Topic : The Lake that you visited was splendid. You feel like staying there Anggota : 1. Almas Azka (03)

2. Ersa Rahmawati (08) 3. Rara Sinta 4. Rika Nurilmiah 5. Sony Kurniawan (33) 6. Sony Tri Dirgantara 7. M. Amin Ruwanda (34) (18) (26) (27)

After a few days vacation, it's time the students of senior high school two in Lumajang attend school. Ersa : Hii guys, how about your vacation ? : Pretty good!

Rika and Rara Ersa Rara Rika Ersa Rara

: Where did you go ? : We went to Klakah lake : Don’t you know? The scenery is very beautiful : Really ? : But I’m annoyed with the rubbish

Then Amin, Azka, Sony Tri and Sony Kur came. Amin Ersa Sony Tri Ersa Azka Ersa Sony Tri Ersa : Hey, what are you talking about? : We are talking about our holiday : Where did you go? : I went to Bali Island : Wow! People call Bali as Pulau Dewata. How is there? : There is very beautiful! I’m really like with Batur lake. : I ever came there. The beach is amazing. : That’s right.

Let’s come to the class! . I feel like staying there. Soni Tri : The bell is ringing.Azka Rika Soni Kur Rara Rika Amin Azka : How about you. I want to go there. : But now. : That’s right. its facilities is good. : I’m excited about that lake. : Wow! It’s mean now Klakah lake is so nice. I came there and I dissatisfied about the facilities at there. The bell was ringing. Rik? : I and Rara went to Klakah lake : Wow! When I was 13 years old.

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