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Winarta Adisubrata TT

From Sail Komodo 2013

Indonesia Returns to the Future With Introductory Remarks by Prof. Dr. Bagir Manan, M.C.L.


Ministry of tourism and



From Sail Komodo 2013 Indonesia Returns to the Future

With Introductory Message by Prof.Dr. Bagir Manan, M.C.L

Winarta Adisubrata

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Part One From the Stone Age Back to the Future Baliem Valley, Heaven For Nature Trekkers When Alfred Wallace Explores Nusantara Indonesia Returns to the Future

The Baliem Valley, A Paradise for Nature Trekking

The first time I set foot on West Irian was to cover the handing over of the last Indonesian province on the first of May of 1963 by the Chief Commissioner of the UN Temporary Authority Dr. Jalal Abdoh to Dr. Sukarno. Until that date the territory was illegally and stubbornly held by the Dutch. However, under the New York Agreement signed by the Nethelands and Indonesia under the auspices of the UN in 1962 which mutualy signed by both countries, stipulating the Dutch to leave Irian Barat, now officially renamed and known as West Papua Province.. Later, in 1986 I was lucky to reach the Baliem Valley to cover the annual convention of ASITA, the national association of Indonesian travel agents, though my newspaper was permanently banned by the government . For the third time I accompany Herman Diener, the owner of Heritga International to conduct a survey on the Baliem Valley as a heaven for nature trekking. To go to Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya Baliem Valley is practically only one way, by air from Jayapura. Usually in travel guide books Baliem Valley was mentioned as the grand valley of the Baliem River was located on the edge of the Great Valley of the Baliem River, almost right at the very heart of Wes the most eastern province of Indonesia. The Dutch Royal government-owned Kroonduif serves Wamena from Jayapura, and the hand over of West Papua and since 1963, when West Papua was handed over to Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara serves Wamena on daily basis from Jayapura. Berjulangan mountain peaks with elevations of the valley as an umbrella for thousands of meters above sea level, including Puncak Mandala (Mount Juliana), which reaches 4700 meters, 4595 meters and Yamin Peak Peak Trikora (Mount Wilhelmina) is located in the southwest of the Baliem Valley at an elevation 4743 meters. Although the road has been stretched between Jayawijaya to Jayapura, you should not reach the beaches, because here and there are still broken, in addition to the safety and comfort that should count. Supporting facilities for the road users is still low, or you have to be steadfast and ready to fight for the worst, and the provision of sufficient fuel. When the head Dani, Obahorok, still life, arrival at Wamena airport to be greeted by traditional leaders who in his prime as a tribal chief who was married to Wyn Sargent, American photographer who claimed anthropologists, who later published a book about the life of Dani in Wamena valley at around 1970am. When the 'married' with Wynn Sargent who is white may Obahorok first meeting with cameras made of metal.

Before Wynn Sargent, photographer Michael Rockefeller, a young anthropologist multi billionaire David Rockefeller declared missing in the jungles of New Guinea and was never found again, long before Irian Jaya returned to the bosom of Mother Earth .. Most of the people of Irian, including Dani until now still using stone axes, arrows and spears for hunting. At night until the morning, the air is very clean with no pollution with green grass and turf fields endorses Herman Diener assessment of the Baliem Valley as a 'haven for nature passers' The world is now increasingly infatuated with nature or eco tourism, so that the young people from various European countries and the USA, Australia and even Japan flocked in their thousands to get to the Baliem Valley in travel guide books say 'like paradise' to human life that still holds the stone age civilization and live in thatched huts are dark airless, windowless mdereka call 'honai.'. Since thousands ttahun ancestors peduduk this valley are not familiar with the farming.S uku Dani in the 1930s a new number in the tens of ri bu.Their agricultural products: taro, sweet potato, and some types of fruits and vegetables. The number of foreign tourists who come here each year could reach thousands of people, then dropped a few hundred each year, as a result of the global crisis. D i aside as not sufficiently promoted the Baliem Valley. Once set foot in Wamena airport and put the suitcase in the inn, Herman Diener directly exploring the Baliem Valley are lined mountains with an altitude of thousands of meters with peak-[uncaknya snowy. It's ridiculous, we often forget that Indonesia has a mountain no less thrilling than pguungan European Alps are always snowy. In the midst of an almost primitive life in the small town of Wamena Nayak was a market that is at the heart of life in this valley were enlivened by those who were buying and selling foodstuff and daily necessities are sold primarily by migrants from outside Papua, mostly from Java and South Sulawesi. Baliem Valley residents now have started planting rice. The government is building housing like in other areas, in addition to the school's mission originally dirintisi by K risten Protestant and Catholic.But the original enduduk p until now still prefer to plant taro and yam nets and stay in the 'honai,' so empty houses without occupants Housing. For foreign tourists the most thrilling is the life of the natives with the men still wore; 'koteka' or 'Horim' and women close the genitals with clothing that is still simple. Koteka surgery was attempted since 1963 have not been entirely successful.Government wishes to remove and replace the use of penis gourds with shirts and pants are still not fully realized around Baliem Valley, including the capital district, Wamena. Herman Diener after a three-day survey concludes, is ideal Baliem a trekkers paradise the world, because life in the valley is relatively intact as in the stone age, though here and there was berjulangan parabolic television antennas were able to catch the broadcast of various countries in the world.

In Wamena there have been a place of worship for people who are Christians and Muslims, buildings, schools, hotels, government offices and private businesses place, especially around the Market Nayak. Some two-and four-wheeled vehicles occasionally appeared on the streets, even rickshaw brought here from Medan. Landscapes that support a relatively mild climate is still intact, like thousands of years ago, even at a distance of tens of kilometers in any direction, if Wamena taken as the central point of departure for cross-country walk. It has been available also posts tele-communications and some inn or a simple budget hotels in Wamena.The trekkers who flock to Baliem not require modern tourist facilities such as in their home country. Human fondness for life 'back to nature' (back-to-nature lifestyle) they pay a price quite expensive. Man in the developed world have long been fed up with the lifestyle with all modern and luxurious amenities.M hey just want to feel and live the life back to nature, such as enjoyed by their brethren in their eyes seem to live happy, serene and peaceful in the Baliem Valley. The concept of a more technical and the resulting rnci Herman Diener has been submitted to the menugaskanya ASITA and ASITA certainly has submitted the results of his study to the Ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications. We do not know, what will happen to the report surveys and studies conducted Heritage International it.But one thing is certain, there are expectations that should be made to make the Baliem valley world-class cross-country. This place should be sold to the world market as one of the most eco tourism destinations rare and unique in the world. Diener stressed the absolute necessity is a variety of accommodation although simple, yet health and hygiene standards of excellence.The guides must have adequate knowledge with specialized knowledge about life around Baliem Valley Irian Jaya. Mastery of a foreign language is essential for the tourists from various Western and Eastern languages. Besides supporting posts required to anticipate emergencies, if someone is sick or has an accident, tele-communication networks and transport facilities around the Baliem Valley, if at any time there is to be transported to or Jakarta Jayapura. Anyone would not advocate Baliem maintained like "human garden" or the human zoo like never blamed the world, when the RI was campaigning to seize West Papua through the Tri Command of the People, decades ago.

However, while still remaining, stone-age culture should be used as a kind of "living museum" that is not closed off from the progress of the world. Let us not waste the Baliem Valley, as far as we can still enjoy it as a kind of 'archaeological park.' , Holding our brothers Dani, we must respect their right to achieve progress and human life, parallel bersamaa whole Indonesian nation. ***

Exploring The 19th Century Indonesia

Wallace line divides the archipelago into two. The eastern part is the Indo - Malayan and west including the Austral region - Malaya passed between Borneo and Sulawesi continue down separates the island of Bali and Lombok as well as sorting out the two regions as well as sorting biological family in the archipelago nation. In his book The Malay Archipelago (1869), Alfred Russel Wallace was not too ignored the history and culture of tribes in the islands explored for eight years. On his travels in Java Wallace less concerned that the island is already over 10 centuries to absorb various civilizations and cultures are absorbed into a great empire. Wallace notes about the construction of the former town near Mojokerto, where the kingdom of Majapahit once stood, not too unaware of the archipelago has been stretched threads berbilang century history, although he still recorded a temple like Borobudur and Prambanan Sewu. Also not really cared about about similar developments in other areas that have disinggahinya like the Malay Peninsula, Singapore and Sarawak. But Wallace made us stunned by his observations, particularly about how the Dutch ruled the archipelago, especially in Java, the socio-economic circumstances were under cultivation system with very low wages meant that people are bound to debt bondage and entangled systems that intentionally provided the Dutch opium , so that the debt tied endless, so they must continue to plant the crops that binds them in a relationship of exploitation. This section leading to read this book banned in the Netherlands jHindia era. What is surprising is as a naturalist Wallace not examine archipelago sebgai objeke natural science or biology, but rather highlights the social and cultural bankruptcy of the West.Comparisons were done between backwardness tribes are still termed as "half-savage" the archipelago that in some respects, according to Wallace, rather than behind the European nations' half-savage "in the archipelago. The Malay Archipelago is loaded with the author's experience as a natural historian.Through this book as if carried away by participating in the clock over a hundred years back in the islands of the archipelago. With great willingness Wallace Cenderawaih bird hunting when it was recorded nearly 40 species number and an orangutan that does not exist anywhere except in the region between Asia and Australia. During the eight years of traveling from island to island and from village to village and from forest to forest Wallace collected more than 125,000 (!) specimens of mammals, reptiles, birds, shellfish and many types of insects.

Wallace noted that various ethnic groups in the archipelago that is in stark contrast to each other, but both inhabit the same island ..O rang the Malays exclusively occupy the west a greater breadth of the archipelago and the Papuan people, especially living in New Guinea and the surrounding islands. D itemukannya tribes also with 'traits between' and sometimes' interesting to determine whether they are included in the Malay race or Oaoua, or a mixture of both. " According to Wallace, ethnic Malays are the most important among them, who have been in contact with most of the Europeans. Indigenous Malay people living in the Malay Peninsula as well as in almost all coastal areas of Borneo and Sumatra.Everything Malay language, or with a slightly different accent. People living in Java, especially Java, in part in Sumatra, Madura, Bali, and most of the island of Lombok.They speak Javanese and Kawi are "they wrote in a" local alphabet. " The term is used by less civilized Wallace for the Malays (Malays savage in the first paragraph of page 447 he describes as also cover the Dayaks in Borneo, and the Batak tribes (wild) in Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, the population -the original inhabitants of North Sulawesi and the Sula Islands and part of the island of Buru. The entire population that occupies the west of the line that became known as the 'Wallace Line' that he noted as having characteristics impasif. In this book Wallace fix the terms used by previous authors about the Malay people they considered barbaric and bloodthirsty (ferrocious and blood thirsty) which, according to Wallace "exaggerated." Even in the second paragraph on page 448 Wallace praised factions are more dignified than the Malays as "highly refined manners and he said, has a quiet and dignified nature of the people of Europe's most civilized". In the same paragraph quoted Wallace Nicolo Conti (1430) who said: the people of Java and Sumatra in cruelty "tribes beyond any other". They regard killing as just "a little joke". If someone b arusan buy blade of a sharp weapon and wanted to try it, then he would thrust it into the chest of the first people she met. Also cites Sir Francis Drake, who has written about the inhabitants of the island of Java as "tribes are very love of justice and sincere."And it also cited Crawfurd statement that the Javanese oarng quite knew as "peaceable tribes, intelligent, quiet, modest, and hardworking". Barbosa pointed out in about the year 1860 (when seen in Malacca): "They berkecerdasan high, very smooth in their actions; very julig, fraudsters, rarely tell the truth; willing to do something-nasty cruel manner, and are willing to sacrifice his own life . " Wallace noted the Malays as a somewhat less intelligent. They were "not able to do anything more than the simplest combinations of several ideas, and much less interested in acquiring knowledge." "Their civilization seems not so high," wrote Wallace.

Instead, the people of Papua (Irian) enough to attract.Character and characteristics of the people of Irian as "completely different from the Malays," including their body shape. Irianese impulsive, demon stratif in speech and action.Emotion and passion they stated clearly in the shouts and laughter, and the cries and the leaps and bounds-so! Although recognized as difficult to perform measurements Irianese intellect, but Wallace tended to rate them as "their higher intellect than the Malays," without losing sight of the fact that the people of Irian've never met anyone with a more advanced civilization. Wallace added the Malays have gained influence through the arrival of many other nations, while the new Irianese met with the Malays. Wallace mencatattentang races "black-haired wool" in the Philippines, which admittedly has never seen with his own eyes.But an accurate description of many of the Filipino people who have written to the 1860s is not the slightest difficulty obtained for Wallace to write that almost no resemblance or their affinity with the people of Irian. By comparing races with races East Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia Wallace came to think that the simple origins and their affinity. "If we draw a line east of the islands of the Philippines and then down the west coast Jailolo, and turned back to Sandalwood Island to include the Roti Island, we will divide the islands (archipelago) in two parts, the ethnic races residents showed a sharp distinctiveness. This line separates the Malay races and all races Asiatic tribes of New Guinea, and all the inhabitants of the Pacific islands.And although there has been a mix, but overall it was a good division to do and provide a strong contrast as it turns out (according) to the zoological division of the archipelago, to the Indo Malayan and Austro-Malayan region. On page 453, Wallace further explains the reasons that has led him to consider the separation of the races Oceanis is as true and reasonable. According to Wallace, the whole Malay race undoubtedly very similar to the population of East Asia, reaching from Siam to Manchuria. "I am very impressed by this, when I was in Bali I saw Chinese traders who have taken the local customs and is almost impossible to be identified and separated from the Malays," wrote Wallace. "On the other hand I have seen natives of Java who would fisiognomis easily we think the Chinese people. ' We have Malay tribes that inhabit the continent of Asia, simultaneously along with the islands of the archipelago with so many types of large mammals of the same or come from the region closest to the continent of Asia, a form or relating to the Asian continent for a period or periods of human ( human period.) Wallace no doubt Negrito people is a completely different race than the Malays; yet because sebagain inhabit them are also part of the continent of Asia, and the others lived in the Andaman Islands and the Bay of Bengal, it must be regarded as having Asiatic origin .

After comparing their own observations with other observations of the travelers and missionaries, Wallace believes there is a race which is identical in all its features and the physical form with Irian people who live all over the Pacific islands as far as Fiji Islands; furthermore, that the Polynesian race brown similar to those brown-skinned in Jailolo and Seram. Wallace concluded: "Most of us (the West) believe that we are the races that have higher progress and are moving forward. If true, then there must be a state of perfection as a final goal that will never be achieved, but that should bring us closer to him. " "The thinkers of our (western) states that the best of a situation in which individual freedom and government enabled the development of equal and fair between aspects of intellectual, moral and physical selves. "Everyone has the intellectual ability to understand the draw moral law and requires no other motive except fitrat man subject to the law. "How obvious that the people who are still in the very low level of civilization we see the approach to the social circumstances are perfect." Wallace said further: "I have lived with the savages, both in South America and East, where there are no laws or court of law, where public opinion (the village) can be expressed freely. "Everyone is totally respect the rights of others, and infrequent violations of those rights, if not ever at all." In such a society, the position of all (almost) the same. No different levels between education and uneducated, between the rich and the poor, between master and slave. All that is really a product of our civilization (the West). There is no division of labor in addition to encouraging people to accumulate wealth, while creating conflicting interests. Nothing harsh competition and struggle for existence mepertahankan, or to attain wealth, which (we can not deny) was created in civilized countries with dense populations. Among the nations that we consider still half savage, no one pushing them to a felony, and petty crimes could be reduced, partly by public opinion, but especially by the pure sense of justice and the rights of neighbors that exist in every human . "Now, even though we (the West) are already achieving progress far above the savage, but intellectually, we (the West) did not achieve a balanced progress in the field of morals. It is true that in the group that did not suffer from deficiencies that can be met easily, and among them there is a very influential public opinion, so the rights of others fully respected.

Also true that we have expanded our territory rights, and including the brotherhood of all mankind. Not an exaggeration to say that the majority of our population (the West) have not reached further than ugeran-ugeran moral savages, and in many cases we even had a sink, far below the moral of the nations that we think are still savages. "Lack of morality is a major flaw in modern civilization and the greatest obstacle to progress in the real sense," he concluded Walllace experiences after he meets with our ancestors in the post-mid-19th century. According to Wallace, during the 19th century, especially the last 30 years (18301860s), intellectual and material progress has been too fast for the West to take the harvest of intellectual progress and material. "Our ability to master nature has lead us to a rapid rate of population growth and the accumulation of great wealth.But at the same time created a number of poverty and crime, which encourages the growth of feeling icky and so many uncontrollable desire to we should ask, what is our moral and mental status (Ba rat) on average have declined. " Compared with the progress we are not absurdly tall in the physical sciences and their practical application, our system of government (the West) as well as in implementing the justice and education systems as well as the entire organization and moral, we (the West) are still in the barbaric level. And if we (the West) directs the ability to utilize our knowledge in the field of natural law ideas in order to further expand trade and increase the wealth, the accompanying evils and if we are too eager to pursue, then we (the West) will reach a level beyond our ability to endure . " "We have to recognize the fact that wealth and knowledge, and culture of a small group is not a civilization, and do not necessarily take us forward to the perfect social state." System of production of goods with the engine factory has reached gigantic size, trade has reached gigantic size, cities dijubeli support the gigantic size of the swelling human misery and crime absolutely greater than ever today (19th century). Squalor and crime encouraging more and more people whose fate is increasingly heavy, in contrast to the experience fun, pleasure and luxury are apparent everywhere they could not enjoy and make us far worse than the savages were right in the middle of society (modern Western). "This is not an outcome that we should be proud," wrote Wallace."It is time we should be able to admit our failures, because although we have a civilization that allows us to develop a sense of sympathy and moral ability to (change the system of legislation, trade and all our organizations, but we are more broke than other nations that we consider are primitive and barbaric.

Wallace writes further: "This is the lesson I learned from observation that the nations that originally we regard as civilized."So the key phrase of AR Wallace, in his book The Malay Archipelago. By reading The Malay Archipelago, we saw Wallace who have left home, and his own country (England) far away from our hemisphere, Wallace learned almost entirely related to the purely biological studies that have pushed for eight years wandering in the archipelago. . After comparing Western developed society with primitive tribes, even "barbaric", Wallace came to the conclusion, that the ability of the material, intellectual and technology to make human ratio (the West) are able to master nature, it has been demonstrated that the Western nations much more savage than those of us who had been regarded as the primitives. because they have lost their ethical and moral dimension in their efforts to reach "progress." It's chilling conclusion enforce in space and time and "progress" as we have achieved in Indonesia by the end of the first decade of the 21st century now. We are now leaving the first decade of the 21st century should imbibe fault developed nations. After 65 years we are free from colonialism, four centuries after their arrival in the archipelago, and nearly as long as it did our ancestors colonized by Western nations, we as a former slave masters they do not repeat the mistakes that we should think of as standing as tall as we as nation fellow in the world. Wallace sharply and clearly has his pen and said indeed a civilized nation was not possible to deny dimension, ethics and morals of himself as a Nation! We often less aware of our country Indonesia's unique location and rich in art and culture in addition to a wealth of flora and fauna as well as the sources of wealth of the mine deposits with one example gold mine with the largest gold deposit in the world! Wallace Line underlines the unique existence of Indonesia as a nation of the earth which is a combination of the various ethnic groups characterized by Indo-Malayan and Austro-Malayan. The motto "Bhineka Tungal Ika" which is listed on the official state emblem (coat of arms) Garuda Pancasila, thanks to the excavations by the late Professor. Mr. Mohammad Yamin after Negarakertagama explore books from Prapanca and Pararaton often be away from our self-awareness as individuals and Nations. .For all that we need the mobilization of funds, power and all the sophistication of the various sciences, but especially our consciousness as a people and a nation must be able to read the past, present and future! That we as a nation do not disappear into our own greed. The only option is to preserve wealth and spiritually to the nation and the country is full of wisdom, in the continuity of life and the future of our children and grandchildren. ***

Indonesia Returns To the Future

. Said a futurologist Peter Drucker, the best way to predict the future is to m enciptakannya.A rtinya, we ourselves must create the future, right now. That means, we must dare to look back.S already since thousands of years ago our ancestors had sailed the waters of the archipelago by the Chinese long ago they called Nan-hai or the 'Southern Islands' because the location of our island country in the south of China. When India thousands of years ago poet Valmiki, creating great epic 'Ramayana' call as Dwipantara archipelago that includes Swarnadipa or island or island Jawadipa Gold and millet.Both names we now know as the island of Sumatra and Java. It may be due to the antiquity of the islands is still coupled to one is an island. The Arabs had long been used to refer to the archipelago as Jaza-ir al-Jawi, '\ and that they mean not only the island of Java, since our ancestors hundreds of years ago to go for Hajj to Mecca, in the eyes of the Arabs who are coming from the archipelago they think 'out of the peninsula of Java.' Pararaton ('The Book of the King of Kings, "written after the year 1481 AD, and has yet to be revealed who the author is the first book to use the word' archipelago ', which is then used as a source by Eugene Douwes Dekker authentik which was renamed Setiabudi (18791950), the grandson nephew of Eduard Douwes Dekker called pseudonym Multatuli, author of 'Max Havelaar' is famous in which he uses the term Insulinde to the archipelago. Douwes Dekker mudalah Nusantara said first user, since it is used in the old library 'Pararaton' above. New in 1850 James Richard Logan (1819-1869) used the word 'Indonesia' as a geographical term for too long to avoid the word 'Indian Archiepelago' as well as to prevent kerancuannya with (say) India, as enshrined in the magazine Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia (JIAEA) ', published in Singapore at that time.In the magazine's Logan write an article on the main characteristic of the people of the nation of Papua, Australia, Malay and Polynesia. ' After the blaze Indonesian national movement in 1908 Boedi Oetomo Indonesia tergulir use of the name by Bung Hatta, Indische Partij founder, changed the name of his party mrnjadi Association of Indonesia, followed by Raden Mas Soewardi Soeryaniningrat (later renamed Ki Hajar Dewantara), during his exile in the Netherlands, where he set up a news agency called Indonesische Press Bureau. If we calculate wealth celebration our homeland, Indonesia, and at any time may never be complete, despite continuous efforts have been made by the Dutch colonial government

during the first centuries, and then forwarded by the Japanese when the occupied homeland us between the years 1942-1945. Even after more than 65 years of our independence we also do not know exactly what we have and how much of our wealth with coverage multifariousness tribes throughout the country, each with its own customs and rich culture of art that has never been recorded an overall neat and complete based to almost all religions and beliefs, since the stone age until this century. Archipelago by Multatuli diperlambangkan like 'circuit emeralds on the equator' with a diversity of art, culture and religion almost 'tumpleg bleg' across our homeland. Natural resources may be tens or even hundreds nribu flora, fauna, land and in rivers, lakes and oceans include wealth zoo-geographical and botanical characterized Asiatis and Australis. The number of types of minerals contained in the bowels of the archipelago, including those under the ocean, so rich that lists types of minerals in the whole planet Earth is not impossible to complete in the archipelago. One example, copper and gold mine in Irian Jaya Pura Copper rternyata a gold mine with the largest gold deposit in the world! K gold mine riches Tembagapura arena is precisely what makes the province until the end of the east is barely go over as an international issue.S new D on May 1, 1963 Dr.Jalal Abdoh, representing the Provisional Government UNTEA Irian Jaya handed over to the Bung Karno as the president of the Republic of Indonesia at the time. The beauty and natural wealth of Indonesia stretches vertically and horizontally from Jayawijaya Peak towering over 4000 meth above sea level to always covered with snow up to the base of the Banda Sea at a depth of more than 6,000 meters below sea level almost indescribable how diverse and how much value and meaning for us as a nation that claimed one nation, one language and united country, Indonesia. But as is so 'customs and' culture ', so we are always just never realized how rich we are as Bangs a.And the unconscious is our shortcomings and weaknesses and hereditary ingrained for thousands of years.These include relaxation we develop tourism, especially nautical tourism as one part of human life and hajad vehicle must always move forward as a nation. Just to se the record, dated 27 September 2009 is World Tourism Day 30th since diremikannya in 1980.Sinar Harapan newspaper is the only Indonesian media who covered the World Tourism Conference organized by the World Tourism Organisation in SeptemberOctober 1980, in which are set by the WTO on September 27 officially endorsed as World Tourism Day. And historian k that also make it as Hari Bhakti Indonesia Tourism Indonesia. However, after more than 32 years of time passed, as if flying without sound, we were not aware that approximately 900 million travelers each year world melanglangi earth, and just less than 1 percent of the amount it `come to Indonesia.P adahal, world recognized Indonesia as one of the most beautiful part of the world's richest art and culture! History records for thousands of years Indonesia has been positioned as a human haven while passing trade, as well as enrich culture and unseen among nations worldwide.K enapa us as if

blind or blind eye?His evidence to this day still shut practical Indonesia archipelago waters of marine tourism world! We even gave a 'threat' heavy burden customs form that hardly life lay the marine tourism industry overseas who want to traverse the archipelago with their cruise ships. On the other hand, has been a dozen years Indonesia prides itself on its annual Sail Indonesia event that is always held just before independence day on August 17.A dozen each year for the last n Tahuya, hundreds of ships from around the world participated in the international nautical party titled Sail Indonesia. Every year we remind the world that has berbilang century sila ng archipelago enjoys a position in passing nautical world.It's as if we always remind the world that Indon esia since time immemorial is a cross between the region and ships lalangnya various nations across the archipelago until now. Is the archipelago has one so we put our region in maritime homeland we have made the area a 'haunted'?! This question bothered us as a nation, what has happened with Indonesia over the years, so it almost never able to move slightly even in the ranks of the countries of Southeast Asia sekawasan! Sadly the decades (before the global crisis) many cruise shipping companies waiting allowed to enter our waters, such as in the 1970s, due to already saturated waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean after World War II, so the centers of marine tourism activities with ship cruise and yacht. Now the waters of Asia, originally including peraran Indonesia, has developed itself as a marine tourism scene, dani has spearheaded the Shanghai ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics has built a special port for cruise ships with advanced completeness, following Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Kuala Lumpur. Indonesia to this day hardly do anything about it .. Bali Island was not even with the new port in Padang Baai. Why Indonesia has not answered banging marine tourism from outside Asia that has been answered positively by Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok to Shanghai? Global service via the Internet from anywhere in the world allows anyone from anywhere in the world to book tickets to enjoy the services of a cruise ship Holland America Line, for example, that the cruise ship Volendam, throughout the seas of Alaska-Asia-Australia-New Zealand also stop in Bali. For sightseeing with a shorter distance between Bali - Lombok - Komodo Island with a small yacht sukur now be ordered even with the start point of the United States or Taiwan, and can be connected by small cruise ships from Bali who could then stop at another island Nusa Tenggara including Komodo Island.

