It all started the day right after the first day of school, which is better
known as the second day of school. Well let me start from the beginning, I
have just got myself into one of the biggest messes ever.
Best friends, bffs, and best friend forever those are all not true the
people that you may know could be betraying, maybe even the person right
next to you.
I’m not saying that I don’t trust anyone I just don’t trust the animal
inside of them. Every person is the same in my opinion each person acts like
they are giving and caring, the animal inside them wants for themselves.
Selfishness is what overcomes people.
Thinking I got my chance to be with one of the popular kids, I was way
off. You may or may not know it, but I am a criminal.
Let me start off by telling you who I am, Max, well all I know is that my
name is Maxwell. I don’t my last name that is because my dad got married to
my mom. She died at my birth, I come from a rich family don’t you know. My
father’s mother was very conscious about how wealthy people were. My
mother was not wealthy, my father was. My father always seemed to follow
my “grandmother,” he was scared she would not let him inherit the money
she had.
My dad decided to send me to a boarding school, ever since I was born,
I have a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched, a thirst that will tell
me who I am.

The Stephens
I am pretty good at mysteries. Months ago 15 murders occurred. I was
able to solve them before the police, and that was just off the newspaper
articles. It was the Stephens family. They thought they were big shots. The
Stephens family consists of the father of the family, Steve Stephens, the
mother, Martha Stephens, and the son who is missing. The parents both got
killed after it they were caught.
Let me tell you about the Stephens, they are not the typical family at
all. They farthest from even loving each other. None of them had any blood
Steve Stephens, the head of their “family.” He was a studying to
become a lawyer, when one of his friends told him to smoke just a bit of
marijuana. That marijuana twisted his whole mind. That night he killed a
woman. He got caught, he went to jail.
Jail is an unpleasant place for anyone. With a twisted mind and
knowledge Steve found jail a puzzle. A puzzle to put together and leave it. A
challenge. One day at lunch he was ruminating to himself, in one of the
worst places he could’ve been in. He was in Martha’s seat.
It was a seat of honor to her. Everyone feared her because she had
killed 90 people in a bomb she made. She had the brains just like Steven.
Martha although did not start out good. Once she was born, her mother
left her in the street. Many different people tried raising her with her different
psychotic problems. All the people who raised her would hit her for
everything she did. Her adoptive “parents,” used her as a servant. She grew
a hate for people.
She was standing right in front of Steven back at the jail. He was
writing down an escape plan, when a shade covered his sunlight. He looked
up, Martha was right there. She just stood there for five minutes, and then
said, “Time has passed by and you haven’t even noticed you are in my
seat?” Steve replied “You aren’t anything special,” he then slapped her. She
gave him a look, the look was unpleasant, and it had a type of signature
saying you’re dead.
That night after Steve had dinner while walking back to his cell, he got
hit on the back of his head. That was not all a knife jerked into his stomach.

When he looked up, Martha, he then fell to the ground. He drifted away and
became unconscious which would soon make him dead.

The First Day of School
Don’t think I just wasted your time telling you about the Stephens, that
will all connect back in. It was seven am in the morning. My alarm decided to
wake me up. My hand then flung up into the air and hit the snooze button.
After ten minutes it went off again, I was dressed and ready.
You may or may not be wondering, who hits the snooze button then
gets up? Well, that’s me I keep myself to a time schedule. Order is practically
my best friend. I get ready in ten minutes. Elation was filled throughout my
body, the first day of school. I finally got to leave the summer school which
was like a jail.
I took the bus there, the bus driver was fat he was the normal guy. I
knew him, and he knew me. We were kind of friends. He was the only thing
closest to a friend that I have. I started a new letter of the encyclopedia. It
was N, I told you before about my thirst for knowledge.
When ever a teacher asks me my hobbies I write down reading. If my
teacher asks me why, I say, “A book takes you into an imaginary world where
you can be anyone and anywhere, it brings out your imagination.” That
sounds crummy, but I’m not telling them about my dad. I told people the
staff and faculty would get every book away from me.
The staff and faculty knew my dad very well, they each met him, and
they got paid by him monthly. Whether they did anything or not. The people
here all are corrupted, bribes from my father. It feels like someone owns me,
I am a person. At moments like this I get the feeling that Martha may have
Let me get back to when I’m on the bus, so I exited like any normal
person would. I walked to the dorms where people stayed. I got to my floor
which was the 24th out of 24. The school also gave bribes, like tall buildings. I
always liked that building. I got settled in to the room, all my paraphernalia
was in place.

