Volume 2: Issue 2

March 2009

Actinomycetes and antibiotics
Abhinaya's project brings out the antibiotic property in marine actinomycetes
Reported by J. Anirudh, Student Reporter

B. Abhinaya of class 12 of Sri Sankara Senior Sec. School, Adyar won the Bio Asia Young Minds award at Bio Asia 2009 held at Hyderabad from Feb. 2 to 4. Her project of marine actinomycetes won her a cash prize of Rs. 50000 besides laurels for her findings which will help in formulating new drugs for fighting specific infections. Bio Asia Global Business forum (http://www.bioasia.in) holds this contest every year to promote investigative spirit in young school children particularly in the field of Biotechnology and Life sciences. Abhinaya first isolated marine actinomycetes from the sea bed. She studied them carefully and said the study about them was fascinating because they are transient - show both the characteristics of bacteria and fungi. Having isolated one species from the lot she characterised them. Finally it was identified that they have an antibiotic property, especially against the bacteria 'stephalococcus' which causes skin diseases / infection. She did all the experiments and further study at the school's biotech laboratory for a month. The principal Subala Ananthanarayanan, vice principal B. Meenakshi and the

biotech teachers Lakshmi Prabhu and Sunanda encouraged and helped Abhinaya in the project.

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Who is the hero this time! Google's Internet Bus

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No honking please!
Reported by Saniya Surana, Student Reporter

A five day, anti-honking campaign was conducted during the month of January in Chennai. It was a successful launch by the Interactors of Bala Vidya Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. On Jan. 21, during the morning peak hours from 8.20 am to 9.15 am. The participants held placards and distributed pamphlets to create awareness about the benefits of anti-honking. The same exercise continued in the afternoon between 3 and 4 pm. This campaign, on the same lines continued through to 28th January. This is what Mr. Shibu, the managing director of Force1 Guarding Services and the one who has initiated this anti-honking campaign in the city has to say, about the campaign: On day 2, the campaign was even more visible and effective in terms of the considerable reduction in the discriminative of horn. It was nice to see the students encouraging themselves and getting excited when they realised that they were part of the change that society required. On day 3 and 4, It is indeed very exciting to see these students respond to the Anti- Honking campaign, having their novel slogans and there has been a significant reduction in the use of indiscriminate horning and thus giving a lot of peace to the surroundings of Bala Vidya Mandir School , Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. On the last day of the campaign, it was nice to see that Interactors wanted to continue with this, but their exams cut short the joy of their involvement in such a novel exercise. As the first phase of this Campaign ends, we found that on the first day, there was some resistance from the Honkers, and by day 5, the children who travelled in those vehicles were the catalysts, who ensured the drivers don’t honk at all. < Do you think that our roads are too noisy to travel? What would you like to do if you were a driver? Tell us your opinion. Mail to editor@yocee.in >


Are you on FaceBook or MySpace? Do you think you surf the Net safe? Is your email safe? Do you give out information about yourself to online pals?

Stay safe on the Net
copying' too! On the occasion of the safer Internet day 2009, http://www.saferinternet.org is organising events and competitions for kids and companies to bring about awareness of what is happening online. Now a few tips for now to be safe on the Net. - Never give out any personal details online. - Never arrange to meet people that you only know online. - Always let somebody know where you are going - tell your parents, guardians, friends. - Block and report any abuse online. - If someone is making your life a misery by bullying you or just being annoying, tell your parents. No one can help you unless you let them know what is going on.

Well, chatting with your friends online can be loads of fun, but make sure you stay safe on the web. Technologies help you study and give all new exciting ways to socialise with others. And you are always faster to use the Internet or the mobile devices than your parents. So you need to know more on using the devises better and safer. Countries across the world as well as many social networking websites have pledged to beat Cyber bullying, a menace for the kids who surf the Net. This bullying continues offline too, in your classroom or in your colony. Be aware that all the information you type are read online go through many servers, Net spies and they are saved and circulated by the bullies many times. If your parents have a watch on your surfing, feel happy that someone will be at help in case of any trouble online. You should also be aware of copyright rules when you download information for your school projects or use in your presentations. You may be watched for 'online


Check out BULLYING! How!

http://www.bbclic.com http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/help/safesurfing/ http://www.ccmostwanted.com/kids/index.htm


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Turtle trails! urtle tr
By staff reporter

Boating in the Velachery Lake
Chennai Corporation will be launching boating facility in the Velachery lake and at the lake inside My Lady’s Park, Park Town. The proposal is part of the initiatives planned by the civic body to beautify and popularise the two waterbodies, announced Mayor M. Subramanian recently. He said that the Velachery lake, on 65 acres, to which rainwater from Alandur, Adambakkam and Guindy areas flow, would be an ideal location for boating. Also 50 new parks would be developed across the city, he said.