Pretty much similar offer given by other cruise companies that serve Indonesia, especially Bali, which can be ordered via the internet enough. John Daniel, manager of the 'Spice Islands Cruises' to Bali has long been formulating the idea of spurring as busy as the waters of the archipelago back decades ago. John Daniel, who has decades of doing business in Indonesia cruises once said that Indonesian officials laudable as quite cooperative and interested in developing cruise tourism sector. Facilities and services in the field of public services relating to immigration, customs and quarantine in Indonesia has improved. He also has begun to lift the thumb with a specially built cruise port in Bali, even to this day (2012) has not been completed as well. To turn on the marine tourism market in Indonesia, still needs to be reviewed regulations, especially concerning customs.In addition to the need to form a special task force to cruise tourism With John Daniel we must realize the necessity of making Indonesia cruises competitive compared to countries region. Granting permission to use the flag of Indonesia by foreign ships will encourage the Indonesian economy, good for a cruise or cargo ship. It would be very beneficial for Indonesia, if a foreign ship eased with the use of the flag of Indonesia, both for yacht and ship the goods will increase the national income and increasing employment opportunities. Perhaps, among the main key for Indonesia to create the future is to open waters of Indonesia to the outside world, for the benefit of Indonesia. Now this too!** \

Part Two
From The Independence Proclamation To The Information Age

Independence Proclamation in Myth and Reality Designing the Development of Maluku :Province Remembering Multatuli Indonesia Enters Information Age Without Corruption

Indonesian Proclamation in Myth and Reality

A Dutch author, Bob Hering, in his book titled "Sukarno, Founding Father of Indonesia 1901 - 1945" published by the Royal Instituut voor Taal, Land and Volkenkunde / KITLV Press, Leiden, 2002, at page 364 noted on August 10, 1945 Soetan Sjahrir tell poet Anwar on the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, and that Japan had received an ultimatum from the Allies to surrender. Sjahrir know about it through radio broadcasts overseas when it was forbidden.This news then tert ebar in the youth, especially the supporters Syahrir. Returning accompanying Ir Soekarno and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat to Dalat (250 km to the northeast of Saigon), on August 14 Sjahrir Hatta told about the results of the meeting in Dalat on August 11 where Japan by Marshal Terauchi told Sukarno, Hatta and Radjiman the proclamation of Indonesian independence (to be implemented) in a few days. Sjahrir comment on the meeting as a ruse foul Dalat Japan, because Japan has had to give up at any time. Hatta and Sjahrir urged Indonesia's independence proclamation in order to be implemented immediately, because Japan was finished and it was time to make the situation of Indonesia serevolusioner possible, in order to avoid a split in the nationalist camp, between the anti-and pro-Japanese. Meanwhile, prepare Sjahrir followers who will demonstrate and may even be ready to face the Japanese Army in that they will use violence. Sjahrir has compiled proklam text to be sent to the entire Java to be printed and distributed. Soekarno Hatta warned that Sjahrir no right to declare independence because it is the right of the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI). On August 15, after hearing rumors of Japanese going to his knees, Soekarno and Hatta went to military rulers of Japan (Gunsei) to obtain confirmation in his office in Koningsplein (Merdeka Square). But the office was empty. Sukarno and Hatta with Soebardjo Bukanfu office, Admiral Maeda, on Jalan Imam Bonjol. Maeda welcome them with congratulations on their success in Dalat. As he says he has not received confirmation and are still waiting for instructions from Tokio. Coming home from the shelter Maeda, Sukarno and Hatta immediately prepare for the meeting of the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI) on August 16 at 10 pm the next day at the office Pejambon Road No 2 to discuss all things related to the Constitution which the day before had prepared Hatta. On August 15, the pressure fluctuation requires takeover by Indonesia's followers waged mounting Sjahrir.During the day they gathered in homes Hatta, and about 10 pm at the Soekarno.

About 15 youths demanded immediate Sukarno proclaimed independence over the radio, followed by the takeover.They also rejected plans for memproklamasik PPKI's independence on August 16. 2

Wikana ever become men Sukarno in the 1930s in London said "tomorrow morning will be a murder, if the youth wishes not implemented". Soekarno Wikana angrily pointing toward his own throat. Soekarno Wikana shouted: "This is my neck, dragged me into the corner and kill me here now, do not wait for tomorrow morning." Wikana shocked as he said he did not intend to kill Sukarno. PPKI meeting on August 16 at 10 am was not implemented because of Sukarno and Hatta did not appear. The meeting participants do not know Rengasdengklok incidents. On the morning of August 16th after dawn (when it was the fasting month), Sukarno with his wife and infant son who was nine months and Hatta were kidnapped. Returning from Soekarno-Hatta Rengasdengklok determined to declare independence. They do not mind Maeda presence there, because in addition to feel protected, they also want to teach the youth about a very complicated diplomatic affairs. The youth proposed text of the proclamation states all government officials should be controlled by the people of the foreign party still hang.But the majority of the members PPKI refused and was agreed as the text of the proclamation until now. The youths then demanded six youths signed the proclamation with Sukarno and Hatta, and not the members PPKI. The youth considered PPKI represent Japan.Compromise was realized by putting the phrase "on behalf of Indonesia" Soekarno-Hatta, August 17, 2605. Ironic, this historic event is considered to have two scripts later proclamation. The first handwritten by Sukarno, who both typed by Sajoeti Melik (secretary Sukarno) who also signed Soekarno-Hatta. Notosutanto obscure historian Nugroho Sukarno as "the birth of Pancasila" and declared it authentic proclamation typed Sajoeti Melik.***

Develoing Integrated Maluku Province

Journalists marine environment expert, Peter Schrder, opened his opinion on environmental protection Maluku the fable quoted 'Little Prince' of Antoine de Saint Exupery, when he met the wolf in the woods. "From where?" asked the fox to the Little Prince. "From the planet, far away!"Her responsibilities designate one knows where the planet. Asked the wolf: "Are there no hunter?" "No," said the Little Prince. "Is there no .... chicken?"asked the wolf again. "Nor is there!"our prince said again. "Then there was no perfect!"said the wolf. As a professional man may not be appropriate also to describe themselves Peter Schrder who was tall, like a Westerner as perfect. It seems neat. hemd sports wear and underwear panng, SCUBA diver and underwater photographer Peter is also the holder of a pilot's license.He had financial journalist and editor of the New Zealand Herald, Auckland, New Zealand, and then be a foreign correspondent for the Algemeen Vereniging Radio Omroep (AVRO) Dutch not leaning to the left (Workers' Party) or right (Catholic) .. Schrder has been a year in Indonesia as a consultant managing coastal resources and marine conservation to the Government of Indonesia. Full of passion he talks it seems he fell in love with the Moluccas.Bu it simply because their ancestors had an intimate relationship with cloves and mace from the Moluccas, but especially because of ocean and flora and fauna are among the most varied and rich in type compared with the rest of the world's tropical regions. According to Peter C.Schrder, when mated to the development of tourism, the marine conservation Maluku bias to be a model or "pilot project.".

What's more, when President Soeharto pleased meng'KeP res'kannya.Maluku province could be an example of the development of tourism in the world famous marine park ki eindahan. Tall man who speaks fluent Indonesian, born in Mojokerto, East Java in 1928. At the time of the occupation he was interned for 3 years migrating core English side he was also able to speak German and Spanish as well as French. While in Indonesia assigned to the Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Pelesataian, Prof.Dr Ir Rubini Atma Widjaya, M.Sc. sebaga helping hand WWF / IUCN (World Wide Fund for Nature / International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Comparing Maluku Nusa Dua, a new World Bank project rolling after a dozen years of ideas and plans on paper, to the influx of capital investment to build luxury hotels in the most southern part of Bali island a barren, parched and now it's green, Maluku "can provide a cascade effect," flows as well as rise. If poured in tourism development planning as well as implementing conservation which itself would involve the entire development life hajad Maluku tourism potential of the natural wealth of the sea international bodies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, as well as similar agencies from the countries of the European Economic Community will reached out to make Maluku province of Indonesia as a model of development that can be applied in other provinces of Aceh to Irian, even in the countries of Africa or Latin America. If we only build one project alone, say food, according to Schrder, success in one area can lead to "pressure" from various majors, especially if other fields are not ready "independent." With the overall development (including in the areas of health, agriculture, and anything), like the lifting of a province to a higher welfare level "Maluku can be lifted as a whole, even though it may have slowly!"Schrder says, "without the stress of any aspect. Since all aspects of the developed jointly To realize his idea Schrder believes, projects primarily tourism and nature conservation will drive a lot of sub-projects. And each project and sub-projects can be offered to qualified international body specifically.A World Bank ika most proficient in the field of agriculture, the farm hand can be entrusted to the World Bank.Asian Development Bank with its own specialization and so on. Cascade process between international agencies to the central government, then from Central Government to Local Governments to projects in the field will allow aid and investment from the international world is like "pouring down" terraced up and down to each parts of the Moluccas. After traveling by sea, air, and land about 22,000 miles a year, the large islands in the Moluccas, including Ambon, Ternate, etc. are explored, until he has a complete knowledge of

the potential and wealth of flora and fauna Maluku in particular marine and tourism , including historical relics such as the castles and so on. Economic approach and conservation done staring Schrder in Maluku as a potential 'pilot project' is craved because of its titles in economics and biology and marine biology, including the study of post-masters were taken in the field of political economy, economic resources natural, biological oceanography, in addition to the main disciplines of economic and marine biology obtained in the Netherlands and the United States. "I realized how convoluted labyrinth is like passing if the idea is realized through the channels of the legislature, the House of Representatives, because it will take many years. "With di'KePres'kan, when agreement was reached between the Governor of Maluku and the helm of the State, I am sure this year will also be issued a presidential decree that would allow the Moluccas are not just going to give benefit to the Republic, but also countries and other continents, "says Schrder. The plan would preserve Pelita IV Maluku 1 million hectares of marine protected areas overall 10 million hectares in Indonesia. "You know how much 1 million he KTAR area?It's the same with the land area of the Netherlands! "Schrder said eagerly. Can we imagine how big the Moluccas when scaled with broad European countries, to the impact of a pilot project maketh Maluku as a model for the development of tourism and conservation of nature, the following aspects of life to be quite interesting in the eyes of the world. Answering the question, what ideas do not have to start with an inventory large enough budget and what obstacles might arise, Schrder said: "Sya do not see any obstacles, but bureaucracy. And everything takes time. And every step will pave the following steps. Perhaps the Government should first give loans or assistance to local government.But after that it takes only a liaison office in JakArt a and offices that handle the technical happenings in Maluku!"Schrder said. The most interesting, why Maluku is ideal for a pilot project like this, as a small island very easily distracted kea natural distinction.Disturbances in the flora and fauna is much more vulnerable than the larger island. Instead restoration or repair is also much easier, rather than an island or continent \ big. And if we look at a map of the Moluccas which has nearly one thousand islands, rehabilitation and preservation of nature will be much easier than to do it on the island of Borneo, for example.

And encouraging, Maluku provincial Government was eager to undertake the construction of the natural resources, especially marine and recreational potential of the sea, to the objectives and the selection of tourism and marine conservation is appropriate for them. Maluku Government recognized the need to enlarge business trade and tourism.It also felt the need for a more attractive hotel rates and hotel accommodation services, for both domestic and foreign tourists. In 1984, 5672 people came, indeed, to Maluku as a tourist. And there are only 720 rooms, in addition to souvenir shops, offices, travel agencies and restaurants. And the high rates in this province shows great need for more appropriate accommodation rates. Maluku province want to see investment in this s.As to be recorded as a long list of goals this pilot project, including the stimulation and development of tourism, rehabilitation of historical places in Ternate, Tidore, Ambon and Banda, beauty restoration of historical places in Morotai and Bacan a cauldron of World War II. And of course the protection of the marine environment by creating recreational marine areas, marine parks, marine reserves, following its buffer areas. Schrder also noted excitement Maluku government to encourage domestic tourism in the province including the most distant from the center, but also to contribute to the Republican foreign exchange. For development and investment by the private sector from within and outside the country, the Central Government and local governments need to provide incentives and tax breaks and aid less bureaucratic administration. Avail and benefits that can arise from maketh Maluku as a pilot project of tourism development and conservation of natural sea very much, both in terms of area and the country as a whole. Maluku province was for centuries associated with the o-war and foreign cultures.Ambon has had a fairly complete airport with facilities of international travel, in addition to Ambon has become one of the international entry point.Easy to get to other provinces is quite good, although still can be improved. Schrder stressed the emergence of demand for skilled labor that would require the provision of training centers, skilled workers. And for the province as a whole, the future income from tourism will increase, and tax revenues will rise. At the same time Schrder also stressed the importance of improved health facilities to improve public health.

"The availability of a hospital is quite good and adequate level of hygiene is a must, if you want the influx of foreign tourists to the Moluccas," said Schrder. And skilled employment to the administrative level will rise too: accountant, bookkeeper, etc.. And the demands of a growing education will not it, especially if the desired research and management of coastal resources and marine order increased. In short, the implementation of the development plan as a pilot project initiated by Schroeder will encourage both horizontally and vertically through economic integration, education and ecology throughout the province. The advantage of multiple (spin off) will spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago.Even places as far as Bali or Thousand Island would be obtained boondoggle. In the end all the Indonesian people will benefit from increased levels of foreign exchange coming in, as well as sheltered and preservation of natural resources called by Schrder as "sensitive" is. ***

Remembering Multatuli
The word "corruption" is not used even once in the novel Max Havelaar of de Koffieveillingen der Nederlandsche Handelmaatschappij or Auction Trade Coffee Dutch Airlines essay Multatuli Eduard Douwes Dekker aka written more than a half century ago.But the book is the story of a corrupt rulers, and is collusion between the Dutch authorities and the white-skinned rulers setampat SWO mature. To commemorate the author born in Amsterdam March 3, 1820, there is no harm if we listen back to this book which has very important significance in the history of modern Indonesia.The rise of the nationalist movement in geri ne us one among others, inspired by the book. Through the work of Willem Frederik Harmans, author of "Full of Multatuli Puzzle" (De raadselachtige Multatuli), we know the background masterpiece that reveals a conflict between Resident Assistant Douwes Dekker with his superiors, namely Resident Brest van Kempen and Governor General Daymaer van Twist. "Max Havelaar" which later became part of the literary treasures of the world it is Douwes Dekker lawsuit against Regent of Lebak, Karta Nata State, which has been accused of blackmail and oppress the people.Conflicts are then mengakib atkan Douwes Dekker quit his job as a Resident Assistant. In the "Max Havelaar" event it is portrayed though somewhat biased opinion and the views of the author's angle, thus making it appear as self-defense. What is clear, there have been clashes, and the misinterpretation of the value - the value of different cultures.Multatuli or Douwes Dekker with 19th century ideas that uphold human responsibility and freedom in Europe are dealing with responses feudal rights and indigenous peoples who have for centuries rooted in Lebak. Multatuli through the work of "Max Havelaar" managed to open his eyes Paraa politicians in the Netherlands at that time about the evils that occur in the colony. Consequently, since the publication of "Max Havelaar" in 1860 the Dutch government to start a business to bring the people's welfare in the colony, although when it was still a military expedition to conquer Aceh, Bali and Lombok. Indeed, the political novel "Max Havelaar" has mengujung-tombaki corruption in the Dutch East Indies at that time, or about one and a half century before Indonesia became independent state and nation. This book did that then sparked the Dutch colonial political change, including through political reciprocation (ethische Politiek) in the East Indies, which ends later materialized to more attention to matters of related to education and health for the indigenous nation. Ethical policy is then fruitful backfired for the occupiers, because earth consciousness thereof ignited son to move a new self-determination over a century later managed to proclaim themselves as an independent nation.

Above mentioned subject we raise here, not only today is the birthday of Eduard Douwes Dekker, but we really stuck by the irony of history: Why, if Indonesia which has now become an independent state and nation and has even manifested for more than 60 years , why is corruption rampant in Indonesia? Do not we realize it is in the natural independence of our democratic system of government should unwilling corruption, as protests by Multatuli through the book "Max Havelaar", addressed to the King of the Netherlands, Willem III! Why our democratic system of government seemed to fertilize once adored corruption has even become a "lifestyle" of most of the rulers? We see a parallelism between what happened in Indonesia in the era now with the Dutch East Indies era Multatuli a half century ago. History repeats after the time jump of more than a half century later. The difference, Multatuli (through his "Max Havelaar") to denounce the atrocities committed against millions of people in the Dutch East Indies in the mid-19th century to King Willem III who is the master of his domain which includes the East Indies. In Indonesia today, although the kit has a set of government institutions 'democratic' with a fairly complete supervisory system, but in practice the intention to eradicate corruption we still face a thick wall.Because what is happening in Indonesia, corruption occurs in samara ua line state administration. Even more bizarre, a half century ago corruption is due to the collision between the European cultural values with local values and culture at our ad.D i is the beginning of the 21st century are now in Indonesia as if nothing happened "collision between value".Because we have lost almost noble values that are officially listed in the 1945 massih. Because local values and we have been eroded by the traditional values of the 21st century that has made us so hedonistic, materialistic, and farther away from the noble values of our forefathers who put our devotion to God and humanity in a fair and civilized. Maybe it should be is up to us as individuals and as a nation. Willing and tegakah we become more "occupiers" rather than Dutch with his Politiek ethische still willing to provide education and welfare of the nation that colonized Or are we really prefer to let the life of the Nation itself increasingly in limbo in solving the problem, the mere "food sufficient with its own production or import of rice?"S And we continue to let the almost absence of well-being, as it is still chaotic and orderly wheels of government which should run in accordance with the 1945 agreement in the Five principles are? If we are unable or prefer to close their eyes and did not answer the question above with wisdom and conscience, then we are no longer individuals and nations a civilized and prosperous independent dared ourselves as nation, but still more primitive than our ancestors a century and a half ago has been defended by Eduard Douwes Dekker with "Max Havelaar" her. **

Indonesia Enters the Information Age Without Corruption

Impressive in itself futurist Alvin Toffler and his wife, Heidi, is their humility with foresight, without losing the thread to the past and today. Alvin Toffler when he met with the leaders of Voice Reform in the Orchid Room, Hilton Esecutive Club-haste haste not believe in first impression about Indonesia.Moreover, he had a few dozen hours after setting foot in Jakarta and he also knows not represent Indonesia Jakarta completely. After a chat with a group of intellectuals us about the problems of economic, political, cultural, and social meinilainya d Toffler as "highly stimulative." With insight into cross-linked (he termed it as a cross currents) between the diversity of views and concerns of the different between them, Toffler avoid the impression of hasty, sudden and shallow. Although the past 18 years at least twice a year to visit Japan, Toffler was almost always mistaken impression about Jnegeri Sakura. According to the terms used his wife, Heidi, "the human eye is very easy to mistakenly get the impression" (human eye is faulty). In a chance to talk with intellectuals who were invited Voice Updates on this editorial office korn J l.Dewi Sartika 136-D, Toffler describes his approach to the future, as once dituturkannya through his book ".The Third Wave "(The Third Wave.) "We need to realize, from one wave to the next wave (of n era of agriculture, industrialization and information) of a nation is not taking the wave-gelombsng one by one, such as climbing stairs.And if people are sat u have preceded other nations, "he said. Like Indonesia, according to Toffler now we are at three simultaneous wave simultaneously, and even some of us are still in pre-increment wave, stone age. Alvin Toffler outcry against the system as well as the philosophy of modern education as we interpret in Indonesia until now (1988), in which the school as factory workers prepare for industrial used. Indonesia can provide new inspiration in education policy in the future, that education is not just for humans to serve the print and used by industry (the second wave).

Toffler describes the future of the education that comes with the computer literacy or media literacy.Or 'computer literacy' and 'media literate.' In the future role of computers and electronic media will be very prominent.Humans do not need to learn to count, and read. M anusia just ordered something to the computer.And the computer will mel aksanakan, whatever he commands mankind. At the Hilton Executive Club, Toffler touching how misleading bureaucratic rationality. The classic form community organizations in the industry (second wave) is bureaucracy. "If you look at the basic principles of industrial society, such as standardization, centralization, specialization, synchronization, maximization, and so on, then all it jijumlahkan to 'bureaucracy.' Max Weber when writing about bureaucracy in the early 20th century (around 1910) said that, as a rational bureaucracy. Toffler said: "I just wrote a book recently, entitled An Analysis of A bureaucratic Behaviour. In the process of his writing I find the fact that the bureaucracy is a 'fake'. Because, in any bureaucracy, decisions are made based on political power conflicts experienced justification (justification) through the senses considered or accepted as rational. Toffler called attention to was the change simultaneously throughout the world, both in the field of technology, politics, culture, strategy and so on.Change is happening faster and faster. The world is labeled ai new form.Until all countries (including Indonesia) has to interact with other countries in the world and the interaction is done shall be based on a clear understanding about what is happening in the world. "After hundreds of years of ongoing industrialization, particularly in Western countries are now the stage is in the process of industrialization eventually.Tri industrial revolution has been running with the demands of a growing number of mass production, mass distribution system with a more rigorous and so on. "I believe the changes that were happening after the industrial revolution can not be understood simply by understanding projections 'liniai r.'These changes not only occur sequentially, but simultaneously, "said Toffler. According to Toffler. Japan will spend up to 50 billion U.S. dollars to increase their assistance to developing countries (World K etiga).And Toffler advocated Japan not to follow the old model where the bank would rather build development projects seem to have existed in Venezuela. When Toffler suggested that Japan specializing in assistance to terujudnya electronic telecommunication networks in the Third World, Japan agreed with the suggestion.