I would’ve never expected it, but a person walked through the door. I’m
not exaggerating, no one ever comes. I never had a roommate, I felt kind of I
don’t know. I just was pleased that I had a roommate.
He seemed like a new kid, he was tall. Maybe 5’7, but not six feet. So I
introduced myself, and he did not say one word. I thought maybe he is a
foreign exchange student or something. Then he picked up a call and said,
“Hello, Billa.” That clued me in that he spoke English. He talked he did not
say one word except yes. He took out a laptop from his suitcase. He
downloaded a text file. He opened it and left the room. The file read:
I knew that it was binary, I took a flash drive out of my pocket and
saved the file.
He came back into the room and closed his laptop, and left. Then I took
my flash drive, plugged it into my computer and converted it. Then the
message read:
“It is me Billa. I have sent out what is required. They are hesitating to give

the money. Should I finish them?”
I ruminated what he meant by finish them. I no longer pondered over
this. I closed the window and he walked in. He wrote out another message.
That message read:

He sent it off before I could read it, the only part I was able to decode
in my mind was: It is Stephen.
Stephen was his name, not a bad name. He left his laptop unattended.
I decided to get on it, it asked for a password. I decided to enter one. I
entered Stephen and it opened up. I found the file almost instantly. I copied
that onto my flash drive. I didn’t get time to decrypt this message. It was
time for class.

Before I knew it, it was time for Psychology class. Psychology seemed
dumb to have in 8th grade, but they were trying to make us smart kids. We all
got partners, our partners were our roommates. So I was stuck with Stephen.

Even though Stephen was the new kid he was already popular, well I guess
that is fate.
We got our assignment, Stephen was acting strange. Not even a peep
out of him. He hadn’t talked at all, which worried me. He then gave me a
piece a paper, which said convert this after dinner. Below that, it read:
It looked like Morse code, but it was all one word. There was something
suspicious about him. I needed to know everything about him. I was
investigating, I was good at that. By the end of the day I would know
everything about him.

The Laptop
He luckily had biology right after psychology class and I did not. I ran
to our room, I took the stairs even. I came and opened up his laptop, it asked
for the password. I thought it would be a piece of cake. I was in for it.
I entered Stephen and it said “Stephen” was the wrong password. Then
I plugged in my other flash drive. This flash drive had a hack that could
decode the person’s passwords. You read it correctly I could find out his
passwords, his email and everything. As soon as I plugged it in, the computer
ran the program.
Not to my surprise that password, was Stephen. I thought I may have
entered in a wrong key. So I entered in Stephen again, I made sure every key
was intact then it said I had the wrong password again. I though this
computer was broken. I decided to enter the password one more time, and it
opened up.
I copied each and every file from the laptop. Even the sample pictures
that it comes with. I looked at all those files on my computer. Nothing was
unordinary just the normal YouTube videos and stuff like that.
Although I was still determined to see if there was something special in
any of the files. I decided to go to his email. There was an email from Billa.
That read:

I didn’t hesitate to convert this message. I decided to convert the last
one while I was at it. So the message that Stephen sent said:
“It is Stephen. Don't take hasty actions against them, I just called them. They
said they would pay. Wait one week, let's get the money. Then go and take
back what we gave and finish them.”
This was like a TV show, it caught my eye and attention in a second.
The only problem was that someone was going to die. I then decoded the
next message which said:
“We've received the money. I am going to finish him off. He is done for.
Check the seven o'clock news to see the report.”
Billa, whoever he was, was going to kill someone. Right then and there
I knew I had to intervene. When someone’s life is at risk I can’t just sit there.
Now I was ready to send an email through Stephen’s email. I wrote:
That comes out to:
“Don't kill him yet. Wait a month or two, he said he is going to buy at least 5
or 6 million's worth. Don't do it.

