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Welcome to Dacon Inspection Services Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Integrity / Planning Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Tube Inspection Services API Tank and Pressure Vessel Inspection / Certification Rope Access (IRATA Certified) Helium Leak Detection Fabrication Inspection Condition & Remaining Life Assessment of Boilers (CARLA) Advanced Ultrasonic Testing (TOFD / PAUT / AUT / LRUT) Corrosion Under Support (CUS) Research & Development Intelligent Pigging & Pipeline Services FPSO/FSO Training Institute (DTI) Certificates

Dacon Inspection Services is an independent company offering inspection services and advanced NDT methods and techniques. Our inspectors are certified by all the major international certification agencies and the company takes the greatest effort in pursuing the highest possible inspection quality in all projects that we are involved in.

Dacon Inspection Services is a market leader within inspection, testing and advanced NDT.

Our customers include Onshore / Offshore oil and gas operators, refineries and petrochemical and power producers all of whom have the highest demand for quality services. We provide inspection services ranging from standard NDT methods to the most advanced inspection technology available in the world market today.


Dacon Inspection Services offers all conventional types of inspection, non-destructive testing and verification services as listed below.


Ultrasonic Flaw Testing Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Penetrant Testing Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Magnetic Particle Testing Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing Radiographic Testing Eddy Current Testing Roughness Testing Hardness Testing Helium Leak Testing Advance Ultrasonic Testing Paint / Coating Inspection Visual / Certified Weld Inspection NDT Combined with Rope Access Consulting on Testing and Inspection Third Party Verification and Testing Courses in NDT and Inspection

Based on the experience gained from both Onshore and Offshore inspection projects, Dacon Inspection Services offers inspection programs and inspection planning to suit every clients particular need. The inspection programs are designed to maximize efficiency and safety whilst at the same time minimizing time consumption and cost.

RBI Risk Based Inspection Program IDB Inspection Database TIDB Tank Inspection Database PIDB Pressure Vessel Inspection Database

Typical capability of IDB/RBI software

Automatic and dynamic Equipment Life Time calculation. Automatic Short and Long term corrosion rate. Probability and Consequence failure assessment. Contains all Equipment Specifications. Contains all P&ID and Isometric drawings. Contains pictures and documentation. Automatic Inspection and Maintenance planning. Fully code and standard compliant. Dynamic condition calculation updates all values daily.


Dacon provides Asset Integrity Management Databases which allow inspection personnel in the plant to monitor the overall asset integrity and process large amounts of inspection data by zoning. Worldwide integrity status can be monitored through one location.

World Asset Integrity

Field Integrity

IDB Screenshot

TIDB is designed to collect all related data including tank design data, construction drawings, fabrication information, inspection data, tank testing data and repair history. Our TIDB is based on the plant integrity approach and focuses on ease of managing large numbers of tanks using features such as the plant integrity map. Using the TIDB gives tank owners the ability to recognize any outstanding irregular trends. The owner can now become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to maintenance.


Dacon Inspection Services has been carrying out Remote Visual Inspection since 1984 and has one of the largest pools of Remote Visual Inspection tools in the world. Whether the requirement is for Sub Sea, Heat Exchanger, Pipe or Tank Inspection we will have an application that will enable you to view and document the internal condition on video or in digital format.

Internal condition documentation

Internal condition documentation

Internal condition documentation

Turbine Blade Inspection

Internal condition documentation

Flare Tip Inspection

Borescopes Endoscopes Fiberscopes Videoscopes Micro Cameras Zoom Cameras Pan/ Tilt Cameras Explosion Proof Cameras Sub Sea Cameras Well Cameras Down Hole Cameras Articulated Cameras Long Range Crawlers FPSO Seachest Cameras

Seachest Remoting for Marine Classification


Dacon Inspection Services specializes in tube inspection of heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, air fin coolers and chillers. Dacon has an in-house facility for all required tools and stocks a large library of calibration tubes and probes. All standard tube sizes are covered. Reporting is both hard copy and digital.


Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Remote Field Testing (RFT) Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Partial Saturation Eddy Current (PSEC) Helium Leak Detection (HLD) Pressure Testing Calibration tubes to ASTM/ ASME standards


Dacon Inspection Services has API certified inspectors to carry out Tank and Pressure Vessel inspection and certification to API standard. Through the use of advanced inspection methods, the tank/vessel downtime can be greatly reduced, while at the same time increasing the inspection quality. Through the use of IRATA certified Rope Access technicians and advanced inspection equipment, a tank/sphere inspection can be completed in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to build scaffolding.


Dacon Inspection Services has performed Rope Access Inspection since 1999. All Rope Access technicians are as a minimum trained and certified to IRATA (United Kingdom) standard. The Rope Access team leader is certified to Level 3 and has minimum 5 years working experience with Rope Access. Rope Access is carried out on all types of onshore and offshore structures such as tanks, flares, towers, buildings and bridges and saves a tremendous amount of time and cost compared to conventional scaffolding.