Sebelumi went to Jakarta, Toffler dinner hosted by the Minister of Telecommunications Japan, and as dianjurkannya in scientific speech on 'Panglaykim Memorial Lecture' Toffler want to see Indonesia with the help of the United States and Japan will have the most perfect electronic communications network in Southeast Asia to support the development of d nbegeri is ahead of the next steps. One of the most impressive Toffler in Indonesia is nationalism that seems to occupy an important place. According to Toffler, nationalism is not just a collection of independent local economy, but ssuatu economic system that is integrated with a political system that is integrated as well. With the advent of the industrial revolution, such as the notion of nationalism in Europe at that time began to change.Start required purchase fleece from Belgium, to be woven in England. And necessary marketing products to foreign national wilay ah .. The number of the 'nationalist' its happening more and more with industrialization.Europe of the 19th century is the era of the national revolution. In 1848 there are 348 small states in Germany which later merged into one German. 19th century classical music theme music play nationally.Tertuan g Nationalism in poetry, art, politics, and so forth that help accelerate economic changes during that time. "We believe that is happening around the world today is the emergence of a group of people that has global interests. "They are no longer behaving and thinking within national boundaries, but supranational. "They have their own ideology, their own interests and role in the development of this technology on the planet," said Toffler. Toffler believes in 25-50 years (from 1988) there will be a clash between nationalistic ideas and globalistik. Heidi added, the symbolism associated with the space program. "I think in the history of mankind for the first time later we would look down toward the planet. Now pollution occurs through national borders. "Pollution carried by the Rhine spread to other countries, even Canada and the United States together with acid rain d.It is a global problem, not national anymore, "said Heidi. Hearing about the motto Unity in Diversity, Tofler believe in diversity and unity within the scope of global understanding. Toffler said that the fear (freedom) can turn off the creativity of expression indispensable in development.

"People need to imagine, people should be able to expect even-Nduga." Toffler criticized the type of the second wave of nationalism that is outdated and needs to be replaced by the third wave of nationalism that is more open. Toffler even touched on corruption and bureaucracy that he thought "could lead to deterioration of technology." Developing countries, including Indonseia was faced with two choices, between two theories of development and insight berstrategi the second wave (industrialization) and the berstrategi the third wave (the information). "Now it's time to rethink the strategy behind the development and understanding of nationalism as understood in Indonesia." Toffler's gong struck, when first he visited Jakarta. ***

End of the World Southeast

Costa Rica Building Peace Park With the Defense Budget

Magazine "Time" or "Newsweek" not too menggubris general assembly of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) in which thousands of conservationists gathered from 177 countries in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. But it so happens dar-der-dor in Nicaragua hundreds of journalists will 'tumpleg-bleg "to Nicaragua, including two of the top news magazine in the world. More than 1000 environmental and nature conservation experts who consulted to find a way out of the world kemampetan and stuffiness with Earth including oceans, rivers, and the air is more polluted by human activity alone. Indonesia as one of the members through membership government agency, the Directorate General of Forests and Natural Environment Conservation (PHPA) sends Prof.DrIr Rubini Atmawidjaya, M.Sc. carry the mandate of President Suharto, because Indonesia in San Jose will be invited IUCN to convene general to-18 in Indonesia in 1990. Several non-governmental organizations in Indonesia are not absent in the 17th general assembly which took place from 1 to 10 February. Hundreds of others 'represent' hundreds of millions of people from around the world attended karenay believe the need to preserve the natural environment. Interestingly enough greeting President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez, who humbly admit their country is the number one destroyer of tropical forests among Latin American countries. Costa Rica for several years has been trying to "save" 10% of all parts of the country, without tampered with for the purpose of construction, which is stated in the developed countries as damaging to the environment. Costa Rica received a statement this claim is no guarantee continuity of use of natural resources, through the development, by optimizing natural resources to raise the standard of living of people. Costa Rica long enough to invest in education and health, so that the country now has a level of health that can be compared with the developed countries; educational facilities with enhanced growth of about 10% each year. In 1949, Costa Rica has removed its armed forces units, which was originally to swallow 22% of the state budget each year. Most of the funds that were used for the armed forces diverted to health, education, energy, agriculture, water supply and the development and protection of natural resources and the environment.

However, Costa Rica does not sacrifice its national security kepenetingan. As spoken by the Director of the National Conservation Strategy Costa Rica, Dr. Carlos Quesada: "We just redefined the concept of national security. From the ability to fight our turn into the ability to 'prosperous in peace. " That means, the concept of national security Costa Rica is no longer based on the force of arms, but the welfare of its people and their ability and freedom to be productive. " A society does not have to be rich to be able to provide basic necessities for the people, and it can simply be said to Costa Rica should be able to use a cracked-natural resources wisely. If the social needs are met, then the social tensions that led to the need for the armed forces will not arise, and will create a climate of democratic participation of the people in making decisions that affect their future, "said Quesada. With this new style security concepts quickly gained the support of the Costa Rica-n Egara surrounding countries.And at the edges of the region adjacent to the Costa Rica Nicaragua and Panama are now created international peace gardens to reduce tension, to protect threatened ecosystems.Cosa Rica positive action through cooperation between countries which in the past often fighting each other. It creates La Amistad International Park kdengan expansion that will include areas of Panama.Other parks include Biotopo Trifinio on the border with El Sav ador, Guatemala and Honduras, and Nicaragua. Also conceived intent to create a "Preserve Peace" along the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. There are similarities and parallels the contrast between Costa Rica, a small country with a population of around 1.4 million with Indonesia that is geographically as well as a wealth of natural resources can be compared even with nearly the entire Latin American continent. Both Costa Rica and Indonesia both have a wealth of natural resources that are relatively still be saved as well as being the capital of sustainable development. Both also have goals that are not only precede development material. One Presdien Costa Rica in the past even said that to build Costa Rica needed "tractor and violin," said another of the material and the spiritual. Right eperti Indonesia's determined to build the complete Indonesian man who was also a spiritual dimension. Alignment is still going to happen is, if Costa Rica has managed to become the host country of the IUCN General Assembly earlier this February, thanks to the invitation of President Suharto brought by Prof. Dr Rubini Atmawidjaya expected IUCN general assembly upcoming 18th 1990 will be held in Indonesia.(Later it done in Bali in 1990.)

President of IUCN, Dr. Sw aminathan avg told journalists: "The IUCN spotanitas appreciate a sympathetic President Suharto, who offered to host the IUCN General Assembly to come." Several NGOs Family Welfare Development in Indonesia, led by Mrs.Soepardjo Roestam gain an appreciation of the IUCN and Commission Brundlandt that recognizes L SM-NGO Indonesian women as "raising the strength of women's role in taking an important part in preserving the environment and improving the standard of living of the nation." Director-General responsible for the PHPA kelstarian tropical forests across the nation, Prof. Rubini Atmawijaya received an award for his services to complete duties.In addition to conveying the invitation of President Soeharto to IU CN, Prof. end of February.Rubni will m enyelenggarakan meeting with IUCN, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, which was once the World Wildlife Fund) and the Nederlands Fonds Natuur together to the Government of Indonesia (PHPA Directorate and the Office of the Minister of Environment) to evaluate conservation efforts in Indonesia. It's interesting, Costa Rica which is located in the other hemisphere of the earth where we are, too, believed in peace and prosperity and justice, without merely relying on the power of the weapon. Much like coveted by our nation ..***

Updates, 12 - 2-1988

The Draft Development Triangle Sijori Irony

BJ Habibie called Singapore Only just a tiny dot on the map of Southeast Asia.

But this small island nation since 1979 was able to swell its land reclamation thanks to billions of cubic meters of sand from the Riau Islands dangkut of 400 km2, has now reached 685 km2. Republic of the island which is considered a small dot on the map of Southeast Asia was coming later in 2030 will menjapai 820 km2 territory. Nipah Island, one of the 92 outermost islands that are part of Indonesia since the territory in dispute between Singapore and Jakarta, almost drowned because of the sand and soil to reclaim mined by the Singapore media as the fastest growing inernasional island in the world, or the "island of the growth areas fastest in the world. " Two weeks ago, Singapore has to invite Indonesia signed a defense agreement that allows Singapore conduct joint military exercises with Indonesia in Indonesia, which could involve a third country. For us in Indonesia, this agreement is interesting, because the signature done with the signing of an extradition treaty between the two countries. Defense agreement was assessed former Assembly Speaker Amien Rais, as "having sold the sovereignty of the State". Indonesia has been waiting for decades for the same deal from the same Singapore signed an extradition treaty, as long as Singapore is a "haven" fugitives from Indoinesia, including the corrupt big fish. The fugitives and criminals who fled there and ngendon launder money they corrupt from here to Singapore invested in them in the construction business backed by sand mining reclamation of the Riau archipelago. After the parliaments of the two countries later ratified an extradition treaty with Singapore, Indonesia will be able to require the surrender of the fugitive Singapore ngendon in Singapore, including the An g goro which to this day still demanded the Indonesian Government for his actions leaves no part of the funds of Bank Century, a political finance scandal, Anggoro but can not be touched by the law of Indonesia. On the other hand, Malaysia was the target of creation of induced voltage Singapore also expanded by reclaiming the islands to the north that disrupt the flow of the voyage to the Straits of Tebrau that are important to the economy of the state of Johor Peninsular Malaysia. Johor now has its own seaport sophisticated.T etapi due to sand dredging to expand Singapore, there has been a narrowing and shallowing shipping in the strait flow. Irony "Sijori golden triangle," because ever since the idea of the construction triangle involving Singapore-Johor-Riau by stress involving Singapore and Indonesia and Singapore and Malaysia, since Sijori created in 1988 which was then formally endorsed by the three neighboring countries as project work same economic pemnbangunan dirsmikan ASEAN region ASEAN summit in court in 1992 with the intention, in the interest of the three parties will equally benefit.

Indonesia through Sijori original intent, Indonesia will make Batam as a free trade zone.Apparently hote ian, Singapore more astute make Batam as a venue for the Singapore investment is too narrow to accommodate the industrial area Singpura own. Sijori shown to produce an increase in Batam foreign investment of U.S. $ 222 million in 1985 which jumped to U.S. $ 867 million dollars in 1991.It can be expected, the first position in the Singapore investment in it, or by 47.2%, followed by the United States (20.5%), Japan (7.1%), Hong Kong (4.4%) and the Netherlands (4%). Although Indonesia has developed Batam as a free trade zone that is still growing today, but in fact the County can ill afford to damage the environment in the province closest to Singapore is due to the excavation of sand exported to Singapore from Batam island.Although now export sand to Singapore officially been discontinued. After all, compared to Johor and Riau still Singapore is the most astute utilize Sijori projects, as the country's biggest investment in Batam, and literally managed to move most of the industrial district to Batam.While Johor, high blessing Sijori able to build a sea port, but almost "blocked" by the Johor Singapore's land reclamation. In the end, Malaysia has accused Singapore deliberately memperdangkal and narrow waters heading to Johor, so that vessels from outside the region continue to use Singapore as a port of call, and not to Johor. A very high cost to pay Indonesia for export of sand to Singapore's reclamation m3 each only paid $ 1.15 Singapore dollars, the contractor that supplies construction companies doubled the price to $ 15 / m 3.And ribuanan developer to sell the dollars per m2 to prospective buyers. Our experience with the truth of Maodzedong Sijori show, that "there is no eternal friendship, which is eternal interests." (There is no permanent friend, there is only permanent jnterest.) Based on the experience of decades of independence since the era of the Old Order and New Order to Reformation era, almost every man in the country of Indonesia believe bureaucracy is always clung to corruption. With a record of Indonesia as one of the most corrupt countries in the world now Singapore has felt safe and protected by military forces in the form of aircraft - the most advanced fighter aircraft that hung in the four corners of the world, every day 24-hour alert to face any military threat from coming. With a defense treaty with Indonesia Singapore will be free to use its airspace and seas of Indonesia are thousands of times the breadth compared wi layah Singapore.Singapore even "got" two land areas in Sumatra for war games Sijori scheme which was originally an umbrella of cooperation between the three countries is more overarching interests sekawasan Singapore alone.

Both the countries are invited to join hands: Malaysia and Indonesia elbowed its natural sustainability and to bite the fingers themselves in collaboration with Singapore via Sijori. Today, Singapore managed to reap the benefits of the treaty defense 'exchanged' with willingness extradition. Even then, it still contains a question mark, when both the Parliament will approve a second agreement. ***

Balancing Panaitan Island & Ujung Kulon

'Expedition Panaitan' with the aim of examining the biological aspects of the protection of island ecosystems Panaitan done up to four times. The island is located in the Sunda Strait with an area 12,034 ha (120 km2) is located at coordinates 6 degrees 50 minutes south latitude and 105 degrees 15 minutes east longitude about 10 km from jasirah Ujung Kulon at the western end of Java island, about 80 km southeast of Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait. Since the year 1921 Panaitan is an unspoilt nature reserve management together with jasirah Ujung Kulon.Then there was 1957, p be a wildlife park to make it more manageable enabled simultaneously with artificial savanna in the north coast of Ujung Kulon. In 1958 the status changed again so Panaitan nature reserve, with Mount Honje and Krakatau islands united with Ujung Kulon National Park in 1984.

The only land route to the island of Labuan is within 153 km from Jakarta.In an small harbor for fishermen Labuan this you can hire a motor boat to Panaitan with the distance of about seven hours away. Region Ujung Kulon tropical sea, with average temperatures between 25-30 degrees Celsius and humidity between 80-90 percent, with rainfall about 3000 mm / year. Monsoon brings dry season from April to August and the rainy season from September to April. Almost the entire island consists of lowland Panaitan with a peak altitude of 320 m on Mount Mercury hills that make up the soil with a mountain Tajimalela. East coast mostly swampland-marsh overgrown with mangrove trees bordered by sandy beaches and rocks. From the beaches of the Gulf of cassowary is widely spread in the middle of the arch Panaitan southwest. Cassowary coast around the eastern part of its surface and undulating hills forming a 100meter area.Variations in soil and impressive landscapes with vast expanse, far away from the Gulf coast Sabini appear white. Regions Expedition Panaitan work is divided into three stages.Purpose of the expedition was to study aspects of the flora, fauna and marine wealth of the island. For the sake of efficiency of each stage of the expedition consisted of a group of mammalogi (mammals), ornithologi (birds) and entomology (insects). Each stage of the report presented at the seminar by the authorities and enthusiasts including the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHPA), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Faculty of Biology, National University of Jakarta. Two papers Expedition Panaitan about mangroves and gastropods have brought in a seminar on mangrove ecosystem in 1986 in Bali. After four expeditions, PHPA in May 1987 called them gathered in Bogor to discuss potential Panaitan. Three studies conducted in the Gulf of Sumedang, Angkasana Bay and White Rock area on the south shore community Panaitan researching Hernadia peitata Baringtonia and lowland communities Pterocymbium javanicum Oxymitra cunneyformis and sapling species Drypetes longifollia, Oxymitra cunneyformis, Diospyros Pendula, Villibrunnes rubescens. From the west side Panaitan in the Mount of Mercury, found two types of plants that dominate the coast Mimisops elengi, Hibiscus liliasceus and Pterocymbim linctorum, Ficus pubineri, Pterocymbium linctroum, Artocarpus elasticus, Terminalia arborea, DRACON, Lomeilon puberulum and Arenga oblosifolia. Research on the east side of the island is centered on mangroves in the area rencah Lentah.Of the 136 groups were recorded as many as 55 species, 18 of which fall into the

criteria of mangrove plants with most species are Rhyzophora stylosa and Rhizophora apiculata affiliated with Sonneratia aiba at z ona tides.Followed Lumnitzera racemosa and Lumitzera littorae d tide zone.Being in the transition zone overgrown Guetarda speciosa. Kadam Gulf and the Western Cape was chosen u represent the north island Panaitan.Groups of plants beaches are Rhodamia cinerea, Hibiscus tiliaaceus and Mimisops elengi, Callophyllum inphyllum. Group Turpinia Montana, Bambusa spinosa is found in the lowland forests to the plant y Drypetes macrophulla, Nuclea sp, and Turpinia Montana, Spondias sp. Special note was made for the type that puts Arenga obtussifolia mono, on the edge of the river and mono type that puts a limit Nypa fructicans open brackish water fresh from the bush and grass lower, especially Mekania Cordata and Euphathorium odoratum with Lantana camara. Brackish marshes located in the center of the island between the river and Ciharashas Cidarahayu. Both of these rivers with other tributaries support Panaitan with fresh water all year round. On the other hand Cilenta River, the major river flowing north, usually brackish water in the dry season. Scientific information on Panaitan among others recorded by Hoogerwerf since 1953, specifically mentioned about the mammals and birds that are here. renga wildlife reserves in Panaitan quite satisfactory until 1953, probably due to the remoteness of the island without penguni. The spread of mammals on the island is mainly concentrated in the central part of the island, between the highlands west and east.Two Java deer (Cervus timorensis) males and six females with two children studied by the last expedition in Cape Panenjoan, Sabini Gulf and the Gulf region Bajo. Java deer were likely to come from the tail, which moved from 16 Peucang Island between the years 1978 to 1982. After that, the deer proved Javanese deer removal done by DG PHPA. The observations of mammals other than Macaca fascicularis, Sus scrofa vittatus, Muntiacus muntjak, Tragulus javanicus, Paradoxurus hermaproditus, Collosciurus notatus, Lutra perspiciliata, Felis bengalensis, Ratufa bicolor, tiomanicus Hundred and several species flying foxes and bats. Hoogerwerf (1953) noted that the balance of the bird population when about 72 species.From the observation of this expedition only four to 60 species of birds that live in coastal areas and 45 species in lowland forests or closed. Shore birds are common here is Actitis hypoleucos, Numenius phaeopus, Tringa nebularia, Arenaria interpres, Esacius magnirostril, Strena annaethetus, Sterna sumatrana, Leptoptilos javanicus and Sula leucogaster. Copshycus malabaricus, Gracula religiosa, Pachycephala cinerea, Orthotomus sepium and Hypotymis Azurea dominate lowland closed forest.Besides Antracoceros covexus

and Rhytoceros undulates and a number of family Accipitridae like white sea eagle (Hallaeetus leucogaster), and so on. Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting was observed on the beach between the Stone Rendeng and Panenjoan.Additionally Crocodilus porosus only investigated at the river mouth Ciharashas, Varanus salvator are used along the coast. The waters around the island has a lot of economic value Panaitan, sometimes a dolphin swim along the north coast and the east coast Panaitan.Later on this beach can be a place to peek at the dolphins, even if only from a distance. In the field of chain barrier reef sand interspersed essentially found 16 species of coral beauty and the colors vary.Small chain of barrier reef is located in the Gulf of Angsana and Tanjung Batu Putih. A total of 20 genera of marine algae collected here, especially in the.Manik cape with a high density compared to all existing biomass. Research gastropods in Gulf Cassowary find margaticola drupa, Clipeomoris veriegatum and Littorina undulate as an important species. Some suggestions require improved handling and development of nature reserves Panaitan Island. Island mendapaat Panaitan the insistence of two populated areas and the Provnsi Lampung: Banten Province is planned to be developed carefully to support the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, to reduce the difficulty of the visitors to the peninsula and the island of Ujung Kulon Peucang. With the diversity and capacity of its habitat island can be developed into a breeding area banteng (Bos javanicus) and the Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus). Further research is still needed as a comparison between the composition and structure of the plant with other habitat components, so it can find a balance between island Panaitan with Ujun g Kulon Peninsula.*** Sound Renewal) March 4, 1988

When Will Terbenahi Thousand Island?

Environment Minister Prof.De. Emil Salim stated the Government would provide funds to buy back some of the islands of the Thousand Islands, in order to maintain this area as a National Marine Park. Sounds simple intention was actually merunyamkan the Jakarta administration, the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Pelstarian, because some of the islands in the Bay of Jakarta itutersebut already dmiliki the occupants were able to sell the rights to its business to third parties to be used as a hotel or whatever. Minister Emil Salim presents projections Thousand Islands by the year 2000, related to the utilization of natural resources of the sea. Emil reminds Indonesian territory comprises the largest part of the ocean, but our attention is still very much oriented to the ground.Now we're to solve economic problems through exploitation of natural resources on the land, because the skills and te knologi to exploit the ocean that we have not been adequate. With 165 million people will be 223 million in 2000. we should be able to exploit the natural resources of the sea. In the future, the sea will be the natural resource most important to support livelihoods and economies, so that in the future we should be able to exploit the wealth of our oceans and coastal areas. Among ASEAN countries, Indonesia has the longest beaches in number, but until now we have not been optimized to exploit the natural resources of our oceans.

Among the winners thanks to the success Kalpataru collect seaweed which makes us optimistic, though still not ideal population growth and higher population density, especially in Java, is actually our marine resources can support future development. Utilization of the shore can be the main source of income.And on the sea we still have resources mining, including oil and gas At the bottom of the sea we can do the same things we can do on land.We determine which part of our plot to be protected, areas which we will try unt uk mining as well as the area produktifn buffer areas. And in the ocean we still have fish.With thanks to the expansion of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 200 miles of shoreline means we have more areas for fishing and so on .. D i sea level we have the ocean waves, a potential alternative energy. Sea is also a potential space for settlement.For example, the area around the bay off the coast of Japan has now been used for residential areas. If the technology in Indonesia in the future can be directed to it, hopefully our technology in 2000 could be developed to take advantage of areas off the northern coast of Java as a residential area (Region Muara Karang in Jakarta Bay has been reclaimed similar in Japan and already occupied for settlement). At the present stage the biggest bottleneck for the exploitation of natural resources) of our oceans is ketramp ilan.Oceanology and technical expertise in the use of coastal and offshore as well as many basic science of the sea is still very limited in Indonesia. In fact in many ways we are still dominated by foreign experts. Despite the fact we've had to concentrate on the development of human resources, so that in 2000 we were able to effectively exploit our marine resources .. Until now the Thousand Island National Park was mapped in the scale of 1:200,000.What we need is a map on a scale that is quite clearly to be used in aan pengelol level, so that we can know the boundaries of the national park. The boundaries of the marine park as the Thousand Islands is much more difficult to determine, rather than a national park land, where we can see the line-ba bag.A more detailed mapping of the Thousand Islands is now being conducted by the Navy Office of Topography \ in order to determine the boundaries of the National Marine Park is more clearly. The second problem, most of the islands are inhabited by locals who have owned have the freedom to sell their land kep a third party.This means, the government should have enough funds to buy back the islands, so the National Park can be managed properly. Inconsistency use islands in the Thousand Islands National Park as a result of the owner's interests collide island and national park kepentingn ideally be taken to Panitya Land Dispute to address conflicts of interest.One of the functions of a Thousand Pualu as a National Park is to protect marine fauna, including several types of sea turtles.

