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TEXT: PHILIPPIANS3:13-21 They are too small to take your peace, God gave an assurance that they would not take your peace as long as your eyes are stayed on him. The difficulty in that is holding your eyes on him. Do not shift your gaze from God or danger will follow. To focus is to ignore every other distraction that comes your way and stay completely on your mission. Focussing on God is submitting your will and desire to Jesus Christ. Ambition is crude but people with vision know that ultimately everything works together for good. You must forget those things which are behind and beside you, but focus and reach out for wht is in front of you. It is broken focus that can implement the loss of peace. Galatians3:3, God started you off and you cannot finish it by yourself. When you are focussed on serving him with you life, your peace will not be ripped away. There are things the enemy throw on our path to break our focus: 1. Offence: it is one of the things that can disturb our peace, Matthew18:7. People will offend you but it is up to you whether you pick it up or shun it. Offence is caused by perceived hatred, by people trying to defraud you or who have already defrauded you, by broken convenats or those who have broken promises. Your spirit must be at peace. 2. Our unnecessary effort to please men. The main reason Saul disobeyed God was to please men and that ended badly for him. Ephesians6:6. What men want is most f the time different from what God wants. In so far as you are doing the will of God, your peace will stay. When you try to please men, you will begin to dance their dance. You cannot please man without lying, John6:43-47, John8:44-45. Once lies come the spirit of God begins to dwindle, ultimately vanishing. 3. When you join others to do evil. Everytime you do something that the spirit of God does not want you to do, you lose your peace. When the spirit of God is in you, you cannot join the people of the world to do evil. Others may, you may not. After you have joined them in doing evil, the spirit of God will chastise you. Romans12:17-19, do not wish evil unto others, God does not want the death of a sinner but their redemption 3John1:11, 1Peter3:9, the

moment you begin to pay evil for evil you will lose the peace of God as the spirit of God is that of peace. 4. Reliance on men can make us lose our peace. God is our helper, Isaiah31:1. Men have the popensity to disappoint other people as when you trust that men will show up and they fail you will be disappointed. Psalm31:1, God on the other hand always fulfils his promises. Your relationship with evreyone must be kingdom based as you are in this world on an assignment.