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SWORN STATEMENT OF DARRYL DUNN MARCH 30, 2012 DARRYL DUNN having been first duly sworn testifies as follows: MS. NEAL: Today is March the 30th, 2012. I'm Detective

It is approximately 10:00 a.m.

Alicia Neal, internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. Officer Dunn, would you please read the affidavit into the record? THE WITNESS: I, Darryl Dunn, duly sworn I reside

hereby state my name is Darryl Dunn. at the property address 6100. March 3, 1966. MS. NEAL:

Date of birth

Contact number listed. What is your contact number? Oh, okay, 305-654-0622,

THE WITNESS: 786-218-8130.

I am making the following

statement to Detective Alicia Neal who has identified herself as an internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, State of Florida, in connection with case number -- what is that a -MS. NEAL: I-A. Okay, IA number 12-001 and I am of
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12002, 12003, 12004, 12005, 12006.

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sound mind and am under -MS. NEAL: Not under. -- not under the influence I understand


of drugs or alcohol at this time.

that giving false information in this statement is in violation of State of Florida statute 837.05, false report to a police enforcement authority punishable as a misdemeanor in the first degree, 837.06 making false official statement punishable as a misdemeanor in the second degree. MS. NEAL: Did you sign that affidavit? Oh yes.


And I witnessed it, thank you.

Officer Dunn, are you appearing here today without any promises and without any threats or duress to provide information in the investigation being conducted by the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: No ma'am. You're here on

No, you aren't?

your free will, correct? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: Yes I am.

And you haven't been promised

anything and you haven't been put on any
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threats? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: No.

All right, are you aware that

your conversation with me is being recorded? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: Yes ma'am.

And are you aware that anything

you say may or may not be used at a departmental hearing in the court of law? THE WITNESS: Yeah.

DIRECT EXAMINATION Q (By Ms. Neal) Okay Officer Dunn, I'm here

to -- this morning regarding an investigation that has been opened up regarding -- surrounding around the T.M. incident. As far as how it pertains to you

is that it's come to my attention that you actually wrote two separate cases regarding an incident involving T.M. A Q Is that correct?

Yes ma'am. Okay, do you remember the first case being

around the time of October, 2011 involving a criminal mischief? A Q Yes ma'am. Okay, and there was another case that was

also during the time of February, 2012 regarding where you found property -Page: 3

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Correct. -- and is that what initiated his

suspension from Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School? A Q That was involved in it. That was -- you were involved in it? If

you would just please let me know during any of these two cases had you at any time referred either case to Miami-Dade Schools Police Departments investigative division? A Q No ma'am. Okay, did you refer any case -- any

information around the February, 2012 incident to the Miami-Dade schools police investigative division? A Q No ma'am. Okay, since those cases have you been in

contact with anyone from the Miami-Dade Schools Police investigative division referring or referencing either one of these cases? A Q A Q A Q Two people. Okay and who would that be? Kitchell and -Would that be Major Kitchell? Major, yeah. Okay.
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And Detective Hadley. Okay, and when did you speak with

Detective Hadley? A Q Spoke with Hadley earlier this week. Do you remember exactly when you spoke

with Hadley? A One day was Wednesday and probably the day

before that, Tuesday. Q Tuesday, all right, and what was the

surroundings of that conversation? A Basically wanted to know what these cases

were dealing with him and -- and basically I advised him of what they were. Q Okay, he wanted to know about the cases --

both cases? A Q they were? A Q Yes. Okay, did you provide him any information Yeah. Okay, and you just informed him as to what

as far as case numbers or anything, or did he already have that information? A I think he already had that information

because I don't remember giving him any case numbers.
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Okay, and you also said that you spoke

with Major Kitchell on -A Q Yes. -- the case as well. What was that

conversation? A Basically he wanted to know what

involvement I had and what reports I had written. Q A Okay. And may I add that I also spoke to

Lieutenant Roger Ramirez, and that was also I believe on Monday, prior to speaking to Kitchell. Q You said Ramirez questioned you regarding

the case as well? A He wanted to know what the cases were,

what were involved, and I actually sent those to him and then I spoke to Kitchell moments later. Q A Q Okay. Yeah. Okay, did anyone contact you from any

other agency regarding this -- these two cases, or? A Metro-Dade wanted to know where the

property was and I told them I would call them back but I never did. Detective Hadley. Q So did you call Detective Hadley?
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I forwarded the information to

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Yes, I did. Okay, and what did you say to him? I advised him of who was calling and I

gave him the number to that particular detective in Metro-Dade. Q A Q A Q And what did Detective Hadley say to you? He said he'd take care of it. Okay. That was that. All right, going back to when the two

cases originally came to surface -A Q Yes. -- you impounded the property within our

investigative division -A Q Yes ma'am. -- correct? Did you send any information

to any other agency? A I forwarded some pictures to -- if I can

look it up in the phone I could tell you the detective I did forward them to. Q A Okay. To find out if maybe they had a case where

a victim had lost their property and maybe we could make a connection. Q Okay.
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That -- you know, without that I would

have no victim -Q A Right. -- and therefor I impounded the property. Okay, I have it here. That

Okay, I have it here.

would be Detective Manrefa. Q A Q A Q Okay, and what's the spelling on that? It's going to be M-A-N-R-E-F-A. Okay. And the number is 305-495-3623. Okay, thank you so much Officer Dunn. Is

there anything that I may have failed to ask that you would like to add to this statement? A Q No ma'am. Are there any other persons who are

witnesses to this alleged act? A Q You mean actually saw that -Pretty much is there anyone that you might

have spoken with since after the February incident? Has there been any other persons other than who you've named in this case, have you had any contact with, spoken with, referenced this case, anything of that nature? A Probably Mr. Garnica, assistant principal,

and that's about it.
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Okay, but no other personnel as far as

within the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department? A Q No. Okay, has everything you said been the

truth to the best of your knowledge? A Q Yes ma'am. This concludes your statement. Thank you. It is now

approximately 10:09 a.m.

(Sworn statement concluded at 10:09 a.m.)

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