The area around Jakarta Bay portion also includes the Thousand Islands National Park area has been contaminated by industrial and household waste brought by 17 rivers that empty into the bay. In addition to the disposal of waste oil from ships passing in and out of the harbor Priok. To prevent waste of oil pollution from ships, we first have to sign an international convention that gives us the right to ban anyone ships also to dump their waste oil in the Gulf of Jakarta. Before we signed the convention, first we have to establish our seas in the region where the ships can dump their ballast oil. Thousand Islands was passed as a National Marine Park consists of about 110 islands stretching as far as 80 km from Jakarta and 32 km to the West-Northwest from its North end. All the islands are coral islands are small (an average of less than 10 hectares) and its height does not exceed 3 meters above sea level. Pu \ lau-reef islands that are included in the Thousand Islands marine national park (108,000 acres) has some kind of reef fish here and there are still a lot of population, and in some places have run out, because it was too drained by the fishermen. Among the species-species that is interesting and valuable giant clams, Tridagna gigas, which began to disappear dar i across the archipelago.Animals other mollusks such as oysters are harvested by divers and his inventory thinner. Eagle beak turtles (Hawksbill turtle) Eretmochelys imbricata or a valuable component of the marine fauna in this national tman.These turtles eat, sleep and breed on islands and reefs along with some nesting green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in this kepualaun beaches on the north. Turtle eggs are collected and eaten or hatched in special places for it.Children menet turtle as sold for Tidung raised on the island near the border south of the buffer zone (buffer zone) of the park. Adult turtles be eaten or sold.Or broil steak yu pen is standard menu at Island Princess and turtle skeleton half eagle sold there for the tourist, as opposed to the CITES convention (Convention on International Trade of the flora and fauna are endangered) and Indonesia is one of the signatories of the convention this. Coral islands increasingly wiped out the developers and owners of private islands that are not legally explore coral for building materials and pier.People illegally taking coral and giant clam shell to be exported from Palm Island to Jakarta by shell collectors often destroy reefs. P ara walking and fishing boats moored on the reef, and build a pier over the rocks. The sportsman snorkel and SCUBA divers were also destroy coral colonies. On the island of Small ants on a boat full of passengers snorkel exercise without them knowing they are within a 10 minute walk in the rocks can damage coral growth that requires wkaselama 10 years.

All the activities that damage reduces the value of the reef for the purposes of the fishermen and the conservation of rare corals, as well as for tourism. Potential threats in various forms such as fishing pressures are intensified by new and increasingly destructive ways, including the use of poison and expansion harvesting reef organisms for the aquarium trade. Forms of pollution that can kill living around coral or reduce the value of the beach for recreation, including the disposal of oil and garbage from ships docked or left the port of Tanjung Priok. Broadening the expansion of pollution from Jakarta Bay to the north, erosion rampant from Java and sediments caused the muddy water of the sea, and blasting oil wells and disposal of oil drilling and so on. Some Na tional Park area of Thousand Island is very valuable, but the values are increasingly dimerosotkan by a variety of activities, so necessary protection for certain areas of this maritime.Although based on national definitions to accommodate tourism and conservation, but fishing should be restricted in the buffer areas around the park. After five years of the proposed management plan for the park's marine conservation expert Dr Rodney V. Salm of WWF / IUCN (Word Wildlife Fund For Nature / International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) TSB problems still exist and can not be controlled.The developers still have to buy and hire some of the island! Thousand Island is the most developed reef systems throughout Indonesia and koralnya diversity is quite high (67 genera and at least 123 species). Indeed, some parts of the coral islands have not been damaged and half eagle turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata which are included in the IUCN 'red book' (list of animals and plants are threatened with extinction) still regularly nested on several islands in the Thousand Islands. Although Indonesia is located in the center of the region with a variety of marine species most in the world, but only few of them are animals endemic (native to Indonesia). Instead exploitation will be heading to the total disappearance of species-species that have now been declared endangered. There are 12 known endangered species in Indonesia. This includes three marine mammals, two types of whales and dugongs, five types of sea turtles, and four animals mollusks. A total of four species is classified as Near Threatened in Indonesia, including fin whales.Dugong-dugong in Irian Jaya is classified as near threatened or vulnerable (vulnerable) facing extinction.Another dugong populations have been declared endangered. In addition, eight species have disappeared from the places they used to be, such as dugong from Java and almost certainly in other areas; too nesting green turtles in Bali; eagle beak turtles (hawksbill) are nested in the Thousand Islands, Spermonde, and other types of sea turtles (olive ridley) from Pangumbahan (south of Java).

Among rokomendasi Dr. Rodney V.Salm just as stated in its report that comprises 6 volumes of the conservation of the marine environment Indonesia al: * Indonesia should consider setting convention partake in. Pope; convention wetland; convention on species of birds migrate; convention on cultural and natural heritage; convention for the prevention of marine pollution by dumping ballast or other objects. * Indonesia should take a position of role models in promoting regional seas programs, conventions ratification protection and management of the marine environment and the coastal region. * Indonesia should conduct negotiations with Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) to formulate an agreement to conduct the study, management and habitat protection for species-species together that belong together, especially species of endangered sea turtles and dugong-dugong. * Nationally Indonesia have enacted new laws governing marine areas (protected). * Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation needs to obtain legal protection for all species are endangered as much as 17 who have not been protected in Indonesia, in order to capture and pemanenannya (including eggs) is also determined by regulation. * All the waters of Indonesia have declared a whale protection area in accordance with the obligations arising from Articles 65 and 120 of the Law of the Sea. * The areas of protection for the dugong-dugong, turtles, sea birds and so necessary that the population can be maintained continuity. ***

From the village of Tenganan Up Kuta Beach

Villagers Tenganan, Bali, still have and abide by an unwritten law that prohibits anyone felling trees, except those already dead or very old. Maybe this is not you consider to be "news" because unwritten law does not bind anyone, especially for those who live outside the village of Tenganan. But the law is written in Sweden also banned residents cut down trees so that a cum though, unless the bush simultaneously also planted trees were cut away as much. Your reporter looked into the village Tenganan, Bali, carried along in a workshop on media and environmental protection held by Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft with the Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre (AMIC) and the Office of the State Minister for Population and the Environment with the Association Bachelor of Communication Indonesia (Iski) and Communicators for Conservation (Comcon). With 24 journalists television, radio and other newspapers that came to the village Tenganan to see with our own eyes, we see how the village has since hundreds of years ago was able to maintain a good environment. Even though the villagers are already enjoying the drinking water supply and electricity from the government, but the drinking water source and fountainhead of this village still maintained sustainable, thanks to the unwritten laws that describe how environmentally conscious Tenganan villagers. Tenganan village location surrounded by rolling hills and a river ward edge of the village showing the alignment between the inhabitants of the village with the surrounding nature. The forests that cover the hills above the village green is still heavily maintained and protected from logging by anyone, including by people outside the village of Tenganan. What is interesting also is the prohibition to marry outside the village, causing the population growth rate is very low with an average number of children per family is less than two, as a result of inter-family marriages. Custom prohibits marriage between first cousins and just membolehka marriage between second cousins or third, there seems to be due to genetic causes small number of their descendants living in this village hundreds in number. Progress Tenganan residents are now much driven by "weaving gringsing" or traditional hand weaving is done by women.Because of its rarity results weaving village is the price can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per share, The men of this village make manuscripts on palm leaves written with a knife.Her entry of foreign tourists to Bali direct positive impact to the villagers considered the oldest in Bali.

Woven fabric "gringsing" for residents to be considered having an i Tenganan drug efficacy.Gringsi cloth ng, in Balinese mean "Gering-sing" means "no pain" or cure. Dyes used in the manufacture of hand woven fabrics gringsing that since time immemorial taken from the bark-bark and leaves it is likely to contain properties efficacy of anti-antifever or infection. With a cloth dipped in water and drink gringsing celupannya water, a child who has a fever can be cured from his illness. After the Tenganan, the workshop participants ber "arbor-there" to Yeh Mampeh, a village on the slopes of Mount Batur. Nice with the Mampeh Yeh, walaup since 1963 hit from the two overflowing lava of Mount Batur and Mount Agung, and they were encouraged by the Government to transmigrate but they chose to remain living in their village. Yeh village road Mampeh mostly covered lava spewed Mount Batur, in some places more than one meter thickness, since it is recommended transmigrate just so up the spirit to fertilize their land back. Proven lands 25 years ago was hit by volcano lava is very suitable for growing lemon. Yeh Mampeh Banjar, one in six hamlets in South Batur village which is part of Kintamani district visited the workshop participants who came from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have 50 acres of garden lime on the production of the most well generate USD 800 million a year.Price lime iloram each k g in Yeh Mampeh reached USD 600, -.P enghasilan per capita Yeh mapeh Rp 1.1 million / year. This figure is quite high, even when compared with the average rural Bali or outside Bali, even higher than the income of the Kuta beach area that experienced "an explosion of economic progress" exceptional, thanks to foreign tourists.They have an average income per person per year is U.S. $ 1,000. Why not plant population Mampeh Yeh garlic that cost could be much higher than the lemon? Because lime plant has advantages over the garlic in its ability to resist soil, so do not carry water in the rainy season. The reporter again made bemused by environmental awareness people have more environmental awareness oenduduk ijika we compare it with the smart city just talking about "environmentally conscious." This workshop print media group publishes tabloid newspaper 'instant' and only one rising while the number of eight pages with the name "Kulkul" that the Balinese language means "gong.". As a complement charging tabloid Kulkul, the print media coverage of the workshop is to continue to Nusa Dua where the case is going berhadapannya mutual benefit of project managers Nusa Dua tourist resorts and the locals are demanding air and face-to-face dialogue between the two parties were arguing.

Once the dialogue is established between the management of the Village Unit Cooperatives fishing "Mina Astiti Ocean" with the BTDC (Bali Tourism Ddevelopment Corporation) reached an agreement: The BTDC agreed with KUD spokesman cooperative chairman, Nyoman Usup Bachelor, who wanted to provide 24 'acres' of land (or 2400 m2) for the cooperative's members, so they can berwira-business while preventing less commendable practice selling souvenirs by children who disturb the tourists, better known as the "merchant thumbs up" half-forced the tourists to buy their wares. The demand for the provision of flow memparkir waiting boats owned by residents of foreign tourists to use their boats to bercengkerema the rate of about Rp 5,000 / hour for two people also granted. There is still one more requirement: Ttembok-wave barrier to prevent erosion created by the BTDC should not be made in such a way to interfere with their memparkir their boat. Its quite complicated to solve the problem is a demand KUD, which guarantees the 63 member cooperatives, if the place where they will be moved from the Nusa Dua later eroded. "If the parties do BTDC take sand from the cooperative," said Bachelor told a group of journalists from the print media workshop. Parties BTDC said, later taking sand is only done in other areas sanctioned Regional Government of Badung which covers an area of Nusa Dua, namely the 'resort hotel' which was prepared for the conference penyelnggaraan PATA (Pacific Asia TravelAssociation) 1991, which will swell the number of hotel rooms from 2,000 to 4,000 rooms within a period of two or three years. When meeting the Chairman of the Village Community Resilience Institute (LKMD) Kuta, Drs I Made Suwedja, watawan Kuta you found out that it had experienced "an explosion of economic progress." But is concerned, not only Kuta beach has experienced an erosion (abrasion) by the waves of the sea, but there has also been an erosion of spiritual values while people, especially among the youth, which is now too "ekespose" to the various elements of the culture and lifestyle of Europe, America and especially Australia. Retaining walls made waves for the "anti-crushing" lead religious ceremonies along the coast will be disturbed. Kuta also young people are now more "appreciative" of material values and hedonic carried by tourists Caucasians, to their appreciation of the spiritual values inherited from their ancestors appear faded. No less is the inclusion mecemaskan capitals dark half through false marriage for business purposes, which allows the entry of foreign capital, whice is difficult to know, to be detrimental to the state in taxes. More than that is not possible through the efforts of this dim half done anyway efforts side against the law, such as drug trafficking. ***

Updates, 17-11-1988

Millions of Acres of Lorentz National Park Threatened destroyed

Wildlife and ecology of Lorentz National Park in Papua (1 million hectares) is threatened oksplorasi oil extraction, in addition to 20% of the ice field with mountains Jaya Wijaya peak is the highest point of Indonesia (4885 M) Tembagapura polluted mine waste will hit limits national park boundaries. Dr. Ronald G.Petocz project leaders WWF / IUCN (World Wildlife Fund / International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) expressed concern

with a detailed priority areas of planned management of seven national parks and nature reserves for the next five years. The seven national parks and nature reserves TSB is Lorenz National Park (more than 1 million Hetar, the largest in Indonesia), National Park Mamberamo - Foja (1.4 million hectares), mountainous nature reserves in the Bird's Head mountain Tamrau (225.720 hectares and 247.875 hectares) and the nature reserve of Mount Arfak smaller (63.750 Ha), nature reserves and nature reserves Cyclops mountains Paradise Bay. Lorenz National Park stretches from gletsyer-gletsyer equator, the mountains of the mountain-the highest in Southeast Asia across the full spectrum of the Alps, the Alps form sub-montane forests, lowland forests and mangrove forests to the Arafura Sea coast. Threats can happen no less than 123 types of mammals of the total 154 were estimated to be in the park, in addition to 411 of the 639 species of birds including many endemic species. Since starting operations in Freeport south slopes of the mountains Carstenz, gletsyergletsyernya very easily accessible by people from Tembagapura mine.Now it's just proven the existence of serious pollution by waste from the mines at the foot gletsyer Meren. Including mining concessions covering an important part of this national park, or approximately 20% of the ice field and Mount Jaya Wijaya to Indonesia's highest peak (4885 m). The path on the plateau are very often used of Ilaga and Geoga heading south across the plateau and Kemabu Zenggilirong, leading down to the Tembagapura also become sources of threats to wildlife and ecology park. Gletsyer-gletsyer and Carstensz mountains are places of interest for visitors, especially the mountaineers who often helped increase the damage and pollution in the region. Although exploratory work has been stopped for a while, more than half of the available land has now been leased for oil exploration. Due to the unique nature of the extraordinary national park has been proposed to be a "world heritage" (World Heritage) by IUCN. This national park deserves to be one of the priority areas management planning, reported R onald G.Petocz who have been monitoring the area studies in the Lorentz National Park since 1983 and continued in the 1984's and then was forwarded again as a WWF project in Irian Jaya. Mamberamo-Foja been proposed to the National dijadikanTaaman, but has not yet entered into force, covering a total 1.4425 million hectares, to be the biggest national park no 2 in Indonesia, after Lorentz. National park has not yet unveiled a comprehensive series of habitat and undisturbed consisting of mangrove forests and marshes at the mouth of the River Mamberamo up to lowland forests and forest zones of Montana (virgin forest) of complex Foja Mountains -Gautter (at an altitude of 2193 meters above sea level), fell again to the lowlands of this nature reserve with a spectrum of different types of mammals most complete (about 100 species) and birds (330 species) in the north central kordilera covers most major lakes in Irian

Jaya, the lake Rombebai, and most major rivers Mamberamo and volcanoes and hundreds of other lakes. In wilderness areas around the Foja Mountains as its center, a mountainous region with a virgin forest where kangaroos and cuscus tree-kangaroos can be approached closely, nature reserves Mamberamo also been proposed as the "World Heritage". In the sanctuary there is no residential enclave in large numbers.Mamberamo region north has experienced oil exploration for the last four years, and has also proposed to be an area that would later be exploited even within the nature reserve. WWF has conducted this survey in the nature reserve in 1980 and 1981.The proposals have been dis ampaikan to WWF / IUCN for the provision of funds for reserve management planning Mamberamo. Two Mountains nature reserve Tamrau each with an area 265,720 ha and 247,875 ha and Arfak Mountain nature reserve (63 750 ha) has not been established as a nature reserve, but no doubt has the natural resources to the greatest montana endemic and rare taxa in Irian Jaya . Among the 130 species of rare birds in Irian Jaya (including Papua New Guinea) are the most widely Bird's Head region.The nature reserve has 320 species of birds and 90 mammals. At this time there are overlaps between nature reserves with concession-k onsesi logging.The expected overlap is removed by going to the inauguration of these areas as nature reserves. Arfak mountains and surrounding area is very densely pendudu settlement pressures that are a threat to nature reserves.Settlements transmig constellation in Oransbari and expansion of rubber and cocoa plantation along the east coast is a concern in itself, although the plantations could be used as a buffer zone to coordinate them in an estate plan that is integrated with the natural order. Among the three nature reserves, the Arfak is the most important priority for the design management. Survey the air has not yet begun, due to lack of funds and expertise. Corridors mountains nature reserve North Tamrau stretches down to the coast, coupled with a stretch of beach that has been designated as turtle nesting areas are most important in Southeast Asia. Approximately 3500 turtle nests found along the coast, according to the results of aerial surveys conducted in 1981.Ki ni is estimated there are between 8,000 and 15,000 nests every year. Threatened extinction of animals reptiles here and the importance of the northern part of the nature reserve Tamrau, and separately Jamursba-bath beach has been proposed as a nature reserve which is an urgent priority to be researched and managed. A project of WWF / IUCN, funded by the European Economic Community has initiated an investigation in the area since 1984 and the project will still go on for 18 months,

led by a marine biologist and turtle, with the assistance of the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation ( PHPA) and the university. Wasur wildlife nature reserve is located in the southeast corner of the province of Irian Jaya, approximately 304 000 ha in extent and has been officially declared a nature reserve that includes the Blue Swamp Nature Reserve (4,000 ha), which consist of open water marsh in the center of the nature reserve.The expansion of nature reserves in i have been proposed and are being processed inauguration until the entire sanctuary covers an area of 421 000 ha will. The nature reserve is the driest part of the province and has a diversity of habitats such as lowland plains Melaleuca-Eucalypt forest, savannah and mangrove swamps lowland forests, plains and tidal mud avifauna which is the richest natural reserve in Irian Jaya, with an estimated population of 391 species, including several types of migratory birds from Australia. In the reserve there are about 81 types of mammals.Many of the endemic fauna, including deer. There is a two-lane road in the nature reserve: south coast road from Merauke to the border and segments along 70 km of Highway Trans Irian almost halve this nature reserve.In addition to the concentration of the threat to nature reserve, some of the deer poaching. There are also signs of other threatened wildlife, including many species of birds of paradise. The nature reserve is in between that is in Irian Jaya is the most widely entered the hunt for people with the threat of wild animals, but also because of the transmigration program, Similarly, the magnitude of this threat, until the next three years most of the habitat and wildlife sanctuary feared would vanish, kecuzli if a program management and protection can be done from now on. Work has begun on Wasur pendaluluan by consultants WWF / IUCN, and now there is a program for three-year term Wasur nature reserves and other nature reserves in the south. This program is expected to begin in 1985, in collaboration with WWF / IUCN and PHPA office in Merauke. The focus of the program is the management and implementation of wildlife and habitat protection, monitoring pe atihan hunting areas in nature reserves, in addition to the study of some species of birds. An isolated coastal mountain region in the form of nature reserves Cyclops mountains towering above the provincial capital Jayapura has many elements montana endemic, including as many as 273 species of birds and 86 types of mammals are estimated to be in the sanctuary. Because of its location, the nature reserve is surrounded by agricultural fields, hunting pressure, collecting wood and orchids as well as the expansion of cities Jayapura and Sentani Abepura, three is a settlement centers.

The nature reserve is also prone to overlap with mining exploration concessions, although the outlook for nickel mine has been delayed, there is now a new event in the form of survey sources marble quarry on the north coast. This area has been established as a nature reserve since 1978 with an area of 22,500 hectares, the boundaries have been revised in accordance with the work of the project WWF / IUCN. The nature reserve is located in the northwest quadrant Paradise Bay includes all series Auri islands and along the 510 km coastline of the mainland, which were newly Anggremeos Island (2,500 ha) which has also been adopted as a nature reserve. Perhaps this sanctuary is the most unique among marine areas in Indonesia with rocks rich life as a nest and foraging sea turtles, the area is a popular seaweed dugongdugong, and is a fertile ground for giant clams and marine crocodiles. Waters rich in fish mermaids, and the types of fish that are traded. Now this area has been the target of collecting shells from South Sulawesi, in addition to the local fishermen are increasingly pressured by their peers from the islands of Biak and Japen. With the growing fishery by port facilities and fishing fleet Biak, making increasingly urgent need to start planning management. The Ministry of Forestry has approved seven nature reserves on the priority to get management within the next five years, although in fact there are many other nature reserves in Irian Jaya awaiting the attention of the Government. It was time the government and other agencies concerned with the management of national parks and nature reserves roll up sleeves to face the challenges and threats that can damage and even eliminate some of the This region-the region that should be protected, for the continued development and lives. The general public also needs to start paying attention to problems of nature conservation which, although still relatively "new stuff" for the general public, now te was started to gain attention.*** December 23, 1984, Sinar Harapan

Spying Seal Habitat at the End of the World Southeast

Traveled up is usually determined by the place to target, and the purpose why the place was designated. Selected uampir Stewart Island New Zealand south-southeast down towards the South Pole, because the island is not only located at the end point of New Zealand, especially because the island is a nature reserve managed by the population palin g thinly across the country.Only a few hundred people on holidays or weekends, when tourists arrive. Stewart Island to the wealth of natural reserves managed optimally: Fauna and flora absolutely protected, practically can not be touched, let alone hunted with sufficient funds and managed with adequate expertise and equipment. From Stewart Island we can learn, how to manage a small island whose wealth is mainly in the form of plants and animals. The island, the sky is always bright at dawn and twilight, when the middle of the night sometimes aurora, located at almost the end of the south-southeast down there, in the southern unjung Zealand's South Island. In 1864 the island was purchased from the Maori people to Sri Queen of England at a price of 6000.Even then repaid several times. Island with a population of 450 people this shaft is triangular with north at about 64 km and a width of approximately 40 km. Just 24 km from the South Island are the journalist

was taken 18 minutes from Invercargill airport a small town in the southern end of the South Island with a Cessna aircraft to cross Foveaux Strait. Why chosen place almost at the end, almost went to the South Pole?Since P Ulau Stewart with natural awake still nearly 100% intact, no tainted by anything. Stewart Island real name in Maori is Rakiora, (which means "sky sparkle" is taken from the name of the fishing crew seals ('seal') Pegasus.Stewart in 1809 successfully rounded the island and prove otherwise of the allegation that Captain Cook had thought tsb island is part of the South Island (South Island, New Zealand). Right at the mouth of Halfmoon Bay (Half Moon Bay) there is a small island of Ulva, where you can enjoy the path created for anyone who want to blend in the middle of nature, while listening to the chirping of birds and observe different types of plants. This footpath tation protect natural vegetation that span a comfortable enough distance to achieve.L ebar path almost one meter, somewhat hardened, the winding direction to protect vegetation and to show as many natural characteristics. This footpath turn right through a thin-trunked plant named Totara and two kinds of ferns and lilies similar land on the right side of the road after the first bend. At the second stop will look striking plants 'rimu' and ferns chain, which is not actually a ferns, but are so called because sometimes these plants have spores, as well as leafdaunya much like a chain. At the third stop Corybas species are species of orchids are abundant in the spring, arrowhead-shaped leaves, silvery rear side, flat and green. Then we will find Miro plants, trees u Wheki pack similar to what we usually find in our mountains in Indonesia we call Pakis Haji.There are many other ferns here. And the bird is probably the first yan g yellow crowned parakeets. And if you're lucky maybe you'll find a ground bird, Weka, Tui bird in addition, bird bells (bellbirds), in addition to pigeons and parrots. By using a motor boat you can surround the island, among others, inhabited by a very tight seal protected conservation. Armed with our cameras trying to record from a distance that can not be closer than mingle where this rare creature. It appears they are in the sun that was so horrible they mingle on the rocks are wet glistening rays of the sun falling.Once in a while it lajut dog and jumped and jumped into the sea.Then swim back to shore reef. Wagging his tail and then dive again, perhaps while searching for prey. Stewart Island forest guards accompanying the journalists you explain about the strictness of protection of these animals is done implicitly.Anyone not allowed to hunt or kill.