Dacon Inspection Services provides Leak Detection services using Helium as tracer gas to locate even the smallest of leaks. Whether searching for leaks in vessels, tanks, drums, piping or exchangers, leaks down to 1 PPM can be found. The service is also widely used for both pressure and vacuum process systems. Heat Exchanger bundles, while still inside the shell, can quickly be verified for leaking tubes both from tube sheet end or from the shell side of the exchanger. Helium Leak Detection is widely regarded as the most accurate and economical method for locating small leaks in any volume object.

Helium Leak Detection in: Heat Exchanger Process Piping Storage Tanks Pipelines Condensers Vacuum Systems Pressure System Underground Piping



Dacon Inspection Services provides a full scope of Construction Inspection Services for Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Fabrication of U stamp Pressure Vessels, Construction of Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Power Plants, Offshore Structures, Offshore Platforms, FPSOs, FPSO conversions, FSOs and Shipbuilding.

Provision of QA/QC Personnel. AWS or CSWIP Certified Welding Inspector. NACE or BGAS Certified Coating Inspector. Mechanical Inspectors. Structural Inspectors. Rotating Equipment Inspectors. Provision of Onsite Inspection Services. Welding Inspections. Coating Inspections. Baseline Inspections. Design and Development of Inspection Plans. Inspection of Construction/Erection Activities. Test Package Control. Test Program Control. Development of Quality Dossiers.


The boiler and its components are built with assumed nominal design and reasonable life of operation of about two to three decades (one or two hundred thousand hours). These units are generally replaced or their life is extended at the end of this period. Under normal operating conditions, and after an initial period of teething troubles, the reliability of these units remains fairly constant up to about two decades of normal operation. The failure rate is then increased as a result of their time dependent material damage. Further running of these units may become un-economical and dangerous in some cases. By initiating timely preventive measures and by way of proper maintenance refurbishment actions, it is possible to retain these units in service safely, reliably and economically for many more years. A life extension program comes in handy here. One of the most important steps involved in life extension strategies is the assessment of the remaining life of the existing components so that required timely refurbishment steps can be introduced to extend the plant life. Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) becomes a necessary evil.



Recommendations: Based on the findings and analysis of the test results a 3R decision is made to either Run the boiler, Repair the boiler or Rerate the boiler for safe operation and enhancement of boiler efficiency.

Various tests that are carried out for the CARLA are. Collection of background data and operating history of boiler. Thorough Visual Examination by a boiler expert. Swell test or dimensional check. Collection of deposits and scales for laboratory analysis. Insitu oxide thickness measurements. WFMT/PT of selected critical weld joints. Detailed thickness survey. Reporting The final report is generated with all the test results analyzed and evidence of damage recorded. Recommendations are made to attain longer, more reliable and safer operations of the boiler.


Dacon Inspection Services provides a wide range of AUT solutions. Since the introduction of code case 2235/181, which states ultrasonics can be used in lieu of RT, Automated Ultrasonic Testing is rapidly gaining importance.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Dacon offers services in Phased Array in the following areas Phased Array for Weld Inspections Phased Array for Complex Components Phased Array for Defect Sizing

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)


Dacon offers TOFD services for both Metals and HDPE material.

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)


DACON Inspection Services has launched a new inspection tool for accurately measuring Corrosion under Support (Dacon CuS). It is indeed an achievement for the companys in-house R&D department to develop and successfully field test this new and critical tool. Dacon has been encouraged by support from major oil and gas companies to develop new technologies for the oil & gas industry. The basis for the development of the CuS tool was to be able to inspect and accurately verify hidden areas (under pipe supports, clamps and similar areas) with a technology that allowed for direct measurement and reporting in millimetre remaining wall thickness on a similar basis to conventional Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM).

Dacon CuS tool has the capability to accurately detect and measure remaining wall thickness in areas such as : Under Support (hidden areas) Under Riser Clamps/Hanging Clamps Under Pipe or Vessel Doubling/Support Plates Through Tar Wrapped Pipes Without Removing Wrapping. Under EPDM Coating Without Removing the Coating. Other Areas Where Access to Parent Material is Limited by an Obstruction. The tool is offered as a service and provides: Accurate and quick measurements Battery operated, compact and lightweight equipment for easy mobilization Rugged design for extreme conditions Offshore trial tested in early 2011

RWT 6.2 MM

Dacon CuS
copyright Dacon Inspection Services Co.,Ltd.

NOM 12.7 MM


Dacon Inspection Services is ISO 9001-2008 & DNV 402B certified. Dacon has initiated the process for approval of OHSAS 18001.


Dacons inhouse R&D department is developing a 4th generation UT Intelligent Pigging tool which will be a breakthrough in UT pigging technology. Detection of Corrosion Under Support (CUS) and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) has been a challenge for many years and Dacons R&D team is developing tools to effectively inspect these areas.

