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SWORN STATEMENT OF DAVID RODAK MARCH 30, 2012 DAVID RODAK having been first duly sworn testifies as follows: MR. TORRENS: Today is Friday, March 30. I am Sergeant

It is approximately 7:25 a.m.

Edward Torrens, and internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. Also present is Sergeant Joe Jose

A. Diaz, for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. Lieutenant Rodak, please sir,

could you read the affidavit into record? THE WITNESS: I, David Rodak, being first

duly sworn hereby state my name is David Rodak. I reside and work at administrative division department Miami-Dade Schools Police. of birth is January 4, 1966. information is 216-2930. Contact My date

I'm making the

following statement to Sergeant Edward Torrens, who has identified himself as an internal affairs investigator for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, State of Florida, in connection with case number IA 12-1, 12-3, 12-2, 12-4, 12-5 and 12-6. I am of sound mind

and I am not under the influence of any drugs

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or alcohol at this time.

I understand that

giving false information in this statement is in violation of Florida State Statutes 837.05, false reports to law enforcement authorities, and 837.06, making false official statements. MR. TORRENS: Thank you sir. And did you

sign the -- sign the affidavit? THE WITNESS: MR. TORRENS: did I not? THE WITNESS: MR. TORRENS: Yes you did. Thank you sir. LT, are you I did. And I signed as a witness

appearing here today without any promises or any threats or duress to provide information in an investigation conducted by the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department? THE WITNESS: MR. TORRENS: I am. Are you aware that the

conversation with me is being recorded? THE WITNESS: MR. TORRENS: I am. Are you aware that anything

you say may or may not be used in a departmental hearing or in a court of law? THE WITNESS: I am.

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(By Mr. Torrens)

Okay, sir.

Sir, the

reason why I'm here today, it's around a -- an incident that occurred earlier this week on maybe Monday or Tuesday on March 26, 27, where we had maybe either media or an outside agency wanted to retrieve from our property room a reporter evidence in connection with the T.M. case, some documentation or property that was impounded in reference to that particular case. A Yes, I don't remember the exact day but I

remember the incident where Sergeant Diaz and myself had returned from lunch and there were several people in the detective area and somebody had mentioned that Rosh Lowe was waiting to take photos -- wanted to take photos of some property and that Ms. Gonzalez had told him he needed to wait for my approval and I told him that Rosh Lowe was not going to get shit, and that he could respond through the SPA building and go through the PIO. Q Okay, perfect sir. Perfect. And did you

happen to visually see Rosh Lowe in the building? A No sir. I came next door -- I actually

came to the side to look for him to tell him that we would not be releasing any information to him and he needed to go through the proper channels but he had
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left already. Q Okay, as far as you recollect did anyone

else, any outside agency, any other -- any of our detectives ask for the property, you know, or? A Q No. Regarding the property or ask your

permission -- or try to retrieve it or, as far as you recollect? A No, I wasn't here when Sergeant Diaz Carmen

returned the property was out on the desk.

had asked me if I needed to put it back away and I told her yes, to refile it, not to release that. told Carmen and Yvette Wilson not to release that property to anybody. Q Okay sir. All right, and okay. Is there I

anything that I may have failed to ask you that you would like to add to this statement? A Q Not at this time. Okay, are there any other persons or

witnesses to the alleged act? A Q A Q Sergeant Diaz also arrived back with me. Okay, he was with you, okay. Yes sir. Has everything you've said been the truth

to the best of your knowledge?

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Yes sir. This concludes the statement. It is

approximately 7:29 a.m. A You're welcome.

Thank you Lieutenant Rodak.

(Sworn statement concluded at 7:29 a.m.)

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