The animals were allowed to be in a place that they enjoy doing, just to peacefully coexist, like the Soviet Union and the United States at the time of Khrushchev first. From forest guards (warden) that we receive a small stack of books on natural history on Stewart Island, about a rich variety of birds, ferns, animals crustaceans, vegetation, sea birds, trees and shrubs, sea grass , fish etc.. Many of the park's natural Nasionar Indonesia has been confirmed by law. Sadly, although the term National Park has been used for several forest reserves, the legal term 'National Park' in Indonesia yet.Until pe planning and management berkatung until now still seems uncertain. Dozens of proposals volumes about how the National Park it, from the most western tip of Aceh to West Irian has been prepared jointly by experts from FAO, IUCN and WWF to fund millions of dollars and billions of dollars. But we mengawatirkan reports it has yet to be fully implemented.Since the 'scarcity' of experts, equipment and funds. From what we saw in Stewart Island, we are confident that Indonesia is obliged to preserve nature in the best possible future for our children and grandchildren. *** Sinar Harapan, December 10, 1985

Part Four Manila Declaration of the WTO in 1980 Until ASTA Save the World
Manila Declaration 1980 Towards Tourism Congress 2004 Preserving Sea Region Indonesia Return the event Nusantara As Cruise Vacations Keep Bali Lestari Fixed Batik, Politics and Diplomacy Forum for Tourism Learning from Tokio welcome the 21st Century Prompts ASTA Save Planet Earth

Deklalarasi Mainla WTO 1980: Man Tourism Central Point

Despite decades of independence, we as a nation still gelepotan with the problem of "basic needs", such as education, employment, housing, and health facilities. We need to bear in mind with meaning for humans tourism as one of the fulfillment of the desire to live.Because tourism can recover energy, restore health and extend our cultural horizons. More than that tourism creates bonds with fellow human beings as social beings and cosmic beings.M elalui humans relate to nature tourism and allow natural touch How Pahk itn reality of our lives as a fellow nation, because not many of Indonesia's human right Bernar able to travel, because it is still too low level of socio-economic life of us .. As touted in the WTO World Tourism Conference 1980 in Manila, we see tourism as an industry pariwwisata only seen the commercial criteria alone that would cause the disappearance of the cultural dimensions of tourism as an element of the formation of the human person. In this conference traced through human insight, social and psychological to more precisely place the tourism in relation to the construction and development of tourism. Displayed a variety of thoughts and ideas on the conference level with the world's major focus, did the State put its citizens a fair-human. Since the holiday is not just "rights" but also a "social duty".And therefore should be considered to put tourism is not too "over-industrialized", and too commercialized. The theme is taken by the 1980 WTO conference on freedom of the human al to move. Although we have become members of the United Nations and more or less bound to be the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are less likely to realize that if an Indonesian, because suatgu cause, get government ban to go abroad, in fact the government has violated their human rights as one of the humans. It would be ideal and "build castles in the air" as it sounds, if the Eastern European countries to disseminate Eksperanto language to bridge the communication difficulties between the Govt of the world, in order to overcome the language barrier between fellow citizens of the

world. There's even a bependapat "reasonably necessary to replace your passport identification card." Basically two simple ideas but still too "ideal" is h, just to emphasize how mankind craves the freedom of movement of God on earth, without having hindered by geographical boundaries and language differences. The need for cooperation in tourism between developed countries and developing countries far kebih important than aid., Khuusnya developing countries where there is the possibility of private investment, both internationally and nationally, in areas potentially wisata.tng than Increasingly recognized the need for dialogue conference between developed countries and developing countries is much more important than just help. Technical terms, such as 'market analysis', 'cost of finance', and 'social costs' and benefits are also used ddalam talk about other industries, have different meaning when used in the application of its meaning in the tourism industry, so it will be different translation meaning and connection. The core issue is also important that we should observe and note its application in Indonesia. Technological cooperation essentially cost centers including planning tourism projects, including the planning of various infrastructure related to civil engineering which is not always available in developing countries. In the paper-work from Kenya reported, in general infrastructure is a complex problem, because they have planned, and implemented dibeayai, before an entrepreneur to consider, to build a hotel. Project development Nusa Dua tourist resorts in Bali to be a great example. New setelahlebih of the six-year "sold" to the whole world, so investors Garuda Idpnesia first to build a hotel there.Though roads, electricity and water have been available for a long time. Also we note no less profound technological cooperation in particular the operation of the project, and the management of tourism in general. Another theme is the analysis of human resource development. Indonesia has been right on target, because it has Tourism Education Centre in Bandun g and Bali, in addition to a number of private and government colleges tourism. Noted in this conference, so an activity touristik in a developing country begins, human resource issues and usually appears directly related to general issues in education, the preparation and provision of skilled personnel and experts. Clearly, the problem of the development of tourism can not be overcome merely just seen as a problem of 'investment' and 'production.' It should be seen also the economic impact and its social effects, including resident attitudes toward tourism.

In terms of human resource development, Indonesia do not be too shy, if you compare yourself with other developing countries. Although, if we boasts a andingkan to the Philippines, we may still have to admit not having educational institutions in the rise of international tourism profession. In the economic aspects of tourism, conference noting the fact increasing Emerging fuel prices, the problem is quite serious discussion. However, in the end the conference should be aware, that the energy is not in place for too deep to protracted discussed at this conference. Still a deal can be reached, if the State is expected to be able to enjoy the economic and social contribution of tourism, the State must assume responsibility for the seat of tourism as a social and economic role holder. , Although serious problems regarding stabilization and reorganization of economic growth in every modern society has led to the emergence of pessimism, the conference hopes, "the world crisis will not reach a point that would seriously disrupt the progress in international trade." New International Economic Order is considered impossible and could not but be realized first through the New International Cultural Tata one of its manifestations is the elaboration and tourism experiences within the meaning of the susungguhnya. After convening for nearly two full weeks, from 27 September to 10 October, ditingkah by several bomb blasts set almost simultaneously at three hotels, the conference came to its climax sara-suggestions and formulate conclusions that one among others, will be taken by President Marcos UN General Assembly to yad Manila Declaration basically puts humans at a reasonable position, as both the focal point of tourism activity in leisure time and holidays. ". Tourism Minister Jose aspiration saying, "I really really wish that Indonesia, which hosted the conference.But Indonesia does not have a minister riwisata pa.To host the conference, Indonesia should be able to say to the world that Indonesia has placed tourism as the embodiment of human needs in relation to their economic, social and cultural. "*** Sinar Harapan, Philippines 23-10-80,

Ahead of Congress Tourism Indonesia 2004

Since the Republic of Indonesia was established in 1945 has been held five times a Cultural Congress. The last one was held in Padang, West S umatera in 2003 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as the originator of the idea and funders.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr.I Gede Ardika throwing ideas Indonesian Tourism Congress held in 2004, will be the first held in our country. The idea was presented to the Minister Ardika ITAF (Indonesian Tourism and Aviation Forum) led Sri Mulyono Herlambang, when facing the Minister on 16 September 2003. Exactly presumably if it was our idea Ardika referral to the Minister for Tourism World Congress of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in 1980. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia when it was sending an envoy to the World Tourism Congress the first ever diselenggaakan WTO in Manila in September-October 1980 it. Formal Indonesian delegation led by Ambassador to the Philippines at the time with some embassy staff be followed-include accompanying the official delegation from Jakarta .. As a memento for the delegates of President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady, Imelda sang a duet Dahil Sayo crooning pop songs sung in Tagalog, that the English version titled Because of You. Banter after the Marcos regime fell, the title song blamed the Marcos :: 'Because of You (Marcos)' to enrich the impoverished Philippines Ferdinand and Imelda who then had been evicted from their thrones because of allegations of corruption. The presence of the Indonesian delegation at the congress of the world that it was actually a bit disappointing, "because the Indonesian delegation without informing the 'country report' which was originally to describe the development of Indonesia as a tourist destination.Also no Message from Head of State, ' And more great again, to take place during the conference, Indonesia did not file a bit of feedback, or any questions or statements, whether in plenary sessions, committee, or working group. Except for one time, Indonesia raised his hand to abstain in the vote on the admissibility of Delegates PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) as the Congress Party. Attitude safe player of delegates we turned out to be disappointed.Because an overwhelming majority voted in favor PLO agreed to be accepted as an observer congress, according to its status at the UN Headquarters in which the PLO observer status as well. After Congress convenes for two weeks produced; Manila Declaration, "which until now shared by all members of the WTO as an international agreement, including Indonesia. Outside Congress WTO, at a seminar attended by international NGO organizations were also held in Manila prior to the World Congress of the WTO, an all-out phenomenon of sex tourism is riding rampant in the Philippines when it was beaten by the seminar participants who came from all countries in the world. Berabenya for the host, because the Philippines is the country peddlers sex tour.In this seminar Manila heavily criticized by the NGO seminar.Manila sex tour centered along Mabini Street in this city that is located not far from the Philippine International Convention

Center (PICC), which is part of The Philippine Vllage, nota bene pride Manila which is t.empat Congress convening this WTO. Journalists who do not have time to cover this seminar seminars obtained a number of documents and information about the course of the seminar through a participant from India. According to sources, the sex tourism business in Manila was made the object of study in the seminar. Already since before 1980, rampant sex tourism business in this neighbor nege r i.In the seminar recapitulated 'bebanten-bebanten' pariwata sex, in order to earn foreign exchange for the Marcos regime. One such example of how vile 'sex tourist machine' swallow its victims: For every U.S. $ 100 'influx' of sex tour in the Philippines, less than U.S. $ 10 are up in the hands of the comfort women. For example, disclosed in the seminar, before the tuis Japan entered the room, they were first herded into a 'hall' where women entertainers berjentrak-jentrik, like on the catwalk, each wearing a number.And the Japanese tourists staying mention what number of hands were chosen. And so the tourists entering his hotel room with a number of choices women have been in their respective rooms. It was also reported in the seminar by a Catholic nun in Manila, how many children without fathers should dip diurusnya anti care administered by nuns, and almost every orphan is 'result' of sex tourism is. If you spend some time on the sidelines of the Congress, will be able to count how many restaurants and 'go go club' along Mabini Street, in addition to many specialist venereal disease clinic there, not far from Mabini.While it is not yet known what is now identified as AIDS (Acquired Immunity Syndrome Deficienct), as it is now. WTO Congress 1980 which could possibly be got 'lift up' by the delegates who signed the Manila Declaration, in fact is not without flaw or flaws. Because Congress turn a blind eye to the flourishing sex tourism in Manila, even while the course of the Congress. Tourism was first stratified world has ever held. Betapapu, shall we say when the Marcos regime, which was then demolished by the power of the Reformist leader Benigno Aquino has manipulated tourism in the Philippines has become the creator dollar machines to increase foreign exchange proceeds. Arousal 'People Power' leader Corazon Corry, who followed after Benigno dieksekusinya savagely by a sniper at the Manila airport, the day Benigno return to his homeland, after exile in America, it 'reinforced' by sexploitasi Manila tourism, which eventually led regime of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos family into dusk and then immediately replaced by Corrie President Aquino, the wife of the late.Benigno Aquino.

That's the lesson to be paid the Government and the People of the Philippines from tourism development policies that turned a blind eye to the holidays with a bear trap that tourists coming to the Philippines Yang. finally turned ..... overthrow the regime who justify such travel, The fall of the Suharto regime also merintisi messy Indonesia's tourism industry, as evidenced by the mounting bad debts amounting to trillions arrives Rp.6.6 suffered 46 hotels in Indonesia. including the Hotel Indonesia from PT Hotel Indonesia International is now called PT INA, a state which is a merger of two HII PT and PT Natour, both state Economic and monetary crisis since mid-1997 has prompted the collapse of the New Order regime not just roll up the hospitality industry, but it also raises unemployment tourism industry and the components of other related industries Includes PT Gauda Indonesia and PT Merpati Nsuantara almost bankrupt, because they almost broke up meludeskan net value of the assets that Garuda Indonesia had reached negative numbers. Which means, if all assets sold Garuda, the Government still have to pay off the remaining debt that will not be covered by the sale of all its assets. Referring kepadatriliunan with bad credit unemployed hospitality and tourism industry employees wrinkle Garuda asset value, due to economic and monetary crisis that ultimately undermine the regime, to adequately describe how the yield-lantaknya industries including tourism industry-related industry as a whole. Decline in tourist numbers after the New Order yan shrinking state revenues and the public, as well as follow-up in the form of terrorism beledakan havoc in Legian Bali bombings and the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, which was considered very negative impact on the image of security in Indonesia as a tourist destination as 'very low.' Then they followed one after another disastrous appearance SARS (the Acute Respiratory Diseases syndroma) and avian flu adding increasingly less sweetness Indonesia's image as a tourist destination 'Homework' as illustrated above clearly melatar-backs preparation Indonesia Tourism Congress 2004.That Congress should also need to be attended by the parties outside the tourism sector should also take into account input from industry associations and professional tours, which amount is not less than 40 association. Indonesia Tourism Congress 2004 we expect to be able to map back the following problematic solutions, both in business and economic dimensions, as well as environmental and cultural.Seb erapa severe damage to the natural environment and cultural environments involved in the realm of tourism, and ways how to cope with it all. Tourism Congress may be able to prevent significant future longer-bebanten bebanten similar, as in Manila and in Indonesia. Learn from the fall of Marcos and Suharto, we should be able to put tourism on the right rail, the contributive towards national development by putting people of Indonesia as a subject pembngunan 'instead of' object development. ".***

Preserving Sea Region Indonesia

The results of a study conducted by Dr.Rodney V. Salm, Atakan meny p GoI needs to expand the marine conservation area to 10 million hectares.Until 2000, Indonesia is expected to protect 30 million h EKTAR marine areas should be preserved. To implement the plan giant Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation Sub-form shapes Marine Conservation Area, led by D drs.Sutanto Ismu Suwelo. According to Rodney Salm, the task of managing marine protected areas urgency "is still hidden," compared to the attention given to the area of land and he suggested Indonesia merintisi protection of marine areas and formulate regional ASEAN ASEAN regional marine conservation program with the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP. Indonesia also needs to take the initiative to negotiate with neighboring countries, namely, Australia, Papua New Guinea and other ASEAN countries to formulate an agreement on a Tudi together to determine how the management and protection of species habitat-star shared marine animals, turtles and aeperti dugong because these two species are threatened with extinction.

At the national level, Indonesia should immediately enact a special law on the sea. In a special interview with a consultant from the WWF conservation of the marine environment Holland, Peter C.Schrder M.Sc, MMA said, if money is an obstacle for Indonesia to become a signatory to international conventions that protect whales, Indonesia may declare his intentions with a description of the limitations have not been able to pay tuition. Indonesia is a signatory to the convention Unrgensi whale protection, said the International Whaling Commission Chairman (IWC) Sir Peter Scott to reporters you, so that Indonesia as a member IWC, the strategic position of Indonesia waters for whales that traverse our waters that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. On that occasion the invitation of UNEP's public hearing in London, Sir Peter Scott said he had seen with his own eyes "a whaling ship without identity in Indonesian waters east."From the deck of a ship that ditompanginya Lindblatt in a scientific expedition, not far from the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya. In separate interviews, Isnu Suwelo Sutanto, said lack of funding is an obstacle for Indonesia to participate in the convention whale protection, although various agencies, including the State Department, Office of the Minister of Environment, General Direktort Marine Fisheries and the Directorate General of PHPA, have thought of the importance of Indonesia as a member convention TSB. According to Schroder Indonesia will be increasingly more convincing the international community as a country that is really alarming environmental degradation, given the global waters of Indonesia is part of the whole Earth from time to time further memperihatinkan circumstances. With the pope signed the convention, the image of Indonesia would be better helped to preserve the natural environment, including flora and fauna, both on land and sea. Dr Salm suggested also, that all the waters of Indonesia declared a whale protection area (a whale sanctuary), so that Indonesia would complement the Indian Ocean region as a whale sanctuary. Also recommended, so that the waters around the islands of Solor and all the strait between the islands of Flores, Wetar, and Timor declared a whale protection zone. For that the Directorate General of PHPA need to pemdekatan to WWF the Netherlands, so that the agency can contribute by a team of researchers conducted a survey with whale yacht Tulip belongs WWF Netherlands.The results of the survey will be able to determine the future, in which the location of mating whales and where (if any) children born whales in the waters of Indonesia. Prompts urges aid yacht Tulip is Menur ut Dr.Salm should be done (in 1986), so that at the latest in 1988 the survey has been completed.(As far as a kit know, after more than 35 years, Indonesia has never followed up on the suggestion Sir Peter Scott page.)

convention that Indonesia would be more convincing in the right member of the Sea is an obstacle I If Indonesia intends to participate signed the convention pope, then officially help protect whales in the waters of Indonesia. In his study Dr. Salm also mentioned when the National Park hosted the World Congress III, 1982 in Bali, Indonesia has committed to make Indonesian waters as a protected area. If this commitment is not realized, it is feared Indonesian marine conservation program could lose its credibility in the eyes of the world. *** Sinar Harapan. January 18, 1986

Restore Archipelago As Cruise Vacations Region

When in Manado is being hosted World Ocean Conference it appropriate to reflect on the waters of the Archipelago as a marine tourism. Since so many centuries ago archipelago is the spice, orange even before the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and English race heading to the archipelago of our ancestors have been exploring the oceans, so the established trade relations with Western nations through cinnamon (cinammon route) which enables us so spice flavoring dishes in the Western World. Then, before the second world war, the Royal Dutch shipping peruahaan Paketvaart connect Maatschappij Nederland and Archipelago, little by little the tourists travel to Europe, especially the Netherlands Java and Bali, followed by the first flight to the Far East by the Royal Luchtvaart Maatschappij y connecting Amsterdam and Batavia.Toward the Second World War, more and more European tourists to the East Indies by using flight mode. In 1954 the author still managed to climb aboard Plancius KPM and Ophir from Surabaya to Buleleng, Bali and vice versa, before the Royal Dutch shipping company was nationalized a year Pelni ta1959. In the early 1970s, the Holland America Line operates a yacht Prinsendam carrying foreign tourists around the archipelago, stopping in Nias and Bali. At least twice a newspaper reporter, Agnes Samsuri and Suryohadi, covering Prinsendam cruise around the archipelago in after 1973.HAL luxury liner was then burned and sank in the waters between Manado and the Philippines.

It has been such a long history of the archipelago as a global marine tourism area, which until now is still enjoyed by the tourists with cruise ships are still passing in the archipelago waters, some of them with American-flagged ships, Europe, Asia and even Russia. Although Indonesia is still not completely free from multidimensional crises befalling the social, economic, political and cultural which is still ongoing by the global crisis, but the fact remains the Asia Pacific region, including the archipelago, was encroached upon by international cruise ships. A Merauke, Indonesia is now still have to continue to seduce the cruise ships that have sailed the waters of the archipelago, to consider our waters belonging to the most diverse in the world in natural beauty and culture. Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong already had a dozen years ago over a cruise ship stopover world.This fact is even more underlined the need for Indonesia to improve itself back as the waters yacht. Host the WOC, which was held for the first time, should arouse Indonesia are less aware too long position as such a strategic maritime nation. Already since the proclamation of independence, self-neglect as a maritime country, but our country is a cross point between two continents and oceans. Indonesia unavoidable position has a variety of tourist destination areas that lie between Sabang to Merauke. Peter Semone, Cornell University alumnus travel experts, with decades of experience in the field in a proposal that projecting to the Director-General Pairiwisata, Andi Mappissameng in 1995 revealed 85 percent of all survey respondents Cruise Line International Asssociation said that traveled on a cruise is one way good to taste the beauty of a vacation. Peter Semone concluded Asia Pacific region including Indonesia is positioned as a market that is able to meet the challenges and needs of the world in the 21st century. Singapore has long made itself as a center for boat cruises in Southeast Asia. It has been more than 25 years ago, Singapore has a cruise ship passenger terminal at the international airport terminal styles are just 25 minutes from Changi international airport with facilities worth S $ 50 million, which is recognized as the 'main gateway for South-East Asia.' Indonesia should benefit from the presence of the main cruise ship port of Singapore is also worth a look as one of the main gateway to Indonesia. We are quite aware in Southeast Asia, we are not only competing with Singapore, but also to Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Malaysia. However, it can also be a competitive position once we see as s position protective equip.As the travel distance using airplanes, countries adjacent to complement a particular tourist destination. The high cost of the country of destination cruises can be joined with neighboring countries.Moreover, for decades the world has been familiar with the term type "fly and cruise" as to streamline the combined time for the traveler with a lot of cruises to choose the departure or return using aerial or otherwise. The more information is obtained about a cruise destination country will be more attractive also for neighboring countries to obtain luberannya. Dozens of countries that sent their delegates to Manado WOC would not just want to see Indonesia as a country with immense marine wealth that in terms of biological science and the realm of science oceanologis is almost no limit to encroached upon and analyzed.

As the host, Indonesia must be good at optimizing WOC agenda that benefits our national interests. We should have a national agenda to be won in the WOC. Indonesia, Manado and North Sulawesi in particular, certainly took attention during berlangsungn yes conference maritime world.This world-class conference should be an important point on the world map of marine tourism, including those using the yacht.***

Keep Bali Lestari Fixed

"The best, after playing golf, is the shower. But after playing golf just now, it turns out here was no water., Which means no shower. If the same thing is happening in the cabin of the aircraft Garuda, would be headline news in the newspapers, "said President Director of Garuda M.Soeparno, after the signing of a commercial agreement between Garuda Indonesia and China Airlines. Place of incident: Handara Bali Golf Club, Bedugul.Time: noon through Sunday, October 14, 1990, \ after the participants Mini Marathon 10K Bali in Nusa Dua Bali. Even more interesting than the disappearance shower 'of the golf club is concern M.Bali will Soeparno diibaratkannya as 'duck laying golden;'. And as the saying goes, says M. Soeparno warned-warned: "We must not kill the goose that lay golden eggs! ' Soeparno concerning the owners of rice fields in Bali is now the preferred selling their fields to be used by hotel investors.

"If all the fields in Bali turned into a hotel, the stay was a traffic jam. And there will be no rice again. In the case, among others, is the image of Bali rice fields. If the rice disappeared from here, then Bali as perceived by the outside world will disappear anyway, and as a result people will not come to Bali again, "said Soeparno. Still in terms of 'golden egg', since the purpose of going to enlarge the 'golden egg size' is the commercial agreement was signed between Garuda and CAL, which would later memeungkinkan each week will fly a DC-10 from Taipei to Bali, and reciprocally the Air bus-300 Garuda will fly from Bali to Taipei.It is expected to be implemented mujlai February 1 next year. CAL CEO Peter Bien believe that signing this agreement, after three months of flight operations by both parties, will certainly increase the number of flights. "What we can tell from Taipei to Bali not only tourists, but also technology related to small industrial economy. Taipei has the advantage in the field of small industries and Taipei are now entering the stage of semi-developed economies. " We see Bedugul not just the hills with picturesque lakes and beautiful slopes to play golf. Here, people also cultivate cabbage, tomatoes, and mulberry markisah newly introduced that has absorbed the major hotels in Bali and Jakarta, in addition to catering companies that supply food for Garuda planes and almost all foreign and domestic aircraft other the dotted departure Soekarno-Hatta or Halim Perdanakusumah. Various types of vegetables and fruits in Bedugul market showed little prospect of a special industrial agriculture and horticulture and agri-business. With the theme untukrteknologi il transfusion, knowhow and capital Taipei or any state or Bali Bedugul has brighter prospects. It has long been an American agricultural expert to experiment growing tomatoes for juice and for cooking. Bali Garuda to open wider, according Soeparno: "The name of the game is coorperation!" (The basis of the spirit of this commercial agreement is cooperation). And 'cooperation' is not just for the sake of filling a number of hotel rooms will be increasingly in Bali that every day should always be filled, but mainly for the sake of preserving the Balinese, so as not to "disappear disappear from the face of the earth," because it was too heavy capital inflows attracted by the increasing number of travelers from all over the world want to visit Bali. Integrity concerns will Suparno Bali, so as the 'golden duck pttelur' not killed or missing, is the basis of sustainable development philosophy adopted by the state, which is now being grumpy spur tourism industry, covers the inside flight carrying tourists. Unfortunately penggawa government and the public generally are less aware of how important the airlines helped spur the wheels of development. Different types of commodity exports are now flown in from various parts of the country Garuda transported abroad to collect foreign exchange.