Researcher at R&D lab testing Corrosion Under Support System.


Dacon Pipeline Services provides Intelligent Pigging/In Line Inspection (ILI) for all kinds of materials for pipelines. The ultra high resolution ultrasonic tools can detect and size any pipeline corrosion, be it in a sub sea, underground, insulated or exposed pipeline, riser or process piping. The tools are small, lightweight and easy to mobilize. Insertion into pipe can be done both with and without pig launcher. The pigs are all bi-directional, which means they can be pushed back the same way it entered a pipe, making them ideal for un-piggable lines. Pipeline thickness is measured with accuracy better then +/- 0.1 mm. All defects are described by depth, length and width. Full API 570 analysis, with life time prediction, RBI, FFS, MAOP or any other Integrity based evaluation available. Inspection results are presented immediately after the pig run and clients are given the raw data and analyz ing software free of charge.

Determines: Remaining Wall thickness in mm. Depth of Defect in mm. Length of Defect in mm. Width of Defect in mm. Location of Defect in mm. Pipe diameter 4 to 72.

Dacon Inspection Services provides a number of pipeline services to support inspection related pipe and pipeline activities. Pipeline cleaning through pigging, hydro jetting and cleaning is available. Hydro static pressure testing, cathodic protection measurement and pipeline geometry /tracing tools can also be provided. Typically, a comprehensive cleaning program using cleaning pigs is proposed in connection with pipeline inspection programs.


Pressure Testing Leak Testing Cathodic Protection Road Crossing Inspection Foam Pigs BiDi Pigs Rescue Pigs

Gas Line Crude Line Water Lines Cleaning Pigs Scraper Pigs Magnetic Pigs

Steel Pipes HDPE Pipes GRP/GRE Pipes Concrete Pipes Caliper Pigs Gauging Pigs Bath Pigs

Dacon Inspection Services uses Remote Visual Inspection tools to inspect Sea Chests and Valves on FPSOs and FSOs. Inspections will be dependent on close co-operation with the client representative in planning, preparation, execution and follow-up. Necessary drawings for the inspection work shall be available on board. A detailed preliminary plan regarding the inspection tasks, including opening sequences for the respective strainers and pipe systems, will be completed as part of the risk assessment process.

The final inspection details will be confirmed on a site visit prior to commencement of work in co-operation with Dacons team leader and the dedicated client representative. The succession of pipes or systems to be investigated must be determined by the customer with respect to other works being carried out on site. Required equipment for the inspection task will be suggested following a site visit where inspection objectives have been confirmed and scope of work agreed.

Inspection scope of work The scope of inspection work includes but is not limited to: Examining the strainers, connected pipes, butterfly valves, valve sealing and sea chests for corrosion, damage, marine growth, wear and tear. Examining and witnessing a proper valve maneuvering operation Examining and establishing the status for the anodes and internal coating etc. Examining the pipelines and valves from the strainers as far into the ship as necessary and/or possible. Final report outlining the internal condition of each sea chest system



The Dacon Training Institute (DTI) provides professional training courses for individuals and corporate groups. DTI offer training in the following courses: API510 Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector API570 Authorized Process Piping Inspector API653 Authorized Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector API579 Fitness for Service API580 Risk Based Inspection (RBI) ASNT Level III in Basic, PT, MT, UT, RT, LT, VT and ET Conventional NDT courses B31.3 Process Piping Understanding and Application of ASME IX Metallurgy, Corrosion and Prevention of Failures DTI provides training centers, exams and preparatory courses in Thailand in close cooperation with the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Dacon inspection services received approval from DNV for their DNV402 B program. This program is designed especially for companies engaged in NDT on offshore projects and on offshore units and components. The program aims at raising the level of quality and ensuring that services provided by the NDT companies meet or exceed the code requirements. Before a company is approved, all procedures have to be DNV approved, several audits will have to be passed and NDT technicians have to demonstrate their skills on mock-up test pieces. Dacon was issued a certificate of approval on 22th November 2011 which has a validity of 3 years. Dacon inspection services will continuously have to monitor their own performance and quality because the certificate could be revoked if non-conformances are found and not properly addressed during one of DNVs yearly surprise audits. Dacon inspection services is the first company in Thailand to be approved by DNV and is committed to continuous improvement by implementation of systems like these.

Dacon has successfully passed the audit from SGS for renewal of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, the certificate was issued on 9th Sept 2011 which is valid until 9th Sept 2014. This achievement, in a short period after audit, is a direct result of the entire organization working together in effectively developing and maintaining the Quality system. Meeting the ever growing customer demand for the highest level of quality is vital to the future success of companies in any kind of business. Dacon has demonstrated their commitment to quality and to the continuous improvement of their management system by successfully achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification from SGS and accreditation from UKAS.


Dacon provide worldwide services.

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...for all your inspection needs!