming breaker (NL-E-LC-01-06) will close automatically. After 2 seconds Gas Turbine essential MCC incoming breaker will close automatically. After 5 seconds Steam Turbine essential MCC incoming breaker will close automatically. After 8 seconds BOP (Balance of Plant) essential MCC incoming breaker will close automatically.

4. When the essential power is established, list out the activities and checking items for GT and ST.
List of Activities: Check GTG AC seal oil pump is automatically started, if not started start it manually. Stop GTG emergency seal oil pump. Verify GT lube oil vapor extractor fan #A or #B is automatically started, if not, start manually. Verify GT turning gear motor is in service if GT speed is less than 300 rpm. Verify ST main oil pump MOP#A or MOP#B started automatically, if not start manually. Stop ST emergency lube oil pump. Verify that Steam turbine Jacking oil pump (JOP) runs at ST speed less than 400 rpm. Verify that Steam turbine turning motor runs at St Speed0 rpm. Verify that water treatment system clarifier scrapper motor is in service. Verify that waste water treatment system sedimentation basin scrapper motor is in service. Close circulating pump bypass line to clarifier. GAS TURBINE GT AOP running AC seal oil pump run and ESOP is stopped TG motor runs when GT speed is less than 300 rpm Lube oil vapor extractor run GT package vent fans are running.

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STEAM TURBINE MOP A or B running Lube oil Vapor Extractor run EOP stopped JOP runs at ST speed less than 400 rpm TG motor runs at ST zero (0) speed.

5. When normal power is available, how will you stop EDG..? List the activities sequentially and locate relevant breakers at MCC.
When normal power supply is established: Check whether Incoming voltage is normal and stable by the breaker panel (NLE-LC-01-01) voltmeter. Reset under voltage relay from MCC (NL-E-LC-01-02) Prompt a stop command for EDG from DCS After one minute EDG ACB (NL-E-LC-01-06) breaker will open After another 2 minutes Engine will stop. GT, ST & BOP essential MCC breakers will become OPEN. Close the normal power supply Incoming breaker (NL-E-LC-01-01) from DCS. Close GT (NL-E-LC-01-04), ST (NL-E-LC-01-03) and BOP (NL-E-LC-01-05) essential breakers from DCS.

6. In case of Black Out, if EDG does not not come in service automatically what will be your course of action..? Explain how you will start the EDG manually.
If EDG fails to start automatically Check the alarm in EDG local panel. If there is any alarm, take action accordingly Confirm essential MCC incoming breaker (NL-E-LC-01-01) is open If there is no alarm, start EDG manually from local control panel.

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EDG manual start procedure from local control panel Select local/remote switch in local mode. Select manual by manual selection switch Start using manual start switch Check voltage/frequency/any abnormality If everything is ok close circuit breaker (NL-E-LC-01-06) by pushing breaker on button (symbol I)

7. List the regular check items for the EDG to keep it always ready to start on emergency. emergency.
Engine fuel level Engine coolant level Engine lube oil level Differential pressure for Air Filter Any MCC alarm Battery voltage(voltage above 27V) Check selector switch in Remote Auto selected (auto selection LED should glow) Block key should be in releases position (symbol O).

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