Level 1 – 12 weeks What is Meditation? We all have heard this word. Many celebs use it as a fashion statement, much like Yoga. Both very common term nowadays, both misunderstood and used in highly underrated fashionable ways. Like using a 10 carat diamond to cut a cheap glass sheet. Or using it as a band-aid, when it has the capability to heal deep wounds and more. Some think meditation is a relaxation technique, many use it as a health and well being tonic. Some use it as a way to get extra-sensory powers or to have sensational experiences. Another problem is that most of the people who teach meditation are only interested in making money or acquiring power, thus the meditation they teach is a product designed to attract people, not to help them in a deep and fundamental way. We call these people “Lollypop Gurus” at CFEL. These Lollypop schools and teachers use Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality to lull people to make money or acquire power. When you will experience for yourself what you get at CFEL for “FREE” (free means free, no cost, no fees, no money charged), you will understand for yourself that in these times of Kaliyuga, the modern age, most of the famous spiritual schools dish out “Lollypop Spirituality”. The “Lollypop Spirituality” definitely gives you enjoyment in the short term, but leaves you HUNGRY and Unfulfilled in the end. Are you being fooled with a Lollypop, when you are hungry for the Main Course! At CFEL we want hungry students, hungry for the Main Course, hungry for the REAL thing. Coming back to Meditation... The truth is that Meditation is an exact science based on a psychological technology. It is a scientific method to awaken the most powerful areas of the human psyche. Meditation happens when one is prepared. And then comes the Awakening. The awakening of what? The consciousness... A Buddha is awake! Even when he is sleeping. He is in constant Meditation. We are asleep even when we are awake. MEDITATION is the art and science of Awakening. The “Mind and Meditation” level prepares you for Meditation. It uncovers the secrets of your Mind for you, so that you can become conscious of your own powers. So that you can know and follow the real purpose of your life.

The Secret of easily getting what you want in life exposed! Week 8: Alchemy of the Hearts! Learn the most powerful Meditation technique to Awaken the 2 Superior Centers. Resolves those Problems Week 3: How to Transform anything that bugs You! Transform Your Life.Week 1 : The Human Machine and Its 3 Brains--Revealing the Movers and Shakers Inside YOU How to release stress and balance the Emotions and Mind! How to live in harmony. Learn how to neutralize the poison in your life and charge ahead. peace and happiness. How to awaken Consciousness? What is Self-Realization(Moksha)? How to Self-Realize! Week 6: PEACE. Supercharge your Intuition and Power up your life. How to Solve Problems Week 5: Who are YOU? Why are you born? The MATRIX exposed. Week 9|10|11: The Life Drama. Week 7: KARMA. How to heal the past! The MEDITATION for Inner Transformation. Dynamic Meditation – How to Meditate even if you have no time for it Week 4: The Science of MEDITATION. The Comedy of Terrors and One-Upmanship. Samskaras and How to break free from the vicious circles we trap ourselves into! Revealing the One and Only easy way to overcome Karma. Understanding the 3 Levels of Your Mind. The Personality. The One and Only way to achieve Real and Permanent Peace. The Minds that create all the Problems in Your life and the Mind that can. if you use it. Do you have a Soul? How to break free from the Matrix. How to take charge of your life. Week 2: What is MIND? Riding the Dragon(Mind) – 3 Kinds of Mind! Revealing the Mysterious ways the Minds work. Learn how to conquer the inner roadblocks on the path to success. What is the Sub-conscious Mind? Unlocking the sub-conscious to unleash the hidden powers of Your Mind! . The Silence of the Mind.

The Enemy Within.Revealing the root cause of all your sufferings and problems. How to Awaken these Secret Power Centers inside You. The Chakra Meditation. Inner Mahabharata exposed! Week 12: Revealing the Secret Wheels of Life. The CHAKRAS. .

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