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KLDC Loans, matching funds grants for exterior faade of commercial properties; Utilize Bard interns/KHS interns for pop-up art at vacant storefronts and provide inventory of artist/live-work space; Kings Inn siteFarmers Market: San Severia Historic Belgian Performance Tent with food/beverage to connect with farmers market; UPACAssist with funding for air conditioning and other improvements to facilitate year-round venue; Police Department (Bank of America)Anchor for Mid-town revitalization plan; Kings InnEnvironmental study complete (Phase 1) for preparation of site for mixed use; use in interim for UPAC parking, community events; Farmers Market, San Severia Historic Belgian Performance Tent. Address and assist all businesses in Broadway corridor for quality of life issues, public safety so as to establish a draw for investment; Seek federal, state and private funding for streetscape improvements. Code Enforcement Officer dedicated to midtown code enforcement.

Education/medical technology and/or engineering proposed for Kingston Hospital Campus; Partnership with medical college affiliates and SUNY Ulster, Kingston School District, BOCES and Bard College; Senior residence and/or student dormitory at the Kingston Hospital Campus; Kingston High School proposed renovation of $120 million; Carnegie CenterBOCES, SUNY Ulster, Creative Center for Education, KHS; Early college at SUNY Ulster/BOCES/Kingston High School; Refurbished Sophie Finn School for nursing college, credit courses; Offer business developers, SUNY at UCCC, BOCES and Kingston High School Bard intern opportunities; Mentoring program at Hodge Center for Student Success Center, AT & T $25,000 grant for 1st year program with Family of Woodstock; 721 Media Studios SUNY Ulster Graphic Arts/Communication Program; assist with occupancy of multi-media firms at 721 Media Center; Partnership with SUNY New Paltz


Prospectively propose Creative Learning Center for Mid-town to facilitate Cultural Literacy, Arts and Digital Technology certificates for youth/adults; Boys and Girls Club; ensure funding for program; Hodge Center; ensure funding for program; Kingston Library assist with funding opportunities/infrastructure, related issues

Continue to facilitate the East side Art District at Tenbrouck Avenue and Cornell StreetR & F Paints, Monster Studios, Color Page, Bailey Pottery, Cornell Street Studios; Facilitate SUNY at Ulster and Bard, Kingston School District, SUNY New Paltz internships/mentoring; RUPCO ProjectLace Curtain Factory for Artists/living space; West Side of Broadway(UPAC side): Black Creek Art Studio, Bard Feasibility Study for Art/Cultural Museum, UPAC Center to promote arts and necessary funding to improve UPAC for year-round productions (which require new ac/heating system); Facilitate assistance with development of TRANSART Black Cultural Center on Henry Street; Place pop-up art in windows of vacant commercial properties; Inventory of Artist live/work space along Broadway and Mid-town Corridor; Incorporate the Art infrastructure in midtown with the Comprehensive Plan thereby establishing an Art District for the entire midtown area. 25 S. Manor Avenue as a possible site for the Creative Learning Center/Artist District and/or cultural museum


Continue to assist to draw multi-media and Digital Technology tenants at 721 Media Center and other locations in midtown by establishing a partnership with all media software developers in the City; 721 Media Center to assist multi-media professionals; film producer proposes animated film partnership center and other multi-media providers with UCCCgraphic art program; Develop the Broadway corridor to facilitate manufacturing opportunities for 3D printers and other entrepreneur efforts for locations and partnerships with digital technology; Create a digital roadmap for Kingston through a partnership with all media software developers in City; Establish intern program with SUNY, BOCES, KHS and Bard College.

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