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[int-free] INT 101 summary
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Intelligence, N. 101, 12 July 1999, p. 5


Retired US Air Force officer, John Macartney, teaches a graduate level course in intelligence at the American University. He recently posted on the Internet the following up-dated version of the list of intelligence Web sites he developed for his course. It is an excellent list, and we thoroughly agree with his "first choice", the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Web site. About the only criticism we could make is ... "Intelligence" "you can't win 'em all". In Macartney's list below, we have only corrected a few errors of format. BEST INTEL WEBSITE (in my opinion) GOOD LINKS TO MANY SITES: http: / /www. zgram. net:/ NY TIMES 1998 CIA PAGE (Tim Weiner) SEARCHABLE DATABASES: (Ransom Clark) (CIABase)


List of Intelligence Web Sites
INTELLIGENCE REFORM (1996) (Aspin / Brown) ic21_toc.html (IC21) 970218.html (CFR) SPECIAL REPORTS'.htm (warning, 1997) (Rumsfeld, 98)

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http: / /www\_Lgy^-&Au/nsa^^_^e/ney{_s/I99_8_Q222_.htm (Bay Pigs) (Jeremiah 198) (cocaine) BUSINESS (COMPETITIVE) INTELLIGENCE http : /_/www. scip_^prg/^ ht tp:// dragbreath.html http://pathfinder.eom/@@y7yrfauarijhm2qe/fortune/1997/970217/ boo.html http: // ...html (Japanese) JOBS & CAREERS HUMINT http:_/_/www. fas. org/irp/wwwspy.html SIGINT IMINT ht tp: / / www_^f as. org/irp/wwwimint .html MASINT http:/ /;irp/congress/1996_rpt/ic21/ic21007.htm OSINT INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS


List of Intelligence Web Sites http: // COUNTERINTELLIGENCE http: / /www ._nacic_. g_py/_ (NACIC) (FBI) http: //www. dtic .mil/dodsi/researc2 .html http: / /www. 1 oyo 1 a. edu/dept_/ppli tics /hula/hit z rept. html (Ames) dragbreath.html COVERT ACTION INFORMATION WARFARE CIA, Center for Study of Intelligence CIA FOIA documents CIA WORLD FACTBOOK (not about intelligence, but indispensible) ht tp:_/_/www .ode i ._goy / c i a/publ i c_ations / f actbook/index. html

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DIA http_: //
NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVE (declassified documents) CRITICS OF THE CIA & INTELLIGENCE (Mel Goodman) (IPS) (Shirley) http: IJ_www^members.jtrippd. com/CIABASE/index.html (McGehee) http: //www. radio4a.ll. org/cr_ackci_a./ SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ht tp:// FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES http:_ A/^ (UK) (SOE) http://www.mi (UK, MI-5) (UK) (UK, GCHQ) (Canada, CSIS)^l.html (Canada) ON LINE JOURNALS http: //www ._afjj_i . cpm/ (AFJI) (Aviation Week) (military-related publicatons)


List of Intelligence Web Sites

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SPECIAL REPORTS 7warning.htm (warning, 1997) (Rumsfeld, 98} http://www.seas. (Bay Pigs) eremiah.html (Jeremiah(198) (cocaine) http://www.washingtpnppst.cpm/wp-sry/national/Ipngterm/ drugs/front.htm PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS (AFIO) (NMIA) (NIP) (OSS) (Old Crows) (OPSEC pros) http: / /www_-_af .cea^cpm/ (AFCEA) http://www.cloakanddagger.cpm/dagger (Cloak & Dagger Books) (history grp, German) (CIA jokester) LISTSERVS (discussion) (Naval Intelligence Professionals) (Cloaks & Daggers)

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