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Providing community healthcare services for Newcastle and North Tyneside Primary Care Trusts

Newcastle Community Development Workers contact details:

Mel Cartlidge (Newcastle East): 07786 436282 Email: Anita Harkawat (Newcastle West): 07852 902612 Email: Louise Aljanabi (Newcastle North/Outer West): 07534 265540 Email: Kim Julian (community development adminstrator) Email:

Delivering race equality in

mental health care

Primary Care Mental Health The Blakelaw Clinic Springfield Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 3DS Tel: 0191 219 4801 or 0191 286 8341/9

If you would like a copy of this leaflet in large print, on tape, other media or in another language, please call: 0191 217 2599

Improving services for people from ethnic minority communities

Delivering race equality in mental health care

Improving services for people from ethnic minority communities

Delivering race equality in mental health care the background

In 2005 the Department of health published a five year action plan Delivering Race Equality (DRE) in Mental Health Care. DRE aims to help mental health services provide care that fully meets the needs of ethnic minority patients and build stronger links with diverse communities. The action plan is based on three building blocks: Better, more appropriate services Better engagement of services with their local communities Better and more intelligently used information

CDWs are about:

Sharing information, signposting and linking mental health service staff with relevant services and organisations Breaking down stereotypical assumptions, dispelling myths and creating a just ask culture Raising awareness and providing communities with knowledge of western mental health services enabling them to make informed choices Being active members of strategic partnership forums to inform and influence policy Raising issues highlighted by communities with relevant people and services

Newcastle Community Development Workers (CDWs)

To bring DRE to life, the Newcastle CDW team works with ethnic minority communities and different services to achieve the following aims: 1. To enable the mental health service to provide routes through, and experience of, services that are culturally sensitive to people of ethnic minority. 2. To support ethnic minority communities in dealing with mental health and ill health. 3. To build bridges between ethnic minority communities, community groups, voluntary organisations, mental health service providers and the local authority in order to close gaps in equality. 4. To identify and address the gaps between western and nonwestern models of care. 5. In partnership with relevant organisations create new services to fill gaps where necessary.

CDWs are NOT about:

Being an expert or leading on all matters to do with ethnic minority issues Having a caseload or being a therapeutic worker