In addition to functioning as a cohesive Garuda and Merpati other domestic companies to make affordable Indonesia from end to end of our country to any destination point. Top questions Soeparno said he did not turn a blind eye to the fact concerned him Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar. "Imagine if there were two or three wide-bodied aircraft entered almost simultaneously at Ngurah Rai, and we take extreme in the rain, for example. How can passengers numbered 1000 people can be overcome to get to Bali via Ngurah Rai? " Coveted Soeparno, Ngurah Rai is able to accommodate at least three jumbo, call simultaneously go in Ngurah Rai from the north, Japan or Taipei, from the south, Australia, and East Los Angeles.Not impossible a similar aircraft must be ready to fit from the west, Jakarta. Why Soeparno so far imagined densities should be avoided congestion in Nguarh Rai, for room filling hotels in Bali had willed anticipated so far. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, in its publication titled Far East and Pacific Travel in the 1990s, Forecasts and analysis of potentials and contraints of Anthony Edwards, arrivals from Japan is the strong point of Bali that should point to continue the distribution of tourists to Bali so going to East Java, South Sulawesi, Lombok and areas further away, such as Central Java, and even North Sumatra, North Sulawesi or Irian. This was confirmed by the Garuda placed in Tokio, Toto Sugiarto, who said that if Japan succeed faster sending out 10 million tourists to Japan every year, even for the years 1992-93 will raise Japan's challenge to 15 million Japanese tourists will be scattered all over the world no exception to Indonesia, including Bali.It is going to happen in two or three years. According Soeparno, to meet the challenges of the increasing number of foreign tourists to Indonesia without or with the Visit Indonesia Year 1991 Garuda had to hire a KLM aircraft and Jordan, Mexico, and others. The key word, Garuda had managed to make Bali meet that goal ahead and fill hotel rooms during visit to Indonesia Year 1991. Soeparno warned-warned warned residents not to assist in killing Bali Bali as the duck laying golden! *** Sound Update, October 19, 1990

Batik, rides Diplomacy Politics and Tourism

When audiences see Britain Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, the South African President, Nelson Mandela, just wearing a long-sleeved batik shirt, slogan abort Rudyrad Kipling "is East and West is West Easr and never the Twain shall me" Batik Indonesia which symbolis Mandela once literally worn through and balance the cultural manners as well as Western and international protocol abort separation barrier that no longer exist between developed countries and developing countries started to melt from diselenggakannya Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955 or over half a century ago .. \ Above facts highlight the shift in the development of the western world are increasingly turning to the rest of the world, such as the coveted World Negarwan Sukarno banging on the door at the UN General Assembly beginning in 1960 with his address' To build the Worlf Anew. "Even continuation step with the release of the UN to terpenuhilah Indonesia Indonesian nation claims by the deposit of West Irian on May 1, 1963 by the United Nations Interim Government UNTEA piminan Djalal Abdoh directly to the President Ir Sukarno in New Town, West Irian. Events followed one after another world increasingly manifest towards the 21st century as the century with a series of Asia Pacific summit of APEC sususl degan formality following the imposition of batik by the Heads of State in attendance at the APEC Summit meetings in Bali Pengorbitan Indonesian batik as world cultural heritage 'nirkasatmata' (intangible) world by UNESO just five days after the 27 September World Tourism Day and the theme for this year titled 'mmperkuat cultural values, economic and political world tourism' should be seen from the 'coincidence' in 1963 as the first year of Indonesia to host PATA Conference in April, less than a month before the West Irian handed over by the United Nations to officially open the Bung Karno in Jakarta PATA Conference. What can I say, this happens after about two

months before the Discovery Channel '(the television channel' non-fiction 'number one in the world is launching a video clip titled Enigmatic Malaysia, in which is inserted a snapshot Pendet Bali .. For 'carelessness' politically charged commercial and smelled it mermohon Malaysia was forced to apologize to Indonesia for 'negligence' Discovery Channel stated as 'not knowing Malaysia.' On the other hand, the case could also Pendet which we interpret as' political Pokal enggunakan Malaysia's multi-media business globally means it was also just a commercial pattern with all the positive and negative impacts for these two neighboring countries. Very different from the wisdom of UNESCO and UN-WTO mengmabil Tourism Day theme of UN-WTO this year linking 'global tourism with batik as a global wealth nirkasastmata (intangible), which showed that both the United Nations agency in charge of co-managing education , science and culture based tourism sert their wisdom in accordance with less spirit of the century that is now all over the world II If we mencdari information about batik through Google, apparently through Google. apparently almost no one country on earth that does not have or know even have batik! Not just the countries = Country Africa or Indonesia and Malaysia have batik, but also developed countries in the West and East in almost all countries around the world are all proud of their batik. In London, Paris, Tokio or Los Angeles and everywhere offered by various homestead boutique batik, batik is also a seminar and diloka-karyakan everywhere!. Terjumpa news about batik exhibition collection of mother of President Obama at the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in New York and San Francisco some time ago. Like a rainbow, batik has become a vehicle for cultural diplomacy and a bridge between the United States and Indonesia and other countries with both first lady and Indonesia demonstrate their prowess held vanting, batik with their own hands! In layman's standpoint we can look back to the political upheaval since and during the second half of the 20th century to the present. Ith preceded by the 'Spirit of Bandung' a blaze in Konfernesi AA initiated and hosted Bung Karno in 1955 that diisti; ahkan by the Western world as the Bandung Spirit blaring throughout the world after the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung, which was initiated by President Karno, only a lapse of 10 years after World War II there has been a springboard geo-political changes in the absolute change as the situation at all until now. It turns out that the advanced Western world (the tip-tombaki by America and Britain now have to, have to 'kiss canvas,' due to the economic crisis that originally they call a global crisis, the recovery has cost trillions of pounds mapun ytiliunan dollar.

If we may use the term "political or even trap the second dipakhirnya negerelomasi tourism" (with batik as one wahananya) Indonesia we might be a little proud, because so far we're not too stupefied by the jingling of dollars, such as Thailand and the Philippines are "willing" to open the door wide open for foreign tourists with sex tourism as a lure or trap, which turned out to have two trap biayta country with extremely high due berjatuhannya venereal disease victims, including HIV / AIDS Although Indonesia was also infected with HIV should follow and AIDS, but should not be as severe as in the two neighboring countries since the 1970s that has even been plagued Vietnam rose.) E UNESCO Pengangkuan Indonesian batik as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity (oral cultural heritage masterpiece and this awganan den belongs to all mankind) perfectly natural if it has been encouraging to us as a Nation. \ Thanks to the persistence of global heritage advocates called batik in Solo and Yogyakarta, where one can still see there the batik batik work with classical motifs hundreds of years ago that prompted UNESCO explicitly cautioned us to always keep sustainability, so avoid extinction. Similar warned-warned awarded by UNESCO who left temple Borobudur and Prambanan like Sphynx and the Pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China that they leave details as mankind's cultural heritage Worldwide It seejak, enenjelang late 20th century, tourism minister Joop Ave had expressed his dream to reporters about the 21st century with 21st Century memetaforakan described as 'ice cream': Joop Ave said: "If the 21th century were an ice cream, let Indonesia be its flavor!" Now we just can memfahami Joop Ave longing that had accompanied Bung Karno as first Head of Household at the State Palace. From experience over the decades accompanied President Firstly it. Former minister Joop Ave falam true intentions in advance Bung Karno when the UN General Assembly invited all the world to build a new world without exploitation among the peoples of the world through pedatonya banga titled "To Build the World Anew. " We need no less than half a century to see the realization of ajakann Bung Karno in the early 1960s rahun it! ***

Learning From Tokio To welcome the 21st Century

Tokio measure as the most ultra modern metropolitan world in Asia is certainly not enough in just one or two nights. Moreover, assessing the meaning of history as a center of power change in Japan from hundreds of years ago to the present, which had alarmed the world with successful Japanese defense ceiling sliding 1% to 1% plus the still several times larger than the budget of revenues and expenditures during the year RI, on page the cost in Japan was only for selfdefense or the defense budget alone. When the country looked Sunrise Capital is a world-class dirigent, Paul Mauriat, was ngamen in one musical theater Tokio.Also black American singer, Sarah Vaughan was mangung in another theater. The films in Indonesia is not yet known when it will be screened for the public such as Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood), and Prizzi's horror (Jack Nicholson) and even First Blood Part II "(Sylvester Stallone) is dijubeli audiences in some theaters. Why metropolitan with a population of over 10 million is to be measured from the name of Paul Mauriat, Sarah Vaughan or Clint Easwood?Is not Japan's better known by its traditional theater kabuki, noh and his geisha ? Tokio is also proud of the fashion house, Hanae Mori, probably when it was still the only Asian fashion designer who is recognized as the creator of the Asian fashion accepted as an associate member-centered world of haute couture in Paris. With the above names we wish to describe the face of it, how is' Barat'nya, and no longer westernized Japan or the Tokio baratannya particular. If you ngeloyor along the road in the area of entertainment or shopping district of Ginza, Nihonbashi, Ginza or Harajuku, so that you can see as fellow road users those who wore Western-style Japanese who follow fashion style from season to season. It seems that 'Japan Airlines' (JAL) and "Japan National Tourist Organization" (JNTO) is so confident Indonesia has youth that they can hook to travel to Japan, especially Tokyo, for ngeloyor on Cheap Street in Harajuku, and most certainly will admire and able to buy the works of Hanae Mori.

But it was not too fast we consider strange. In the case of Japan's famous account of everything with persistence and extraordinary precision. Watch the first Japanese capital membludagnya grown in other countries, including the United States. We are not too impressed by the all the all-made-in-Japan and we can see in almost every country around the world. Japan is now "open door" for the youth and young Indonesia in order to Tokio attracted by JAL and JNTO not be half-hearted, half-half or chancy! Of all ASEAN countries except Brunei, JNTO JAL bring journalists together with the intention that they promote Japan as a country of destination for traveled up. Travel bureau ever they muster to deploy the lure package with objects that are of particular interest to teenage boys. And they do through advertising campaigns in the months ahead will be like a rush to the capitals of ASEAN and Hong Kong, as is the case JAL and JNTO has been set! Even specially imported from Hong Kong fashion magazine journalists to witness lebuh-configurable or hallway about Harajuku fashion. Looking surge of visitors from Indonesia to Japan, is enough reason for Japan to attract greater attention. From 1982 - 19a 84 figures tend to rise the number of tourists Indonesia (37 889 for 1982 with rises 23.3% from a year earlier, after rising to 41.574 or 9.7% in 1983 and then to 50.949 people in 1984 or by an increase approaching the year 1981 - 1983, ie 22.6%. They can prove with numbers too, suctioning foreign tourists to Japan, including Indonesia, not just to suck money. Because of the balance of payments of tourism, in million U.S. dollars from 1981 showed considerable deficit of U.S. $ 3,881 million in 1981 consecutive crawling again to U.S. $ 3,362 million in 1982 rising again to U.S. $ 3,603 million (1983) and U.S. $ 3,637 million for 1984. Japanese tourist arrivals to Indonesia also from year to year figures show rise from 1980 as many as 61,679 people to 66,552 people in 1981, rising again be 72,904 in 1982 and 84,770 people in 1983. Unfortunately figures for 1984 have not been recorded by the JNTO, but an increase in the percentage of convincing from 15.7% in 1980 over the previous year, then definitely rising 7.9% (in 1981, and 9.5% in 1982 and 16 , 3% in 1983. The figures are of the possible explanations (the main tourist destination of Bali), why JAL to menentuka charters scheduled route between Tokio-Denpasar Ngurah Rai.And in Nusa Dua, JAL is planning to build two hotels as part of the hotel chain Nikko.

Told by JNTO officials, the purpose of bringing foreign tourists to Japan than it is impossible to cover the deficit, it has its own purpose. One among others, to raise between nations know each required by Japan to the saying "do not know it was love" can be positive. Understandably, the supremacy of the Japanese economy in the world not just make gelagapannya emerging nations, but even the developed countries, including the United States. That has not been caught, when there will be direct flights between Tokyo - Jakarta pp either by JAL, which until now was through Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to get to Jakarta.Garuda flight from Jakarta to Bali via Tokio still. There is a desire to go through the Garuda Osaka, but the Japanese could not give permission, for his commitment to the people, because it is too dibisingkan Osaka by air traffic and the people there did not want to stay silent about it. Until desire Garuda connects Jakarta to Osaka has yet to materialize, while Air Pacific has been stopping in Osaka. For our young people, if they are interested to travel to Japan, you should not only oriented to Nihonbashi, Ginza, Akasaka, Harajuku or Roponggi. All of these places are in Tokio, not less gemerlapannya than shopping centers and department stores in Europe or America.Since Japan has had a tradition of having a department store.See department stores in Japan to the extent we tertanya wondering, what is not really the West who have imported culture "torseba" of Japan? Our youth well opened their eyes, the economic viability of Japanese art and culture and a tradition of hundreds, even thousands of years. Already in the fourth century Japan has a tradition of higher education that are imported from China.And not just in the center of the country such as the capital, but also in areas of university-universit as has long been established by the state and by private parties. How Japan with "religious economy" her, which after World War II has the most fantastic economic growth rate in the world, until Japan is now honored with a "lift up" alias number one in the world. Even the American futurologist Herman Kahn was never questioned whether the 21st century is not going to be later Adad Japan.And if Isaac Assimov orientation toward space about to make the cities or factories hung on the outside of the earth, Japan has long been investigated and thought to make the cities under the sea.(Think the World Expo in Osaka theme in 1968!) Young people need to realize, the education system has been so old, now Japan is famous for its highest rate in higher education around the world, with the illiteracy rate is almost 0, and interest in reading audubilah! The newspapers "Asahi" or "Yumiori Shinbun" has a number of printing millions, not to mention "Mainichi". Though the paper was first published in Japan in the 19th century precisely imitating the Dutch newspaper published in Batavia., "Bataavsche Courant".

And we are "continue" the tradition of reading the newspaper the Dutch colonial era have not yet had the number one newspaper went to print 1 million. In terms of population we are far beyond Japan. Nothing wrong with our youth "mengiblatkan self" (the orientation of cultured and technologically) to Japan, as in the days of the occupation we first have to seikeirei bent more than 90 degrees! !)Tokio direction! Indonesia is not the only nation that counts towards Je pang.If d emikian prominent Japanese economic growth (and now must be coupled with guarantees of military force, as quoted in the beginning of this report) and has led to Herman Kahn worrying 21st Century will be the Century Japan. Not wrong, if we take the time and attention, especially our youth, to find out and be able to draw and utilize what we know. Japan, a nation that once dubbed "transistor salesman" by Charles de Gaulle and the "economic animals" by Ali Bhutto is a nation that truly excels not only in selling transistor radios or televisions and cars. Moreover, Japan. certainly not merely "economic animal," because Japan has a culture of high and tough, long reach to thousands of years ago and hundreds or at least dozens of years. Come to Japan, but not just for shopping-shopping or poking around storefronts, or watch a kabuki or eat sashimi or sukiyaki. Get to know the people and the land is valuable, because of its presence in the world at the present and future is clearly impossible to ignore. Look at the watch you wear, or motorcycle you have. From a pin to the spacecraft, later almost everything and everywhere you will encounter, items made-in-Japan. And the Japanese people you will encounter both in their corner of the world wherever you are, from pole to pole!. (Author of the Japanese news meancong to Rovianemi at almost the northernmost point of Finland, even across lines north pole.) And they are not merely the traveled up-traveled up and see the sights here and there if they are going to land. They like sepons that absorb whatever they see and read, to realize what the concerns Herman Kahn into reality so that the 21st century the century of them. *** Sinar Harapan, October 30, 1985

Prompts ASTA Menjelamatkan Planet Earth

In this decade tourisme going to be the largest industry in the world, with about half a billion people per year going to travel internationally.The impact the environment, culture and ethics in tourism destination areas will obviously be very striking. Pollution in coastal towns and cities, killing hundreds of elephants to take the tusks, spilling garbage on mountaineering routes, displacement of wildlife habitat, the illegal wildlife trade, and the shock to your lifestyle socially and economically by foreign visitors, and more tourism resorts of berjubelnya who became increasingly terkenl and scenic areas ....All of that is a concern that will grow. American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), whose membership includes the travel industry worldwide with more than 20,000, including ASITA, apprehensive that, simultaneously with tourism agencies, environmental, religious and ethical bodies in addition to Government agencies in around the world. The areas which came under pressure in the environment, including the protection of plants and animals are threatened with extinction, simultaneously with the pollution of water, air and noise pollution and visual form as well as other negative impacts on tourism and ecosystems across the globe are increasingly vulnerable to the demands our attention. As a "fellow passengers" Planet Earth, the tourists take responsibility for biodiversity and respecting all cultures we wajin concerned about the natural resources that can be updated at This region-area destinations, so all that we can enjoy as well as the generation- future generations. Take a trip or travel is a right of all people in the world and is a decisive part in peace and mutual understanding between fellow human beings. And any rights responsibilities are followed. ASTA and the entire tourism industry in the world are encouraging the growth of tourism in the peaceful (peaceful tourism) and tourism that is environmentally responsible are subject to the guidelines below, which we quote ASTA prepared guidelines for its members in serving the tourists: 1 Respect the Earth you are 'weak' and vulnerable!

Only with awareness, if all people are willing to help preserve the planet Earth, the areas of unique destinations and beautiful will be able to avoid its disappearance as places that can be enjoyed by future generations. 2 Leave only footprints! Take only photos, leaving scrawled and do not leave rubbish! Do not take 'souvenirs' of historic places and areas of nature reserves!

To make more traveled means, educate yourself about the geography, customs, traditions and culture of the region you want to visit!

Take the time to listen to the locals.Encourage efforts of local konservas i! 3 Respect the life and dignity of others amupun other nations!

Ask first, before snapping your camera! 4 Do not buy products from plants or endangered animals, such as ivory, tortoiseshell, leather or fur.Read the list of items prohibited for import into ter your country, before you go travel to another country! 5 Follow the paths that have been determined! Do not disturb the animals, man or tana their natural habitat! 6 Learn and help dserta supportive programs oriented to the conservation or preservation of nature and environmental conservation agencies! 7 Where possible walk instead, or use other modes of transport that are environmentally sound! Encourage public motorists to turn off the engine, if their vehicle is parked? 8 Use the hotels, airlines, resorts, shipping companies, 'tour operator' which encourage energy saving and environmental conservation, air and water quality, recycling, waste and toxic materials in a safe, sound pollution deterrence, community involvement and those providing experienced staff and well-trained, and dedicated to the principles of environmental principle! 9 Ask your travel agent to identify which agencies ASTA respecting environmental guidelines for air travel, land and sea. ASTA has recommended these agencies respect the etiquette including special places and ecosystems. The question for us in ndonesia: When the Association of Corporate Travel Indonesia ASITA as a member of ASTA ASTA t implement these guidelines?*** Sound Update, 20 April, 1991

Part Five With Bamboo Runcing Seize Freedom Until the meaning of Jakarta as Capital
With Bamboo Runcing Seize Freedom Modeling Forces Temple Borobudu, When Threatened Unesco Boosting image Taman Mini Until When Will Survive Srimulat

Indonesian, unifying the Nation Ranggawarsita, National Hero in 2010 South African star Bung Karno Meaning Jakarta as Capital

With Bamboo Runcing Seize Freedom

Men over age dropped from Bajaj in the courtyard building in Jalan Proclamation Proclamation was still appears robust, At age 70, he was not too visible on his face exudes a wisdom, thanks to bitter-bitter during the time of struggle, including the independence war serpenumpasan PRRI are forwarded to the task in the time of peace in diplomatic posts in foreign countries. With the rank of Lieutenant General Djatikusumo and Prince Gusti Haryo title as one of the sons of Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwono X of Surakarta after serving in the military and later Singapaura ambassador in Paris as Ambassador to France and Spain, a retired threestar flag officer is now serving As with member of Advisory Team President of appreciation and practice of the Five Precepts. Old age did not prevent using kendaaraan people to his office in the House Proclamation of his house in Jalan H.Agus Salim, a distance of approximately one kilometer only.

Perhaps you are not surprised to see himself a lieutenant general who was almost dropped from Bajaj battered.With all due respect, but could not hide the shock, we could not help asking too: "Up ...Bajaj sir? " Pak Djati casually replied: "I'm happy riding Bajaj." Then we invited into his office on the second building that was once known as Building Pattern Development Planning that.T o appear there is a sekretarese, apalsgi ornaments or decorations that stand out in his office. Back and forth conversation with Mr. Djati, you will be brought to the stories in the days of the revolution and the daily events of the lives of the Jendera: lCerita about keperajuritan, struggle and diplomacy, even the stories of the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata from Waalmiki of Wiyasa. Dipak Djati Meng isahkannya one by one character figures Pandavas.Yudisthira a very thoughtful and generous heart. Bima plain and warrior Arjuna 'men's world' (lelananging universe) and the twins Nakula-Sahadev of Five Brothers, which later had to retake his fifth half Hastinapur kingdom which is their right, until the war broke out, Baratayuda! Chat established as an outing that could be well into the revolution, and the most exciting is the experience of Mr. Djati since become commander of the Regiment with the rank of Colonel Ranggalawe. "We are not always outmaneuvered and outguarded." (Unsurpassed by "maneuver" the enemy and escort kuwalahan homeland). "Ever since the early days of our revolutionary struggle and outguarded contrived outmaneuvered by the enemy. : "I still remember, when I was first revolution era regimental commander with the rank of colonel. "(Facing the enemy) only with bamboo spears, but when it's Dutch ally with the British ship assisted His Majesty Service Northumberland.Imagine that! "But God willing, with bamboo spears, we can win the Revolution. "But will we in the modern era of almost continually allow ourselves must always outmaneuvered and outguarded?" asked Mr. Djati. So the conversation came to issues such as the development has been punctuated by a resurrected contradictions raised by some parties, including foreign parties, who want to divide and conquer. "You know, if the formula is the main economic efficiency.Let's say that technology is the embodiment of the ef isiensi.Once there is an increase in demand should be efficiency. But there thought otherwise. Technology as answering the need for Efficiency. That's why there's

any controversy or thinking as a clash between the undergraduate economics on the one hand and the technology. "Arise ridicule, defense technology industry began we stimulate blamed as white el ephant, or projects that require a lot of investment, but the advantage or benefit very little. "In its more extreme white elephant interpreted as efforts were in vain. "But not when we launched KB (Family Planning) also exist that consider family planning as a white elephant? "Also, the business self-sufficiency of rice once considered white elephant. "To proclaim the independence and established the Republic used to be there who think white elephant. "You remember Palapa? Palapa used to be considered white elephant! "It is the reality we are in Indonesia mem iliki many elephants.Among the elephants that we have is mighty Majapahit royal duke, King Hayam Wuruk companion) Gajah Mada. "Is not Palapa as a unifying Nusantara project based on the Palapa Oath Gajah Mada, was also considered white elephant? After all, we finally made it to the Palapa project of modern technology, right? "Please remember, why I support efforts by the defense minister Habibie industrial complex ideas.Because I know the defense industry minister Habibie supported by many other industries. "If you just want a cheaper, we do not have food self-sufficiency.Just buy imported rice. Because rice imports to be much cheaper than the production itself. "Rent just mercenaries, mercenary soldier-soldier.We do not have to have armed forces. They are cheaper than military. "But where there Sapta Marga mercenaries known as the Armed Forces? "In that context I think our attention to begin advanced technology with the military defense industry needs! "Let us not from the time of the beginning of the revolution to the present must remain outmaneuvered and outguarded. "Technology stakes in the Revolution that we can count on, because blessed by God, do not we try to keep our keep. Gone are the days now. Comparing our Armed Forces now with TKR at the beginning of the revolution of course very different, both in weapons and professionalism.

