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Nipissing University BScN Scholar Practitioner Program Transformative Evaluation Form Student: Umer Masood Preceptor: Lucy Holynaty

Faculty Advisor: Shann Beck Unit/Organization: H5W Date: 4/3/2013

Dear Student: Your feedback provides valuable information on your learning progress and areas for growth throughout their learning journey. Please provide narrative feedback on each of the following areas of your nursing practice and illustrate your comments with an example from your clinical experiences using the CNO Registered Nurses Entry-to-Practice Competencies found on the CNO website.

Entry-to-Practice Competency Professional Responsibility and Accountability

Student consistently demonstrates professional conduct; practices in accordance with legislation and the standards as determined by the regulatory body and the practice setting; and

Please comment on areas of strengths and areas for improvement.

Level of Development
Please check as appropriate / applicable.

For this particular semester I reviewed CNO standards on Abuse Prevention, Conflict Management and Mandatory Reporting due certain incidents on the unit. I have mentioned the incidents in detail in my critical reflection


Student demonstrates that the primary duty is to the client to ensure consistently safe, competent, ethical nursing care.

I always took extra precautionary measures when administering medication and insulin to clients on 3W. Every time I went in the room I asked their permission. If the client was annoyed by my presence I took my leave without any confrontation. My focus of learning this semester was Cardiovascular disease, catheterization, urinary tract infection and admission and discharge process. The focus was to develop skills which I would in the future semester and to

Specialized Body of Knowledge

Student consistently draws on nursing knowledge and ways of knowing, along with knowledge from the sciences, humanities, research, ethics, spirituality, relational practice and critical inquiry.

Student: Umer Masood

Nipissing University BScN Scholar Practitioner Program Transformative Evaluation Form allow myself time to study medications and general physiology. I also initiated learning about different and commonly used Diagnostic and Laboratory studies through Mosbys Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference

Competent Application of Knowledge

Student consistently demonstrates competence and safe practice in the provision of nursing care. This includes on-going holistic assessment, collaboration with clients to develop health care plans, provides nursing care, and on-going evaluation of care.

Ethical Practice
Student consistently demonstrates competence in professional judgments and practice decisions by applying the principles implied in the code of ethics or ethical framework for registered nurses and by utilizing knowledge from many sources.

Every morning I would check up on clients Upon admission I performed a general assessment on a client while my preceptor overlooked I accompanied the doctor on rounds. I assisted in a family meeting along with my preceptor One morning I was administering medication and a lady who spoke only Russian counted her meds and did not find them to be the usual amount. It was because the doctor had updated her dosage the day before. She got agitated with me and refused to take medication. I respected her concern and brought her the MAR as well provided her with a copy of her medication. She was pleased at my assistance. Although she still refused some of the medication as she wanted to speak with the doctor first While being on rounds with the doctor he would question me as what I know about so



Student engages in critical inquiry to inform clinical decision-making, which includes both a systematic and analytic process along with a reflective and critical process.

Student: Umer Masood

Nipissing University BScN Scholar Practitioner Program Transformative Evaluation Form and so patient; and what was Student establishes therapeutic, caring and my understanding about culturally safe relationships with clients and health care team members based on particular medication a appropriate relational boundaries and respect. patient was receiving. Again since this is setting where you have elderly, mostly Jewish people who adhere strongly to their beliefs, I found it was absolutely important to respect their wishes. If ever they did not want me in the room I took my leave. Nurses usually sit together in the nursing lounge and if I felt I was invading their privacy I usually would sit in the dining area. I never tried to intrude into their personal relationships or question their practice. Service to Public
Student demonstrates an understanding of the concept of public protection and the duty to practice nursing in collaboration with clients and other members of the health care team to provide and improve health services in the best interests of the public.

I understood that protection of the client is the most important aspect of nursing. I always double checked my medication dosage and route. I assisted patients in the dining area with their meals. Greeting them in a pleasant manner every morning. Helping them off the unit to other parts of the hospital, if the porter wasnt available.


Self-Directed Learner / Self-Regulation

Student demonstrates an understanding of professional self-regulation by developing and enhancing own competence, ensuring consistently safe practice, and ensuring and maintaining own fitness to practice.


I always arrived timely to the floor. If I were to miss a shift I would inform my preceptor ahead of time.

Student: Umer Masood

Nipissing University BScN Scholar Practitioner Program Transformative Evaluation Form I was sick over the weekend so I refrained to go on the Student demonstrates continuing competence by assessing learning needs and developing a floor till I felt it was safe. learning plan, obtaining feedback, seeking and I discussed with my faculty using new knowledge and evaluating learning goals. advisor and my preceptor about my learning needs and developed a learning plan. Every morning my preceptor inquiries from me about my learning needs for the day. I submitted to my preceptor and faculty advisor my learning plan. Additional Comments:

Recommended Areas of Need for Self Directed Learning:

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Student: Umer Masood