When do the turtles arrive at the Chennai beaches? Do the sea turtles bite? Do all the turtles survive after hatching? Hey... find the answers to all your questions. Take the Turtle Trail organised by Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) during this breeding season now - the turtles nest mainly for three months– Jan, Feb and March, on the coast of Tamil Nadu. A dedicated group has been helping the Sea Turtles to have a safe breeding session on our shores from 1971! And the walks for public has been on from 1980. SSTCN conducts walks on weekends throughout the nesting season (from December through March) for anyone who is interested. The walks, which are open to the public, begin with a briefing on conservation at 11 p.m. and may go on till 4 am or 5am depending on the number of nests the group finds on way. These volunteers cover a distance along the coast between Neelangarai beach and Elliot’s beach. Wouldn't it be a great stress buster between or after the exams? To participate in the walks call Adhith on mobile no. 98414 03203, Akila on 99403 00200 or Arun on 2490 1019. To know more about sea turtles, the efforts of these volunteers, visit the website - http://sstcn.org/ By the way, Nandini, a student reporter of YOCee visited an exhibition on turtles at the Govt. museum recently and shared her experienes on www.yocee.in. If you have missed it, here is the link to the story - http://yocee.in/show.php?table=city&id=55

The Chennai Corporation turns 320
September 29th of every year would be celebrated as Corporation Day to mark the foundation day of the Chennai Corporation, which was founded in 1688, the city Mayor said in the recently held council meeting. Competitions would be conducted for students, Corporation Councillors and officials. A museum to commemorate 320 years of the Chennai Corporation would come up in the Ripon Building complex. The Victoria Public Hall would be renovated at the cost of Rs.9.75 crore and emphasis put on preserving its architectural elements.

Corporation schools will have English medium sections soon
English medium sections will be started at all primary schools run by the Chennai Corporation. Corporation feels that the students who enrolled themselves in kindergarten sections seek admission in private schools because of the need to take English as the medium of instruction. The decision to have English medium sections in Corporation schools would solve this issue, the corporation believes. An English -Tamil dictionary would be distributed free of cost to all Corporation school students of classes 6 to 8. Not just this! Soon all Corporation higher secondary schools would get broadband Internet connectivity and students would receive training on computers.

Hop - on - hop - off buses to Mamallapuram
The Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu has launched the ‘hop-on-hop-off-tour’ luxury coaches in the city. Four air-conditioned 18-seater coaches will be operated to Mamallapuram. The coaches would take the East Coast Road and have 13 stops at various places of tourist’s interest en route.

Ticket for the coaches is priced at Rs.250 each. The tourists travelling by these coaches would also get a discount of 25 per cent on the tariff at many of the 13 tourist attractions. The first coach will start from the Tamil Nadu Tourism Complex on Wallajah Road at 9 a.m. every day. More details on - http://www.tamilnadutourism.org/ pdf/hop.pdf


HANGOUTof the month...

By Saniya Surana, Student Reporter

Jeeva Park, T. Nagar

Where is the park : It is landmark itself. On G.N.Chetty Road, T. Nagar, adjacent to the Panasonic showroom. What's the best time to be in: Between 4.30 pm and 6.30pm How many kids visit the park at this time : around 50 - 75 children Is parking space available? Yes. Near both the entrances and also around the park. Is it well lit after sunset? It is lit but not brightly lit. What are the play accessories available? Swings, see-saw, a zig-zag slide and a normal straight one. Anything special about the above accessories? They are safe for kids, no nails sticking out. What's there for parents? A walking / jogging track, a few benches to sit and relax. There is also a Ganesh Temple inside the park and is kept clean and green.

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Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya celebrates National Science Day
Reported by P. S. Nandini, Student Reporter

Revathi Editor

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New No.15B, Karpagam Garden First Main Road, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020.