Armed Forces is now a professional soldier and a military that is professed to serve the Nation.Armed Forces and the Armed Forces is the air "Sapta Marga." That's why we try to have a professional military and serve the Nation and the State, based on Sapta Marga, so that we do not outmaneuvered and outguarded, especially by outside interests. We must realize the importance of our efforts begin to develop skills through the defense industrial complex that we really need, just as we need food self-sufficiency. Swajarnya, we also have the ability to maintain self-sufficiency in the continued existence of the Nation, "said Mr. Djati close the interview. *** July 25, 1987, the Voice of Renewal

Modeling Forces
Responding to the suggestion exemplary among armed forces is low and tend to be oriented to the material and are more concerned with the short term at the expense of longterm interests, Lieutenant General Djatikusumo states disagreed. He also does not agree with those who consider that the army was not always professional TKR, compared with the military now. "The evidence, then by using existing tools, without guns, without the tools that exist in j safe now we can repel the invaders.What is it unprofessional?"Asked Djatikusumo. At the time of TKR first family company commander was not ashamed, that usually only eat porridge with chili.But certainly not the place to expect such conditions to be experienced by the officers of today. Lt. Djatikusumo further said, it is difficult to expect ketauladanan, if your budget is limited, not to mention there is still a pay cut for members of the Armed Forces who by law are not justified. "Cutting wages," ("blonjo really dicoplok" as Djatikusumo said in Javanese), is not justified by law.If you want to be held cutting to be done at another table, and not directly cut, "said Djatikusumo. While serving as head of the Armed Forces he refused the Government to hold a pay cut.Although the cuts have been reminded that it is a 'superior orders. " "Because I know the law is stronger than 'superior orders', said when interviewed Djatikusumo" SH "in his J alan H.Agus Salim Friday.

"Just think, what if the medical community in the Armed Forces paid only Rp 90,000, - a month! There are still various pieces again! " When asked what is known pieces Djatikusumo General: "I do not know what the press is.Investigate yourself. But there anyway! " "And try to investigate journalists themselves do not just believe in what I say.Lemhanas office is now empty, because many of them (the officers) teaching and moved to private colleges, "said Djatikusumo. "It is important to remember to be fair that by the time General Jusuf first (when he served as Menhamkam) funds are high.Now the budget is so limited, it is still reduced, "said Djatikusumo. "Maybe doctors can earn extra income by practice in the afternoon.Tet expert fire expert cook salary only Rp 90,000, then other experts are not possible for the afternoon practice, how?' Exemplified by Djatikusumo of a ranking police Overste and head the narcotics task so important even after achieving amazing finds a nest concealment of narcotics Indonesia amid jungles of Brazil, can not be promoted, since the rules do not allow it to be promoted so colonel. In fact, he held positions with the rank of colonel could, even brigadier.Kan must exist a special award for outstanding achievement? " Djatikusumo said. "I also do not agree with those who say that the military is now more professional than TKR j safe first.What we first thought was unprofessional? The proof we can repel the invaders! "We used to be a professional in the sense of being able to use the tools available to achieve the goals that were set the task ol eh.J equipment safe state in the struggle for independence first would lose, when compared with modern military equipment today. "Back then we did not have any guns. Now we've got all kinds. But we are also professional du lu, because at that time there is any soldier or officers who have not completed primary school! " Djatikusumo wearing a long-sleeved batik shirt for everyday simple enough, sitting on his front porch in lawn chairs over it further comment to the media reports printed in the Capital on over generations in the Armed Forces. Not mentioned in the paper about what excellence Sudirman, what advantages Nasution, what Simatupang excellence, and what Djatikusumo excellence. According Djatikusumo k eunggulan Sudirman, because Sudirman known as a reliable officer.When we told him, that "the essence TKR should be the only people in the Indonesian army, went to their deaths Sudirman still keep dem ikian.That excess Sudirman!

Simatupang is a general intellectual.Of course, generals like he can not talk with the soldiers, for example. But his ability to write in the Dutch language we use to make the Dutch side in the struggle for independence in the Revolution then understand what is meant by TKR. And Simatupang can also tell us what dimaui by the Dutch from TKR, "said Djatikusumo. Etapi once we have "another Nasution.He was most diligent in writing. Diligent giving instructions, commands. That superiority General Nasution, "said Djatikusumo who later described himself as a field officer. An officer is important to know how to move troops. "The important thing is how to move the soldiers (from one place to another)!"Djatikusumo word in English, he told how at the time of PRRI he had orders from Nasution "to bring troops from Medan to Bukittinggi. Interspersed with funny stories, how in the month of fasting he should lead the troops to move from field to Bukittinggi, "a distance equal to the Normandie to Moscow", since psychological barriers led troops moving from North Sumatra who are Christians are reluctant to enter the territory of Sumatra western Moslem. "For me there is no region-daerahan.Right here in North Sumatra, West Sumatra there. But for me both is Indonesia. And I am an Indonesian, until both are the same, both parts of Indonesia, "said Djatikusumo which then tells about her work led troops entered Bukittinggi, and then met with the late General Achmad Yani there. Once it was up in Dublin, coming from the wire Natsuion, ask when leaving Dublin? Told to answer "a half-hour before the telegram arrived Nasution, Djatikusumo already in Dublin and have met Achmad Yani." "When I was in Dublin-covered and were interviewed by foreign journalists from UPI, AP, Reuters, etc., what the opponent (PRRI) will be put to death, I said it's up to the Attorney General later. "But I say to foreign journalists, that when it happens is wipe dar war exercises.In practice war everywhere, of course there are the blue, when it was the army of the Center, and the red, PRRI. And as in war exercises everywhere, so that always wins is the blue! " As he closed the interview, said that war with Djatikusumo PRRI happens when it is assisted by the SEATO, the strength of which is set either from Don Muang, Thailand, whether it is also from the Philippines. Proven International Red Cross ship ternyaata also include weapons for PRRI and American aircraft dropped munitions and others to the PRRI through the air. "It is all mentioned in the first book the CIA chief.

"Who is the head of the CIA, I forgot his name!" so Mr. Djati cover interview in the language of diplomats said, as late as the 1950s American mengobok meddle Indonesia. ***

After 100 Years of National Awakening

In discussions commemorate 100 Years of National Awakening in the editorial office initiated Sinar Harapan Association of Indonesian Medical History dawned question, why is the name of the newspaper Timoer star 'who already use the Malay language that appeared in Surabaya in 1850, long before Boedi Oetomo association founded in Batavia 1908, was not recorded as a pioneer of national revival movement of our nation. Boedi Oetomo. community organization that established the doctors Java (Indische Artsen) STOVIA graduates in Batavia with dr.Wahidin Soedirohoesodo as its originator, in samkan ping dr.Soetomo as the founder, also happened to be an editor (or contributors) Java language newspaper called Retno Doemilah. As if to escape our attention, that is ore than half a century before the founding of Boedi Oetomo 'Timoer Stars' is used Malay who were later confirmed as the Indonesian language. And just 20 years after Boedi Oetomo was established, on October 28, 1928 kemujdian held for the first time what was then inaugurated the Youth Congress. the conference youth organizations from all over the Dutch East Indies and then take a decision slogan "One Country, one nation, and one language: Indonesia." In the disk was also revealed the question, is it true right menokohkan Boedi organization Oetomo leaning to Javaneseness, kepriyayian, and deka t with the Dutch authorities.What exactly should put forward his characters are consistently moving for the future of Indonesia. If we may uncover historical records that far back: Prapanca not have written 'puja sastra'nya, Negarakertagama in 1365 AD, in which are listed the same name place in the Majapahit era of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula as far further east of Bali and Lombok, even Samai to Wannin in New Guinea!. And "Palapa Oath Gajah Mada" as implied in Negarakertagama, symbolically precedes the realization in the New Order, fi led by General Suharto via satellite Palapa satellite launch = I and II in 1979 and 1983, until terangkailah telecommunications archipelago into one.B ahkan both satellites also serve well as Malaysia and the Philippines. History with gold ink, and occasionally ink jet, noting the rise and fall of the Old Order government of Indonesia since until the New Order and 10 years into the reform era. After 100 years after the Indonesian National Awakening was probably the worst period of social, political, economic and cultural. And despite the jet black history since independence is probably the event PKI Gestapu the bloodiest since the proclamation of the bebanten hundreds of thousands of Indonesian sesame .. Historians certainly more discerning about the urgency of crossing a century after May 20, 1908 until now, after a dozen years in the kit is a new millennium. How should we be able to reap the benefits of collapse or disappearance of period-a period of history that has been passed, such as the dynasty era (Mataram I), or the era of Sriwijaya and Majapahit berbilang century has passed. Or closer of our times since the post-Mataram II, when the archipelago trampled Western nations, which increasingly shackled our ancestors who have become slaves of other nations.

Can we telisik back causes that have resulted in empires of Srivijaya and Majapahit finally disappeared?In it, they had recorded as the kingdoms and centers of power in Southeast Asia are respected, even by the Chinese and Indian. Through the response of historians petanyaan these questions we may be able to better apprehend what really happened, so that eventually the historians can draw a straight line, from the establishment of Boedi Oetomo on May 20, 1908 until more than a century later, to the day this. Remains of Dutch and Japanese colonizers somehow has helped equip our predecessors to allow for decades of their struggle we then managed to reorganize ourselves as a nation, until the outbreak of the Proclamation of Independence on August 17, 1945. As Arnold Toynbee says in his book A Study of History, "a civilization would just disappear and eventually disappear, everywhere, when the supporters of civilization no longer able to respond to these challenges in an innovative era." And as written by George Orwell in 1984, the nation's only master the present and the past that will be victorious facing the future (Who controls the past, controls the future. W ho controls the present controls the past). Civilizations thousands of years ago were carried by our ancestors will remain missing, unless we are able to address the challenges we face with confidence and hard work. Because it is so true human history as unfolding on Earth during 6000an years, and the archipelago is not an exception therefrom. Perhaps the most fundamental question is: How are we able to read the history of our nation over the past 100 years? And shall we kemanakan ourselves as a Nation. In the end it all comes down to the sincerity of our conscience as a nation: We should be able to string the past, the present and the future, so that we as a nation not to be enslaved by another nation, both politically, economically and culturally! .***

Borobudur Unesco When Threatened

In the early 1970s Sinar Harapan is the only Indonesian newspapers are sponsoring a fundraising drive to complete the restoration of Borobudur temple funds from Unesco. Long after after restoration, Unesco threatened to revoke the status of Borobudur as a World Cultural Heritage, in case the threatened temples Budhistis authensitasnya, ahead of the stage will be built with technology 'swara and light' (son et lumiere). Creation stage 'swara and light' was referred to the 50th anniversary of Indonesian independence on 17 August. (Reuters, 7 April 1995). Son et lumiere technology is the application of technology in the form of theatrical swara at night, was first conceptualized by Paul Robert-Houdin, curator of the Chateau de Chombord on the banks of the River Cosson on rahun 1952. Son et lumiere is like a game of various hues of light and Voice as an added value to a historic building in the background.

The play of light synchronized with musical sound track complete with dramatic narrative story.Although usually not dimun culkan 'players', can be fitted for additional effects such as smoke bombs or fireworks, for example. Medium is rapidly popular in France since the mid 1960's with about 50 production of the show in the Loire Valley, the Palace of Versailles, and Les Invalides. Following is almost the entire European continent, including in Rome and Athens, both performed in a variety of languages. The first production in the UK was held in 1967 at Greenwich Palace.Later in Cardiff Castle, Portsmouth, Henley-on-Thames and the Tower of London, and Sterling Castle and Gloucester Cathedral and Norwich. Conducted the first performance in America at Independence Hall, Philadelphia ahead of the country's 200 years of independence free from the clutches of the British Empire in 1776. The first production in Africa at the Pyramids of Giza in April 1961, and in Asia the first time at the Red Fort in Delhi in March 1965. Son et lumiere at the Borobudur will be one of the first post in Delhi. (Your reporter witnessed at Old Deelhi, India in 1978.) For performances, son et lumiere in Indonesia will be a very new and has been designed to be held in Borobudur, says Head of Regional Office in Yogyakarta Deparpostel, Pranoto, ahead of independence a half-century right on August 17, 1995. . The story that will be revealed in the show at Borobudur in accordance with what is revealed in the temple reliefs, which is about the life journey of the Buddha Gautama. Through creativity that uses light and sound effects the story of the Buddha is expected to be more attractive to the audience who diperekirakan will be amazed by the application of light and Voice technology that completely computerized. The tourists through the show it would be more truly appreciate the story - the story contained in Borobudur, the grain of the philosophy of life as taught by the Buddha through technology et lumiere son before August 17 and is expected to cost Rp 35 billion. No need to be worried about because the investment is so great would have been taken into account when going back.Son et lumiere Borobudur is hoped will add interest to the Ummah Buddha and tourists in general. Profit motive, though not negligible, is not a 'disgrace', because no matter how well the intention to mewedarkan noble teachings of the Buddha would require capital investment. If true Unesco has threatened to revoke the status of Borobudur as a world cultural heritage, because it was feared son et lumiere will disrupt the work of renovation and repair of the temple, which is still done, is not it like hitting a mosquito with an ax.

Very easy defies common sense that the preparing stage show son et lumiere is certainly a prerequisite without disrupting the work of conservation and improvements are being made. Or, is there an element of arrogance Unesco, as they have been given the status of the Borobudur dressed as a World Cultural Heritage, as well as Unesco have bothered helped raise millions of dollars in the 1970's,.N Amen do not also forget the Indonesian Government had to spend hundreds of billions of dollars from the state budget? Still fresh in the memory, when the Deputy Secretary General of Unesco, Michel Batiste in 1983, in the midst of the World National Parks Congress in Sanur, Bali, trying to persuade the Government of Indonesia through Bali's Governor Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Mantra. Batiste suggested to Dr. Mantra would be ideal, if a line is drawn connecting the triangular summit of Mount Agung, and Lake Batur Bali Barat National Park, to be formed a triangle that can be formalized as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. What we were surprised, when the offer was only welcomed Batiste Michel cold. by Dr. Charm.Perhaps, because of Mount Agung is a purified o leh Hindu Dharma in Bali. Back to Unesco objection to the construction stage will swara and light seem odd, because in the Prambanan temple since the early 1960s has been held regularly every year Ramayana dance drama staged.Unesco Why did not this time to say anything? We believe the Department of P & K is responsible for the renovation and conservation and preservation of the Borobudur temple will not allow the construction of son et lumiere interfere stage what else pollute the temple. After all, if Indonesia is careless, then as the story of Aesop, Indonesia is like killing the goose that lay golden eggs, because we're going to let the temple was polluted ? Son et lumiere simply one of the golden eggs Borobudur.But Borobudur as a goose certainly did not will we sacrifice, for the son et lumiere. With recognized as World Heritage status of a temple or sanctuary and assistance to the management of preservation.But this is not a miracle nor a charity, because Indonesia Unesco members who pay dues for membership. Specialized agency of the United Nations was created to help continue the rich countries to the developing countries, specifically un tuk various purposes in the field of education. science and culture. We remember, when the United States 'ngambeg'. would not stay seated as a member of Unesco, the UN's specialized agencies before the administration and accountability Unesco addressed to its members. This means, when Americans see Unesco as' not selelalu wrong and inefficient and ineffective as a UN specialized agency responsible for funding and development in these three areas, particularly in developing countries. ***

White Rose, May 17, 1995

Boosting image Taman Mini

Starting from the idea of more than l0 years ago, Taman Mini sbempat become political issues, which raises the pros and cons are pretty powerful in the community, particularly in the capital Jakarta. I do not know, how do these "thinkers" who was anti, alias counter to the idea of the construction of Taman Mini before it.The fact ten years later, Taman Mini and then developed into a tourism object visited by many people up to the amount of millions of visitors each year. Even a cursory look at this park seems interesting.Most visitors come not alone. And most of them can take hours bercengkerma while enjoying the many attractions at various platforms, museums, garden birds, or na ik cable car that has not been second to none in our country. The foreign tourists were not awkward slip between public dark brown, and some even took the dish to enjoy a strange spectacle to them and they are fun to enjoy.This is evidence of the achievement of Taman Mini as a showcase of culture and traditional architecture and local arts. Repeaters term used for those who repeatedly visit, it may need to be surveyed how many of them from time to time.Not too surprisingly, the percentage of repeaters may be quite large compared to the number of visitors from time to time. Keong Emas completed theater made more complete with miniature park other events until a saturation point is always the number of visitors as 'pending'. Could Taman Mini requires new thinking to keep it more interesting, until the management does not have to bother with the threat too will have to face the point of saturation or decrease the number of visitors? The main pattern Taman Mini was about showing off wealth across provinces with their respective arts and culture have been partially accommodated in the Museum of Indonesia is also present in this park.

The impression arises, if you look at the bridge-bridge one by one, seemed to bridgepavilion was empty, because on average have no more than a representation of arts and cultural richness of each region in the architecture of the almost nearly identical to each other. The idea was originally that Taman Mini can be a show window wealth of art and culture the various regions can be maintained. However, k enapa each pavilion pages are not decorated with plants typical of each province? From here it will be revealed challenges for architects, in order from the bridge to the bridge beside the visitors offered a form of architecture typical of the area, each page can be expressed bridge in miniature many different styles and rich flora landscaping through the "re-creation" and the arrangement of the entire page as a platform entity representing each region. Of the state universities have sufficient engineers and architects will be able to translate from idea to rough drawing and design, right down to the pavilion following form page mockups of each province. Perhaps through competition from each region to choose the most brilliant ability to translate the physical traits, character and uniqueness of each region, by sticking to the existing pavilion building that comes with the use of the entire page, so that the bridge can represent a the idea and the ideal physical elements typical of each region. For example, in the case of bridge-pavilion mambandingkan West Java, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java is necessary to find each element of the more prominent, so there's no overlap. The existence of a mock mock Borobudur temple in Central Java platform, for example, should be maintained. But it can be equipped with other facts that the other temples throughout Central Java and in Java. Visitors should be told, is not the only Borobudur temple in Central Java. With dihadirkannya gamelan, for example, was not intended, the five platforms complement each Java platform with the gamelan. Can be varied, West Java with crafts people in connection with art de gamelan or a puppet.And provinces with a "point of view" or other complementary elements are different. When we asked the information officer, any available maps of parks, answered "gone" we jokingly said: "Please be submitted to the management, to print again!' T ersedianya map of the park is an absolute.If may be printed in a variety of versions, say in Indonesian languages, English, French, and even Dutch, Spanish, or Japanese and Korean ones. A map that visually and graphically made attractive and easily understood by children smile will invite adults, especially if the comic style or caricature absorbed in it.

For example, with complete creative style to provide information, in which the bridge-bridge from this or that area, where the museum or Keong Emas, in different language versions. After entering each of the pavilion visitors can be greeted by a guide who prepared the booklet, leaflet or folder contents of the pavilion.If possible also separate booklets on each region. Of such booklets or leaflets, supplied and fitted by the presence of a guide who is fluent control information, will enhance the professional image of the bridge as well as the presentation of the whole park, and it will make the Taman Mini as a kind of touristic information center which should not be less than the efficacy of Marketing Centers Tourism Indonesia (GN) in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, Taiwan or Tokyo. Why Taman Mini, for example by Garuda Indonesia and the Directorate of Tourism is not utilized as Jenederal show window homeland, or as stop - over for the tourists who can go on to a different area? We assume ticket prices Taman Mini has been decided on the basis of policy not only sarkan principle of "economic enterprise", for example, that at least cover cost in maitenance and exploitation costs following salaries.But also be affordable for the average pocket below the intermediate level though. Not impossible thought to set special rates for families with so many children, the more interesting and to increase the turnover and the number of visitors from time to time. Public aware of an area that has been controlled by the Jakarta administration for the purpose of Taman Mini has not been fully exploited.Obviously the original intent for possible extension or expansion, as has been done until now. How, if carried out screening of ideas sentero homeland, if necessary ditantangkan also to world-class architects to create an architectural pattern and a more precise translation of the "Indonesia" is about to be described.Because the park is just a place to bu bercengkerma while watching the puppet show, wire lenong or train ride. It's time we revisit this miniature garden that once-mocked derided as "prestige projects" or even "personal project."So that the project can be a nation that can make the whole nation really proud. Taman Mini not to be confused with Disneyland or Fantasyland, or theme parks, but a nation's cultural park, which is thorough and can show off the wealth of a country once dubbed late.Douwes Dekker, aka Mulatatuli, as 'ran gkaian emeralds on the equator.' Thus in kemuadian day of Indonesia will be proud to have a miniature garden that can reveal "jewels cultural wealth of the nation to make the park more attractive and enriching the mind of the visitors, so that they will be more familiar with the culture of the nation from end to end of the country, from Sabang to Irian Jaya! If a foreign tourist had melongoknya, this park can be a reference to a visit to various areas with various cultures and beauty that can not terpermanai presence. ***

The main award of the jury about TMII writing contest for this paper was delivered by the late Mrs. Tien Suharto through the Chief Editor of the newspaper Sinar Harapan Subagyo Pr. in April 1985.

Until When Will Survive Srimulat

Prof.Dr Mulya Lubis had compared the behavior similar to the Commission's Public Pmilihan Srimulat slapstick. A t o peernah comments addressed the Commission and the group's buffoonery. Speech Mulya Lubis reminds us. every time we see Srimulat jokes, we have always entertained, regardless of the state of everyday somersaults harim like spread in the newspapers and glass display as well as the Internet. Star Srimulat buffoonery, Tarsan, which until now is still frequently appeared on television in her daily life looking 'people. Businesses.' When looked at her home in East Jakarta we meet comedy star was proud of her youngest daughter who is studying interior design at the University of Trisakti, no different than most of the average of a father who is not a comedian. In the early 1960s the group began Srimulat fame in the city of Solo, then moved to Surabaya lal u to Semarang.After a long entrenched in Jakarta and several times moved from Taman Ismail Marzuki into a semi-permanent building in Senayan not far from the capitol. We do not know why Tarsan lack of interest as a member of parliament, as a half dozen other comedian who won the position so the representatives in the House. We also never heard of Noble's comments on the Commission's Lubis linked with the presence of the clowns who erhasil Mauk through parliament. Fact not in dispute, the reform era w managed to open the door for them as elements of a real refresher legislature no less funny, even before they enliven legislature representing hundreds of millions of the people. It is not far-fetched if one said KPU stamped Mulya Lubis often behaved like a clown Srimulat helped paved the way for the clowns who obtain credentials as a member of the House of Representatives True deceased were recognized as one of the founders of the group comedian Srimulat never expressed the desire that there is a branch in each province Srimulat group. However, after all this time the election chimera True it did not materialize. Indeed, beyond wishful thinking whoever happens now: A successful comedian clowning in Parliament. And just in Indonesia could happen: delusion group founder comedian reality as manifested menjad i:!Now the clown was biased as a member of Parliament. And from time to time are becoming apparent: striking politics in this country intensified into a stage where the stage of democracy and governance is getting more hilarious than slapstick Srimulat stage. \ In the long history Srimulat group was named 'Aneka Ria Srimulat', then to 'Aneka Ria Srimulat Indosiar, "and has now become a group in Canda Comedy' Dakocan 'TVRI.

