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SWORN STATEMENT OF RENEE R. KEARSE MARCH 28, 2012 MS. NEAL: Today is March the 28th, 2012. I am Detective

It is approximately 3:33 p.m.

Alicia Neal, an internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade School's Police Department. Also present is Edwin Lopez, Commander for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. you please raise your right hand? RENEE R. KEARSE having been first duly sworn, testifies as follows: MS. NEAL: there. record? THE WITNESS: I, Renee Kearse, being first Okay, there is an affidavit Would

Would you please read it into the

duly sworn hereby state that my name is Renee Kearse. I work at 2950 Northwest 43rd Terrace. Contact number

My date of birth is July 20th. is 305-995-4115.

I am making the following

statement to Detective Alicia Neal, who has identified herself as an internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, State of Florida, in connection with case number IA12.001 and 12002. I am of

sound mind and I am not under the influence of
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drugs or alcohol at this time.

I understand

that giving false information in this statement is in violation of Florida Statutes 837.05, false reports to law enforcement authorities punishable as a misdemeanor of the first degree and 837.06, making false official statements punishable as a misdemeanor of the second degree. MS. NEAL: affidavit? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: you. Yes, I did. And did you sign that

Okay, and I witnessed it with

Ms. Renee Kearse, are you appearing here

today without any promises and without any threats on duress to provide information in an investigation being conducted by the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: Yes.

Are you aware that your

conversation with me is being recorded? THE WITNESS: MS. NEAL: Yes.

And are you aware that anything

you say may or may not be used at a departmental hearing under court of law? THE WITNESS: Yes.
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DIRECT EXAMINATION Q (By Ms. Neal) Okay Ms. Kearse, we're here

today regarding the incident -- I'm sure you've probably been made aware of the incident involving T.M., a student at Dr. Michael Krop Senior that was recently killed over in Sanford, Florida; is that correct? A Q Yes. All right, the reason why I'm here is it

came to light that information somehow has been disseminated through this unit regarding -pertaining to a report where it listed T.M. in an incident that occurred at this school. In

researching this information we noticed through the MFR that you, as well, printed a particular report relating to T.M. A Q Yes. Okay, if you would be so kind as to tell Is that correct?

me your reasoning for doing such? A Q I received a call -And just speak up for me just a little bit

so that we can get it on the recorder. A I received a call from my commander, Fox

Williams, in regards to looking up two case numbers and the SPAR reports and put them on her desk.
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Okay, say that again for me.


I received a call -- I received a call

from my commander, Fox Williams, to print the report and place them on her desk -- and place them on her desk. Q A Okay, and did you do such? Yes, I was going to do it and then I

received a call from Sergeant Tagle and then I was instructed to give them to Sergeant Tagle -- to give the reports to Sergeant Tagle, so I didn't put them on the commanders desk. Tagle's chair. Q Okay, so originally you got the call from I put them on Sergeant

Commander Fox Williams -A Q Right. -- but then not too soon after you

received the call from Sergeant Tagle asking of what? A He called me and I said I already had the

report and it was from Commander to give them to him. Q A Was it? How did it go?

You need a moment to think? Yes, I'm trying to remember did he call me

when I had them and then I spoke with Commander and Commander said give them to him because they were
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for him. Q Okay, so at some point you did eventually

get the call from Commander, also a call from Sergeant Tagle? A Q A Q A Q And to give the reports to him -Okay. -- because they were for him. Okay. Yeah because I was giving it to her. Okay, so did you give the reports to

Sergeant Tagle? A Q A chair. Q A Okay. Because it was a locked door and I have He wasn't in the office -And what did you do? -- but I put them in his seat, in his

the keys to the office. Q Okay, so at some point during the day did

you see Sergeant Tagle? A report. Q You confirmed with him that he received Yes and confirmed that he did receive the

the report? A Right.
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And he confirmed that he did? Yes. Okay, so is -- what happens next? That's it in regards to me getting the

printing -- the printing of the -- the reports. Q A Q A Q Okay. And I only printed the one set. Okay. And I had given it to him. All right, did you hear of any -- were

there any other requests made of you regarding the reports with T.M.? A Sergeant -- not to me but Sergeant Rosh