February is for Science. Events were lined up for the National Science Day celebrated for a whole month at Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya. Many competitions were also held. The primary class children viewed cartoon shows, related to Science. Guest lectures were arranged for the students of Class 8 and above. A skit competition was held for Classes 7 and 8. One group from each section of these two classes participated in the contest. Though there were two topics to choose from - ‘Expedition on a time machine’ and ‘No A/Cs to prevent global warming’, all six participating groups chose the former one! Each used different object as a time machine, like rings, cardboard boxes, etc. One team had even made a large remote to operate their time machine! Many teams went to the past and enacted history scenes. Lighting effects were provided by the school and each group brought its own keyboard player for background effects and music. Some of the participants came in full-fledged costumes for the role of kings, queens and even sages! The judges were former students of the school. The winning teams were classes 8 ‘A’, 8 ‘B’ and 7 ‘C’. A music competition was held for students of classes 9 and 11 in which the participants had to compose their own song with music on the topic ‘The Rhythm of Nature’. The culmination show was held on Feb. 25 and the chief guests were the Vice-principal and the school Secretary. The students of Classes 7 and 11 were the audience. The winners of the music competition performed atthis event. There was also a video show about Albert Einstein and a short slide-show on the different kinds of war planes. The Vice-principal said that it was the best culmination show the school ever had in appreciation of the students who had presented the show.

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Who is the Hero this time! time?
By Sruti S, Student Reporter

Guess who was the main hero on Feb. 23 this year? Don't take much of your time by guessing, it's not a cricketer or superman, but Lord Shiva! There were a lot of festivities at the two major temples in the southern part of Chennai on the Shivaratri day - the Kapaleeshwarar temple, Mylapore and the Maruntheeshwarar temple, Thiruvanmiyur. Abhishekams were performed to Lord Shiva in the morning. Many devotees gathered in the temples for the darshan of the Lord. Music kutcheris and dances took place in the evening and went on the whole of the night. Many tourists were seen at the Kapaleeshwarar temple in the afternoon itself to watch the grandeur of Lord Shiva during Shivratri. "It's a great experience for us to come over to chennai and explore temples here. It's really a blend of style and achitecture revived," a Korean tourist who was busy clicking photos of the temple in the afternoon said. It is an enriching experience for the researchers. It is nice to note that the tourists from abroad are taking interest in our culture.We must feel proud of our country, said a priest at the temple. Annadanams were offered to the poor. Pendants and Keychains carrying the image of Lord Shiva were being sold outside the temple. In Maruntheeshwar Temple, thousands of lamps were lit in many different shapes. Photos of Lord Shiva were distributed by group of devotees to the visitors of the

temple that day. Pujas were performed. A few state ministers too visited the temple for getting the glimpse of the Lord or that day. The temple tank was illuminated with lamps. The sight of fishes swimming around the tank glowing in the brightly lit background was lovely and eye-catching. Vilvam, the special leaf offered to Lord Shiva was found aplenty in shops and the shopkeepers were busy selling the bunches of the leaves. Lot of devotees visited the temple this year. There was a tight security inside the temple. Publishing houses have included new books of Lord Shiva for the special day. Prasadams were distributed in the temple. The lord was the real hero indeed on that day!

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Google's Internet Bus in Tamil Nadu...
The Internet major, Google India initiated its 'Internet Bus' concept on Feb. 3. A mobile Internet kiosk will travel across 15 tier II and tier III cities in Tamil Nadu demonstrating the content and usage of the internet in the local language to the section of the population still averse to the same. The Internet Bus will demonstrate content under four topics - information, communication, entertainment and education. It will also introduce its visitors to Google SMS search and channels. "Increased awareness about, and access to Internet, especially in the local language will empower users with information and greater access to information. Even in people experience the Internet for a brief period of time and find it to be

very useful, they will find ways and means to get back to it. The primary need is to sensitise the masses about the large content available in the local language," Dr.Prasad Ram, head, R&D, Google India said during the launch of the bus. The bus has already visited 12 towns in Tamil nadu so far. In March, it will be going to Pudukkottai. Trichy, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Neyveli, Cuddalore and Tiruvannamalai.

If you have friends in these towns tell them to check the bus out!

More info and the route of the bus on http://www.google.co.in/intl/en/ landing/internetbus/
Photos : www.google.co.in

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