How To Become A SUBWAY Franchise Owner.

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SUBWAY® restaurants have more than 33. 1965. Buck opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport. for advice on how to pay for college hoping that Dr. Buck wrote Fred a check for $1. Connecticut. We have been rated the #1 franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 17 of the past 23 years. Dr.000 and they became business partners. Fred decided it was time to give franchising a try. Fred and Dr. he asked a family friend. Dr. . on August 28. Dr. Buck would just give him the money. Fred and Dr. From the very beginning they established goal setting as an integral part of SUBWAY® restaurants’ growth. In 1974 they found themselves behind schedule with only 16 open restaurants. Buck frequented as a child in Maine so that Fred could earn enough money to pay his tuition. Instead.About SUBWAY SUBWAY® restaurants began in the summer of 1965 when 17 year old Fred DeLuca graduated high school with aspirations of becoming a doctor. While at a cookout that July. A month later. This was the start of Doctor’s Associates Inc.000 locations in approximately 90 countries. Buck suggested that Fred open a submarine sandwich shop similar to the one Dr. Buck implemented a strategic plan to open 32 restaurants within 10 years. Today. With a clear vision. Peter Buck.

STEPS to become a Franchise  Review the franchise program information on the Subway website and fill out the online form to request a brochure. Subway offers loan programs and financial support for all of their franchise owners. Loan amounts vary based on the location and size of the restaurant.  Learn more about the next steps while your application is being processed. .  Secure a loan for your Subway franchise store. liquid and fixed assets and references. You also indicate a preferred geographical franchise area. Required personal information on you. A representative from Subway will help with the process once you have decided to become a franchise owner. Attend one in your area to receive the most pertinent information.  Register for an online seminar to find out more information. Subway also offers trade shows with valuable information on how to become a franchise owner.  Submit an online application to become a Subway franchisee. You can find an area that is open for development.  Receive notification from the Subway development team that your franchise application is approved. contact the regional sales manager with further questions or look into getting a loan for your Subway franchise. your spouse and partner (when applicable) include: education and business background.  Work with a Subway representative to purchase an existing Subway for sale or to find a location to build on.

500. construction and . Then you will be ready to investigate our business opportunity with the help of the local development office. Next.000. will determine if you meet our qualifying standards. How much is the SUBWAY® Franchise Fee? The initial franchise fee is $15.300 for traditional locations and $84. If qualified to purchase additional locations.100 for non-traditional locations.Frequently Asked Questions How do I become a franchisee? Complete an application online or request one from the development office.300 to $200. This franchise is renewable for an additional twenty years with no other franchise fees. the franchise fee is $7. What are SUBWAY® restaurants Capital Requirements? The total investment can range from $114. pass a basic skills test. It is your responsibility to read it.000 franchise fee purchases a franchise honored for twenty years. This includes your franchise fee. You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. What is the term of a SUBWAY® franchise? The $15. The development office and Doctor’s Associates Inc.800 to $258.

At the end of the lease term you may purchase the equipment for 10% of the original value. These amounts represent the net investment required if you are eligible for the company's equipment leasing program. We suggest that franchisees have half of the amount in cash and finance the other half. What kind of training is available to new franchisees? Training is for two weeks. For additional information or to see a sample copy of the equipment lease.500 to $72. with a minimum of $1. If you do not select the equipment leasing program or it is not available. Additional sources for funding include personal savings and investment accounts. The lease payments are for 60 months. The security deposit will be applied towards the purchase.000. you should substitute the costs for Equipment Lease Security Deposit with $49. The SUBWAY® franchise system also offers an equipment leasing package that requires a security deposit of 10% of the equipment costs. Is lending available for the purchase of a SUBWAY® restaurant? SUBWAY® provides a list of lenders with experience lending to our franchisees. 50% in class and 50% in store training.000. Figures do not include extensive exterior costs as well as operating capital. please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document. How do I secure SUBWAY® equipment? You may purchase SUBWAY® equipment outright with cash or with a secure loan. We prefer that a franchisee does not carry a large debt service. The equipment may be purchased at any time during the lease period using the buyout calculation schedule. . The development office will provide you with lender requirements to help evaluate these lenders. home equity loans/lines and financial assistance from family and friends.

we further explain why we cannot provide an earnings claim. salespeople. We encourage you to call SUBWAY® restaurant owners from the Franchise Disclosure Document to learn firsthand why they decided to acquire additional franchises. or Development Agents to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales.All franchisees named on each franchise agreement must satisfactorily complete training at SUBWAY® World Headquarters before the store will be allowed to open. . New London County. We do not furnish or authorize our employees. We will investigate your location and provide you with analysis of its viability for development. What is my financial obligation as a SUBWAY® franchisee? Beyond the one time franchise fee of $15. How much money can I expect to make and what is my return on investment? In our Franchise Disclosure Document. of 8% on weekly gross sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. You may also submit a location that you find. CT currently has existing locations for sale. How do I secure a new location? New locations approved for development by SUBWAY® will be provided to you during the qualifying process. The Development Office maintains strong working relationships with many real estate professionals and local landlords. Are new sites available? New sites are available in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts.5% on weekly gross sales. You will be required to pay an advertising fee to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) of 4.000 you will be required to pay royalties to Doctor’s Associates Inc.

support is available from the development office. You will pay rent directly to the landlord each month. Can I use my contractor to build out my restaurant? Yes. Our construction coordinator can also recommend a contractor who is experienced with building SUBWAY® restaurants. Is operational support available? Yes. Subway Real Estate. Do I sign the lease? You will sign a sub-lease with Subway Real Estate. In addition. Where do I purchase food for my restaurant? All franchisees are required to order food from an approved vendor. SUBWAY® requires a licensed contractor to secure permits and oversee the project. . Pricing. LLC (SRELLC) will finalize the lease with the landlord and sign the master lease.Who negotiates the lease? The Development Office initially negotiates the terms of a lease. quality and transport are monitored by SUBWAY® restaurants’ Independent Purchasing Council (IPC). Hallsmith-Sysco is the gold standard vendor in the Dixon/Turi Territory. Can I build out my own restaurant? Many builders will allow the franchisee to assist with the build out depending on your experience and credentials. LLC (SRELLC) under the same terms and conditions as the master lease. the corporate ‘help line’ as well as online through our e-library network and University of SUBWAY® courses. Each franchisee is assigned a field consultant to help you meet SUBWAY® standards of operation. We suggest you secure several bids before signing a construction contract.

Approximately one percent of those funds are returned to the local SFAFT market to support advertising in the Dixon/Turi Territory. . Franchisees are also encouraged to advertise to their local customer base. Those funds help pay for SUBWAY® national advertising. Our in-house marketing coordinator will help you detail a store specific marketing plan. you may sell your restaurant at any time after opening.Am I protected from over development? SUBWAY® has a monitoring system in place called ‘site review’ which evaluates new development in relation to existing locations to help mediate impact.5 % royalty to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) each week. How do I advertise my SUBWAY®? Franchisees pay 4. Can I sell my restaurant? Yes. provided the company approves the buyer.

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