was asking -- was talking about the numbers -- the SPAR numbers and I had given them to him the ones that I had looked up. Q numbers? A He was talking about them and he was So Sergeant Rosh asked you for the SPAR

trying to look them up and I had given him the ones I had looked up. Q Okay, was there any other discussions that

you heard of from Sergeant Rosh to any other sergeant or detective regarding this? A Then I guess he and Sergeant Hodges were
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talking about the case numbers but they were looking them up so I didn't say anything to Sergeant Hodges. Q Okay, was there anyone else within this

building, within this unit, that you knew of was dealing with this case as well? A Q During that time, no. At that time, no.

Okay, was there any -- I'm sorry I was

getting ready to interrupt you. A Q No. Okay, were there any requests made in your

presence or to you regarding the property that was involving -- involved with this case as well? A Ms. Wilson was looking for sergeant -- was

looking for Detective Hadley regarding the case -one of the case numbers, and I had just noticed that it was a case number that I had previously looked up. Q A Okay, so you heard Yvette Wilson -She was looking for Detective Hadley

regarding the property receipt. Q two? A She was giving him and he was saying Did you hear any conversation between the

something about -- he needed the property receipt or something in regards to another department -- police
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department needing the property or trying to get it or something. Q A Okay. And from there that she was speaking with

him so he had -- she had given him the property. Q receipt? A Q A Q A The -- it's like stapled. The property and the receipt attached? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So she had given it to him and -She gave him the property or the property

and -- while I was standing there he asked Detective Ochoa to take pictures. Q A Q A "He" who? Detective Hadley. Asked? Detective Ochoa and to take pictures of

the receipt. Q A Q A To take pictures of the receipt? Yeah. And did Detective Ochoa do that? Yes, he was taking pictures. I was

standing there and then I left. Q

Then I left.

Okay, so you saw nothing else after
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Detective Ochoa took the pictures of the property receipt? A Right. And they were out there and I went

back into my office. Q Okay, do you know whether or not the

department that Detective Hadley was speaking of, that was supposedly coming to get the report, do you know if they ever showed up? A No I don't think they could. I think they

were instructed that they had to go through the PIO or something like that. Q Okay, have you noticed any media personnel

here at any point this week? A Well, there was Rosh Lowe. He was with

Sergeant Rosh -Q A remember. Q Rosh Lowe? Either Monday or yesterday. I don't

It was either Monday or yesterday. That you saw Rosh Lowe here at the office

with Sergeant Rosh? A Sergeant Rosh. MR. LOPEZ: Can you -- I mean, if we give

you a few seconds to think because it's important was it Monday or yesterday? Wednesday, the 28th of March.
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Today is

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No, it was Monday. (By Mr. Lopez)

It wasn't yesterday.

Okay, so it was Monday,

March 26th? A Yes because I had lunch in there and

yesterday I had lunch by myself. Q Okay, so it was Monday. Do you remember

approximately what time? A Q Lunch time. Thank you. MS. NEAL: Q About noon, noon-ish. Sorry. It's okay. Are there any other

(By Ms. Neal)

personnel that you may be aware of that has any -was requesting any type of information from any other agencies that you're aware of that were requesting any information regarding this case? A No. That was the only one I just heard And about Miami-Dade it was

just standing there.

one police department locally that was supposed to sign off for the property. Q Okay. Okay, Ms. Kearse, is there anything

that I may have failed to ask you that you would like to add to your statement? A Q No. I do have one other question of you. At

any point did you make any copies regarding the
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information you were requested to print other than providing it to the sergeant? A Q A Q No. Okay. No I did not. Are there any other persons who are

witnesses to the -- this alleged act, other than whom you've named in the report so far? A Q A No, only those. That's it? And the report like was the earlier part Yeah.

and then when Ms. Wilson came over I just happened to notice that it wasn't the report -Q A number. Q No problem. Has everything you've said It was the property receipt? -- it was just the property for that SPAR

been the truth to the best of your knowledge? A Q Yes. Okay, thank you so much. This concludes

your statement. Thank you.

It is now approximately 3:46 p.m.

(Sworn statement concluded at 3:46 p.m.)

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