I knew it was precarious to stick my finger into someone else’s
business, but death was not an answer. Stephen would probably soon know
that I did it, and I was done for. I didn’t care if he did that I didn’t have
anything special.
I decided to take a look at the Morse code message, there was a
problem. When I ran it through a converter, nothing came out. Then it
occurred to me that, just maybe the dots are zeros, and dashes are ones. I
converted it which came out to:
It was binary. Stephen seemed to be obsessed with binary. It was a
good code, but it got annoying. He knew binary by heart which was weird,
because only a few people know binary. I then translated this message,
which came out to:
“I've seen you watching me. I'm not stupid, now stop it, or you will die. Also
don't tell anyone or you won't ever meet your father again
From Stephen”
I was shocked, some new kid knew my father. It seemed that he knew
everything about me. Now I was determined to learn about him. I hacked the

school computer, and looked at every file. Nothing related to him. Things
started to become strange.
He walked right into the room, and I was dumb and left the message
on the computer. I exited it as soon as I could. He came right up to me. He
said, “Who, touched my computer. Don’t think I’m stupid I know everything
about you. Like your mother died at your birth, your father abandoned you
here.” He held a knife to my neck.
I was both amazed and scared. Amazed that he knew everything about
me in about two hours. Scared that he was going to kill me. The clock struck
ten am. I thought it was almost night. I now had P.E., for those of you not
smart P.E. is Physical Education.

I needed to tell someone about all this, but I didn’t have one friend.
Not even the nerds would hang out with me. I was a loner. In P.E. we ran a
few laps around the track. This was the usual thing.
I was the last one to finish my lap which was pretty sad. Even the
obese kids were faster than me and I was skinny.
I hope you get my point. I’m at the bottom of the food chain. This is
how it is every year. There is a new popular kid, and he moves to another
school, and then someone else comes.
We played football, except I was stuck sitting on the bleachers. I was
on the bleachers because no one picked me again. That was what happened
every time. I was perfectly okay with this. I didn’t know how to even play
football so it was no problem to me.
I just sat and read. By now I was on O of the encyclopedia. This was my
897 encyclopedia ever. I wanted to make to at least one thousand. I know
everyone in the state of Alabama’s name. I was going to know everyone in
every state in every country. That seemed like fun. I’ve read every phone
book for every city in the world. Although I can still not find who my dad is.

In the middle of the game I decided to switch books. I went to the book
Twilight. I knew it was a girl book, but I liked reading. So I read every book I
was able to. Every book in the library has been read at least once by me.
I get a daily allowance of one thousand dollars. Books aren’t an
expense at all. So when it was the third quarter of the game. Everyone took a
break at the bleachers. All the guys saw me with that book. They were telling
themselves, that dork is a disgrace to men.
They decided to punch me as pay back. I had it the teacher was
useless and did not notice so I just left class. I ran up to the roof of my
building. I saw Stephen and saw some other people with him.
Stephen said, “There is someone watching us. He is not fit or strong or
anything, but he should be in this group. He was able to hack into my
computer without any of you noticing, and he decodes my Morse-Binary
code. He is joining our group soon, his name is not going to be told till

Everyone else left him. I highly doubted it that he was talking about
me. Even though I fit all the requirements, but Stephen was threatening me
just an hour ago. I decided to go back to my room. I took a nap it was ten
thirty. I slept until twelve o’clock. I was exhausted after five hours, and I did
not know why.

An Empty Lunch Room
Lunch, it was my favorite time of the day, well that was until
today. I decided to go vegetarian, I don’t even remember why, but something
struck me over the summer. So today I got a salad, with no dressing. I was
ready to pick a fight with the lunch ladies because they didn’t give me any
dressing, but right then some kid threw my salad right out of my hands.
This kid was fat, when I say fat I mean obese he was like 49 times my
size. He looked like a bully, I didn’t want to mess with him, but my salad was
all over the floor. Then I let him have it, I took my fingers and put them right
next his neck, right above the shoulder. Then I took my other hand, and
crunched it up like I was going to punch him. Then with my fist I took my
pointer finger out in the same formation, and hit it against the middle of his
spine on his back.
Those were the two pressure points I knew, and they worked. Everyone
took a step back, I went and just sat at a table alone. Then I went to our
room, to see how the “T.V. Show” was coming. Stephen had another email.
This one read:

This message seemed the longest, meaning it was important. I
decoded it as quick as I could. I was scared by the meaning of the message.
This time it read:
“I told you to stop following me, but you didn't listen. You also hit one
of my men at lunch you will pay, Maxwell. I know about you hacking my Email, this will not happen any longer, just wait a second, for a knock on the
door and you will be dead.”
Then a knock arose on the room’s door, I knew it was for me. The door
broke in half, and a kid walked in. I knew I had seen him before. Then I
remembered the meeting Stephen had on the roof, he was right next to him.
The guy said, “Billa, reporting sir. Target acquired.” I don’t know why,
but I had a feeling I was that “Target”. I decided not to wait any longer I ran
as far as I could, then I fell, running down the staircase. Blood started coming
out of my mouth, and my head was wounded.
Everything went black, I was scared I did not know what was

The Past
A memory just flashed through my eyes, I don’t know what it was
of, but I knew it was not a dream. There was a hospital room, and the doctor
said, “It is a boy.” Then I knew that it was the day I was born. I would’ve
never guessed if it weren’t for that. After that all the doctors left the room,
my mother was sleeping perfectly.
A man walked in, he took out a gun and shot my mother. Then an old
lady came right next to him. The old lady said, “He will not be your son.”
My father was the person who killed my mom. I had a feeling that this
was what had happened years ago, but I was never sure.
Then someone slapped me, the memory just vanished. Then my head
was dunked into ice cold water. It was the kid I knew as Billa. I knew this
wasn’t good. So I decided to do my pressure points. It didn’t affect him at all.
I was astonished that nothing happened. He punched me in the face. He
gave me a flash drive. I was hoping it wasn’t another threat.
I went to the room. I plugged the flash drive into my computer, and
then a program ran. I could not close it, it was a virus. My computer shut off.
I turned it on, and it asked for a password. I put in my normal password:
puzzle. It didn’t let me into my computer. My computer was hacked by
I didn’t dare to touch Stephen’s computer. Doing that would be like
asking for problems. I decided to go to sleep, and not care what was going
to happen to me.

The Group

I was sleeping like a baby until Billa came into my room. He wouldn’t
ever leave me, except this time he said, “The boss wants to meet you at
lunch. You better be there.” He then left.
In a way that I did not know of I felt threatened. I was walking in the
field getting ready to write my poetry. Let me fill you in I write poetry to get
things off my mind. Then a butterfly came right in front of my face. It started
to fly away, somehow it caught my attention so I followed, then it sat on
someone’s hand.
Then I noticed it was lunchtime, and Billa was coming to get me. I went
with him before she noticed me. I didn’t want someone’s first impression to
be that I was in trouble, even though I probably was.
I had to go and see Stephen in the lunchroom. Billa literally sat me
down in the seat. I was pondering over what would be said to me. Finally
Stephen spoke, “I want you to join my group.” I did not want to be stuck in
his group, so I said, “No, I will not be stuck with people who murder for
money.” He replied, “You will come to my group, I have the key to your
computer,” he then waved another flash drive.
I didn’t have to deal with them, I just got up and left. Everyday for a
week I thought right before I slept, what Stephen’s “group” was. People say
that curiosity killed the cat, but I was not a cat. I decided to go through all of
his stuff. There was nothing except for a paper and a binary dictionary. On
the other hand the paper read:
I used the dictionary to decode what he said, it turns out he said:
“I knew you would come here, Max”
I was scared, I brought myself into something that I could not get
myself out of.

Joining the Group
For an astronomy field trip we went climbing on a mountain. Take a
guess who I was stuck with. Stephen. We climbed up the mountain. 7,000 ft, I
thought climbing that big of an elevation would make Stephen say
something. He did not say even one word. When I looked at the view from
the top I got kind of dizzy. Then I fell, before I knew it I was hanging on a
rock, not to die.
I yelled to Stephen for help. He did not even take any action at all.
After minutes he took out a bag of peanuts. A bag of peanuts, while I was
about to die. Then it became clear to me that he was only going to save me,
for the group. I then yelled out, “I will join the group!”
Right then and there he lifted me out of that. I had a really good feeling
about this.

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