Previously appeared under the name "Revue Srimulat. ''Kroncong avond Srimulat' or Night Keroncong Srimulat with inserts keroncong songs, now even with Western songs. Only with a piece or two pieces of the script and the two 'briefing,' each player learn the rough text, then improvised and spontaneous dialogue terangkailah hilarious style and content almost no-ending! The appearance in the soap opera actresses Srimulat stage not only as an attraction.M hey fitted for mengkontemporerkan jokes group requiring transfusion attraction! Not infrequently soap opera actresses beautiful antique-c are also shown the ability membanyol improvisation, no less than the figures themselves Srimuat. Tracing humor average Indonesian man who from time to time reflected through Srimulat style, we see the wealth of the nation's sense of humor is not playing diverse Indonesia, which apparently is a 'shield' or the means to protect ourselves from various forms of inner and outer pressures in the current crisis era that such will never lead! Not too surprisingly, the late Gen. Benny Murdani in the early 1980s as 'in Cognito' often sneak into the middle of the public who are menikamti joke Srimulat Solo Balekambang Park, with the main star when it's late Gepeng. Even Lt. Gen. Agum Gumelar personally claimed as Godfather Srimulat which over the years has always encouraged this comedy group through to the screen, first pass then TPI lodged in Indosiar and then in TVRI. The expertise of the players Srimulat farce combining various styles and distinctive style accent Madura, Moluccas and atelah Batak style transforms this group become more 'national.' Because the habit of playing without a script by Rustamhadji stems from the "natural talent" it will be stiff, even messy, if it must be stated first in the form of raw text. Comments Dr.Mulya Lubis comparing KPU with a sharp Srimulat describe striking Indonesia who have teens in the new millennium but it's still like this. Mungkinkaih DPR / MPR will still be able to draw more jokers in this country? ***

Indonesian unifying the Nation

Since the Indonesian nation as expressed as a unifying terikrar on October 28, 1928 as the Youth Pledge Day, almost no one menggubris almost disappearance of the Java language that has been hundreds of years earlier was written and spoken language majority country. Article myaris disappearance mecuat Java language, reading reports on the administration of Tegal Language Congress April 3 to 4 and then in the town of Tegal, Central Java. Intentional or not, the originator of the congress have managed to disturb our minds: Would not that be the theme of this congress, the language of Tegal, do not exist.However, how some thinkers mengkonggreskan language is a language that does not exist?

Because as far as we, as a layman in the language, there is a language or a dialect of Java with a local accent Tegal, a town of the district on the northern coast of Central Java which is located between the two Bradford and Pemalang. Still, Congress-backed group of academics Javanese our eyes will open the cultural wealth of the nation, including the hundreds of thousands of local languages with local accents or dialects which spread from the province of West Papua province as a whole is not so we left off as a 'source 'or Naional word vocabulary enrichment. The organizers of the congress 'language Tegal' we have to admit we have successfully yanked the existence and role of regional languages after independence we have to ignore. No we know (and therefore also means no 'bad intentions') this fact has made us fond of taking a foreign language as a language of primary reference to 'invent' new words to complement our national treasures language ba Simultaneously,.S erentak with it, our unconscious has dumped regional languages as national language support, at least in the position of the regional languages as the primary reference source and to develop and enrich the national language. Except in a very very rare occasion, say a 'gawe' scientific or if we are in a confined environment, we would hear people talk, for example, about the ancient Javanese or Kawi, the forerunner of the Java language, which until now was its use is increasingly mixed with a growing national language 'tainted' by the invasion of foreign words, especially those derived from English. Until only natural that even meraib diminishing number of people who are interested - you name it, for example - results Javanese literature, even though belonging to modern Java as the works of Raden Ngabei Ranggawarsita, such as fibers Lodang Jaka, Word Teak, Kalatida etc. . What's more Prapanca name, to take another example, which has engulfed more than seven centuries.Although Negarakertagama Prapanca global scientific world literature today is recognized as the primary reference that underlie the study of the existence of the nation and state of Indonesia.Because in the book, written in 1365 AD, in addition Pararaton ('Library Kings') Negarakertagama regarded as the only historical document in the history of mankind, since man know letters or written language, which is able to look ahead about be the realization of the archipelago, as disumpahkan by Supreme prime minister Gajah Mada companion Hayam Wuruk Sr., king of Majapahit, which marked the golden age of the earth kingdom Java. or Suwarnadipa, We see attempts Indonesian Center after. 'Gugur'nya old order era which gave birth to literature and literary forces (forces) are considered successful '66 Indonesian spelling change before using the two-letter' dj 'is replaced with the letter' j ' while killing the letter 'x', so that official forbidding Indonesian alphabet letters that resemble a cross, So to write the word 'taxi' we write 'Taxi,' which means it must berboros even one letter. And if now we are still using this one letter. then we can be considered as a 'xenofil.' But because we have become a nationally xenofoob, the evidence has killed the letter x, which does not exist in the Arabic alphabet it. And how confused we are now in transcribing

Arabic words, as in the example of the word 'sunset' or 'maghrib' asalamualaikum, or assalamualaikum? But why are we so caught up in the confusion?How will we use the words to write the letter 'x' like Yenofobia, Xenofon or Xerox?Did not know the spelling is not enhanced illicit letters? But did not we have become a nation of national 'senofil' the art aka crazy, because every day we ate a word of English, he wrote or said it without really understanding its meaning! With the enhanced spelling Government through the New Order political engineers replace Spelling Suwandi early independence replaces Spelling Ophuijzen manifestations have berwujudnya independence era after the proclamation of August 17 1945, which makes us have to leave the old spelling as the remains of the colonial era. The use of enhanced post-pelahapan spelling foreign words unbridled juntrungnya number and has perfected how tangled-mess-balaunya tangled and written language and spoken language Indonesian us! Persistence we use the spelling 'enhanced since' more than 50 years ago does not go we realize that we have actually committed suicide or suicide cultural language! Just look at the unconscious we had to find a replacement Indonesian words with English words, for the sake of killing Indonesian words for us bury behind the words that we are dirty from the English word. Every day we tear the national language of the original plant we think of as our unity language every day while it scatters us as a nation! Colloquially we were fed an example of the 'pereka-language real estate "on the screen every day bringing forth new words like' realigi 'or' bike to nature, 'or' news headline news' and many more. And every day almost certainly be sticking out new words are foreign berinduk as if suddenly say Indonesia. " Yanpa we realize we have to change the national language is the language of the mulatto in the world, with as much as possible the use of foreign words without restraint in the use and meaning. We did not care any longer use the word, an important source of foreign smells. Is not all of this evidence we have completely lost their identity and loss of self-identitymeaning, 'who and what we are?Even worse, if we still claim to be the nation of Indonesia! Shall we admit people of Indonesia, if almost every word that comes out of our mouths we first had been looking for the equivalent of the English first, then immediately and spontaneously we ordain as a 'new word' our language? How confused we as a nation claim to one nation, one state and a unified language!

We remember the early days of independence first., When we still have a 'commission term' supported by various professional associations, including the Indonesian Doctors Association, which is a neat and disciplined rid of unfamiliar words by creating the equivalent of a new word instead of the word Dutch words. The Commission assigned the respective professional associations in Indonesia at that time to create the equivalent word to replace the foreign terms that they use in the fellow profession. . More powerful again is the work of the translators at the beginning of the Japanese occupation that must translate flash all textbooks of all high school textbooks from the Dutch who are off the archipelago. In the very short term is not until they berbilang years' divert all textbooks translated from Dutch secondary schools into language perfectly in Indonesian Indonesia.dengan disciplined grammar, clear, clear, transparent! Then sprang new terms to take a few examples: wiskunde who became 'science.' Algebra so 'algebra.' Meetkunde, so 'geometry.'Natuurkunde so 'natural science,' so the chemistry Chemie, Biologie so; science of life ' And for each term of each subject keseluruhannhya created thousands counterpart said .. G raadboog so 'arc degree,' doorsnede so 'cross-section' micro organism so microorganisms etc. etc.. Task giant size at the beginning of the Japanese occupation was remarkable, because it is done only by the many dozens of people.P adahal in the shortest possible time so that the whole school textbooks legacy of the Dutch colonial era was 'ready to go.'In less than a year all middle school level textbooks are tersulap into Indonesian! Raging-gebunya 'language globalization' is now taking place through passing the information for 24 hours non-stop every day through all kinds of media, including cyber media - and perhaps most damaging television makes us less aware that the passage of time we have Flight from since independence until it enters the 21st century Our national language became more wild without knowing the grammatical discipline, more so in a blind act of taking up foreign words, especially from English! Without prejudice we pay respect to the men of skill language, we should express our appreciation to the originator of the idea for the language mengkongreskan Tegal's not true. Congress has helped remind us of the existence of hundreds of local languages are still there and still to this day we use in our daily lives, especially orally. It's not worth it, if we let the maturing process of our national language has reversed course on an ongoing basis degeneration and degradation that increasingly threaten our existence as a national language.S sa means of unifying the nation, a fact we must always uphold and maintain the best As a final note. a meeting between experts in Indonesian and Malaysia some time ago in Bogor revealed that Malaysia has long been fighting for the Malay language to be officially

recognized as one of the Official Language Sattu UN-assisted language English, Russian, French or Spanish. We should appreciate the idea of our allied brothers, given the number of users Malay sufficient when compared with the number of Russian, French or Spanish.Moreover, if we are able to accept the fact that without clung emotion, is not actually the Indonesian language is Malay nevertheless? Why are we now seemed to be very persistent attempt to make English as "second language" in Indonesia? " Behavior that is nationally uniform, although outside our mind, it was too OK, alias 'crap'! ***

Ranggawarsita National Hero in 2010

Quoting again the work of Raden Ngabehi Ranggawarsita (1802 - 1873 AD) at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. before 10 November 2010 can be regarded as irrelevant in the context of his time. However, almost "all of a sudden without warning" GOI mwngumumkan great poet's appointment as national heroes, when not completely receded frenzy while sulkan Mengu parties so late.President Suharto in hero-nasionalkan. If we recall the language used by Ranggawarsita, poet Surakarta Palace is closing the Java language, which is now almost 'extinct,' although at the time Ranggawarsita language was referred to as "modern Java and until now still understood the Java language users, although as 'written language' barely used anymore, except by those who remain menjunjungnya. She picked Ranggawarsita as National Hero, reminding us of his work titled Fiber Kalatida, where used the phrase 'crazy times', which until now is still ringing in their ears who knew Ranggawarsita, because keteratan relation to the present that we are at the beginning of biological joint second decade the 21st century. The works written in various songs Ranggawarsita Macapat so that its readers can menyenandungkannya with sonority song Kinanti, Dandanggula, Megatruh etc.. Through his work is only 16 stanzas in length Fiber Kalatida Ranggawarsita by his admirers considered to have the ability to predict the future, Kalatida (or; era of doubt ') as if to reveal "his time will come, when we will be confused and not know what to do.M anakala arrived crazy era that makes our consciences and hearts of confusion.

' To join the craze, so Ranggawarsita in Kalatida, "it seems we are not able to do so.Nam un, if we do not participate, we will not miss anything, and eventually starve, so Ranggawarsita in a stanza. Let me quote the stanzas to this Kalatida delapari of fibers from outside the head temple of Jaman Edan it in the Java language, the original:

Amenangi crazy times Ing aya ewuh pambudi Nora ngedan arep resistant Baya compaction ngalakoni Yekti tan kaduman melik Kaliren wekasanipun Dilalah kersaning God Beja bejane kang lali Luwih beja kang eling opponents wary Freely translated more or less as follows: When it was crazy times We confusion in the conscience To join the craze feels unbearable But if it does not contribute to undergo Surely we can not obtain parts Finally we would starve However, thanks to the will of the divine Those who have forgotten how beruntungpun Even more fortunate are remembered and always be alert. Stanzas or verses on crazy era was once quoted President Suhartosebagai part of the mandate of the Congress opening in Javanese culture in Semarang, Central Java, late 1980's or early 1990's. A person who knows to read the above quote could say it is like a work of prophetic Ranggawarsita wrong address when read by a Su President Suharto. or quoting it like a letter addressed to the sender .

Is not this present Jaman Edan it? A weekly news magazine Jakarta recently showing major report titled Police Catch Thieves in the Nest "with shades of irony typical of Indonesia, which exude the observation that the police can be a hiding place for thieves. This magazine-style journalism, which he oriented new American journalism in the 1970s reminds us that the main title of the report was inspired by one of his late.Fate Alisyahbana entitled Children in Nest Virgin Rogues. How confusing and style news reporting in Indonesia these days. Imagine that stands just to popularize the election, no less than a Minister almost every day (!)to promote it on the screen. Or call it corruption cases that have been seeping everywhere, hardly any cases, especially major cases, which is really completely uncovered by any legal instrument, especially by the media. In the other works Ranggawarsita accused of moral decline is not just happening on the authorities but also of scholars. Kabeh-kabeh mung marono tingalira. All their eyes are just glued to it only, money!) Even Ranggawarsita could make a definition (which in Javanese termed as jarwo dosok of the word 'corruption.'According Rangawarsita 'choir UPSI' is the result of corrupt deedsthe-nurung goroh or (actions) that compelled or ignited a lie. This paper is to look back as well as commemorate the 118th anniversary of the death even Ranggawarsita. He was close eye on the day of the month of Hijra 5 Dulkaidah 1802 or December 24, 1873 at the age of 71 years 284 days.Based on the Christian calendar, he was born on March 15, 1802. Some researchers world literature and literary Javanese literature Raggawarsita decent judge equated or compared with the work of writer-literary world, like Shakespeare, Goethe or Schil ler.T ermasuk Frederik Winter, editor of the magazine, published in Solo Bramartani in

the 19th century, as well as a devotee of the works of Ranggawarsita fanatic. In this magazine anyway they were both sitting as editor. As a final note, since the 1981 Winter graves were moved to the tomb of Solo Trucuk Palar in Klaten, Surakarta, where Ranggawarsita buried. Under the command of Bung Karno deceased gravestone tombstone Ranggawarsita greatness comparable to those tombs buried Imogiri, Yogyakarta, where His Majesty Pakubowono diemayamkan. In the tomb complex Palar Frederick Winter gets a simple, perhaps for the sake of showing how great respect Ranggawarsita Winter family. The tragic even mysterious is never complete and clearly known, whether natural or poisoned Ranggawarsita died or Paku Buwana IV ordered to commit suicide. Written in a letter that investigators believed by the works Ranggawarsita Ranggawarsita allegedly written by himself, which is in the will, among others ... hamung kirang wolung day Dawah hing Ribudopon dinulu kang ... (seems I know of) is only eight days away, falls on Pon Wednesday ....If so (that Ranggawarsita already knew before the eight day he would be called back to the Creator, it means God has given 'surplus' even more than the dianugerahkaNnya to the Prophet Muhammad.S ejauh we know, the Prophet did not record when he was called to return by the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful.***

South African Stars grace Bung Karno

Ahead of Independence Day South Africa on 27 April, President Thabo Mbeki, tallest awarded The Order of the Supreme Companions of ORTambo to the first President of Indonesia, Ir.Sukarno through PTRI born late former President Megawati Sukarno delivery of Nelson Mandela's country.Similar boon given to late. India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Degree Kenegaran highest levels of the South African government was given because Bung Karno considered to have great service as well as to inspire the lives of humanity, democracy, and the struggle of the South African nation, which was then successfully get rid of apartheid, while freeing themselves from the shackles of colonialism. Already 35 years Bung Karno no longer with us, thanks to the "deSukarnoisasi" a landslide, planned and implemented by the New Order regime for over 30 years, through every channel and political infrastructure, including mass media, making a new generation of Indonesia now average did not know and who knows what Bung Karno, as most of them were born after 1965. Suharto's New Order era that have now been swallowed history, supplanted by the reform movement which today is still rolling with a myriad of negative impacts. In the period from 1998 to the present there has been a change of government in the hands of four presidents, Dr. BJHabibie, Wahid, Megawati and Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Alternation of government leaders in a relatively very short time it may actually underscores the importance of contemplation and scrutiny we are to journey to the past, including mengneai Sukarno's position and role in the Republic during his rule, or even since before. History records, Bung Karno was echoed thoughts political thoughts since Bung Karno read his defense before the trial court invaders entitled 'Indonesia Sues; (IndonesieKlaagt Aan) to proclaim kemrdekaan ie Indonesia on August 17, 1945 with Mohammad Hatta until later in the face of trial United Nations General Assembly in the early 1960s with a shocking deunia speech titled 'To Build the World Anew' which foresees the need to build a New World, a new illustrated his form after all of humanity into the new millennium. World politics in the early 1960s which was considered Bung Karno as 'obsolete' because it is too dominated by the interests of developed countries, and underestimates the new powers in the world at that time, the developing countries, which is termed as the new emerging forces. Bung Karno loudly calling disetopnya exploitation by developed countries (the West) towards its former colonies.And the fact it should be changed sewrta diombak and replaced by a new order, that is, a world without exploitation of man by man. News boon to Bung Karno award from the President of South Africa teerimakan handed over directly to Megawati's daughter, raised some yan supports the idea to look back in time, to answer the question: "(Still) Is there a place for Bung Karno Indonesia? ' Ukota Jakarta

On the one hand, historians are now of course we have gained a fuller perspective and complete information about what is really going on before and after a failed coup on October 1, 1965, tnggak the black and bloody history since independence and over .. Sukarno regime which came to be called the Old Order has been far behind we are, more than half a century the awktu passed ..New Order regime overthrow was already "swallowed the earth." The new era may now be more difficult to survive (live), unless able to understand the historical significance of the transpara n.K arena Reform Order which "are losing the stick" is also not unlikely to commit similar mistakes, as they were in times past.It could even be in the staring nsita inte s more powerful negative effects. Socio-political developments in Indonesia during the last decades has pushed the average we lose perspective of history, so mentyebabkan increasingly unclear as to where we as a nation were n want to where we are heading. It is likely. we will be able to find (return) a healing tool that we can use with our courage flipping back the pages of history, at least over the last 50 years. Or maybe even since we as a nation begin to rise in 1908, when we founded the pioneering independence Boedi Oetomo in 1908. If we do not dare to stare back at our past, it is likely we would be staring blankly ourselves now, with all the "grief lara" which manifests itself in various forms of multidimensional crisis, which seems almost impossible to overcome, just the philosophy of patchwork embroidery without the ability to see far ahead. Or forever we will just simply stunned just answer the question, how do we "have to fill in the bowels of the people" with food or fuel mere fulfillment! We had noted, when former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, has declared himself a disciple of Bung Karno.In his own words: "I studied the Bung Karno." Now we read the news of the South African nation acknowledge our first President as giving inspiration to the struggle of the South African nation in their efforts to eliminate apartheid. Three years will add up to 100 years our ancestors said "Indonesia as a nation began to rise." Or after 1000 days, we still naughty fast asleep, in the middle of a dream horrific multidimensional crisis is still not resolved?*** Sinar Harapan. May 2, 2005

Meaning of Jakarta as the Capital

It has been more than five years after the government of Jakarta blueprint planning waterfront city Jakarta Uta will be completed according to the plan built in 2010,
Seeing an ambitious project that will be huge spans tens km2 from residential areas across the island Kapuk whistle, crossing ports Fish Market and Tanjung Priok, Taman Jaya Ancol and still tens of kilometers to eastward makal certainly swallow hundreds of trillions of dollars of investment, the difficult for us to imagine that mighty giant project will finish on time. Make massive and not playing that integrates mai residential areas, the harbor, the various kinds of industrial, tourism and entertainment, complete with various types of public facilities would use standard feasibility of the 21st century.

Make this we mean in layman as kawasaan development without sewer, no traffic jams, no parking space shortage, no flooding, and 1001 "without the" other. Until now, these problems are still mrnghantui Jakarta Capital simultaneously, even one at a time simultaneously increasing swell, gripping and dominate everyday life Capital Jakarta today. Which reminds us of a Dutch peruahaan named 'Verolme,' which in the early 1960s to obtain assignment of the Governor of Jakarta al m.Dr Soemarno to design the North Jakarta sky line that eventually form Parks Ancol entertainment as it is now. What is the future waterfront city North Jakata also be patient as Parks Jaya Ancol entertainment that takes decades, starting from the new print to be realized? Plans for short, medium and long term to address problems that proved almost did not materialize as planned as exemplified by the Clean River Project. After more than a quarter of a century, it still 'Prokasih new' capable of displaying dozens of rivers across Jakarta still remains dirty, like a quarter century ago.And the area has been inundated over and over it from time to time until now. Welcoming the arrival of June 22 this time, through the mass media, public dihiruk-pikukkan by busy people running for the new governor. Jakarta Government Officials (which is now, and later its successor) should dare to be left hypocrisy and falsehood dserta dared to enter a new phase with a sense kesadara noble human beings who always think, plan and act with reference to the interests of a moment or a particular group, but to of the latter. We should always refer to the future through planning and implementation of the concrete, in order to overcome the challenges that have made us 'too tired, because squeezing a lot of energy and spent ages.' Let us not forget that Jakarta is Indonesia Lighthouse, but from time to time we let our continually growing ragged, especially during the last dozen years. 'Brightness' today's increasingly ragged and cause high levels of pessimism should we highlight the insight into the future.Like a coveted by a candidate for Governor of Jakarta today, who said "want to make Jakarta a par with the capital of other countries that are more advanced." If there is no sincerity and goodwill with the mental attitude that really serve the interests of the people, we will continue diharu-blue by the questions that continue to haunt: What would be a Jakarta should remain flooded for ever, for example?

Kapok Island real estate companies that fact, the Netherlands, the entire region with elevations below sea level it is almost never experienced flooding.How is that possible? Woe to Jakarta reflected strange but true events below., Not long ago, there was good news frngsn berselangn arrival of the W # alikota Amsterdam to Jakarta carrying a present a dredger for the people of Jakarta. who stay put, But what is immoral. after a dredger appeared munculdi screen tested Krukut River dredge mud, soon it was no longer news.I do not know where the dredger! 'in the waste. ' New short time later, the ship peruk gift from the Netherlands was apparently 'appeared' in the waters of real estate Pulo Kapok, which nota bene-managers use the services of the consulting firm of Holland. Prejudice arise, whether the predicate gift for dredger was just merely an attempt 'smuggling tax'?So that the Dutch company contracted to be a consultant on the island Kapuk it does not have to buy it. If this assumption is based on reality, maa reality shows really kept anti Anjir enough Kapuk Island area only. And Andhra Pradesh please just flooding every rainy season dating! (The word byword Batavia since the last century with the governor mocking smile: "I'm Emangnye pikirin!) Other examples are no less powerful: S ampah will continue forever mounting in the capital Jakarta.Though jutaa n m3 per day was due to be processed so alternative fuel or whatever. More than 50 years ago, the late Dr.Sumarno, G ubernur Jakarta at the time, had pioneered using a 'incinerator' to tackle stubborn problem on this one. Following shortly thereafter no less than the daughter of the Head of State menj eagle monetary crisis in 1987 had signed a contract with the Malaysian government to solve the garbage problem. The waste as a problem to this day has not been willing to set secfara baiki-both in Jakarta and even after all this time passed after the Suharto government, remains unwilling sangsampah gone with the wind. Just as we relish in Jakarta welcomed flood of year-over-year floodplain growing swell along with the increasing number; mall, and new residential areas and traffic kemacdetan becoming less absurdly tall! What a day we have to constantly be boiled fish crammed into in a crowded bus and full of deadly pollution in the form of carbon monoxide gas sprayers from kenalpot public transport machinery yuang decaying average that? Is Jakarta will remain a light sucking PETROMAX arrival of the beggars, the homeless and people with other social ills?

Only with the mentality and good faith as well as to mobilize all our potential to design a future capital of Jakarta to realize a rational, realistic as well as scrape out all the problems that exist. ***

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