Weezy Gets Groped From Skins and Bone, Chapter 12 ©John Baird Rogers 2013

In this passage, Joe Mayfield has taken Louise Napolitani (Weezy) to a party at the New York townhouse of Ross Ackerman, a principal in the investment bank Joe has just joined. Weezy is a 'tracker' for the Yak, the world's most secure database, and a mathematician. She has tutored Joe through a difficult training class. Here, she is introduced to the main teacher, Martin Docherty, who greets Joe and Weezy,

“Ah yes, the well-known Mr. Mayfield. The man who actually tried to do the math. The one with the tutor.” He pauses and peers at Weezy. “This cannot be the tutor.” Joe smiles. “Yes. Martin Docherty, meet my tutor, Louise Napolitani.”
(Martin and Weezy begin a conversation, and Martin is in the midst of a detailed discussion of his research.)

Weezy feels a hand on her back. A congratulatory pat? She says to Martin, “Well, your risk analysis work is really impressive. I mean, I work with math every day, but most of the time, I feel like a plumber. You know, figuring out where leaks are and fixing them. Your work on risk and your well-known work on the Indus Valley codexes is really exciting.” Docherty, flattered and excited to be talking to someone who knows about his much-loved project and might conceivably understand it, begins an explanation of how the intersection of the Sumerian and Akkadian languages turned out to be non-obvious but amenable to statistical analysis. The hand moves down her back to her butt. Strange that Joe would do that in this formal setting, she thinks. Trying to concentrate on Docherty’s explication, she wiggles just a little in appreciation of the hand, then glances around the room. With most everyone relaxed and lubricated, will someone notice the familiarity? The big guy across the room, Nick Braithwaite, has them fixed in a cold stare. Then she sees Joe several feet away, talking with Charlie Gray and Nita Solchow. Weezy hesitates. Could it be a mistake, an unintended brush of the hand? A tipsy husband maybe, about to be mortally embarrassed? The hand squeezes her

So, what’s next?